camping in moab, utah!

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hello! we’re in utah right now for my little sister’s wedding this weekend, but i wanted to share some fun photos from monday and tuesday when we went camping in moab utah! since we were in colorado, and we planned on heading to utah afterwards for my sister’s wedding, we figured we’d make a road trip out of it and drive and camp along the way! my dad was sweet enough to ship a tent, sleeping pads and sleeping bags to our hotel in colorado so we wouldn’t have to buy or haul a bunch of camping gear with us.

i grew up camping with my family since i was a little girl, and josh kept pointing out how giddy i was the entire time we camped because he said it brought out this side of me where i just get so excited to show my own kids the things i enjoyed when i was their age! silly stuff like making shadow puppets with flashlights in the tent once it’s dark outside to roasting hot dogs and s’mores around the campfire playing games. i am not very outdoors-y, but i love me a good camping trip! some of my favorite childhood memories involve camping with my family so it’s fun to begin those adventures with children of my own now!

we didn’t know what to expect camping with the kids, but they did a great job and we all had a good time. of course, i credit a lot of this to the fact that we weren’t “legit camping” where you’re cooking up a storm of delicious food right at the campsite and staying for a solid few days.  we only camped for one night and we brought along a bucket of fried chicken and rolls for dinner and only roasted hot dogs and s’mores to make it easier on us. and then we just did simple stuff like fruit for breakfast.  we’ll ease into the hard core stuff once we have things better figured out!

we also weren’t sure where we were going to camp exactly, since moab is a popular place and most of the campgrounds we researched ahead of time were full.  but we sometimes like to just push our luck and stay optimistic so we drove in around 6pm and started visiting some first come first serve sites we learned about. we found a couple beautiful open campsites right along the colorado river in moab! we could not believe it! i think the exact site we found was called hal canyon if anyone is familiar or interested for the future. it worked great! also, the most epic thunder and lightening storm took place literally just after the kids went to sleep and it was kind of crazy amazing to be dry and warm in a tent on the ground while such a loud and shaking storm was taking place around us!

a few photos from our night of camping!


eleanor and samson were such sweet little helpers helping set the tent up with their papa!


these photographs of eleanor when she woke up the following morning are some of my favorites of her.  the kids slept great through the night. samson woke up just once and asked to sleep with josh. and then in the morning eleanor asked to cuddle with her mama while josh took samson out to potty (he took conrad, too).  she asked me lots of questions about sleeping bags and tents and bugs. then i snapped these sweet photos of her being silly and it was one of those moments where i just couldn’t believe i was the grown up on this camping trip with my kids! like, how am i old enough to be calling the shots and taking my kids camping!!!!??!?! so weird sometimes when you think about it.

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we wandered down to the colorado river after breakfast the following morning and josh found this rope someone tied into a tree to make a swing for the water! we weren’t exactly brave or daring enough to go swimming in the river at 8-something in the morning, but josh still made use of the rope! haha! you can see a video of him swinging right here on his instagram.

camp92103242 camp0082786camp903443

some fried chicken and hawaiian rolls for dinner monday night! haha! does it get any better than that!? (well yes, yes it can with a dutch oven and my favorite chicken and dumpling meal my mom makes from scratch over a campfire, but ok… next best thing?)

camp92834camp3090424445camp894543 camp289321camp93049

this looks so good right now i’m tempted to go into my parents kitchen and make another over the stove!


this was a good one for us. i’m thankful josh is always up for anything and that my kids are taking after that mentality as well! i think everyone needs to go camping underneath a clear sky of the most beautiful moon and stars at least once in their life. just make sure you bring plenty of bug spray because mosquitos are no joke and i’m so over them! ;)

ps. my sweater is from here and my vintage nike sneakers are from here (unisex sizing so be sure to size down!) samson and conrad’s super man t-shirts are from zara.

also, a camping trip blog post from when josh and i went once just the two of us before our kiddos were born (omg looking through that blog post just now was crazy. we were such babies!) and also our trip to moab utah (we stayed in a hotel last time) a few summers go, here and here and here.

  1. Kristin

    What a super fun camping trip, I loved the kids expressions in all the pictures, looked like they had a ball!!!Congratulations to your sister, my girls and I are in my cousin’s wedding this weekend in the Cape!!!! Enjoy every minute!!!! Love, Kristinxo

  2. Julie

    Your camping trip looked like so much fun! I remember your blog from back in those old days. Your family has grown so much!

  3. Looks like so much fun! would love to do this in the future! also, awesome pictures… what settings did you use for the campfire? always amazed by your photography!

  4. Amber

    Awesome photos!

  5. beth-ann

    right on! great family fun. and that sweater :) fell in love with this sweater after seeing not that long ago. saving my pennies for winter.

  6. Lexie

    That looks like such a perfect little camping trip! I, too, grew up camping several times a summer with my family, but I never got around to taking my 4- and 2-year old until this year. I was always nervous that they wouldn’t be able to sleep in a tent, but they did great! A full day of playing in the sun, dirt, and river, plus a sky full of stars and fresh mountain air knocked them right out. I can’t wait to do it again! Enjoy the rest your time out west!

  7. Hannah

    Amazing images as always! x

  8. G

    These photos are too lovely!! We camped out in Arches a few years back, and it had to be one of the most scenic places I pitched a tent. We registered for camping gear for our wedding- my husband and I can’t wait to share our love of camping with kids one day :)

  9. Lovely pictures! I never went camping as a kid but as a teenager I used to go camping with my friends… never been a fan though… But now that I see your pictures I might gibve it another try!

