morning at the high line!

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yesterday we spent the earlier part of the morning exploring the newer section of the high line. josh still hadn’t been to the newer part (although a large chunk of it is currently under construction this month, so only a small portion was open.) i know a lot of these images show us playing on train tracks, but that’s the beauty of the high line! it’s a beautiful walkway and park built on top of historical train tracks, so the tracks are actually walkable pathways in a few areas.  we always have a lot of fun down there, and need to go more often. it’s such a great area to explore.

we basically set up camp in one spot for a good while and let the kids run and play and just hang out.  conrad hates shoes right now (he’ll cry and fuss and pull them off if we attempt to put them on) so i just don’t even bother with them. we plop him right into the bath whenever we get home and try to watch where he stands and plays when we’re out, but he’s rockin’ the whole city kid thing just fine.   i also noticed for the first time while holding him this morning and seeing the sun reflecting off him how RED his hair looks these days. people always say it, but it hasn’t ever really looked red to me before. and i know it’s just a hint of red, but today i saw the hint! it’ll be interesting to see how that changes over the years.

we enjoyed checking out olafur eliasson’s exhibit  called the collectivity project on the high line before leaving.  you can see more photos at the bottom of this post, but what an incredible way to engage the public in participating in his art.  the kids are having a major moment with legos so it was right up our alley. definitely worth checking out if you’re in the city!

we ended up taking a taxi home because we were hungry (i was actually very very HANGRY, sorry family) and we were running late and needed to take a business call in the taxi.  i used to tease josh that he was really bad at multi tasking but i’m actually realizing that dude can juggle being articulate on the phone while dealing with chaos amidst our three kids and me and also remain calm and patient as i am losing it.  i think that is one of the best things about a relationship, you balance each other out pretty well.  there are a lot of things i do really well, and a lot of things he does really well, and a lot of teaching moments in the middle for us both.

anyway, some photos below. i didn’t edit down this batch very well because i loved too many, so sorry, it’s a lot!


my backpack above is from sole society. after i scored that other one last month for such a good price, i keep going back to look for others. i am convinced backpacks are seriously the way to go for diaper bags.


that styrofoam bracelet thing eleanor is wearing came from some packaging from something we bought the other day! she carried it on her arm for most of the day. i love how little things that mean nothing to adults can mean everything to a child, even the packaging from a box!  :)


made this little crown braid in eleanor’s hair while we were on the subway early this morning! getting better and better at them every day and so thrilled my little girl has begun to request them so often!


outgrowing his jeans and looking cute as ever.

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my happy baby boy!!!!

highline-02 highline-27 highline-30

tickles for you, samson rex davis!

highline-04highline-01 highline-33 highline-34 highline-39 highline-40 highline-42

hey eleanor, people (ah hem, your mama) pay lots and lots of money to have pretend lashes that look like your lashes. you know that, beautiful? you definitely didn’t get those from me.

highline-43 highline-44 highline-45 highline-47

seriously, this lego thing was incredible. i love how exhibits like this bring people together to create things. it was fun to see a few people around us making different things to contribute.


heaven right here for this boy.

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we also spotted the cutest little wire creatures on a spray painted dumpster on our way home. the kids liked them but i especially loved them. things like that just make me really happy.  i’m curious who put them there, or took the time to make them.

for those interested, my shirt is from here. hat from jcrew. black flats from here. sunglasses here and black backpack from here. eleanor’s t-shirt and leggings from here. samson’s shirt from here. conrad’s onesie c/o kira kids. baby jeans from here.  kids sandals from here. josh’s shirt from here.

  1. Taza,
    I just wanted to tell you I have been reading your blog for a little while now and I enjoy it more with every post! Your posts are so genuine and relatable. Who of us hasn’t made it to Hangry a few times?

    I love that you stop to enjoy the simple pleasures in life even with all you have going on. Those little wire figures would have sent me to the moon with delight also, there is just something about unexpected surprises like that. They make life magical again.

    Your blog is wonderful, I look forward to reading more!

  2. We missed the High line during our last visit to the city but definitely is in our must for next time, glad to read that they are opening a new part! I love how it combines the green of the park with the railroad. Eleanor is too cute with the crown braid, so is Samson looking rad in his t-shirt. Gorgeous family of 5! :)

  3. Pam

    I love reading your blog Taza, it inspires me to take my kids everywhere (once I have kids), yours seem so happy and they are super lucky to get to explore so much! xx

  4. That looks like such a fun day out! They all look so grown up, I can hardly believe it. Seems like only yesterday since Eleanor was a tiny baby! xo

  5. Nanette

    i love how you always look incredible and casual. you have a good eye for clothes. i wish i was more like that. you always looks so stylish!

  6. Adrienne

    I too love your blog- very informative, helpful and practical! Quick question- if you can advise- is the highline do-able with a stroller? Tnx!

    • TAZA

      yes, there are a few elevators at different entrances! just check the website beforehand!

  7. Beautiful photos! I’m flipping this over to my husband asap. We sometimes go into the city for day trips, but when we have been, we are the only ones with babies and toddlers. It’s so refreshing to see people with kids in Manhattan! We haven’t been to the High Line, and I thought maybe it wasn’t good for kids, being suspended and all, but your photos tell a different story. Hopefully, we’ll make it there in the fall.

