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so i started writing this post all about little ones and sleep over a month ago, after receiving many questions focused around the topic when i shared how we make our small 2 bedroom apartment work for us in new york city (where our 3 kids share a room).

the truth is, i’ve been hesitant to write a whole post on it because i don’t feel like an expert whatsoever on this topic, and i don’t want to come off that way. a bedtime routine is not a perfect process. i strongly feel like each family and even each child is so different when it comes to sleep, that there is not just one way to approach it correctly.

i can’t even tell you how many baby sleeping books i read while i was pregnant with eleanor, just to feel frustrated or disappointed a few months later when my growing baby still wasn’t sleeping 12 hours straight after i’d followed all the steps a certain method or way suggested. we have since figured out a way that works best for our children and our family (for now), which involves a lot of structure around bedtime routines, some co-sleeping, and a whole lotta flexibility when it comes to it all (because one thing is for sure, sleep is not necessarily a forward process with kids!), but our way works for us, and that’s what matters in our home.

so while i’m about to share a few things that we’ve found work for us, i don’t at all want to say this is what works for everyone. i actually think this is a great opportunity to use this post to perhaps encourage others to share their tips and tricks with the rest of us, too! because sometimes gleaning just a few ideas or thoughts from other mamas around the world is the way to go, and i’m always down for learning more and trying different approaches and ways.

so, i’d love to share the 3 things i know about sleep (besides the fact that i loooooove it) and sleep with kids, and how it works for us. i’d also love love love to hear how you’ve made it work in your home or apartment, particularly if you’re in a smaller space like us and have multiple little ones!

a few things:

we don’t have a super strict bedtime that we enforce, but we do strive for a consistent bedtime routine that starts around the same time as often as we can. around 5 or 6 each night we begin a routine of getting ready for bed with a meal, baths, brushing teeth, pajamas, dimming the lights and closing the black out curtains (ps! black out curtains are where it’s at!), reading a few bedtime stories together…the structure helps the little ones know what is going on and helps wind down the chaos from the day.  by the time we’ve said prayers and are all tucked in, they are much more ready for bed. with samson and eleanor, either josh or i will stay in the nursery with them after we turn off the lights until they fall asleep (i sometimes sing a couple of songs quietly, but usually we just sit on the floor right beside their beds or cuddle with them.)

sometimes it takes just a few minutes and they are asleep, other times it takes a really long time before we sneak back out of their room. but we’ve done it this way ever since we transferred them into their tiny beds, and i know it sounds crazy and like a lot of work, but we seriously don’t mind it, and it’s kind of a nice break from life for a minute to sit quietly beside them as they doze off.

while our three kids share a room, for a long while we spaced out all their bedtimes. eleanor or samson would trade off going to bed first (while the other had some quiet time looking through a few more books on our sofa), then we’d put the other one down maybe 20 minutes later, and then about an hour later i’d nurse conrad to sleep and transfer him to his crib in their room. now, both E and S have been going down at the same time, with conrad following about an hour later.  we mostly spaced each bedtime out because sometimes someone would get the giggles or keep talking and keep their brother or sister up. but lately, and perhaps it’s because neither nap anymore, both E and S are ready for bed by the time they lay down, and fall asleep rather quickly.

as far as sharing a room goes when it comes to sleep, my kids are pretty sound sleepers. so they don’t tend to wake each other up.  i credit a lot of this to living on a loud busy street in new york city, where they have grown accustomed to noise like sirens or horns  since they were tiny. they’ve also napped really well on the go in their strollers here in the city (although E and S no longer nap), and i was always surprised how long they could stay down when so much was going on around them while we were out. conrad also naps while we’re out pretty well, but he’s still so little, it’ll be interesting to see if he does stroller naps as a toddler as well as his brother and sister did.  i found it to be a huge blessing. haha! miss those napping days terribly. ;)

while our kids currently share a room, i pull C back into our bed when he wakes for his nighttime feeding. our room is next to his, and i’m not a deep sleeper like my kids (unfortunately), and can usually hear him tossing and restless during the night. i have co-slept on and off with all three of my children during their first few years and it’s made breastfeeding a million times easier. it’s not for everyone, but if C sleeps beside me after his night feeding, he usually (teething or a random growth spurts aside) doesn’t wake or wrestle whatsoever, and just cuddles with me until morning in the deepest soundest sleep.

