the rodeo!

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while we were in colorado the other week, we spent an evening at the rodeo in beaver creek! i have lots of colorado photos to share (hopefully soon!) but i feel like the rodeo deserves its own post, so.… haha! would you expect anything less from a picture taking obsessed bloggah?!

i used to go to the rodeo growing up in utah, so i felt like a little girl again all night.  i kind of think it’s one of the coolest things to experience and loved getting my inner cowgirl on by pulling out my old red cowboy boots for the night. i was a little bit disappointed in them though, because sure, it’d been a few years since i’d worn my boots, but they tore up my feet and gave me a bunch of blisters on my ankles.  i think it was their way of saying, you aren’t wearing us enough anymore.  i don’t know. but i was limping a little bit by the end of the evening.

i can’t exactly speak for conrad, but i do know eleanor and samson had a great time.  although i know they would have had an evening better time had we signed them up for the whole mutton busting thing.  have you heard of that before? it’s basically like bull riding, but for kids on sheep.  they put little helmets on and then compete to see who can hold onto the sheep’s back the longest during a race.  kind of crazy insane, and i don’t think i’m up for my kids trying it anytime soon, but they are still talking about it and asking if they can do it next year. :/

anyway, a few photos from evening below…

i’m sure i’ve talked about this before, but i think it’s so great and important to try to get a photo of the entire family during outings occasionally even if it can be hard.  i’ve learned the best way to get this done is two things.  1. when looking for someone to ask to snap the photo, look for someone who already has a dslr camera (although it’s not that hard to teach someone where to click and how to focus, sometimes they just tend to frame it slightly better and don’t crop off your feet) and 2. ask them to just do rapid fire snapping and take at least 5 pictures in a quick row! that way your chances of getting one with everyones eyes open is much higher! lol.  thanks to the sweet woman who took this photo for us, it is most definitely one of my favorite family pictures right now!


see boots?! still love ya. (although truth be told this isn’t my first pair of red cowboy boots, and the first pair i did love a little bit more and as proof, i wore them into the ground.)

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it’s like they were right at home! i don’t think anyone would have even known it was their first rodeo for these city kids! isn’t that one of the best things about children? they just adapt so well and are willing to try everything out! (except for cauliflower, at least at our house!)

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the junior deputy was there, too! we are obnoxious and tried to get him a pair of cowboy boots too, but there’s something about those chubby little baby legs that do not like boots!

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talk about a gorgeous back drop for a rodeo! colorado mountains and trees, i’m talking about you!

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we call em chips on a stick, but i think the proper name is tater twisters? why are they so good?!


such a fun night. sorry for keeping you out past your bedtime, conrad. (he was so tired and sleepy by the end.) thanks for being so wonderful, colorado!

ps. we got the kiddos cowboy hats from here. eleanor’s boots from here and samson’s here. my shirt is c/o ace & jig and jeans are by madewell (different wash, but same style here), cowboy boots are vintage. josh’s denim shirt is from here.

  1. Rachel

    These photos are the cutest!!! I LOVE rodeos :) Growing up in a small town in Utah where the rodeo is a huge event has made it a fun event each summer :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  2. Paige

    I loved your advice for looking for someone who already has a dslr. Whenever I want someone to take our picture for us I always think, “Who looks less likely to steal and runaway with my camera. Someone who already has one is a great candidate for that question haha.


  3. Love these kind of posts from you the most! Samson and Eleanor are the cutest little cowboys and thanks for the great tip on taking family photos! We never seem to get it done quite well and end up having photos of me+kid or my husband+kid :P

    Hugs, Kristjaana

  4. Melissa

    Ahh this is awesome! What a cool experience. And that mutton busting thing for kids sounds like it could have the potential to be super scary yet incredibly entertaining at the same time.

    These pictures came out great, love the way the sun is hitting everything/everyone. And another beautiful family photo for the books :)

  5. Bev

    Those little kids of yours dressed up and ready for the rodeo is the cutest ever! Looks like it was a blast :)

  6. Erin J.

    Your kids get to go on the neatest adventures! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my gosh! I love how excited they are over the whole thing! They really looked like they enjoyed it! You guys are seriously such a fun family!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  8. I love these photos so much and you’re outfits are to die for! Absolutely lovely <3 Also thanks for sharing your tips on the family photos. Although I don't have my own family so to speak, I am ways wanting group pictures and not knowing what to do. Haha!

    Holly x

  9. Jenn

    The red boots remind me of How I Met Your Mother!!! I bought a similar pair because I love them so much!
    The Pepper Express

  10. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  11. Lynn R

    Love the fashion and itinerary of your trip! Might I ask, where did you get your AMAZING hat?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s one from free people but i don’t absolutely love it enough to recommend. it’s doesn’t hold shape as well as my others and is falling apart. they have some amazing ones though, this one just isn’t as awesome.

  12. Amy

    Looks like fun! I know exactly what you mean about the DSLR – I normally just choose a random person and everyone is like, “Hoooow do you zoom??” Lol. That’s a good idea to get better photos!

  13. mara

    so i grew up in bountiful (just north of SLC if you aren’t familiar with it) and now my husband and i live in WEST bountiful…haha literally just on the west side of the freeway and railroad tracks. and that little move is all it took us to find out what mutton busting was. i had no idea anything about it, but we were roped into (ha! no pun intended) helping put on a little neighborhood/ward rodeo a few years ago and we actually did mutton busting at it. the kids LOVE it. we feel like real cowboys sometimes, even though we’re 10 minutes away from SLC :) love the boots.

  14. Lauren

    ahh that just looks like a completely different world from where i live, so pretty. eleanor and samson look adorable in their little cowgirl/cowboy outfits!

  15. Emi

    Couldn’t be cuter (or more beautiful!)


  16. Heather

    These pictures are so adorable. I especially love the entire western family photo. Amazing!

  17. Sierra

    I love the rodeo! I grew up going to the Oakley rodeo and always thought it was so much fun. Your family is beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time. And Samson and Eleanor’s Frye boots are to die for!

  18. making memories! such beautiful photos!! i can smell the fresh mountain air :)

  19. rach

    LOVE that you took them to the Rodeo! I just went to one in Montana on the 4th of July… does it get more American then that?!?! LOVE!! And agreed on the cowboy boots, SO UNCOMFORTABLE -_-

  20. carol

    Beautiful family. Such a cruel sport.

  21. the pictures are very beatiful :)
    your family is wonderful


  22. Helen

    I love Colorado! This looks like a gorgeous holiday – how fun! PS: Those baby fryes! So cute.

    Helen XO
    Les Petits Gazette

  23. Mariana Chavez

    The potatoe things are called ‘espiropapas’ in México :) So damn good!

  24. Elizabeth

    The pictures are beautiful! I love Colorado. And nice choice of song…that’s my hubby playing guitar ( ;

  25. So fun!!

    They really do look like they fit right in.
    NYC kids, rodeo kids…!


  26. Wendy

    I’ve been reading your blog for what feels like my entire life, and red boots and you are synonymous in my mind. Love it!

  27. Kelly

    Those red boots are amazing and I agree, people who have DSLRs are much more likely to get the better shot!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes