photos and a video from colorado!


i’m so excited to share some photos as well as a video i put together from our time in colorado a few weeks ago! we seriously had the best time.  talk about a scenic, colorful and truly breathtaking spot. we spent the majority of our time in beaver creek, where the westin riverfront resort and spa so kindly hosted our stay.  i don’t think that hotel location can be beat. our windows and balcony had a view of gorgeous mountains and greenery and the area has so many fun activities within a few miles, we did so much each day! we went ice skating, horse back riding, took a fly fishing lesson, rode the gondola to the top of a mountain for lunch, went to the rodeo which i shared a post on here! it was a good time. i also took my first stand up paddle board yoga lesson at the westin’s pool one morning (some photos below) and it was intense! i didn’t even know this was a thing beforehand, but now i am hooked. i’ll tell you more about it below, but now to the fun stuff…. a video and photos! (music in video below is little boats by chelsey scott.)


see what i mean about the views?! insert heart eye emojis here….


conrad always wants to be close by eleanor and samson and included in whatever they are doing.  at 8 months this week, i feel like he’s catching up to samson in size already, so i don’t think it’ll be too long before he’s truly holding his own. haha!


the westin riverfront was so kind and welcomed us with warm cookies and milk, as well as cute hats for the family and little backpacks and toy beavers for the kids! i’m always trying to give away their stuffed animals because we tend to accumulate a lot of them, but i think these beavers aren’t going anywhere any time soon. they have been everywhere with us lately. samson’s even went on a hike to a waterfall yesterday and eleanor’s ate breakfast with us at the table this morning. they are so sweet with them!

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one of the nice things about the westin, is they have full kitchens in many of their suites, so we were able to do a few of our own meals and made smoothies together like we do at home many mornings.  i feel like we could have moved into that suite and stayed forever and died happy. ha!

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one morning bright and early at 7AM we had a fly fishing lesson on the hotel grounds and then down by the river! it’s still summer, so we debated bringing coats for the kids, but i’m so glad we did, because those early mornings were cold and they needed them! also, confident our family doesn’t have the patience required for something like this, but still a lot of fun to give it a try!


i hate ski lifts because i hate heights, but we got to ride the enclosed gondola to the top of beaver creek since we had a baby with us (YES!) so our ride up and down the mountain was far more relaxing than the last time and i was able to sit back and enjoy the ride and views much more.


howdy, cowboy!



these photos of the kids and josh are some of my favorites. we just chilled and hung out for a good hour or so at the top of the mountain after eating lunch together. the kids love climbing all over papa since he’s the tickle monster and also because he gives them rides on his feet and legs. he’s a really good papa.


so samson was sadly just under the weight requirement for this particular bungee trampoline, but eleanor rocked it. the one we did in california earlier this summer was their favorite part of the trip, so they were so thrilled to see this one at the base of the mountain! next time, samson, you’ll fly too! (he enjoyed some miniature golf instead!)


pony rides!!!!


and ice skating! no one fell, and it is beyond me how that happened! i think my favorite part of the video is the part where josh is teaching eleanor a better stance on her skates. i love seeing her in her little hoody taking such great direction and having that sweet teaching moment with her papa.


maybe it’s a toddler thing, or maybe it’s just a samson thing, but every ball can be a soccer ball, and any floor can make for a good soccer game!

beaver creek’s art festival was going on while we were in town, so we were able to walk around one evening before dinner.

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okay, so i started talking about this stand up paddle board yoga class up top, but i want to talk about it some more here because this was one of the coolest things i have done and i still don’t know how i didn’t fall off my paddle board! right now, yoga on a solid steady surface like the floor is a struggle for me (i’d like to blame it on my three kids and their births and what that all did to my abs, but i know a lot of mothers out there with six packs so just kidding), but anyway, this was such an intense challenge and i lived for every minute of it.  it only helped that it was early in the morning so the weather was crisp and cool around us but the pool water was heated and extra warm. i don’t know how to describe what an incredible experience this was, but it was something i will remember forever.

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don’t mind samson right there, just working on his back stroke! ;)

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the new york philharmonic was in town the same weekend as us! imagine that! and also, it was my first time seeing them perform. how embarrassing right?! the hotel so kindly packed a picnic for us and we spent the evening in vail listening to them perform.


just my three little miners gem panning digging for gems and minerals!

josh and i split the most interesting and delicious eggs benedict at the westin’s restaurant, the maya, that was served on polenta with a spicy chorizo sausage. i can’t do spice very well, but this was really really good.


and THIS. this is what i love for. love these kids and this family of mine and so grateful for this fun opportunity to check out a bit of what beaver creek has to offer. thank you so much to the westin riverfront resort and spa for hosting our stay! we truly had such a good time and will hold onto these fun memories forever.

  1. Jenn

    What do you use to take your underwater photos with?
    And you truly have a talent at making those videos! It is very exhausting and time consuming to put them together! Great Job!
    The Pepper Express

    • TAZA

      thank you! i have so much fun putting them together. i used our gopro with a waterproof case for the underwater shots. :)

  2. nina

    awe yay ! I love colorado and these pictures are awesome ! Glad you enjoyed !

  3. chelsea ROBBINS

    Where is your orange hat from? It’s so darling on you!!!

    **Looks like a gorgeous trip.

    • TAZA

      it’s from free people.

  4. Emily

    Now this is my kind of holiday! Those mountains and forests are breathtaking. As for that yoga paddle-boarding, I can’t believe that was your first time, you look like a natural. I must try this myself one day!

    Beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing!

  5. Jordy

    Wow looks like an amazing trip! Just curious, how did you handle Samson not being able to do the bungee jump, since he has done it before? He seems like a really great kid. Lately my kids throw the most terrible tantrums and use a common phrase of “that’s not fair!” if they both cant do something or if only one of them can do it. It can ruin a day pretty fast. I am constantly reinforcing patience and compassion, but I think only one of them doing the awesome bungee jump would be the end of it.

    • TAZA

      he was really confused because we waited in line for a good twenty minutes to jump, but the miniature golf and gold mining was right besides the bungee jumping, so when we realized he didn’t weigh enough to jump, we tried to explain to him that since he was too small to jump, he could choose a new activity to do in the area, like the gold mining or the miniature golf! we know the struggles of frustrations and toddlers in scenarios like this too, but i think when we give him a choice in a situation like this, it helps him still feel in control a little and also feel kind of important, too. ;) he was more than excited to head over to the gold mining station and begin that activity while eleanor jumped.

  6. Ali

    Maybe this is a silly question, but do you find it difficult to photograph and take videos? I would love to branch out a bit more on my blog and share some cute films (yours are a huge inspiration!) but I wouldn’t quite know what moment to photograph vs. try to capture video. Do you do both? IE. if you see some great donuts, do you take a picture and then switch to taking a video? Or do you pick one or the other? Xx

    • TAZA

      yeah i am still figuring out if i enjoy taking video or photos more. it’s easy to toggle back and forth between the two, which is what i do for the most part still.

  7. Joy

    What a darling video! Samson feeding Conrad was the cutest! I mentioned in a comment when you said you were in Colorado I was looking forward to seeing the state through your eyes, since I moved here from L.A. a year ago and I’m still homesick…It did kinda work! This is a beautiful place…but I think I wouldn’t mind just coming here for special trips to the Westin, haha!

  8. Sarah

    I don’t usually comment on blogs that I read but I felt like I needed to today. I just have to say that reading your blog truly inspires me to be a better mom and play with my little one more. I’m a worrier and tend to plan fun things and then stress the whole time we are doing them telling my son not to touch something or don’t jump off that rock etc. I look at your blog and all the fun adventures your family has, not just on vacation but even in your own home and I’m inspired to try to relax and just enjoy every moment with my own baby a little more. I know blogs tend to show just the good things and good moments and that there are probably plenty of melt downs and crazy moments too but your kids look incredibly happy and so loved. You’re a great mom. Thank you.

    • TAZA

      thanks for this comment, sarah! it makes my day to hear you share that this little space can inspire in some way. your words really just made my afternoon. thanks for sharing and have the best weekend with your little one.