for our kids, nothing sleep related is ever a forward process. when we seem to make progress and everyone is sleeping through the night in their own beds for a week or two, the routine and progress gets all out of line again up with a sick little one or a growth spurt or a time change with travel. i think remaining patient and flexible is key and understanding that some weeks you move back a few steps regarding your progress, but it’s not the end of the world and you’ll get back on track soon enough.

the two first days and nights we’re home after traveling are always tricky.  i find black out curtains to be super helpful, as we try to trick the time a bit if needed to get back onto our proper schedule.  i think patience is also key, and finding what works best for you and your kids even if it’s not the norm.

if you have any tricks that work well for your family, i’d love to hear them in the comments below!

  1. Dot

    My oldest was a toddler night owl. I drew a chart of our bedtime routine (bathtub, pajamas, toothbrush, book, musical notes for lullaby I’d sing, & praying hands for nighttime prayers)… It worked like magic from the first night. She loved following along on the chart & “obeyed” each illustration!

  2. #3 is so true. Little ones are constantly growing and changing that what works one month, may not the next, esp. after a holiday. We co-slept with my daughter for 2 years, but now that we have 2 kids, it’s hard to have a pre-schooler and a baby in the same bed (Ow, baby is pulling my hair! is often what I hear). So we’ve put both of them to bed in their own rooms. It’s a challenge, because our one year old, loves to wake up twice a night. Some helpful advice I got from a seasoned parent for babies is that if they cry in the crib, wait 10-15 minutes, and if they don’t go down, go snuggle. I was reluctant to try it because I didn’t want to have my little guy cry in the crib, but when it became a matter of preserving our sanity, it worked. Within 10 minutes he was asleep (he should be sleepy and tired to begin with).

    Thanks also for the advice on older ones, Spacing it out sounds about right. Usually my husband and I put the kids to bed in their own rooms, but when it’s just me, they all hang out in the the big bed to fall asleep, and then I carry them into their rooms, praying they don’t wake up!

    XX Anna

  3. Yvonne

    I do the same before my 2 year old goes to bed. I lay down next to him until he falls asleep. He’s usually out in like 2-5 minutes once the lights go out. It gives me that little break as well,..I wouldn’t have it any other way! I agree with you that every child is different and you do what works for you. I love your blog for this reason…makes me feel normal. I can relate to you in many ways!
    I would love to hear more about how you travel with your little ones. Do their sleeping patterns change? or do you keep the routine the same? I want to go visit New York with my two year old sometime in the fall and not sure how the travelling will work. We would be either flying or travelling by train from Canada. Any tips would be great! Thanks~

  4. Jenn

    I co-sleep with my baby and now that we have started the weaning process I am thankful that she is sleeping from 9 pm to 5 am in her own crib. Around 5-6 am I unconsciously pick her up and bring her back into bed with me. I am always frightened when I wake up because I don’t even remember picking her up in the middle of the night. This scares me. We are trying for another one and I wonder how things will be different next year when I have two babies!

  5. Krista

    I’ve always been fascinated to know how you make it work. We’re thinking about a second baby and want them to share a room. Saving these great tips for later!

  6. Robin

    We have an 11 month old and it’s a constant new routine I’m finding. Something I’ve never done or managed to get my head around is co-sleeping. My daughter could just never get calm in our bed, even when she was a newborn. She hated/hates being squished near us, she hate having to stay lying down head facing up towards the pillows (she tends to move about her crib in her own sleep routine), she doesn’t like the covers, or me constantly trying to cuddle her.

