E and Me.


the sweetest thing took place a week or two ago when i bought this fluffy pink tutu skirt and tried it on at home in front of my mirror.

eleanor walked into my bedroom about a minute later and gasped, “mama, you look so beautiful!” i thanked her and we must have started chatting about something else because i had taken the skirt off and was hanging it up when she interrupted me and asked, “may i try it on?”

now, this is a big deal because my sweet eleanor usually isn’t super big on pink, anything frilly or princess-y and when dressing herself, always chooses some sort of variation on pajamas. and i love that about her. and it’s taught me a great deal about myself as i try to bite my tongue more and just let her do her thing…. so, you wanna wear a bandana as an eye patch with two t-shirts layered on top of each other and striped pajama pants with your U.S. Open baseball cap to the playground? [bites tongue]… ok! 

during the skirt encounter, i reminded her that she owns a similar skirt, a tutu skirt i bought for her maybe a year ago. this was before i learned that – even though she’s only four – she already has a strong preference for choosing her own wardrobe each day and that pretty much anything i ever buy her without her being present tends to not get much love. ;) so when i reminded her of her tutu skirt, i was a little surprised when she said excitedly, “i know! can we wear them together?!”


i love having a daughter. not just for moments where we’re matching and it’s “cute” or whatever.  but because girls are powerful. and while sometimes i get boggled down with thinking about the heaviness of what raising a daughter in this day and age can mean, i am up for the challenge. i screw a lot of things up in the motherhood department each day, but i’m trying and i’m hopeful. and i have a feeling even with all my mess ups, she’s gonna figure it out just fine. eleanor is so full of this curiosity and love for life, something i hope i can cultivate and encourage as she finds her path.  i hope she always knows she is beautiful and powerful, in pajamas or a frilly skirt. and i hope she always knows i will forever be her biggest fan.

and now, a bunch of photos because we were having too much fun, and editing them down to just a few has never been my strength…


ps. my skirt is from anthropologie (found HERE) my shirt (which is actually a little mini dress) from HERE. and similar shoes HERE. eleanor’s tutu skirt is no longer online, but it was from crewcuts. her sparkle shoes are by bloch and her shirt is also a little sonnet james dress (lol. promise i wasn’t trying to be that matchy/matchy with the dresses under the skirts, it just happened.)


  1. Livia

    That is so sweet! You both look beautiful! I love her binocular accessory.

  2. Oh that is the sweetest! I love how you want her to feel powerful and beautiful in no matter what. And that you let her dress herself! Its too sweet :) Also, I am totally loving the length of your hair right now Naomi, beautiful <3

  3. Charlotte

    This is a beautiful photoshoot :)

  4. Laura

    Oh gosh! These photos are way too adorable Naomi. And E’s getting so big, so fast!

  5. marlena

    the photos are absolutely amazing!
    my daughter is only 3 and she’s already choosing her outfits everyday. with boys is easier! my son is 7 and still wearing what mama picks for him :)


  6. Annabel

    oh my GOODNESS!
    You must get some of these framed, the second and third from the bottom are just beautiful. xx

  7. OMG isn´t she just the cutest!! I love you both rocking the looks and combining them with other fabrics and colors, not too matchy-matchy! The photo where you are standing back to back with E laughing hysterically might be my fave :)

  8. Nanette

    well this is the sweetest thing ever! my daughter is the girliest girl and she would love to have matching tutus! that skirt is beautiful!

  9. Julia

    Love, love, loooove this pics of you two beauties!!

  10. Yelle

    I have a soft spot for when mommies and daughters match – you two look beautiful together. And the last few photos of you two hugging? Heart-melting!

  11. rose j.

    Adorable photos! I have three girls, and the only one that was into frilly, sparkly things was my firstborn who is now about to serve a mission! My other two girls ( ages 15 &10) dressed themselves since they were about E’s age, and with a little help with my style got ideas. Otherwise they choose what they like! That’s how it is now, and I love it! It truly is nice for our kids to make their own choice, but know that they will always turn to mama for a little “fashion sense” or advice!

    Have a great week!

  12. i can already see. eleanor is gonna grow up to be a beautiful girl – inside and out!

  13. I love this!

    beautiful words, and you guys do look adorable together in this photo shoot.

    much love from Dublin


  14. becky

    this post :) and the close up of your faces is wonderful! happy monday!!

  15. Heather

    Oh my goodness. This post is the sweetest thing. You are a wonderful mother.

  16. Carrie

    How sweet! I love it.
    And nothing beats rooftop pictures :)

  17. Love this post so much Naomi, and I’m sure little Eleanor will come back to this text and fell in love with her mother all over again, you’re certainly pointing out some issues we grown-up women have to remind ourselves every day. Oh! And I may just have to steal Eleanor’s outfit here, love the binoculars fun touch! :)

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  18. Susan

    Ah!!! You make me wanna have kids!!! xo!

