will travel for chicken sandwich.

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the thing about me, is i’m highly motivated by food. it’s kind of what gets me up in the morning (besides my 3 other little *loud* alarm clocks called my kids).  but thinking about what i’m going to eat for breakfast, along with planning out my other meals (and snacks and treats and drinks) in my head is a big motivator for getting out of bed each day.  i can find any excuse to take 2 different trains downtown for a particular bowl of rice pudding, and i’m willing to walk over a mile to get to a specific bagel shop. what would life even mean or be without food? i don’t ever want to know.

anyway, i read a few months back that shake shack was coming out with a chicken sandwich, and i basically flipped. and while they are still holding it hostage by currently only serving it in their brooklyn locations (OK, BROOKLYN! YOU WIN YOU WIN YOU WIN!) and won’t give any updates on when it’s making its manhattan debut (i keep asking), i figured FINE. we trek to brooklyn for our favorite ice cream and pizza and lemonade and even carrousel ride, what’s adding a chicken sandwich to the mix?

so we loaded up team davis and ventured out to brooklyn last week to give this sandwich a try.  and yes, you guys, it’s everything it’s hyped up to be. everything you’d imagine a deep fried and crispy chicken sandwich to be, and yes, i might hate to admit it, but i’m drinking the brooklyn kool-aid hard after that one.  can we find a way to go back again tomorrow for dinner?!

and what’s a trip to brooklyn (or anywhere?!) without a camera in tow. PHOTOS! below…


HI CHICKEN SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the stained glass house is still looking all pretty in brooklyn!brooklyn49686brooklyn950866brooklyn945496967

playing in the glowing colors the stained glass house was making on the ground!


ps. eleanor’s wearing samson’s t-shirt above and conrad is wearing samson’s t-shirt below and i don’t even know what is happening here besides the fact that all three of my kids are sharing the same size clothing sometimes these days and it is wild!

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dear chicken sandwich at shake shack, we’ll be seeing you again SOON. also, dear shake shack, can you bring it to manhattan already?!

happy monday, folks!

ps. my yellow skirt is an old one from anthropologie, shirt is from madewell, sunglasses are from free people.  josh’s shirt is from jcrew. the kids clothes are from kira kids,  crewcuts and wearing teva’s sandals.  e’s headband is from shop ban.do.

  1. Natali

    Mmmm! Nams, that burger looks delicious! Beautiful and heartwarming photos! Thank you for the inspiration. :)


  2. Sarah Williamson

    I love that you and Josh have been obsessed with Shake Shack and now your children love it as well, it’s so amazing. i just had like a mind trip where l was ‘isn’t it crazy cause you see photos of Naomi and Josh eating it pre-kids and now that they have kids their eating’. Mind blown! hahah. Much love, your blog is always a spot for inspiration in my life, much love from Sydney!!

  3. ahhh!! I will have to check out the London Shake Shack! Hahaha and I definitely remember sharing clothes with my younger brother who was 4 years younger than me… Definitely stole his polos for tennis classes :) x

  4. Milly

    Hi :)
    I am currently road tripping in the US from the UK; we spent three nights in NYC & headed over to Brooklyn via the bridge…We went because, as a very regular reader of your blog, I had watched your Brooklyn guide.
    I have to say; I had SUCH a fan girl moment when I spied your gorgeous family in Shake Shack!!! You’re even more gorgeous in real life, N! & thanks for the recommendations as walking the bridge, my shake and catching the boat back to Manhatten was such fantastic fun!
    Have moved along to Cape Cod now, but will never forget the fun we had in NYC :-)
    Milly X

  5. Judy B

    If you like chicken, I would HIGHLY recommend you try the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich at *Red Star Sandwich Shop* on Smith St in Brooklyn. If you have never tried Korean friend chicken before you are definitely in for an amazing treat. xx Judy

    • TAZA

      thanks for this tip!! putting it on my list!!

  6. Kelly

    Your kids are adorable and I will definitely have to head to DUMBO to try this sandwich!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Mollie

    Okay, now I NEED that chicken sandwich in my life!! It looks incredible, so glad you had such a fun day!

    xoxo Mollie

  8. I also am a massive lover of food! Meal times are some of my favourite times of day :D These photos are all lovely as well by the way! Super cute !!

    Holly || agrlcalledholly.blogspot.co.uk

  9. sofia

    aww, the picture of Samson waving on the merry go round reminds me of this quote: “You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around – and why his parents will always wave back.”

    so cute

  10. Paige

    The best part about NYC is that you can literally never get bored with your food. Whenever we plan out city trips its basically gotten to the point where we plan out what we want to eat, and then activities are based off of where we’ll be food wise!


  11. Caroline

    A trip to Brooklyn is going to be happening for me soon! That looks so delicious!

    On a side note, I LOVE your shop tab. Last year, my whole Christmas wish list came from it, ha! It’s so fun to see your style come through in all different types of products.

    • TAZA

      yay! i’m glad you’re finding it useful! thanks for the kind comment caroline!

  12. Anne-Claire

    Conrad’s chubby baby ankles are giving me life ;) I also love your freckles !

  13. I’m loving Eleanor’s cute CTR ring! :)

  14. You are a woman after my own heart and I love it. Good to know I am not the only one who literally thinks about food 24/7. Bad food is just such a waste, am I right?!

    xo Mary-Katherine | http://www.goldhattedlover.com

  15. Just consider yourself lucky for even having a Shake Shack within reach, because LA still doesn’t have one over here. Sad face to the max. They’re set to open one in 2016 though, and believe me I’m counting down the days, hours and minutes. That means we’ll have In-N-Out and Shake Shack in the same place at once! I truly believe if this is possible than really, anything is.

    • TAZA

      but you do have in n out, which i’m jealous about! exciting news too that shake shack is coming in 2016!!! i doubt an in n out is coming this way anytime soon. :/

  16. Hayley

    Hi Taza! Love your outfit! May I ask where your bag is from? Always looking for a perfect structured satchel! Thanks xo

    • TAZA

      yes, it’s from kate spade a few seasons back.

  17. Kristin

    I am a massive food lover too!!! What a boring life we would lead without all the different kinds of food!!! Your pictures were beautiful!!! Happy Happy Monday!!xo

  18. evanda

    i need this in my life!

  19. hanna

    The trip seems like a lot of fun! –Hanna Lei

  20. Glad to know that someone else plans her day and gets motivated by food! Oh, what can i say? Food is a pleasure and I love preparing it, eating it and discovering nice places to enjoy it!
    By the way, I love your outfit!

  21. carly

    Such a cute post! Why does Brooklyn have all the good stuff
    Dresses & Denim

  22. Sarah

    Where is your bag from? It is super cute!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s by kate spade ny!

  23. You and Conrad look amazing together. Totally love the cuteness.

  24. Camilla

    Hi Taza,

    I’ve noticed that all your kids are smiling in most of your photos. Do you have a “trick”?
    My three are looking away or giving me a “face” every time I take a photo…I try every trick in the book and I can’t only get a photo if it’s a sneaky photo with my iphone. If I bring out the Canon – they’ll run away.

  25. Love your family, Taza! So cute!! I’ve really loved watching your family grow and expand. So exciting! Gives so much hope!!

  26. I can feel the love by looking at the pictures! And im pretty hungry now

  27. Maria

    I am so looking forward to see NY and Brooklyn from my own perspective…but happy to see it already from yours. Thanks for everything…can’t wait to hang out at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

  28. Annie

    You and your family make me want to uproot my family and move straight to NYC and never look back! These pictures are so cute and I love watching your little family spending time together and having fun! Thanks for sharing!

    The MAMA Gazette