my life with three super heroes.

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so i’m not sure if you know this, many people don’t, but i live with three super heroes.

it’s true! they go by disguised names like eleanor, samson and conrad in their day-to-day lives, but they are known around these parts as super E, super S and super C. they do a lot of brave and courageous things each day, like save their stuffed animals from burning towers or even bring the tallest glasses of ice cold water to their mother in her most parched moments of the day. it’s rare to feel scared or nervous around here when these super heroes are often clinging to one of my legs or within arms reach. one of them insists on being held like 10 hours of the day most of the time. they don’t even let me pee with the bathroom door closed! it’s a constant 24/7 job to “super-protect” mama, and they don’t take it lightly.

if you’re curious what it’s like to live with superheroes, i spent yesterday morning shadowing my three favorites below… ;)


1. superheroes are rarely seen in regular clothes.  even on their days off, they are dressed in head to toe super hero apparel. sometimes it’s “invisible,” like when they sleep! but it’s there. it is always there.


2. superheroes are willing to climb anything! even things their “listening ears” tell them they shouldn’t. superheroes can also put on their own bandaids, so they believe it’s okay to climb anything.


3. superheroes make the best silly faces.


4. superheroes often make the biggest messes, too. especially when it comes to food.


5. but superheroes are willing to eat anything off the floor. as shown during this superhero powwow.  it’s not beneath them. superheroes are not wasteful.


6. superheroes are super strong and super brave! around here we talk about how superheroes get scared too, but being brave means they keep going and still save the day even though they’re scared.873642nfbbm4j

7. superheroes are some of the most loving creatures i’ve come across and help take care of each other no matter what.


8. they are also some of the prettiest creatures i’ve seen, too. i can’t help but smother them in a million kisses every day.

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9. just today, this particular superhero named super S, saved me from this big red scary dragon! then he tamed the dragon, named him “ha-NUH” (not to be confused with “hannah”) and kept him as a pet. he eats play-doh and is ticklish on his belly, apparently.

0832fjsjg5h life with these three superheroes is a little bit exhausting, but entertaining and hysterical around the clock. they take good care of me and know how to make a mama feel special.

(ps. the superhero get ups were a gift from love lane that was truly the best package to come home to after our trip out west. thank you so much for sending, love lane!)

  1. bridget

    these pictures are ADORABLE.

  2. Dot

    Love these photos of your super heroes! I have a little one Super C’s age & now I’m thinking about one of these love lane get ups for his 1st birthday celebration. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This goes down in history as the sweetest post I’ve ever seen. You’ve captured the personalities and preciousness of each child in an unforgettable way. How lucky do have such a well-protected little home :)

    xx, leslie

  4. Evelyn Wells

    This is quite possibly my favorite post yet!!! So silly and fun!

  5. I love those costumes! Thank you for providing the link. I esp. Love that tiger cape/blanket. My 4 yr old girl loves dressing up, and not just in princess costumes. I will have to get her one these!

    xo Anna of The Analog House

  6. One of my favorite post of yours ever. This is our life over here too.
    Superheroes never stop and thats why we love them!:) I used to be wonder woman myself when i was 5 and never stopped since then! :)
    I love all those pix. Trop chou as we say in french. Where did you buy those capes from??
    Have a magical day xx

    • TAZA

      there is a link at the bottom of the blog post! from love lane designs!

  7. Gem

    Amazing :)

  8. avital

    no doubt you are a supermama!

  9. kelly

    and were is super mama?

  10. Christelle

    They are adorable beyond words!So perfect!!

  11. Paige

    These pictures are so incredibly cute and sweet! You’re so lucky you have three superheros to protect you all day! I only have two, so its definitely significantly less protection over here :)


  12. Jessica

    Love these photos!

  13. Rachel

    These pictures are the cutest! I love what amazing imaginations little kids have!! My little girl is only 18 months and she already will play in her own little world and I love it so much!!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  14. Sam

    Your best post yet! xo

  15. Rachel

    Welp, that is just about the cutest post I’ve ever seen.

  16. Queenie

    SO CUTE!

  17. Mary

    I loved this post. Reminds me of my nieces and nephews, who are also superheroes!

    Has your family been to Disneyland/Disney World? I would love to see the fun you guys have there! I can only imagine how adorable your little family would be with all the magic.

    Thank you for keeping happiness and goodness in the world. :)

  18. Regi

    That’s lovely!
    I love your blog and your Instagram. I used to lived near NYC, and when I come back to my country I miss everything in the U.S., so one day looking through Instagram I found you and since then I followed you! I love seen your NYC pictures and your family that way I don’t miss NYC, you’ve a beautiful and lovely family :) I can’t imagine the day when your kids read all your post showing the love you have for them and how we love them too.

  19. Lotta

    So so cute, your super heroes! :D Loved this post! <3

  20. Steffi

    Cool pics and an enjoyable post. I love to read your blog. It’s really nice to watch how you raise your kids. You’re a great model.

  21. Erin

    So cute!! My boys are super hero fanatics as well. Can I ask where you got the string of colored balls hanging on your alphabet poster? Are they lights? I’ve been looking for something similar for my nursery. Thank you for everything you do. You inspire me daily!!

    • TAZA

      yes! it’s my friend jordan’s company called bright lab lights! they are awesome.

  22. Emma

    Seriously.,, that first picture of E is epic!

  23. Emily

    Ok they are seriously the cutest

  24. Kristin

    Cutest pictures ever!!! They remind me of where the Wild Things Are and let the wild rumpus begin!!!xoxo

  25. hahaha i loved this.
    They look so adorable!
    I’m impressed at your ability to take so many great pictures of them.
    I spent two weeks with a three year old, and I got maybe one or two. always running around!


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