a weekend full of wedding festivities, family, and beautiful utah.

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my little sister’s wedding took place on saturday, and it was just beautiful! i am such an emotional crazy person at any wedding, but when one of my little siblings gets married, it’s like x100. it’s a funny thing, but i feel like the year i left home for college is the year time stopped in my head when it comes to my brother and my sisters and i still think of them as that age, in that time period. so seeing them grow up and do adult things and not be little any more, just feels so strange.  my little brother, isaac, drove me around in his car tonight, and that was weird! how is he old enough to drive and date and talk about college and be taller than me! how does he know the ins and outs of snapchat better than i do to the point where he’s telling and teaching me about it?

but time aside, i have an immense amount of pride for each of my siblings. and as they grow and accomplish things and follow their dreams and figure out what makes them happy and what they want from life, i just beam with pride. because they are good people, and while we have had our share of difficult sibling moments over the years where lots of mean words and attitude and drama were maybe present (oh family!), at the end of the day, and especially as the years have gone by, we will always be there for each other, and i couldn’t love them more.

here are a couple of photos from the past few days…. a few of them are screenshot from video i took for my sister, so they aren’t as crisp as i’d like them to be, but you get the gist. ;)



here’s a photo from the night before the wedding of my own grown up miss eleanor with the bride to be, her aunty hannah!


with their great-grandpa! and below, four generations (these sorts of photos always get me! because beyond being emotional in general, i hope they will be cherished someday like the old photos i cherish of several generations from the past posed together from when i was a little girl.)


a happy girl with her uncle! i think every day in the mountains needs to be spent outside during sunset because it feels like such a gift.


this little dude has requested his superman shirt every day this week! (i’ve been trying to wash it at night to keep him happy. it’s worth it just for the reaction each morning when he remembers he’s “superman!” and runs to put on his shirt! when he takes it off at night, he reminds me that he is samson again!) it is from zara, by the way!


this photo is from last night in the park! 4 of the 5 of us siblings! hannah and ryan are already off on their honeymoon now!


a photo from the wedding party on saturday! hannah got a dried bouquet and flower crown so she could preserve them and i think that it probably the most genius thing i have heard. i couldn’t get over them!


and this sweet little flower girl looked so cute all day long! her dress was a gift from doloris petunia and she and i both are obsessed with it.


love this shot of them after cutting and feeding each other cake! or i guess this is a shot of them kissing, but it’s during the whole cake thing. you know what i meant!


the send off! congratulations guys! welcome to the family, ryan! we are so so happy for you both!

and we get to spend a few more days in utah with the rest of our family, so we can’t find a thing to complain about.  :) have a wonderful week, friends!

  1. Gorgeous photos – you have the best dressed little ones ever! X

  2. Vanessa

    How beautiful! Congrats to your sister! I can’t get over E’s little dress. AND DID THEY SERVE PIZZA?! Amaaaazing.

  3. Kristen

    I am wondering what happened to baby Conrad’s eye?! was there an accident on the hammock? :)

    • TAZA

      we luckily did not fall out of the hammock, but he did pull something off a chair onto him while standing and cruising around on sunday morning. i felt so bad but it’s already looking much better. he’s a trooper.

  4. de Fête

    What a gorgeous wedding! And Hannah looked amazing in her wedding dress!! You guys sure have a beautiful family. Huge congrats to the newlyweds!!!! So excited for them.

  5. hanna

    Eleanor’s dress is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  6. frankie

    Hi! Gorgeous photos- would you mind sharing who E’s shoes are by?

    • TAZA

      the brand is soda! i found them last minute at the provo mall and i don’t remember the name of the actual store. we just wandered in. hope that is still helpful!

  7. Maja

    I very like a dark blue dresses. Little girl’s,too. So sweet.

    Pozdrawiam Maja

  8. Sara

    Hi, I love the dress you wore at the wedding. Where is it from?

  9. zoe

    What a gorgeous weekend! The older I get, the more I cherish special time with my family. As a recent college graduate/big sister, I recently moved back home to find that my little sister is in the same boat as your brother–driving a car, dating, and it’s so weird to me! Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments :)


  10. Christian

    Beautiful, sweet, and oh gosh E is a cutie pie! Those shoes too.
    Annnnd how do you keep your bangs pushed over? I just started letting mine grow and they are bugging me bad already! Xx

  11. Lucy

    Wonder wonder wonderful photos!!
    I’m so happy for Hannah and for you all on her day! Spending precious time with family in Utah too is just perfect!!
    Feel free to keep putting up more and more pics, I just love them! You all look beautiful as always!
    Enjoy family time <3

  12. Your kids are so frickin’ cute and your sister looks absolutely stunning on her wedding day! Ugh, I need to be at a wedding ASAP – too many people have been looking so gorgeous celebrating eternal love lately and I want in!

