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we are in beaver creek colorado right now and i’m not kidding when i say this kind of outdoor beauty, literally everywhere i look, is breathtaking. there is also something to be said about a place where the weather is crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings, but warm enough to swim in the pool midday.  and since i’m a girl who eats up sweater weather like it’s chocolate cake, i have no complaints.

i’ll share more photos from our trip soon. if you’ve been following along on instagram or my snapchat (i’m love.taza on there), then you’ve seen a few snippets already, but we’ve been up to some adventurous stuff we don’t get to do in new york city, like going to a rodeo, a little horse back riding and fly fishing!

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by the way, for those who asked on this instagram picture, my sweater is from here (free people knows how to do sweaters right now, i can’t get enough of them!) and conrad’s red coat is by patagonia, also available without the hood, here.


  1. Paige

    Colorado is gorgeous! It was the first place we vacationed as a family growing up and it always will have such a special place in my heart!


  2. Claire

    The view looks amazing. Just beautiful!

  3. The pictures are just super awesome, have fun in Colorado

  4. frankie

    beautiful! would you mind sharing who the white waffle sweater featured on snapchat is x? thx!

    • TAZA

      the sweater on snapchat is from hanna andersson!

  5. Johnny

    Youre literally minutes away from where I’m moving in September! Your post just got me even MORE excited about my move! Enjoy your time there! If it was a month later we could have bumped into each other! Maybe next time. ☺️

  6. Melissa

    I try so so hard not to wish away summer, but fall and over-sized sweaters and jeans and cool days have been creeping into my thoughts lately. NEED your sweater.

    Hope you’re having fun! I’ve never been out that way so I’m excited to see some pictures.

  7. Megan

    Colorado is on my list of places to go and after seeing your pictures I may or may not have moved it to the top! Have a wonderful trip

  8. Joy

    Yay! Welcome to my (adopted) state! We moved to Colorado (Denver) last year from our hometown of Los Angeles…and it’s been a tough transition for me. I look forward to seeing this beautiful place through your eyes–it will probably help me be more thankful for it! :) Have fun!

  9. when i become a mom, i’m so coming back to your blog for style inspiration. idk how you keep up with it naomi!

  10. Alex

    Hey lady, just wondering what style your nike’s are? I’ve been looking for similar ones!


  11. Jenn

    Sweater weather in July and August… that is unheard of here in California. It has reached the triple digits here and it is disgusting.
    Love following along on snapchat!

  12. Rachel

    I’ve been following along on social media and it looks like everyone in the family is having a great time – which is the most important thing! Your sweater + skinny jeans + sneakers is a super cute outfit!


  13. Amber

    That picture of your kids in the cowboy hats … too cute!

  14. Grace

    What is the style of your Nike’s? Do you have a link?

    Thank you! Enjoy CO!

    • TAZA

      i can’t find them online anymore, but they were from jcrew last winter!

  15. Julia

    Sweater weather is the best, just because sweaters are seriously the best type of clothing. The scenes around you all are truly stunning, and I can’t wait to see more photos!!


  16. Katherine

    Colorado is so much fun! I have a house in Aspen (about a 2 hr car ride from Vail/Beaver Creek area) and we have so much fun with the little ones when we go. So much hiking, biking, and exploring to do!)

    I’m not sure how long you are in Colorado for, but I recommend taking a trip out to Aspen. It’s definitely worth the car ride. If you do go out there,

    Paradise Bakery has the best ice cream in town (maybe even colorado). They also have great cookies (and put one in the ice cream!) there is live music every night and its just awesome.

    Peaches Cafe is my favorite place for lunch or snack. They have super yummy quinoa bowls and salad bowls and fun kids meals (my kids love the banana Nutella quesadilla and strawberry smoothies) Its a great laid back cafe.

    Poppycocks is a great breakfast place (best waffles and pancakes) and a little like The Original Pancake house (I used to live in DC)

    Anyway aside from food, the gondola ride is beautiful and has a bungee trampoline at the top as well as pretty, kid friendly hikes.
    A bike ride to woody, creek tavern is so much fun, as well as lots of other things.

    Hope you have a great trip to Colorado, Beaver Creek is one of my favorite places to ski! Its so breathtaking there!

    • TAZA

      these recs are amazing! thanks for sharing, katherine! keeping this list in hopes we hit up aspen someday!!! what a beautiful state you live in!

  17. Jenna

    So glad you are enjoying Colorado. My husband and I moved to CO from the tri-state area a little over a year ago and are in constant awe of God’s creation and the beauty in our backyard. So happy to have had my little boy here and to be sharing the joys of nature with my family. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

  18. Lauren

    oh wow, such pretty scenery! and i have to say, i’ m a sucker for sweater weather too. ;)

  19. Melissa

    You’re pictures are stunning and family beautiful… What an inspiration you are!

  20. Loving the photos on Instagram, enjoy CO! Did you know it’s one of the happiest, most livable states?! Can’t wait to see more photos here on the blog! XO Chelsea play. wash. rinse. repeat.

  21. Ash

    Love! Colorado looks beautiful! I always notice you rocking the best skinny jeans. Where are these ones from? You wear them a lot, and I don’t judge you for it! Would love some for myself. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      i don’t know what i’m going to do when these skinny jeans are done! because they don’t make the same cut anymore (they are old madewell) and they fit my body type best!

  22. Rachel

    These photos are gorgeous! It looks like you guys are having so much fun!!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  23. those pictures are beautiful. I love the jeans you are wearing! I’m always looking for a cute pair of jeans.

  24. francesca

    you are filled with the most natural and radiant beauty! i so enjoy following you and your family’s blog. thanks for sharing :)

    • TAZA

      that is so sweet of you to say, francesca! thank you for following along!

  25. Kelsey

    Love Colorado! Last time we visited I made my husband drive by all the hospitals so I could see if I would want to work at one. I love the idea of seeing a mountain view on my work commute. Also, I love those nikes! I have been looking for some like that, what kind of nikes are they??

    • TAZA

      thank you! they are nikes that i got from jcrew last winter!

  26. Totally agree that there is something special about immersing yourself in the outdoors. Love the city life – but it’s so soothing and healing to reconnect with nature once in awhile.

    Can’t wait to see more pics :)

    Christina |

    • TAZA

      i never appreciated growing up in the beautiful outdoors of utah until i moved to new york city! it’s so crazy how you can love and long for both. i so agree, definitely a healing and beautiful thing to be surrounded by nature!

  27. love that last picture of you and little conrad. So sweet!