  19. Awwww these are adorable. Love seeing strong women raise strong beautiful women! ❤️❤️

  20. Kristin

    I had tears in my eyes reading this and looking at the pictures!!! It was just the sweetest thing ever, and you know she will be your biggest fan as well!!!! Have a great Monday!!!xo????

  21. I love that you are rocking a tutu with a plaid top! I love that skirt and have never had the guts to wear one. My daughter however, will only wear tutus, and I have had so much fun buying them for her. I totally dig the sparkly shoes too!

    Analog House

  22. Vane Ruh

    What a wonderful post!!! I love your skirt and E looks so cute…
    xoxo from Mexico,
    Vane Ruh

  23. Molly

    This might be one of my very favorite posts of yours, and I’ve been reading your blog for years. You can tell so clearly in these photos how much you and Eleanor love one another. You both exude happiness.

    And those skirts are just gorgeous!


  24. Molly

    This is THE sweetest!! Couldn’t help but smile while reading the post and looking through the photos!! My Mom is my best friend and I love reading what she wrote about our family’s experiences/travels, my personal style (pj/bathing suit combo all day!) and being a Mom to my brothers and I when I was Eleanor’s age (my two younger brothers and I are the exact amount of years apart as your little ones are!). Eleanor will absolutely love reading posts like this when she is older. xo

  25. I love that backdrop! What a cool location to do a shoot.

  26. Cassie

    What sweet, sweet photos!

  27. Lauren

    oh this is the sweetest thing i’ve seen today! you are such a wonderful mother :) having a daughter looks like fun! maybe a few years in the future for me though.. ;)

    i hope you have a lovely week!

  28. Jen

    Cannot wait to do this with my little one, though I have a feeling that she’ll want to do variations on pajamas, as well. ;)

  29. Sarah

    So beautiful! What a special mama/daughter moment!

  30. Ursula

    Delightful. Just utterly delightful. Love it.

  31. so adorable! what lovely pictures to have. :) xo

  32. Claire

    Oh Naomi this is really the cutest post I ever seen! We can feel the joy and the love through these beautiful pictures. I really love how you speak about your sweet daughter, E seems to be a beautiful person, inside in and out. You both are!

    Nothing related but the “related post/you may also enjoy” at the end of each post don’t work great on my computer, doesn’t know why but everything is in a mess and not aligned.

    Best regards,


    • TAZA

      thanks for your sweet comment, claire! and i know, i’m so sorry about the “posts you may also enjoy” widget not working correctly right now. we’re working to fix it! thanks again!

  33. How cute! Both of you! Can we trade closets? You have the most perfect outfits.

  34. Oh that’s awesome, and glad she remembered her binoculars, no good outfit is complete without them!

  35. Lindsay


    why did this make me cry?!? you both are adorable!

  36. Kat Quinn

    My oldest is a girl and then I have 3 boys. My daughter has her own sense of style too, but it always melts my heart when (usually on Sundays or on a mommy-daughter date) she’ll change her outfit to match mine. On one of our last dates she told me, “it’s good to be the only girl, because then you get to be best friends with your mom!” My heart just about burst. Moments like that are what being a parent are all about.

  37. Sarah

    These pictures are beyond adorable! Makes me want to have a little girl one day as well! :)

  38. Dana

    I LOVE this post. It reminded me why I truly enjoy your blog. :) Such sweet thoughts on mothering a girl! Thanks for sharing.

  39. Amanda

    This post made me SO happy & certainly made my Monday. :)

  40. Sarah

    I love this and love the beautiful message that goes along with it :-)

    You go E, rocking that tutu!

  41. marjan

    Hi Taza
    I read u for one year but i never write a comment, I love this post so much and cause I have a daughter. I love u and ur family. Have a nice life for ever

  42. Sarabeth

    These are my favorite photos yet! Besides the absolutely adorable outfits (the lipstick and your top are my faves!) and the love that pours through these photos, the backdrop is INSANE! These are the sweetest little moments to hold onto forever.

    The February Fox

  43. Hannah

    this is so sweet, nothing like a mama/daughter bond :) x

  44. Ola

    Yesterday I got to know I’m gonna have a baby girl in January :) and I’m super excited and also a little bit anxious how to make her live a happy life. But I like the challenge and hope to be her biggest fan as you are to E.


  45. Sooo cute!

  46. K

    Naomi, this post just made my heart smile! You and E look so beautiful!

    I only see my mama (in person) about once a year so reading this post just made me reminisce of our times together! … On that note, going to call her right now!

  47. dianna

    OMG LOVE! precious moment for sure.