  7. Becca

    We recently encountered a new sleep disrupter – fear! A tree fell on our house in the middle of the night and we had a week of severe thunderstorms and the two combined to make my daughter (2 yrs) rather fearful at bedtime. We let her pick out a very cool night light and now rather than turning off light on my way out the door she and I cuddle in the dark and sing together for a few minutes. I think the time together in the dark (plus the rad nightlight) help her feel less afraid and seem to have stopped the bedtime screaming!

  8. kate

    Oh so glad you posted this! my two littles will soon be sharing a room and I’ve been a little worried about how it would go. for some reason I’ve never even thought of spacing out the bedtime! That’s genius! Such a simple idea that will help both go down easily! Love it!

  9. Nanette

    this post couldn’t come at a better time! seriously, you must have been reading my mind. my little one is the same age as conrad and is having trouble sleeping. taken, we just moved to a different country, so i’m sure her schedule is just out of sorts. she seems so restless at night, which i know could be many things. i guess patience is in order on my part. my oldest slept so well as a baby. i’m having a tough time, but they’re all different i guess. thanks for all the tips. you always put so much thought in your posts and they always hit home for me.

    internet hugs from turkey.

  10. Lany

    aww, so cute! ❤

  11. Brittin

    Your bedtime routine and habits sound very similar to ours. We have one child that struggled a lot with sleep as a baby and toddler so co-sleeping worked best for her. Our son on the other hand has always slept like a champ and didn’t need as much assistance. Now, they are 7 and 8 and they are in different beds but in the same room. I do lay with them most nights to “pet” their backs and help comfort them to sleep. I know it’s not for everyone but like you, I enjoy that quiet and sweet time cuddling with them. We also started diffusing essential oils this past year (Lavender & Stress Away are our favorites) and that definitely helps set a very calm and relaxing mood. :) I think you are right… figuring out what works best for you is what’s important and that is different for each family!

  12. Beck

    I’m a big fan of one of these:

    That and a good swaddle are what I think got my baby sleeping 12 hours by 11 weeks old. Hes 2 and a half now and we definitely agree with you on blackout curtains!

  13. Meaghan

    I love this post. I have three boys all around the same ages as your little ones and we pretty much do the same routine as you. We have tried to be a little more strict with the time of bed time recently though since my oldest started Kindergarten a few weeks ago, although we have not been great with that yet.. :D I am sure we will figure it out soon though. But my husband or I will always lay with our two oldest, or rub one of their backs and hold the others hand (they share a bunk bed). And I TOTALLY get the giggling and constant talking, haha. It happens if we try to just leave them to go to sleep on their own. Then the other parent sits with our youngest and as soon as he is asleep we transfer him to his crib and then when he wakes up (either he notices he is alone or he wants to nurse) then he comes into bed with us for the night. We have always co slept with all of our kids off and on. Our middle boy, Jack, still comes into our bed in the middle of the night to cuddle.

    It works great for us and our kids so far and I think that is all that matters :)

  14. Kim

    I LOVE that you co sleep and sing your babes to sleep. I do the same and I sometimes get weird looks from people when I tell them that. It is such a special time for us and I will miss it dearly when they are older. You are such wonderful parents! Thank you for sharing. Wish you all the best! <3

  15. Sophie

    Such a great post! I only have one little babe so far but love hearing how you guys make it work with 3. Mine is almost 4 months old and I love co-sleeping with him.. especially now that he’s a little bigger and is sleeping more soundly (and next to me rather than on me…which lets me move around more). We move in a few weeks and I’ll have the space to make a nursery but am not sure I want to give up the cosleeping part so it was nice to read that you take Conrad to bed. :)

  16. Amanda

    We have 3 that share a room (6,4, and 2) and I still still have trouble every single night with getting them to sleep. Its kind of amazing. When their dad is home (he travels a lot) he will stay in their room until they fall asleep but if I do it they just ask me a million questions. Ahh! Little ones…

