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i wanted to share more from our camping trip last weekend! i’ve said this before, but camping is near and dear to my heart because i grew up going often with my family since i was little and have the best memories from those experiences with my parents and siblings.  josh and i had such a great time with the kids a few months ago on our one-night camping stay in moab utah, that we knew it was time to make this a bigger part of our life and family traditions in the coming months and years.

we found a great camp site up in the catskills where the surroundings were just breathtaking.  the air was unbelievably delicious (is that obnoxious to say? haha! sorry, but it truly felt that way! maybe that’s just autumn weather in general with the crisper air and breeze though.) anyway, it was the perfect setting and season for a couple of nights outdoors. we weren’t entirely sure how long we’d last with the kids (staying flexible with the itinerary when we are away from home with the kiddos is how our trips remain fun and less stressful) but we arrived on friday afternoon and stayed through sunday morning, which felt like the perfect amount of time for a camping adventure, in my opinion.

sierra trading post kindly sent us some wonderful camping supplies for our trip, and since returning home to the city, we’ve been cleaning out a large amount of our closet space so we can give our new camping gear a good permanent home when it’s not being used in the great outdoors.  their site is especially awesome when it comes to outdoor gear, because they offer a lot of the best brands at a big discount, often up to 70% off.  we’ve also teamed up with them over on instagram today to giveaway $500 worth of gift cards to their site (a $100 gift card for you, and 4 $100 gift cards for four of your most adventurous friends as well! the more the merrier when it comes to camping, right?!) so head on over to my instagram to enter!

camping with kids is quite the adventure! eleanor and samson did such a great job, and i think it definitely helped that there were a lot of families camping around us so they made good friends with several little ones their age and were off exploring together like the cutest little pack of bears. we often had several extra kids from the camp around our table and campfire too, but mostly only because we had a lot of good snacks, like popcorn over the fire and endless s’mores. ;)

conrad did a great job camping too, considering he’s just nine months.  camping isn’t always bliss when you’re sleeping on a thin pad and it’s cold or you’re trying to keep your 9 month old from putting rocks and sticks in his mouth every couple of seconds. but the many moments we had together that were hilarious and adventurous and fun and new most definitely outweigh any of those other harder moments by so much i don’t even know why we’d dwell on them.



this little mister gets a gold star for going with the flow so well. we’re still working on keeping hats on our head without screaming our faces off (lol. can’t wait to introduce and attempt to put mittens on this kiddo in a couple months) but we’ll get there i’m sure of it.

family photo! photo credit goes to little hank (a cute little boy who is “5 and a half and three quarters” and) who made friends with eleanor and samson since he was camping across the way from us with his family. he was very intrigued by my camera. and kept wanting to take photos! i love a young apprentice! haha!


for those who have asked about sleeping arrangements while camping, we used a smaller 3 person tent for our family of 5.  the kids are still little and like to snuggle, so it was just right.  ever so often at home, there are nights where all 5 of us somehow end up in our queen sized bed by morning, so you know, we’re used to the party! we got the kids smaller sleeping bags and used sleeping pads that were side by side for each of us (besides conrad who shared with me). we staggered bedtimes by putting conrad down first and then the older two afterwards. when conrad is beside me during the night, i keep my sleeping bag unzipped so it isn’t too constricting.


between samson and me alone, we devoured an entire box of graham crackers! he is my child and i love it!


josh made all our food. we fried up some steaks and french fries on the first night, then did a lot of bacon and eggs and pancakes in the mornings, chicken and dumplings, popped popcorn over the fire, and ate sandwiches and lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts for snacks.  we also brought up cinnamon rolls to try over the campfire but never got around to them. they stayed cold in our cooler all weekend though so we enjoyed them back in the city once we got home.


off to the well to get some water for dish washing! also, please note how much samson LOVED washing our dishes during our stay! it was incredible.  i think it’s mostly just the idea of using the sponge and getting to do it all by himself, but no way would we ever think to stop such a sweet act! by the way, this little collapsable portable sink made our dish washing experience a whole lot better. it was easy to carry water to our campsite with it, too.


you see what i’m talking about?! let’s hope he keeps this up for the next 15 years of his life. ;) and for all the years after that too!


i gladly drop everything i’m doing when this girly requests a braid. IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!!

campingtrip-9campingtrip-7campingtrip-70always a little lady with those legs crossed. :)

campingtrip-5 camping-trip1camping04

and yes, it’s true. i’m wearing lipstick camping. you guys know i never leave home without my “pink me up” color. ;) haha! i was telling someone on instagram i apply it the way most people do chapstick.  it’s my one thing. let me have my one thing!


bacon is always a good idea. but a great idea when it’s over a fire outside. we ate so much bacon, you guys.

