date night.


last weekend, josh took me on a fun date out to dinner and a comedy club (upright citizens brigade! YES!!) we gave ourselves just a twenty minute cap at the beginning of the night together to talk about work and the kids (because when you work together side by side in your job role and then you are also parents together, it’s tricky to know when to leave all that home and talk life outside of work and kids and calendaring. lol. am i the only one that feels like half our life is calendaring?!) but anyway, back to date night!

i had bought this pretty yellow dress a while back and was saving it for a special night out. when josh mentioned he got tickets to the comedy club, i was like, this is it, yellow dress. it’s time.  yellow is my color, and if i’m gonna enjoy a night with my man and a lot of laughs, yellow just felt appropriate.

anyway, we brought along our camera as our third wheel, so a few photos below…


i hadn’t even heard of this place called foragers, but it had been on josh’s radar for a while. you guys, it was one of the best meals i’ve had! the roasted duck breast? uh-mazing.


we walked by this white wall and i said, “hey, take a picture of me in my yellow dress!” and then i couldn’t even hold still against the wall because i felt so dumb since i often feel uncomfortable posing by myself. i really just get self conscious and don’t know how to hold my body or what to do. i’m not sure that it should, but it feels so very different than candid shots or when i’m doing something with josh, friends or family in a picture.  we both started laughing at myself before josh snapped the photo, so i just started walking back towards him like this. so these shots are what we got.


however, my feet don’t feel as awkward posing on the middle of the sidewalk the way the rest of myself does. ;)


at upright citizens brigade, we saw the guy who does this hysterical youtube video on loud neighbors and i am officially obsessed with him. his delivery on everything had me rolling.

datenight-2 datenight-3

and it’s not date night if there’s no dessert. a slice of cake from billy’s bakery for me, and a smoothie for him.


thanks for a fun night, husband. ;)

ps. my dress is from ASOS. shoes and bag from sole society.  josh’s shirt is from j.crew.

  1. Jenn

    That yellow dress is amazing! And I feel the same way about taking outfit photos…LOL!

  2. such an amazing color on you!

  3. two of my favorite things, duck and the color yellow!! Sounds like you guys had a great night!! :)

  4. hanna

    Looks like a fun date night. –Hanna Lei

  5. First of all I love your hair and that dress is stunning! I love that you guys still go on dates together, must be so good to keep that going. I was wondering what you guys are listening to music wise these days cause I always love the music you put behind your videos, so its got me curious ;) <3

    Lots of love from The Netherlands!!

  6. amanda

    what a fun little date! i had to comment that the clip you shared is one of the funniest things on the planet. i am sure that is how our downstairs neighbors feel about us- i feel terrible for them- my kids are entirely unable to walk (or do anything else) quietly. by the way- we saw you in church a few weeks ago and your sweet family is just as darling in person!

  7. Aryana

    Amaaaaaazing yellow dress!

  8. Nanette

    love your dress. and your hair is looking amazing!

  9. avital

    you are just so damn beautiful!

  10. Rachel

    This place looks so yummy and I absolutely love your cute dress! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  11. Suelen

    Your dress is really pretty , and you look sweet as always !
    I just got a little upset when I read you eat a duck, poor thing ;/

  12. Beth

    Date night is super important. Re-connecting with your buddy and breaking away from the routine is a great way to keep your relationship healthy.
    Thanks for sharing.


  13. Oh Hey! blog

    Every perfect yellow dress needs a picture in front of a perfect white wall…. !!!!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  14. Jennifer

    Still the most beautiful couple inside and out.

  15. Dana

    Every once in a while I think about your name rings and I wondered how they look with Conrad’s added, or if you still wear them. I think I see them in that first picture and they are still looking beautiful– what precious jewelry!

    Glad you got away for a date night.

  16. Danielle

    Cute post! Reminds me of the olden days.

  17. Emily

    You two are so adorable. I’m sure you get sick of people asking but what lipstick are you wearing? It’s lovely! I live in Singapore where it’s forever hot & humid, so lipstick is the only makeup I can stand. Thanks so much!

  18. Cecilia

    Sounds like you both had a lovely time. Also you look so gorgeous in that yellow dress <3

    Dearest Lou

  19. Yay date night! Looks like you had so much fun. You’re gorgeous! Also – Yellow Outfits with Red lips = PERFECTION!

  20. Kristin

    I’m confused why posing in front of this white wall was uncomfortable?! No offense but it seems like this is way less awkward than other pics I’ve seen. :/

  21. what a sweet look for your date night naomi xo and you’re right what’s date night without some dessert teehee

  22. V

    Haha, I know how you feel about posing on your own! I’ve found that the most flattering pics of myself are when I’m not so focused on trying to get the best pic, as I’ll over think it & get all self conscious.

  23. Sara


    I love your dates guys, they are so original and cool! OH, and your posing is just fine. It turns out very natural (as it is) and is even better than what is called a “good posing” (is that even a thing? ha!)

  24. So glad to hear I’m not the only one who dissolves into giggles when I’m by myself in a picture! But you always look so cool and confident in yours ;)

  25. Yay for date night!!! And I just adore your dress. I always find date night so invaluable these days. it’s like pressing the reset button, getting a chance to just talk and relax with my man, even if our conversation mostly consists of our two boys!

    okay now yiu make me want to organise a date night, annnnnd buy a new dress ;)

  26. Kimberly

    I absolutely love that yellow dress. It’s perfect for the beginning of fall! :)

  27. Kimberly

    I absolutely love the yellow dress. It’s perfect for fall!

  28. Lulu De la Rosa

    Hi Taza!! I love all your posts, all yours pictures are the best, please tell me what camera do you use, look so journalistic and i loooove it <3 <3 <3 ;D

  29. Kristin

    So, so cute!!!!!!

  30. Erin

    Lovely post! Where is your backpack from?

  31. Olivia

    Hello, Noemi!

    I’m a huge fan of yours!? I love your blog, your efortless writing, your kids are amazing ( I actually have 2 also) and I don’t fall asleep until I read the daily posts of you.

    I want to know, what do you recommend as baby wearing? I see that Conrad has one, but I don’t know what brand it’s. My daughter is now thirteen weeks old and I want one so badly because sometimes it’s easier to replace the stroller… She doesn’t like the manduca scarf so I want something similar to Conrad’s, maybe she’ll love it!

    Thank you so much! And enjoy your beautiful family!


  32. Your haircut is perfect! It makes me want to chop all of mine off pronto. ;)

  33. Lauren

    How do you do your hair? I have the same length and want to do it like yours

  34. Britt

    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! It look so comfy and elegant at te same time… want!

    xx B