  17. Erica

    Thank you for sharing your experience! It isn’t easy to put your story onto the internet, especially when people have such strong feelings on the topic. Our little guy is 4 months old and sleeps well throughout the night. He has a much harder time napping in his crib during the day. He would much prefer to sleep on our bed. I’ll admit to napping next to him sometimes too! I struggle with my desire to have him fall asleep on his own and wanting to cuddle and love on him. I just turned 39 and he’s likely the only baby I’ll have. The best advice seems to be do what feels right and natural for you. It makes me feel better to know your children have had a mix of experiences and have turned out just fine! They are such adorable little ones (Eleanor’s astronaut was hilarious!). I look forward to all your blog posts, Instagram updates and SnapChat glimpses into your life in NYC!!

  18. hanna

    Your little family is so cute. –Hanna Lei

  19. Like you, we have 3 little kiddos…but unlike you, we don’t live in a cool apartment in NYC ;) We have a 4 bedroom house but we just recently started putting our girls (3 yrs and 18 mo) in the same room. I think realizing what you said in #3 is the best way to keep perspective. Our son (our oldest, now almost 6) was pretty easy when it came to bed time and nap time. When our daughter went from her crib to a toddler bed, I remember being so frustrated at night b/c up to that point, bed time was pretty easy! I sat by her bed for a few nights, then sat by her door for a few nights, then moved to the hall for a few nights until she finally got used to that new bed! Our baby slept in our room in a pack-n-play for 7 months and transitioned fairly easily to her crib. I co-slept with all of ours during the nursing stages…people say that is a no-no but its a yes-yes at our house! Now the girls are in the same room and I can’t put them to bed at the same time because our youngest cries. For the first few weeks I just let our oldest 2 sleep together in our son’s bed but now that he has started kindergarten, we put our 3 year old to bed first, I lay with her for a few minutes until she falls asleep (and I usually do too ;) and then I put the baby down for the night.

    It is an ever-changing process. You are right, each family is different and you just have to find what works. Books are nice to read and glean advice from but ultimately you just have to figure it out! And it’ll happen every time! We always have those phases where we think…”what happened to our great routines?” when we enter a new one. We’ll be changing it all up again around Christmas to prep for #4 coming in February who will need the crib! I’m kind of dreading that whole thing, to be quite honest! But we’ll survive and hopefully be pretty rested, too!

    Thanks for your posts…your family is beautiful!

  20. Jess

    Thanks for sharing what works for your family! I love your nursery for three and want to make that work in our home too if we have a third baby. Our littles are 3 and almost 2 (girl and boy) and are sharing their little room in Brooklyn. We’ve got a crib and a toddler bed going on and they go to bed at the same time. I totally agree with your rave about blackout curtains and we love our marpac dohm sound machine, too. We follow a similar routine but do leave them to kind of put each other to sleep after we read and sing with them. I’ll start making a silly noise as we walk out and encourage them to copy it and be silly together. After we close the door, they’re off to the races with that and after 15 minutes or so of babbling to each other, they usually quiet down and go to sleep. Of course that varies from time to time with teething, our 3 year old’s demands for “just one more kiss”, etc. but for the most part, they have a good thing going. I just love the close relationship they have and the comfort they bring each other. We’re trying to make it work in a 2 bedroom in Brooklyn for as long as possible, so love your apartment tour and tips and tricks for making it work with 3. Tempted to start a blog of my own and will share with you if it gets off the ground!

  21. Savannah

    This is so helpful! Thank you for posting. I have a question about the transition stage. We are about to transition our three month old into a room with her one year old big brother. Did you have trouble with the initial moving of each baby in with the other(s)? I just wonder how my older one will handle having baby sister in the room with him. He’s a curious little guy, and I am hoping he doesn’t wake up every time he hears her stirring. Any advice is welcome!