campingtrip-63 campingtrip-62campingtrip-51

i’ve learned to pick my battles with toddlers and dressing them.  they are on the wrong feet, but you know. it’s how he wants it and we’ll all live.


our campsite was on such a beautiful pond! we took a canoe ride on saturday afternoon which was a lot of fun besides the fact that conrad hated it when he wasn’t perched over the side splashing in the water. haha! it reminded me so much of that time we were in venice italy on a gondola ride and eleanor was the exact same way about the water. that photo of her pouting in the gondola STILL cracks me up. poor girl.
0101-3 campingtrip-42

sweetest moment of the trip, hands down. when eleanor started helping samson buckle his life jacket all on her own! these two, no matter how much they drive each other crazy, they sure do have each other’s backs.  it makes me so so happy to witness this.

campingtrip-41campingtrip-35 campingtrip-37campingtrip-33

don’t be fooled, he still hated it. haha!


and i promise i am holding onto him ever soo tight!!! the canoe ride turned out being shorter than we expected thanks to this dude and his desire to splash like this or else scream in my lap. next time, next time.


popcorn over the open fire! we were most definitely popular with all the kids around the site when this happened. haha! we used this popcorn popper.


and josh got a few fun things for the kids to do around the campsite like this hammock which we also used as a swing, and this slack line.  we all had a lot of fun on those things together!

campingtrip-27 campingtrip-26camping-5camping-4camping-trip7 campingtrip-25 campingtrip-24 campingtrip-23 campingtrip-22

stories around the campfire staying up way past our bedtime!


and a puppet show in the tent with flashlights! haha!


you see what i mean about the shoe thing? picking my battles, picking my battles.

such a fun time. we want to try to go once more before it’s too cold this fall. do any of you have favorite spots to camp on the east coast? don’t forget to enter our instagram giveaway with sierra trading post today, too!


  1. how do you guys manage to do all these cool stuff with three babies?? super family!

  2. Jenn

    We went camping in the smokey mountains and brought our hammocks! The kids had a blast. I even used the hammock to rock my 3 month old to sleep!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. tilly

    these photos are so great! so nice and clear, and bright!! is this just because of the camera you used or do you enhance the photos once you upload them to your laptop?! from what i can see, it looks like you all had a blast and now i am wondering if this would be something my littles would enjoy too. im just thinking of all the memories that would be made… fun times for sure! thanks for another lovely post to kick start my morning. this blog of yours always gets me in a good morning mood :) so thank you!

  4. Erin

    We love camping in the Catskills too! For the warmer weather there is some great camping along the shore, and then you can play on the beach all day! It’s so nice to get out of the city.

  5. Emily

    This looks so fun and makes me want to go camping! Even though I don’t even like camping! Haha! Where is your jacket and green rain boots from?

  6. Melissa

    I wanted to share an observation I’ve had about you. I started following when you lived in DC with only little a little pup. and as you have gone through being a mama to the 3 littles, you have REALLY come into your own. your writing style, how you present your life and information, and OWNING it and not trying to “put on a pretty face” – not that you totally did that all the time, but there is a big difference now. but i just wanted to share how beautiful it has been to see that and how amazing you are becoming as a blogger, business woman and mama. keep it up!

  7. Marisa

    You guys are just the cutest! Glad the little ones had fun camping! I have so many good memories growing up camping in Montana and Texas. Hopefully they’ll grow to love it like you do!


  8. Shannon Kattowski

    That light purple(/pinkish?) long sleeve turtle neck you’re wearing is AMAZING. Do you mind sharing where it’s from? Also, all your hats are wonderful too!

  9. jess

    we were camping in the catskills this weekend, too! we were up at north-south lake, near phoenicia. definitely worth checking out. it’s a great campground with awesome and kid-friendly hikes, lakes to go boating on and a sweet playground. i am wildly impressed with your setup for the family. we had an 8 person tent and schlepped the pack n play, toddler cot, etc. maybe next time it’s back to basics for us!

  10. whitney

    So sweet, this looks like such a fun family trip. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Leticia

    I know you didn’t ask for advice but being a camping mom myself I had to pass on this little pearl of wisdom I’ve learned over the years. You may already know it but if you have similar sleeping bags you can zip them together, even the kids’ size ones. Being able to share body heat in those early camping mornings is probably the best thing in this world. The kids sleep better together and I sleep better with my husband who is like a furnace and it’s much less cramped for nighttime nursing. Also a foam mattress pad like the kind you’d put on your bed is a must! Just cover with a fitted sheet (to keep it clean) then throw your doubled up sleeping bag on top! Love reading about your sweet family and your adventures. You’re doing a great job mama!!

  12. marthamydear

    That last picture of Samson’s mismatched shoes cracks me up! I also choose my battles with my one year old.But nothing like this yet, haha!

