a farewell to summer…

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i know there are technically a few weeks left of summer (and i’m sure the city heat will prove so with a few more humid 90 degree days ahead),  but labor day always marks a sort of farewell to the season in my head, as the splash pads officially shut off their water and classes for eleanor and samson begin this week.  it’s bittersweet as always to see summer go… i know come february as i’m bundled in a coat that is stupidly NOT warm (but looks cute, lol, always my downfall) that i’ll regret ever complaining about the subway car on the train that didn’t have A/C and felt so hot and muggy while being wall to wall crowded that i thought i might die.  it’s how it always goes.

and while it’s impossible to hide my enthusiasm for hat weather or not having to shave my legs every single freaking day (the biggest blessing of winter, let us be honest!), this summer rocked my socks off, and i will miss it terribly.

on saturday, the kids all woke up before the sun (bless them). josh got up with them all and fed and played with them for an hour or two while i kept on sleeping (bless him, although truth be told i was up most of the night with conrad, so i was really finally just getting into my deep sleep for the night.) anyway, josh came in around 7 and whispered to me asking if i could “top conrad off” (lol, breastfeeding inside joke) because he was going to take them all out for a second breakfast. i was like, “but where will you go?!” and then he said something about maybe pancakes and bubby’s and i don’t even care that we had already been once last week already, i was up and out of that bed so fast. sleep < bubby’s pancakes.  i usually only get 5 hours a night anyway. i’ll live a short life due to my lack of sleep, but i’ll have lived a life with pancakes. :)

so we said so long to summer with one of the best ways we know how over the weekend…. with a full day out and about on saturday where we left the house at 8-something in the morning and didn’t return until dinnertime… with a few different playgrounds and neighborhoods, a splash pad and even a birthday party in central park for a little friend in the mix before coming home and plopping our 3 babes straight into the tub. the summer days of just meandering and seeing where the city takes us, with a stroller nap or two in there, and a whole lotta good food, those days are my favorite. this weird feeling of living outside, schlepping your stroller and bags up and down the subway steps, and walking miles and miles everywhere. i just feel alive and well during days like these, and i’m hoping i’m able to hold onto this beautiful encouraging part of summer when it’s below zero outside and we feel stir crazy. let’s not think about it just yet though. there’s still fall to enjoy….

some photos…


on these days where we don’t anticipate just how long we’ll be out and how much walking we’ll actually do so we don’t bring the double stroller. WHOOPS.


are you so sick of me always talking about pancakes?! i’m so sorry. i feel sick of myself always talking about them but i can’t help myself.


sorry, i just had to document the pony tail she requested “go through” her tennis hat! also please note she’s wearing two short sleeve shirts on top of each other. i love when she wants to dress herself!


they climbed to the top of the spider web and then they kept climbing back up to the top for more! they are adventurous and daring and i’m so proud of them both!


as summer comes to a close, i don’t even have words for watching this boy splash in the water. it was a good summer for him to start being mobile! he lives for the water! have a feeling we’ll be having extra baths over the next 9 months until the splash pads are up and running again.


“whatcha doing, samson?” “i’m just taking a break in the sun, mom.” :)


we walked by cafe habana and it’s pretty hard to do that without grabbing some corn. this photo below of my baby boys both eyeing it crack me up!


we sat outside the cafe to eat our corn, but samson didn’t want to get out of the carrier. haha! he managed to polish off his corn while staying strapped to josh’s back! impressive. ;)
01Sept-4 01Sept-5

we brought the single stroller out for conrad, but i guess we haven’t quite graduated from the double stroller just yet for our older two. it’s so funny how this even happened because they both don’t nap anymore and then randomly every few weeks they both ask for one! i know they don’t look very comfortable but they woke refreshed and happy an hour or two later. i wish there was a little more space for me to cuddle up in there as well!


thanks for being the best summer yet, summer of 2015.

and where a few things are from: my madewell shirt (on sale right now, too!), and jeans are old from madewell (other options here). samson’s swimsuit is from polarn o pyret and eleanor’s is by eberjey. i’m wearing birkenstocks and samson’s wearing tiny birkenstocks. :) eleanor’s shoes here. we’re using the ergo carrier and the bugaboo bee stroller.

  1. As I write this, the window is open and my back is feeling so chilly. Summer is over in Paris too!!! no… well, yay, actually. But only when I have a sweater on!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  2. Kim

    Love, love, love!

    While we’re patiently waiting for winter to end over here in Australia, I can totally sympathize with those last-days-of-summer feelings!

    What are the watches that E and S have on? Already thinking of Christmas!

  3. sophie

    Look at E & S holding hands while they sleep! Talk about gorgeous.

  4. martha

    you have to do a travel guide about your favourite playgrounds and splash pads and all the regular “daily” places you guys recommend! love those travel guides! shout out from Israel! love this blog!!!

  5. I love this post so much. I too will miss summer as it has been an amazing fun filled one, but autumn is already promising to be pretty great.

    Also the phot of E amd S in the stroller napping kind of made my heart swell. They just look so peaceful and truly love each other even when asleep. That is great parenting right there.

    All my love from acroos the pond!
    Rach // illustratedteacup.com

  6. Oh. My. Word. Those two sleeping in the stroller together is the most adorable thing I’ve seen this week! Gahhh! So cute!