  22. Paige

    My first child slept though the night at 4 weeks so my husband and I thought that we were parenting experts. We now have our second child, and she turned 1 last week and I haven’t sleep through the night in months. Each kid is definitely different but I do believe setting a routine that works for your family is definitely important. That, and sacrificing the work you were going to do during their nap time for a nap of your own helps a lot too!


  23. heidi

    Do you nurse to sleep? How long do you nurse? My little one is 14 months and people are already making comments about me nursing. :(. I love utah and I’m an active lds member. But I swear extended nursing, co sleeping, home birthing mommas sometimes is not always the easiest or most liked opinions! :(

  24. Dawn

    Hi Naomi, thanks for sharing how sleep is working for you and your family. I cosleep part of the night if my 11 month old wakes. I don’t think I would of survived this first year had I not. I’m curious to hear how you transitioned from nursing to sleep to falling asleep on their own when they weaned ? (Or any other mamas out there) I don’t plan on weaning just yet but my baby has a strong association to nursing to sleep (which has been wonderful!). Thanks so much!

  25. lex

    Thank you so much for this post! It feels so good to know we are not alone. We have a 5 month old baby girl who is an amazing sleeper, but we also have two year old who we have to lay next to until he falls asleep. It can be grueling!! Sometimes he goes right to sleep :) Most of the time…NOT! I mean.. sometimes it takes an hour + for him to stop fighting it. I feel like such a failure sometimes. Thanks for reeling me back in to reality and the understanding that they are kids and this too shall pass!

  26. Melissa

    My daughter is almost 9 now (yikes!) but here is a trick that has always worked for us. Once in bed and tucked in I would read one book (or two) with her eyes open so she could follow along and look at the pictures etc. The second or last book that I would read she had to have her eyes closed and just listen. She was always asleep by the time I was done reading. This was especially helpful if we were traveling and sleeping somewhere that she was not used to. That little routine always helped.

  27. Amanda

    Do you have any tips for cutting out the noise pollution in your apartment building from other neighbors, trash trucks, etc?
    We currently use a fan and white noise machine. And I’ve also talked to our noisy neighbors about keeping it down but nothing has changed.
    About how long did it take for your two oldest to get used to city noise?

  28. Martha

    I wish my one year old could sleep through noise :( Sometimes I go check on her and even the sound of my pinky toe accidentally popping or my stomach growling (lol) wakes her up immediately!

  29. Jo

    My daughter is the same age as Samson, she rarely sleeps through the whole night. Bedtime has recently become a battle of wills. Currently once her lights out I sit in the chair in her room & wait for her to nod off. Sometimes it’s 10 mins sometimes almost an hour. She’ll try every trick in the book to get out of going to sleep so I have to sit & ignore her for a while. The sitting in the dark once she’s settled is quite nice though…it works for now so we’ll go with it x

  30. Julia

    Thank you, Naomi, for such a beautiful post; I couldn’t agree with you more, and love your flexible approach. Every family, child, and day is different, so it’s important to be flexible, but conscious of one’s natural rhythm. :)

  31. Amanda

    Nice balanced post! Every little one is different so mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do ? the important thing is a routine- whether it’s perfectly followed is a minor possibly impossible detail?! Haha! You’re a great mom! When I was little my mom would read a story to us and then the Bible to us. This sounds bad- but as a kid the bible put me right to sleep ? We also had Bible stories on tape that she played as she left the room. They worked for us! Made for a peaceful, restful sleep with good dreams! And for mommy- lavender oil on the soles of the feet and nose or a calming blend in a diffuser!

  32. Kristen

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. You are such a joy, Naomi.

  33. Adrienne

    i love this post… we have three little ones… 8, 5 and 21 months. The two eldest (boys) room together, and so we do their bedtime routine together with a bath, story, prayer, and then mommy or daddy stays in the room until they are deep asleep… then we sneak out the door! The youngest, our daughter, had the same routine, just earlier than the boys and comes to their room for kisses and hugs before she goes off to her room for sleep time… Then we play “musical beds” all night and never know where we’ll end up in the morning! :)

  34. Adrienne

    P.S. Sometimes I think an old-fashioned “nursery” as they used to have in my grandparents time (in my imagination, like the tots from Peter Pan, all sleeping together in the same room with Nan, their trusty family hound) would be a sweet option too!

  35. Amanda

    Thank you for sharing! Your routine/tips sound practically identical to ours for our one child (2 yrs) and I always wonder what it would be like adding another one… Like, would I ever sleep again?? ? But it’s nice to hear that it can still work this way with multiple kids.

  36. SAbine

    We use the Baby Withings monitor with video function for our little girl since we moved her out of our room (she was 9 months old). We had to rock her to sleep for a couple months or sit by her crib until she fell asleep which sometimes would take up to 2 hours.
    One time, I had to go to the bathroom and left her crying in her bed. I would use the “talk” function of the monitor (it works in both directions) to talk to her while I was not in the room. I told her I’ll be right back and that she could lay down. And it worked!! She lay down and fell asleep! Since then, this is how we put her to bed. She would not lay down until we leave the room and speak to her.
    Amazing how technology helps us with that!

  37. Kendra

    Thank you for this post! We recently put our boys (3 yrs and 6 mos) into the same room after a cross-country move. It hasn’t been very smooth, so it was comforting to hear you articulate that your own troop experiences smooth and rocky sleeping patches, and to receive the reminder to be patient and not tense when sleep is tricky!

  38. Darlene

    Its So true that every kid is different and what works for one doesn’t work for the other. All three of my kids have been completely opposite w how they sleep. My son (first born) has always been the easiest and will literally sleep anywhere. Last summer we were flying to Sweden and Iceland, its completely bright with the midnight sun and I would just tell him it was time to sleep and boom out. Our daughter on the other hand? Nope not so easy. ANd now with a third, everything I thought I knew has gone completely out the window and we are co sleeping which isn’t something I ever did with the other two. So basically, after 3 kids I still don’t know anything on how to get kids to sleep :) Except my son did nap every day till he started kindergarten at 5 and my 3 year old daughter still takes a 2 hr nap a’s the baby who won’t nap!

  39. christen

    we have a just turned three year old and a seven month old and we do it exactly the same way. I fought co-sleeping with our first until I realized how much better sleep we ALL got. She does well in her “big girl bed” now after stories, prayer and snuggling. If she needs extra help, I totally recommend a “book on tape,” although now it’s an app through my phone, haha! 20 minutes of a children’s audio book and she’s out, no matter what. It’s a nifty trick I remember my own parents doing with me. :-) I also will use the book on tape for rest time, since she’s phasing out of naps but still needs some quiet down time.

  40. Victoria Byrne

    A wonderful encouraging helpful post worded so sensitively around a subject that can be so discouraging and divisive. We have a 3yr old, a 2 yr old and a 8month old and live in a small apartment too. My plan next month is to put them all in together (currently baby in with us and toddlers sharing) but use the travel cot in our room for after nighttime nursing. When our oldest started sharing they were 6months and 2 years and I put a monitor by the baby with the speaker right next to my ear so I could scoop him up at night for feeds without disturbing his sister. We also use white noise. I really want them to be able to share a room because we travel so much and frequently all sleep in the same room, so it helps that they learn to just get on with it.

  41. carly

    Lots of good info in this post. We have definitely found that schedules are key.
    I recently read bringing up baby that had some really interesting ideas on why European children sleep through the night earlier than American children. I am excited to give some the European ideas a try with our next baby
    Dresses & Denim

  42. Katie

    I know Heidi didn’t ask my opinion, but I was curious about her response and the reactions she’s gotten. Heidi, I assume you mean that folks are commenting about how you shouldn’t nurse before bed or nurse baby to bed? We never co-slept (didn’t get much rest for any of us), but I just weaned my daughter at 2 years old, and you better believe I nursed all the time, on demand, usually for as long as she wanted, a lot at night, and often just before bedtime. As she was older and nearing 2, certainly she could often get to sleep on her own, but still liked to nurse close to bedtime if not right before, and still woke up sometimes.
    It’s not easy to hear people’s opinions but I think every family (and parent/child nursing relationship) has to be worked out for themselves. Every kid is different, and when my child woke up to nurse even close to 2 years old, I tried to tell myself it was because she needed that comfort, not because she was manipulating me or had been trained not be alone (like some people claim).
    Hear hear for us all supporting each other’s different styles instead of tearing each other down!