  13. Natalia I

    I met you and your family on the Upper West Side a couple of weeks ago! Such a beautiful family. I love both of the hats you wore on this trip, Where are they from?

  14. SABA

    What a lovely post, Taza! I’m not really into camping, but looking at these beautiful pictures really made me to give camping another try! xxx

  15. Katie


    Please, please tell me if you have a link/brand for your boots??

  16. lucy

    Will you do a tutorial on little girl braids sometime on the blog? Thanks!

  17. olivia

    k that seriously looks like so much fun! i want to get Will and go camping now before UT gets too cold!

  18. Lizzie

    Oh, where did you get your orange hat?? I love it!

  19. Kerry

    This is great, we are going on our first camping trip coming up and it is daunting on how much stuff I believe we need to purchase and bring along. So excited though.

  20. Hailey

    This is one of the greatest group of pictures you’ve ever shared! Camping with you sounds like so much fun. Where is your mustard colored jacket from? I’ve been looking for a new jacket for fall! Thanks!

  21. Livia

    That looks fun! My little ones and husband are still trying to convince me to go. Maybe you helped them a little bit! Eleanor has grown so much! Love, Livia.

    Come visit my website if you ever have time, maybe the children will like my illustrations :)

  22. Daisy

    Adirondack is a beautiful place! Looks like a lot of fun. Have also been wanting to go, but it might have just gotten too cold. Crazy NY! I miss LA. Haha.

  23. Angelica

    Hi Naomi,

    I love your lavender sweater and printed pants!!!!!
    May I ask where you got those?


  24. Jessica

    Boots! where are your boots from?

  25. Stella

    The family that camps together stays together! My best memories are always outside, and my kids’ will be too. We are trying to hit all 58 national parks. Love this post!

  26. Paige

    These pictures are all so adorable! I’m impressed at your five-year-old camp neighbor’s photography skills! He nailed it! Also, Elanor’s braid request, so sweet! I can’t wait for my one-year-old daughter’s hair to be long enough for braids!


  27. Reanna

    You’ll have to try the toasted graham latte from Starbucks! I’m currently drinking one right now while reading this :)

    Also, i just got the same hammock for my bday this last weekend! So handy to put up anywhere!

  28. Salsa

    The camping trip looks so fun! I love the hot chocolate with marshmallow drink!

  29. Kate

    Oh yes! Where are your sweats and cute purple pants from? And that adore hat! Love your camping style!

  30. Megan

    Very cool. We took our son camping for the first time when he was about 3 months old. He laughed for the first time on the trip! I bet it’s way harder once they can walk, though. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Suzanne

    MN gets SUPER cold! Loved this post. My family went camping recently too :) It’s always fun but definitely a lot of work!

  32. Sarabeth

    Super impressed with all of the neat things you do with THREE kids! Holy moly – how cool!

    The February Fox

  33. hanna

    The whole trip looks like fun! –Hanna Lei

  34. Emma

    Where did you get dress? so pretty, love your family

  35. Looks like SO much fun! I used to go camping with my family (and went hiking recently in the same area) near Minnewaska state park. Pretty close to the city as well.

  36. Britt

    Wohh, you guys are such brave parents. It must be a huge challenge to do this with young kids! My family and I went camping with an RV this summer and that was even stressful at times. And we are all 22+, haha!

  37. Amie

    Too much fun! & work that pink me up all day, every day. hahaha!!

  38. Joy

    Where is your red hat from?

  39. That shoe thing cracks me up. Kids are so funny! My nephew used to want to wear one sock the right way and one sock inside out. Who knows that the reasoning was there. Looks like a great trip! :D

  40. Stephanie MacLeod

    Wonderful post as always. we love camping as a family of 4 also. Can I please ask where you got your awesome pink and beige(?) woolly hats?

  41. Kelly

    This looks like an amazing trip and I love how many photos and anecdotes you included in this post, I really feel like I was right there with you! Your littles are getting so big and are SO cute!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  42. Dorothy

    I love love love the picture of Eleanor & Samson sweetly smiling in the canoe! Too cute!

  43. oh man this seems like so much fun! I wish my parents took me camping at a young age for me to appreciate it more. It will definitely make yours so adventurous and daring! Also, how freaking adorable is S and E <3 love seeing their friendship foster! x

  44. This is amazing! I’ve never been camping in my life but always wanted to, I love the outdoors-y adventures you guys are up to and it looks like great fun :) I’m impressed you guys manage this! <3 Yara

  45. Megan

    looks like the perfect little getaway and love everyone’s cute little camping gear!

    Have a great day //

  46. carly

    This looks like the sweetest little camping trip! I am amazed you took 3 little ones with you. I only have one and the thought of camping with him terrifies me
    Dresses & Denim

  47. Cat

    What a fun trip!

