5 reasons why this weekend was awesome. 5 reasons why this weekend wasn’t.

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looking back at the weekend, i can find a lot of moments that i really loved and a lot of really terrible moments, too. (of course, i know many people had terrible moments far more terrible than these, but i thought i’d still share some of the best and worst moments from my weekend below…)

terrible moments including one ridiculously stupid argument with josh that went down between 77th and 78th on columbus avenue last night…. a couple of frustrating hours in the apple store saturday afternoon trying to fix my iPhone that has been busted all week when all conrad wanted to do was desperately nurse and nap and not be at the freaking apple store…. walking all the way to a particular playground quite a ways from our apartment with the little ones to find it was closed (CLOSED?! and then having to explain that to the kids)….. forgetting to put a slip on under my dress on sunday and not realizing until i’m at church which meant just trying to get through the entire ordeal without making much eye contact with anyone and awkwardly placing conrad’s blanket on my lap like, the entire time…..also, running out of all the chocolate chip bagels i brought to the city from utah last week (i gave a lot of them away to girlfriends but still thought i had a decent stock pile for myself that would last me longer than 2 days).

i’m not one to let the bad moments outweigh any of the good though, and there were a lot of good moments, too. like when i ordered and finished off a half dozen cookies from insomnia cookies to get myself through a late night work session (honestly they taste terrible but when they are warm and it’s after midnight, who even cares. i’ll eat them all in one sitting)…. or falling asleep sunday afternoon while nursing conrad to sleep on my bed and then josh sneaking in and taking conrad when he woke so i could KEEP NAPPING (what the what, thank you josh davis)…. when samson told me, “i just love you so much mom, i’m going to stay with you forever and never leave you, and never let anyone hurt you” (sure, he was pretending he was superman when he said it, but i still took it to heart)…. getting fresh peaches and plums at the farmers market and also that moment at like 1 in the morning on saturday night when josh and i were backing up a bunch of my computer files and came across conrad’s birth video which made us both teary eyed and nostalgic as we re-watched it and shared several thoughts with each other about that experience and time. golly, how was that already 8 months ago?!

anyway, hope your weekend was the best weekend ever!  i didn’t snap too many photos, but we did snag these ones below…


i know it’s not supposed to hold two kids like this, but my kids love to squish into the stroller seat like this when their little legs are tired of all the city walking and i kind of think it’s the cutest. reminds me that they are still little. and not too terribly grown up and old just yet.


we are currently obsessed with the i heart watermelon smoothie at juice generation.  we can find any excuse in the book to walk by there.


peaches and plums at the market! but mostly, just living for conrad’s face as he tries to bite into that apple.


we stopped for a minute on the sidewalk saturday so i could nurse conrad, and somehow ended up planting ourselves on that section of pavement for a good 15 minutes or so. josh started snapping some photos as i wrapped up feeding conrad and i really love these pictures because they capture my three littles personalities so well as we take a breather together on the sidewalk.  life with three, you guys, i don’t even know what to say. how do people do it with four? or seven? or even three?! haha. just kidding.

have a great week, friends!

ps. did you know we were nominated for best family blog for the 2015 bloglovin’ awards? if you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to vote for love taza, it’d mean the world! (you don’t have to vote for every category if you don’t want to, so it just takes a second!) as always, thanks for following along and reading. xoxo

  1. Ekaete

    Such a lovely, honest post. Always good to look over the good and bad and realise that really, the bad are rarely as bad as they seemed at the time :)

    Ekaete x


  2. Emi

    Thanks for sharing sweets and sours!
    Voted for you of COURSE.

    xo Welltraveledwife.com

  3. Lucy

    Already voted! I’m new to your blog but I loooove your photos. Just told my man that we need to learn how to work a camera before we have kids.

  4. Giselle

    One has to see the bad times to appreciate the good times? Haha at least that’s what i tell myself. I like samson’s hair brushed to the side like that!

  5. I love that you don’t let the bad outweigh the good, but you are still so real with sharing the bad! I love the transparency in bloggers. You rock (also I will admit to eating a whole half dozen insomnia cookies, and forgetting to wear a slip and being mortified!)


  6. Catarina R

    Just voted for you! Love your blog!

  7. Paige

    Congrats on the nomination! You guys definitely are my favorite family blog! I’ll definitely be voting for you!


  8. Rachel

    This is such a great post, because you really show that you in fact a ‘real’ person with the same problems we all have, which is why you are so loved and respected.

    Also love the photos on the side-walk! Feels weird to write that being British, ha ha!

    Here’s hoping you have a great week!

    Rach // illustratedteacup.com

  9. Caroline

    Voting done! Good luck :)

  10. Voted ;) xo.

  11. Sabine

    Voted for you guys! You are amiable! I keep my fingers crossed!

  12. Lauren

    i liked this post, i don’t really mind having bad times because i guess you cant have one with out the other! the good always outweighs the bad. :)

    p.s. you have my vote for best family blog!