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  13. Magali

    Thank you for sharing these great pictures with us! You all look wonderful and happy. I wish you still lot’s of fun in Utah,
    Many greetings
    magali from Switzerland

  14. This is one of my favourite posts ever and I’ve been reading your blog for years & years & years. Samson in that top photo! What a little heartbreaker he’s going to be! Such a cutie!
    Also, your entire family look like models! As an English person, I’ve got SERIOUS teeth envy haha!
    Such beautiful photos. I’m glad your sister and new brother-in-law had such a fantastic day

  15. Ola

    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

    This weekend seems so beautiful, your family and all of the things in the pictures,,, Just lovely!



  16. Gina Glimme

    What a beautiful wedding! Who makes your dress? I am the only bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding in October and I am looking for something similar!

    • TAZA

      thank you! i found it on asos!

  17. Lauren

    it’s such a funny love/hate relationship with siblings. they can annoy you like crazy but you still love them and want the best for them!

    from what i can see in the pictures, the wedding looked beautiful by the way. :)


  18. Jean

    Dried bouquet is a genius idea!! And I love E’s dress!

  19. These are PERFECT. Your family is beautiful, you all have the same perfect smile! LOVE it! Also, Eleanor looks particularly grown up in these. Beautiful photos!


  20. These are such great pictures! Your sister looks lovely and so do you and Eleanor.

    p.s. Her gorgeous little flower girl outfit makes me want to sew a kid’s dress!


  21. Amber

    The sixth picture down – I love the smile of the man in the yellow shirt, holding the Gatorade bottle. He looks so happy!

  22. Aubrey

    What a sweet post! I absolutely love how you put into words what it’s like to be the oldest sibling! Same thing happened to me with my siblings…I feel like time stopped and they shouldn’t be so grown up. :) Beautiful wedding too!!

  23. Mara

    Oh my WORD..Eleanor’s dress is amazing!!! Could it be any more perfect?? I wish I had known about those for my sweet flower girls at my wedding! Love all the pics, looks like an amazing day! And this Utah weather has been perfect for weddings lately.

  24. Emily

    I love the dress you are wearing! Do you mind sharing the name of it?
    You all look gorgeous. What a beautiful day! Thanks!

  25. P

    beautiful family! Congrats to your sister!

    I know this is random but any chance you could get details on the brown sandals and chambray dress the brunette is wearing in the photo where you and conrad are sitting out on the deck? Perfect outfit for my upcoming trip…thank you!

  26. Lori

    Such a beautiful family. You can truly see the joy and love beaming through the photos. Thank you so much for sharing photos with us!

  27. Rachel

    Spending time with family is the best! And I totally agree that it seems like they stop aging when you move out. My brother is 16 and to me he will always be my baby brother. So crazy!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  28. Beth

    What a beautiful wonderful time you had! I love that bouquet idea and navy bridesmaids, stunning. Thanks for sharing.


  29. Kelby

    What precious family memories captured. Eleanor is such a sweet flower girl. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

  30. Marie

    The man with the yellow shirt and the Gatorade bottle.. why does he look familiar to me? Is he by any chance some actor? If not, I guess he has a famous look-alike.

  31. megan

    Dried flowers?!! She’s a genius

  32. It is so sweet to see all these real-time celebration moments. I adore and so relate to the large family dynamic. As youngest of five, any moment we all spend together is a treasure. Your adorable troop has quite the adventures yet remains so wonderfully normal! And a pre-dried wedding bouquet? Yep, that’s genius.

    xx, leslie

  33. carly

    This looks like a wonderful wedding and lots of great family time! Love the idea of a dried flower bouquet
    Dresses & Denim

  34. Becky C

    This was so lovely to read! It made me tear up a bit as I thought back on weddings and get-togethers with my big family. I live on the opposite end of the country of where my family is so I don’t see them too often and this just brought back such good memories of when we have all been together. And I feel the same way about my younger siblings as well since I am also the oldest of our bunch. It’s like, “When did you grow up?!”
    I get to go home for my brothers wedding this fall and I’m really looking forward to it. Family is the best.
    Thank you for posting this special time for your family Taza. So sweet. <3

  35. yay for utah! it’s a dang pretty time of year here too. hope you’re enjoying it!

  36. Amanda

    Is that Gerald McRaney holding the Gatorade bottle?? ? TV stars!

    • TAZA

      ha! no, that’s cousin denny!

  37. big huge congratulations to your beautiful fam!

  38. Özlem

    How do you (and your siblings) have extra white teeth???

  39. Lucy

    I’ve just discovered your blog this year and I am loving your photography! I voted for you in the Bloglovin awards :)
    ps. you and your siblings all have great teeth! Weird to say but I don’t love mine so I often notice others.

  40. Claire

    Beautiful pictures as usual. Those moments in family are the best!
    Hope your sister had a great time. Your sister and her husband look stunning. Just wondering because we don’t see it on the pictures, the wedding took place in a temple?

    Enjoy your time with your beautiful family, all the best and thanks for sharing.

  41. Kelly

    What absolutely gorgeous photos – your entire family is so photogenic and your sister was a gorgeous ride. And is just me or does Mr. Conrad’s hair look like it has an orange tint in some of these photos?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  42. Sofia

    Love your sister’s wedding dress! Do you know who made it? Thanks!!