  9. carly

    This looks like an amazing vacation and lots of fun family time!
    Dresses & Denim

  10. Lucy

    Such an amazing blog post!!! – Aren’t they all?!

    What an amazing time away you had. I cannot get over that view… Oh my… such beauty in those mountains, the river and the woods!!!! <3

    Absolutely love your photos and those videos you make are one of my faves in life! How do you do them? I'd love to do them myself but I have no idea where to start!!

    I know family life is challenging but you make your life sound so wonderful and that's not a bad thing, I think it's lovely – such a wonderful family!

    I am amazed how well you did with Yoga on paddle boards… your first time? I'd be in that water within 5 seconds… my balance is ridiculous!

    Anyway, I could go on and on but thank you for sharing your time away with us! <3

  11. rach

    Your family has the GREATEST vacations! I SWEAR! ALL your family trips go down in my books as the best and I will continue to watch them over and over again!! The babymoon being my absolute FAVORITE! Give me all the tropics.

  12. Alida

    I’m not from the US, so love getting a glimpse of this beautiful place. Your photo’s are amazing as always. But what I also always enjoy is your music choice on the video’s. Would be so great if you could bring out a compilation at some stage.. if that won’t be too difficult to arrange with the artists.

  13. Micah

    Hey, I’m a long time reader but don’t comment too often, but I just loved this post and had to let you know!

  14. Paige

    These pictures are all so beautiful! I find myself slightly jealous over the idea that part of your summer vacation involved winter jackets and sweaters! Colorado truly is such a beautiful state!


  15. Ashlee

    Hi Taza!

    I love your blog :)

    Just wondering: Where are your jeans from? They look super comfy… And I’d love to get a pair.



  16. Maggie B

    Officially planning a trip here! Yoga on paddle boards, looks amazing!…Hate to ask product questions, but would love to know where the picnic basket is from, as well as your green “polka dot” top…ya know, asking for a friend :)

  17. Lauren

    with all the places you visit, it really makes me want to drag my other half on a road trip around america for these beautiful views, maybe one day ;) such amazing pictures! the paddle board yoga looks interesting aswell!

  18. Allison

    We went to Denver a couple months ago and we are already planning a trip back. It’s beautiful! We had a thunderstorm come through and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  19. After 8 months of unsuccessfully trying for a second child, that clip of Samson feeding Conrad has just broken my heart. Samson’s little face is the most adorable thing ever. He looks so excited! I really hope I can bless my son with a sibling one day.
    You have the sweetest, happiest little family ever and your blog makes my day every time you post.
    Thank you for sharing your time in Colorado with us.

  20. Amy

    I know probably a hundred people asked but where is your green shirt from?! Love it.

    Looks like an awesome trip. We may have to go!

  21. Sarah

    I LOVE all of these pictures! It truly shows the beauty of Colorado (it’s one of my favorite states to visit because of that!). I also am so jealous you got to do paddle board yoga. One day, I’m going to try it too :). Glad you all enjoyed your trip!

  22. Maja

    wow you are wounderfuul family. And beautifull of course:)

    Pozdrawiam Maja

  23. Danielle Aimée

    What great photos and what a great vacation! Truly inspiring!

    Can I ask where your green and white speckled shirt is from?


    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from & other stories.

  24. Candace

    I’m just like a few of the other commenters above – long time reader, rare commenter, but I just had to post and say how happy this post made me. Samson’s expression after having fed Conrad truly gladdens the heart. This blog of yours is such a happy one, even when you share struggles with us, you help us identify even more with you. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    • TAZA

      this comment means a lot candace, thank you for taking the time to share it! xoxo

  25. Cara

    Hey Naomi! Could you address the rings Eleanor wears? I’m not used to seeing little kids in jewelry like that — did she see all your nice accessories and want her own? Do the rings have any symbolic meaning? Where do you even find accessories to fit her little hands? Just curious — thanks!

    • TAZA

      it’s a CTR ring which stands for Choose The Right. Our church ( makes them, the sizing is adjustable in the back so little ones can wear them, too. Josh gave it to her as a birthday present earlier this year. She loves it so much she never wants to take it off!