  43. It’s so hard not to get stressed out about bedtime! We’ve been quite lucky with our 2 year old son so far, he’s always been quite a good sleeper, even when travelling and with a big change like moving house twice this year!

    Saying that, a few weeks ago we started struggling to get him to sleep and he would stand at his stair-gate screaming for hours and would then wake up at 5.30am. After a few weeks of this, my husband and I were at total breaking point when we stumbled across the GroClock. I don’t know if you guys have them in America but they are worth their weight in gold! I have told everyone I know about them since getting one! It’s basically a toddler sleep trainer and it’s a little clock that has a yellow sunshine face in the day and a blue star face when it’s time for sleep and you set it like an alarm so they know when they wake up in the morning that if the clock is still blue that it’s still bedtime. I was sceptical that our 2 year old would understand what was going on but he totally got it straight away and was waking up at 7am within a day or two. Seriously the best £20 I’ve ever spent!!

    Love hearing about your lovely children and family. Thank you for sharing Naomi

  44. AC

    Hi dear Naomi, I don’t have other any tricks, you already said all of them. In France, night routine is very important, we use to think kids needs routine. And I like to read your story about your tiny appartement, and how your 3 kids share the same room, because it was EXACTLY the same way for mine… and oh Lord, the giggles and all the talks at night… ;) I was like a hundred time : “shhhh quiet please, the baby is sleeping, and it’s late”…

  45. Olga

    I have 3 kids, and I thing that the most important is the rutine, more or less everyday at the same time star with baths, dinners, read a tale and go to sleep. My old dougther is now 6 years old, and she love to explain me the things she have done at the school while she is in bed, and after this i let them alone in the bedroom and they fell sleep, the key is the rutine.

  46. Rebecca

    Hi! Do you have eyelash extensions or are you just blessed with amazing lashes?! I’ve been noticing them on snapchat and am having eyelash-envy ;)

  47. Wallace

    Love, love, love this. I’m a first time mom to a 5 week old, and I can’t imagine having him out of my room any time soon. Especially because I find, same as you, that he sleeps the soundest when he’s with one of us (or both of us).

    I know you’ve written about it before, but would love to read more advice about breastfeeding – in particular breastfeeding in public!

  48. Clair

    Hello! I love your blog:) any chance you have done a post on introducing solids (or just food in general) to babies?

  49. Candice

    Sounds just like our house. Schedule really helps because their bodies are just used to falling asleep at the same time but every growth spurt (teeth, brain, and or body) can change everything! I refuse to make bedtime a battle zone, so that means being flexible and acknowledging that each of our children is different. Our 5 year old goes to bed, in his bed, no complaints (usually;) and is out within 10 minutes. His (freshly) 4 year old sister still needs a Mama snuggle to wind down and still sneaks back in at 2am. Our 19 month old just needs milk and a snuggle and she’s usually down. They’ve always had their own beds but we have an open door policy. If you need us, we are right there. Period. As long as we all get some sleep and everyone feels safe and secure, it’s all good:)

  50. Hi Taza,

    I follow you on Instagram since S was born. I have two kids 3 and 1, and we are expecting the third. I’ve recently gotten my Certification as a Sleep Consultant. And you are totally right, when it comes to sunlight, it has a huge effect on our circadian cycle. The darker the better when it comes to inducing sleep.
    I would love to do a Q&A in your blog to help answer the main questions moms have about sleep. Let me know!

    Giselle Borges