  48. Molly

    This is so cute! My daughter just turned 5, and she loves everything pink and princess-y. I’ve had to bite my tongue a lot about trying to get her to wear other colors, but I’m learning to just let her do her own thing and let her wear whatever she wants.

    I love this post!



  49. Kat

    Where is this amazing backdrop?!?!

  50. Tracy

    So sweet! I have a daughter and I know just how you feel. Beautiful photos of you and E. You can feel the mama/daughter love just looking at them!

  51. Sarah

    Awww this made me tear up!! E is just precious and you are a wonderful mommy to her :)

    I have two girls, ages 3 and 2. They are a handful but girls are just so sweet. My oldest tells me each and every morning, “Mommy, you look so pretty!” Talk about a little confidence booster. They are just amazing.

    Happy to be following along!!

    – Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  52. Lauren

    I love this! I have two little girls (and another on the way!) They can be so trying sometimes and the future can be scary to think about, but it’s the moments like this that make it all worth it!

  53. Oh Hey! Blog

    What a strong independent little girl you are raising! I love reading this. AANNND I love that she wants to wear a baseball hat and be all kinds of amazing on her own. These portraits are absolutely beautiful!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  54. Sinead

    Eleanor is just the cutest! You guys look adorable together :-)

  55. Darcie

    Where is your bracelet from? Love!

  56. Marie

    I love those picture – and your outfits of course! Your blog is such a great inspiration and I enjoy reading. Had to say that, because up till now I have just been a silent reader. All the best, Marie

  57. Lilian

    This is so beautiful Naomi, and inspiring. I love how you support E whatever her style may be. I don’t have a daughter, but I expect to have one someday and this inspires me. Thank you for sharing. Love, from Venezuela

  58. L.M.

    Have a strong feeling the little comments about “screwing up motherhood every day” are to acknowledge and detract the haters. Don’t do it. They’re going to hate anyway, and no point in self-demeaning the job you do. As you say, raising girls is a big task in this age. So, keep teaching your girl that it’s okay not to be perfect! You’re doing great and we’re cheering you on.

  59. Jessica

    She is really something that firstborn of yours and I learn a great deal about parenting individuals rather than hard fast rules from you. Every time I get nervous about having more kids closer together I come and read your blog and feel all that joy falling off the photos and I don’t feel so nervous or scared anymore but just excited!

  60. Oh man, I love love this post! So sweet and so real.. Cute little ladies.

  61. Guillermina Oropeza

    You inspire me in every possible way. I’m so afraid to be a mom, but when I see your pictures, everything change.
    Thank you for sharing a part of your life!!!

  62. Bianca

    This is truly a happy heart post. it made my day a little brighter :)

  63. Eme

    Oh what a lovely and absolutely adorable post and photographs. It makes me wish I had a daughter, you are both beautiful! :)

  64. Britt

    Hahaha, I had to laugh out loud when I read the ‘Girl you know it! ‘ part ;)
    Your style is super inspiring for me btw!

  65. Alyx

    girrrrrl what kind of lipstick are you wearing in this post and in your blue apron post? i was never comfortable with it until i started reading your blog. you’ve become my lipstick muse, thank you ever so for that. adorable photos, E looks just like you. and i also love the length of your hair right now

  66. Emily

    Naomi, these pictures are just adorable. It’s funny what you said about how now is a tough time to be girl – I think about this a lot. When I was in college and stressed to my breaking point, I would always joke about how “I wish I lived in a time when I wasn’t even ALLOWED to go to college!” Obviously that’s not true (I love learning!) but we are often expected to be passive and poised and put together while simultaneously being bombarded with all these other options about everything from personal life decisions to the issues we should care about or even just which freaking bento box to buy on Amazon. It’s too much. It’s so much to choose from. What do I wear today and should this decision even dictate how I feel for the rest of the day?

    You kind of end up layering a bunch of mismatched pieces of yourself and they’re all your favorite but you can’t wear them ALL at the same time, so you have to pick and choose and gauge the weather. It would be easier if we had to wear a uniform, but no one really wants to wear a uniform right? And no one wants to be told what to wear by someone who thinks they know better! It’s the tyranny of abundance, the muchness of feminism lowercase L – but at least we aren’t in the eighteenth century being suffocated by corsets and flopping around on fainting couches all afternoon while lead makeup kills us slowly.

    Have a great weekend!

  67. First of all, she is adorable! Just wanted to say Thank You for posting where you bought your skirt! Our oldest son is getting married and I ordered it to wear to the wedding and it’s wonderful!

  68. Elle

    Aw this is so sweet!! And makes me miss my mum so much!!


  69. emily


  70. jaana

    if there was some way to GUARANTEE that my 2nd child would be a girl, i’d be working a lot harder on getting pregnant! so sweet <3


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