  26. kerri

    Incredible photos, and looks like such an amazing experience for everyone. Would love to see a post on your tips and tricks for creating your little films! I always get so excited to see them, and from the comments section I can tell other readers do, too!

    • TAZA

      that’ so kind of you to say, kerri! i am still trying to learn as i go, i still don’t know the program very well. but i’m using final cut pro and it’s so much fun to figure out as i go along!

  27. Heidi

    Where are both of Eleanor’s jumpsuits from?

    • TAZA

      the jean on is from zara and the white with pattern is from june and january!

  28. Molly

    great video! And love, love your bathing suit-where is it from? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s by nanette lepore! found it on amazon!

  29. Beth

    What a beautiful family vacation! And Colorado is stunning, putting it on my travel list for sure! Thanks for sharing.


  30. Brooke hill

    Hi love your blog my family went to New Orleans and tried out some spots u mentioned and we are going to zion and moab in Sept can I wait !! But my ?? Is where are the jeans from your wearing in the hiking photos that are black and then the ones your wearing on the fence ???? I know the ones from rodeo pics are madwell are these too ??? Thanks

    • TAZA

      thank you! yes, the majority of my jeans are from madewell!

  31. Rachel

    I so love your amazing holiday/travel posts. They are simple so lovely to read and look through all your beautiful photos.

    You’ve probably answered this many times, but what do you use to edit your photos? I’m looking at investing in a 6D camera at the end of the year so I can start doing family videos, but wondered what you use for the edits as yours are so beautifully put together!

    Many thanks
    Huge love from the UK


    • TAZA

      thanks rachel! i edited the video footage with final cut pro on my mac! and i use photoshop for color editing my photos.

  32. Very nice vid! I love that “camping trip” tank Samson is wearing. Where did you find that gem? Not sure if anyone has asked! lol…

    Take care, and enjoy the rest of summer!


    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from bit’z kids!

  33. i can smell the fresh mountain air! it looks like such an incredible trip and so kid friendly i am completely sold and want to book my trip right now!!

  34. Mia


    Where did you get the sweater in the first picture and the turquoise, button-down blouse? Both are beautiful. Love your blog and sweet family.


    • TAZA

      thank you! the sweater is by love, hanna and the blouse by & other stories.

  35. Lily

    How fun! Any chance you can share where your black striped t-shirt worn to the concert is from?

  36. Caitlin

    Are your sandals birks? Who are they by? Live the back strap.

  37. Rachel

    I love all of the cute pictures and your fun video! You have the sweetest family! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  38. Amy

    Looks like your family had a wonderful vacation in Montana.

  39. Wow! Beautiful pictures!

  40. Mary

    I agree with what other commenters have said – love your videos and would love to see some tips/tutorial!

  41. Your family seems to have the best adventures! And The Westin Resort, oh my it looks wonderful! After seeing your photos, I immediately looked into it. Once you started talking about the paddle board yoga… SOLD.

  42. Ola

    Great time ? your kiddos will have great memories of their childhood and they’ll feel that special bond wita you but also with their siblings. Lovely family ?

  43. hanna

    The trip looks wonderful. –Hanna Lei

  44. Kelly

    This trip looked absolutely heavenly. I don’t have any children yet (I’m getting married next summer) but your blog makes me so excited to be one! Also, I wanted to share that I was in NYC visiting my brother a couple of weeks ago and was at the freedom tower on the same day as you, I was disappointed I didn’t run into you so I could tell you in person but this is just as good! Anyways, thanks for the wonderful blog posts they are uplifting and always add a little extra brightness to my day.

  45. krista

    This is the sweetest little blog I adore it!
    Whats the name of the song that was played in the background of the video?

  46. Kristin

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!! What an amazing place, loved seeing all the sites, thank you!!!xoxo

  47. j. Robinson

    Hello, I randomly found your blog while searching “summer hats”…browsed a little and saw this post about Colorado. Such a small world, we were just in Breck the week of Aug 1-6, and recognized a lot of the places you visited! I’m curious if we were there the same time. Anyhow, blessings to you and your beautiful family!