    “Sleep < pancakes." Amen, sister!

  7. cassie

    that picture of E and S napping in the stroller… TOO CUTE!!

  8. Lauren

    I don’t think I could ever get sick of hearing about pancakes, ha! They looked amazing and so did that corn! I know it’s always sad when the end of Summer rolls round but having followed your blog for a few years I have no doubt you’ll find a way to make Autumn/Winter just as fun and exciting. :)


  9. Carrie

    Looks like a wonderful day in the city. And that girl is styling.

  10. Karina

    Hey Taza,

    those corn look super delicious! and the kiddos are growing up so fast.

  11. I love seeing the two kids squeezed in the stroller! I see that kind of shot all the time with my friends’ kids. It sounds like a terrific day in NYC. I love that you take all the kids out to eat and don’t let that stop you from going out. Sometimes with two, we find ourselves staying at home when it’s so much more fun to go out, esp. while the weather is good. Though I can’t wait for fall either!

    Analog House

  12. carly

    It is such a blessing to have the hubby get up with the little one. My hubby and little one get up so early too……
    I am always amazed at how elegantly and easily you make caring for 3 kids seem. It’s inspiring!
    Dresses & Denim

  13. Dee

    You have a sweet family! May I know the kind of watch Samson and Eleanor are wearing here? Thank you!

  14. plum blog

    Can you tell me where that splash pad is?!? I’d love to take my monkeys on a NYC jaunt next week.

    • TAZA

      yes, this one is in tribeca! pier 25 i think is the official name? they have mini golf and a huge playground and it’s right on the water.

    • TAZA

      although the water won’t be on next week! it’s off as of today, :( but still a great playground to check out!

  15. laeti

    such a perfect day! Love this picture of them sleeping together in the stroller!

  16. hanna

    Looks like a fun summer –Hanna Lei

  17. Paige

    These pictures are so incredibly cute! The one of Samson and Elanor asleep in the stroller kills me! Cutest thing ever!


  18. Kelly

    That picture of those two sweet babes sleeping is the cutest!! I hope I have little ones who cuddle up and love each other in a similar way. :)

  19. Sinead

    Summer barely even started here in Ireland but now it’s over again! Autumn is my favourite season though so I don’t mind too much :-) btw those pancakes look amazing, definitely keep talking about them lol

  20. Mallory

    That picture of E & S sleeping in the stroller!! So so cute! Needs to be framed for sure.

  21. Rachel

    It is super bittersweet for me that summer is ending because I love all of the fun summer activities, but I love Fall as well :) It looks like you guys had a ton of fun at breakfast and the food looks amazing :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  22. Destiny

    Like always great post and photos. The end of summer came too quickly (although it still feels like summer since its 90 degrees today). Samson saying “i’m just taking a break in the sun, mom” is too cute.

    XO, Destiny

  23. Bre

    I feel you about the end of summer! And that pic of Eleanor and Samson is just too cute. :)

  24. Yelle

    Oh how cute E’s pony tail is! Lovely photos, I hope to have family days like these some day!

  25. Erica

    Your family is so adorable! And your photos are amazing as always!

  26. Kristen

    My husband asks me if I can “top off the baby” too :)

  27. Cecilia

    Beautiful post. Can’t believe summer is nearly over!

    Dearest Lou

  28. alexandra

    Hi! What styling product do you use to smooth your hair/bangs off to the side in a deep side part (as in your snapchats recently)? In other words, how do you keep the bangs so sleek? Thx!

  29. Ashley

    That picture of your 2 oldest napping is the sweetest. I also love how I’ve been seeing those CTR rings in their fingers for weeks now.

  30. Lucille

    That photo of them napping in the stroller is just beautiful!

    Whip that one out when they’re bickering, show them their sibling love.

  31. Emily

    What camera lens are you using in these photos? I have a 50 mm that I just got but am having a hard time getting used to being so far back in order to get a whole body in the photo. Any tips?

  32. Debbie

    Hi….totally off the subject, sorry. I will be in DC next months, besides the regular tourist stuff, where do I need to go, see, eat, etc?

    • TAZA

      i absolutely love 2amy’s if you want good pizza! the ford museum, lincoln memorial at night, eastern market on capitol hill… a few faves! the gelato at pitango is so so good too. have the best time!

  33. Flavia

    Hey Taza, can you give me your opinion? We’ll be spending 1 month in NY, bet. Sept. and Oct. visiting family and stuff. We’ll be staying in Manhattan (bet. 3 rentals, Soho, UWS and Chelsea).
    My question is: My son is 4 1/2 years old and I’m debating if we should bring his stroller (a Maclaren, which he doesn’t use anymore for over a year) or buy a cheap one once we there. Or just don’t use a stroller at all…
    I saw the picture of your kids sharing the stroller, so cute!! And I thought about asking your opinion on this :) … thanks so much!!!

    • TAZA

      i think it just depends on how much you are out each day and how far you are walking… my kids usually don’t stroller anymore either but if we’re out for hours on end and heading to different neighborhoods, it definitely can come in handy. i’m sorry i’m not more helpful, i think it just depends on your daily schedule and your son. have the best time here! it’s a great time to be in the city.

  34. Huyen

    The napping couple in a stroller pic is the cutest one I have ever seen. So much love and peace there xo. Love your posts so!