  10. Lena

    These are great and evocative photos! What a precious experience to have together.
    Where are your pants from?

  11. Lena

    What great photos! Where are your pants from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are skinny jeans from madewell!

  12. Lauren

    camping is never something i got to do as a child but i for sure want to do it when i have kids! it looks so fun! also those s’mores look delicious. ;)

  13. Elizabeth

    Your camping trip looked like so much fun! I have a 14 month old, and have been excitedly waiting until she is old enough to take camping. Where did Conrad sleep? Was he snuggled in a sleeping bag with you/your husband?

    • TAZA

      he slept with me in my sleeping bag. i kept it unzipped on the side so it wasn’t cacoon like, but more open like a blanket on his end. he did great!

  14. Krista

    Camping is one of my most treasured memories from my childhood. I love it so much and can’t wait to show the ropes to my two year old.

  15. Megan

    in love with that sweater and your sweet little family! Conrad just keeps getting cuter and cuter

  16. carly

    This looks like a great little family adventure! My hubby wants to take the family camping, but I dislike sleeping outside so much. I can never sleep well, so we opt for days of hiking and then go back to a cozy hotel….high maintenance I know
    Dresses & Denim

  17. Kat

    Beautiful pictures as always!! May I ask what camera you used for these? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thank you! same camera, the canon 6D and my portrait lens!

  18. Bjargey

    HÍ Naomi, I have been following your blog for four years now and I love it :) The joy and happiness in your life is so beautiful and just a few minutes of browsing your blog make makes a bad day become a good one:)
    I’m a mother of three in Iceland, when my youngest was born his sisters were 3 and 5 so I can relate a lot to the daily life you blog about with three kids. Anyway I just wanted to tell you if you would like to camp outside with your kids in the freshest air on earth and have the most spectacular wiews of nature you should come to Iceland :) if you just check out some photos of the country on google images you will see what I mean.
    Lots of love to you and your family
    Kind regards from a loyal reader in Iceland

    • TAZA

      oh man! iceland is on my list! have heard nothing but the best things! what an experience you must be having living there and raising your little ones!

  19. melissa

    Naomi, I love when you link back to these old posts! Just looking at the one where you and Josh went camping in 2009, I had a major flashback to the first post I ever saw when I discovered your blog! You two driving through the desert with that yellow convertible beetle! I can’t believe it’s been 6 years that I’ve been following along with your adorable family’s little journey. Thanks for continuing to share all this time! :)

  20. Paige

    This trip looks like so much fun! My husband and i lived in Utah for 4 years and never made it to Moab! It’s definitely on our list of things to do though if we ever live out west again!


  21. Julia

    Oh my, such an adorable family you’ve got there :) I’m all grown now, but can tell you that at 19 my camping trips during the summer with my family growing up are some of my fondest memories. Which kid doesn’t look forward to s’mores?? :D


  22. Sinead

    Looks like such a fun trip! That last picture of you and Eleanor is my absolute favourite – so sweet! :-)

  23. cyntia

    What water bottles do you guys have? I remember your snap about it. I’m in the market for a metal one!


  24. Tess

    How lovely is this! Such an amazing time as a family. We never went camping as children but it was always something I considered as part of my ideal family routine when I have my own family. We can;t wait to start our own family traditions and roadtrips and camping are high on the list! Your family looks so beautiful! I love how your babies learn from real life experience and I’m certain they’ll thank you for that later in life

  25. Claire

    Naomi, these photos are really beautiful, as your family. I’ve never been to the US but Moab, Utah is definitely on my list for a road trip! It’s the kind of landscapes we don’t find in France!

    I’m a little embarrassed to say but I can’t stop looking for new snaps! The one with Samson and the cat? How sweet is that?

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of your sister’s wedding. This picture of you and Eleanor is a great teaser! ;) All the good things for your sister for her big day.

    Thanks for sharing such joy and optimism on your blog! Best regards from France.

  26. Randi

    I loved camping when I was kid. Such a great way to get away from technology and spend quality time with family and nature! My baby is 10 months and I am very much looking forward to taking her, You’re so brave taking little Conrad. Def inspiring me to go for it sooner rather than later.

    Xo, Randi

  27. Lisa

    I never went camping so a total noob-question: That small Tent was big enough for you five? Can barely believe it..

    Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  28. Sarah

    Love this post! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and made me crave camping so much! I live in the Lake District UK and it’s so tempting to go hiking up the hills whenever I need a de-stress.

  29. That’s so cool you get to share a childhood experience with your kids. I love the first pic: it looks like he has a marshmallow moustache!

  30. Ola

    These are great pictures of your family.
    I also often Wonder how it all came to the moment when i have a son whom i explain things, keep him on my laps and am the grown up. It’s weird but i love the idea. Being a parent is a great experience and you prove it in your blog :)


  31. Maja

    Camping is a great adventure to go on with kiddos! I loved it growing up! Me and my BF are expecting our first (3 months along) and we are planning to go camping as a family a lot! Seems like you guys had a lot of fun – but then again you always look like you are having a lot of fun ;) Which is awesome.
    x M.

  32. such beautiful moments and memories captured :) we just had our first tent sleepover on the beach as a family of five and was definitely one of my favorite nights from the summer :)

  33. Alec

    Hi! I’m going to moab, Utah this week for the first time and am still looking for a campsite. Which campsite did you and your family saty at?Your pictures are gorgeous by the way :).