    XX Anna of Analog House

  8. Kristin

    Hi Naomi! Gosh, this makes me want to visit NYC again real soon and revisit High Line and see that exhibit. I’m currently in Boston. Love reading the blog! Had my first little a year ago and love all the great – here’s what I’ve learned – tips from you. xxxx

  9. Jenn

    The High Line was one of the highlights to our trip to NYC. There was great art installations along the walk with some delicious ice cream sandwiches that I loved!
    The Pepper Express

  10. nikkiana

    The High Line’s one of my favorite parks in the city. :)

  11. Mollie

    I can’t believe I’ve been to New York so many times and have yet to visit the High Line! Definitely need to stop here next time. Also, your kiddos are getting so big!!! Lovely family :)

    xoxo Mollie

  12. hanna

    This looks like so much fun. The lego thing is especially cool. –Hanna Lei

  13. carly

    Looks like a great family day! It’s so cool that you can play on the train tracks. It seems like such an interesting thing to do since they are normally off limits
    Dresses & Denim

  14. Lee R

    Love your blog and your family is precious. I’d love to know what you do to your lashes, they always look amazing!

    • TAZA

      sometimes i get lash extensions. i feel like they are definitely worth it for me because i don’t bother with eye make up and HATE mascara. i get a really natural looking lash applied so they aren’t too extreme since i don’t do other eye make up. love them!

  15. Does Eleanor have freckles!? I have never noticed them in any other photo before.

  16. Anni

    i just love how samson puts his own ring on since a few weeks or days, i noticed it a few times. xxx

    • TAZA

      isn’t it cute? i think because E loves to wear hers, he wanted in on it. it says CTR which stands for “choose the right” so i’m all about him wearing it! all day errrr day!!!!!

  17. Dana

    I love that this is the only thing you don’t have listed– but what type of baby carrier are you using for Conrad? Thanks! Looks like a fun day out.

    • TAZA

      ah! just when i thought i finally listed everything, i didn’t!!! sorry! haha, it’s an ergo baby carrier! we LOVE it. have used it with all three kids too!

  18. Mayu

    Naomi, you have no idea how much I enjoy coming here to read your new post. Day like today when I’m feeling down, I come here, read your post and look at all the precious photos of you and your family. I feel good now. You inspire me, encourage me, and make me realize life is beautiful. And you have thousands of me out there.

    • TAZA

      mayu, thank you so much for taking the time to write. comments like this really mean so much to me. i so appreciate you coming to this space, and thank you for your sweet words back! xoxo

  19. Cecilia

    Absolutely adore these snippets of your family! Looks like such a fun filled day.

    Dearest Lou

  20. Erica

    samson’s watch is too cute. and I love your thoughts on your relationship with josh. in the best partnerships you balance each other out. I can’t wait to see my little one develop his personality. I always say I hope he gets the best of both of us!

  21. They just built something similar to this in Chicago, we love it!

  22. Lauren

    Happy kids are the best! Cute photos!

  23. Tatiana

    Naomi, where are your jeans from? They look so stretchy and comfy!!! I also agree with Mayu, you probably have no idea how many people click over to your blog for a quick pick-me-up everyday! I know I do! (First-time commenter!)

    • TAZA

      thank you so much, tatiana! and my jeans are an older pair from madewell. i live in them!

  24. Marisa

    Looks like fun! I just bought the same shirt too! Have a great weekend!


  25. I glanced through some of the other comments to see if anyone else asked and didn’t see it. Where are Josh’s shoes from? And does he have a favorite shoe for wearing when you know you’ll be walking a lot? Our family is vacationing in Montreal and Quebec City (tons of walking!) in a few weeks and I don’t think his current Converse are going to be comfortable enough. Thanks for your time!

    • TAZA

      they are by frye! he doesn’t think they are the most comfortable for long periods of walking (just asked him) and says tennis shoes (much to my dismay! haha!) are the way to go!

  26. Caroline

    Samson looks just like your little brother!

  27. Amanda

    ok, i have loved your lashes since day one and i also love getting short natural lash extensions, and was debating if i should get them again. im sold now. ;)

  28. avital

    photos of you and your family are never too much, each one is a pleasure to my eyes!keep them coming you beautiful inspiering humans:)

  29. Marijana

    I definitely agree with the comments above. I have two kids(3 y.old and 7 month old, both boys) and there are times when I feel I can´t do it, I am so sleep deprived that I feel like crying all the time, the cooking and cleaning every day, and so on…sometimes it can just be overwhelming. But then I come here and see a nice post, your lovely family and I know it can be done and that I am not alone. So thank you Naomi for being such an inspiration to your readers.

  30. Kristin

    Amazing pictures!!! Your kids are just beautiful!!!!xoxo

  31. anna

    this was such a cute post! when i was in auckland (nz) last november the collectivity project was at the auckland art gallery and we thought it was very cool – such fun to see it in on the other side of the world! i recognised it immediately! sure lives up to it’s name haha. i blogged a little about it here if you’re interested:

    i just adore your blog naomi, lots of love to you and your family!

  32. Alexandra

    Hi mama! Who does your gorgeous brows in the city? Thanks. (or if it’s all you, we may need a tutorial)

    • TAZA

      that’s so nice of you to say, i do them myself!

  33. Frances

    I just wanted to let you know that your blog is so amazing and just keeps getting better. You have such a beautiful view on life and you are such a great role model! You and Josh are raising your kids so well and it is so exciting that I get to be such a tiny little piece in your everyday life. You should be really proud!

  34. Andrea

    Hi Naomi, is it me or Samson just look like a little bit like your younger brother?? ;)

    Greetings from Spain!

  35. Lucy

    Loving Eleanor’s eyelashes and freckles, so beautiful!

  36. Jennifer

    What style hat is your jcrew hat? I love it and want to purchase it!