  48. Katie

    would love to know where conrad’s jeans are from and your purple turtleneck shirt! xx

  49. Carrie Anne

    I have searched and searched for a look-alike pink toboggan like yours and have yet to be successful in finding one! I love seeing it keeping everyone’s heads warm! I hope camping was so fun and fall in NYC is lovely <3

  50. Helga

    oooooh so lovely!!! camping style always on a top!

  51. Lindsay

    Such fun and beautiful pictures!! We’re city dwellers and travelers ourselves and just have one baby now but another on the way! We’ve always planned on three kids, and I love love seeing your life w 3 still traveling and doing your adventures as a family!! It makes me feel better about the chaos we are planning for;) also, I love your “real” tidbits of life w babes that have minds of their own! I had coffee w a friend today and we both were reluctant to admit that we were both late bc of a temper tantrum! Haha, it’s always reassuring to know that everyone goes through the same things:)

  52. Sara

    It looks like you had such a fun time, ha! I would love to do that wiht my kiddos, in the future! And Samson, he’s just the best with the shoes. You gotta let him rule in here

  53. tess

    Your family totally inspire me to be the absolute best for my own daughter and husband!

  54. We were supposed to go to Stone Mountain camping this weekend. But the rain! Boo!

    Last Fall we camped at Roan Highlands in Tennessee. It was so beautiful! I definitely recommend it. Here are some pictures of the campgrounds and views:

  55. Grace

    Hi! Where did you get your cute beanie?? I NEED it! Thanks!

  56. Diana

    Oh, Samson, lol! Toddlers are hilarious. And what a great adventure! :)

  57. Lindsay

    gorgeous photos!!! I’ve read your blog for years and these might be some of my favorite photos ever. you have such a beautiful family :)

  58. Just curious, what brand of lip color is your pink me up? I love the color!!

  59. I wrote down my website wrong in my last comment. Silly pregnancy brain!!

  60. Elwira

    Beautiful photos and video. You see her have fun. Small question, with what camera you turn your videos. Thanks and Greetings

  61. Jamie

    Hi Naomi,

    I recommend Bear Spring Mountain, which is about 2 1/2 hours – 3 hours from NYC. I’m from the small town near by (Walton,NY) but the actual camping location is in Downsville, NY. It’s so beautiful and a great facility. You take exit 94 of route 17 (84) and go through the town of Roscoe, NY (which is famous for the Roscoe Dinner…which i’ve actually never eaten at!), but Roscoe also has many shops on their little main street. And downsville is about 15-20 mins from the highway/roscoe.

    If you do make it over the hill to Walton, they have a plethora of antique shops and supposedly we are (self proclaimed?) scare crow capital of the world. In Walton is the “castle on the delaware” which is an old castle which is now a restaurant. It’s quite pretty! (my turkish friend Mustafa owns and operates it)

    Have fun if you decide to go!

  62. Emily

    Wait how do you go camping while living in NYC? Do you rent a car and drive out or how does that work? I need tips cause I love camping and don’t want to give it up when I move! Is there a place you can store camping stuff, like in the builidng usually?

    Sorry for all the questions! New York is going to kick my butt hahaha

  63. Hi Naomi,
    While reading your blog, especially this post, it reminds me of my new blog; still under construction though but you may have a look and leave your views about it. We do not have only the name in common but also the importance of our family ties and keeping the family traditions. This post is so rich in emotions, you gave us, your followers the desire to not only willing to experience this camping séjours with your family. We had the chance to experience it with the little anecdotes about Conrad or Samson and Eleanor; adding a helping hand to the family tasks and for the younger family members. The variety of food look so yummy and fortunately you will never be lacking food thanks to your super chef Josh. I also loved the creativity behind bringing stuffs to have activities together. All the photos are fabulous and filled with happy moments. You make me travel through your photos. And last but not least you have a beautiful family. I am eager to read your coming adventures with your family.

    Naomi :)

  64. Hi Naomi,
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    Naomi :)

  65. Claire

    After a day working for uni, it’s always a pleasure to come on your blog! I already have read your post but want to comment because these photos make me want to go camping so bad! And those picture on the canoe, I love the light and the colors!

    All the best from France,

  66. Jennifer F

    Yay! Finally have some time to catch up on here. So fun to hear about your camping experience, and these photos are priceless! I love it when the hubby does all the cooking- one of the best things about camping. As far as places to camp, there are SO many great places! Growing up in Jersey I have many many fond memories of camping multiple summers at Watkins Glen State Park. Hikes in the gorge, great campsites, olympic size pool (a nice perk in summer- feels more like glamping!), the finger lakes…. it’s all very beautiful. A bit of a drive but worth it (and on the way to the Hill Cumorah Pageant). Thanks for bringing a smile to my face after a long, difficult day for this mama!

  67. Audrie Baker

    Can I ask where your ankle wellies are from and what brand? They are super cute!