  13. Selen Demirbas

    Voted! (I also voted for lovetaza as the blogger of the year).

    When I’m overwhelmed at work – or just bored at home, your photos & stories make my day. I’m a newly-wed and hope I’ll have a nice family like yours one day!

    Really, really love you guys.

    All my best,

    • TAZA

      thank you so much selen!! what kind comment. thank you, seriously!

  14. Johanna

    I just voted :) I hope you win!

    Love your blog xxx

  15. Shulames

    Voted! and just uploaded the bloglovin app to my phone! I’m a bit behind times :) but I have been following u for years…

  16. Krista

    Love reading (and writing) blog posts like this! Makes me feel less alone in this world and it always keeps my perspective in check. XX


  17. Jenn

    I voted for you! Love following along with your family and all of your adventures!
    The Pepper Express

  18. Melissa

    Where are those adorable overalls from??

    • TAZA

      they are old, i believe from ASOS! although now i’m thinking from zara? sorry, they are the laundry mat or i’d check the tag for you!

  19. madeleine

    totally voted for you! your work ethic is amazing (is cookies the answer??!). you shot, cut, and produced a very cute video despite being with family and at a wedding (!), you post every day, and your photos get better every single year. plus you’re always positive and really open with us, you share your entire family’s life. my goodness. a blog I always LOVE reading. thank you thank you !

    • TAZA

      this comment was so kind, madeleine! thank you! i often feel like i’m not very productive, because there are always 5 million more things on my to-do list for life and my blog and my kids and what not. so it meant a lot that you would say that. thanks for reading!! xoxo

  20. verena


  21. Joy

    Definitely voted for you! This is the absolute best family blog…I’m pregnant with my first, and your blog makes me more excited about having a family (versus dreading all the changes)! Also, I read that having 3 kids is actually the most stressful number, because at that point they outnumber the parents, but once you hit 4 or more, the kids kind of reach critical mass and it’s easier to herd them and organize them as a group. Interesting, huh?

  22. Johanna

    Thank you for posting this. It’s nice to hear about the not-so-nice moments that happen to everyone! It makes me feel a little bit better about my messy moments (hear hear to stupid arguments with lovely husband over spilled milk at Subway on Saturday). So I hope this little vignette gets a regular spot on your blog.

    Have a lovely week! Oh, and I definitely voted for you on bloglovin’! I hope you win!



  23. Maryse

    Already voted! Our arguments are mostly out of hangriness, I vividly recall walking around the city just having an argument about what to eat because we were so hungry but all the options seemed so unsatisfying or unhealthy.. Have a great week.

  24. I love that you are all sitting on the pavement! I have two kids, and with my first, I was so germaphobic that I didn’t let her touch anything dirty! With my second, well, he’s such an explorer, I’ve given up! Crawling all over the place, even the city street!

    xoxox Anna of the Analog House

    • TAZA

      haha, i like to joke that germs don’t even phase these kids anymore. their immune systems are pretty solid now as they’ve grown accustomed to nyc and all the chaos and germs that come along with it. (knock on wood.) a little dirt and city concrete never did anyone any harm. :) it;s so true though about how you are with your first verses a later child! LOL!

  25. Sonia

    I send you my vote from Spain. Your blog is amazing like your family.
    Thanks for share your nice moments.
    A big hug from the other side of the globe! ^_^

  26. Julia

    I voted for your blog before this even went up, definitely one of the best out there :D These photos are so cute, and I’m glad you took some positive moments out of the weekend, even if it wasn’t perfect :)



  27. ashley

    Ok, I have to say – this is one of my favorite posts to read of yours. I really like the real life moments coupled with the simple good ones that made it all ok. PLEASE write more of these – could be a weekly thing. It’s really encouraging and inspiring to read. Love your fam! Voting now :)

  28. Sinead

    Conrad with the apple…his face is so cute! :-)

  29. Audrie Baker


  30. cc

    HI, great post! Love your blog and your adorable family.
    Would you please write a post about traveling as a family of 3 kids?! What type of suitcase or duffel bags do you bring? Do you bring/rent carseats? stroller, etc.
    What backpacks the littles have? etc. Would be really useful as you travel so much!!

    thank you!!!

    • TAZA

      thanks for this cc! such good timing, we just finished up a post all about packing and traveling with 3 now! will be sharing on the blog soon! have been learning a lot the last few months traveling with 3! hope it’s helpful when it goes up!

  31. Amy

    Voted for you! Love your blog. I bet the argument was spurred by the fact that you were wearing overalls in the hottest/stickiest NYC weather! Blame it on the heat. I love insomnia cookies too.

    • TAZA

      haha, the overalls were worn on saturday but yes, i was just as hot and sticky on sunday when we argued. i was also hungry. that usually does it. ;)

  32. Jess.

    Voted! Also, I think it’s totally rock star to nurse while sitting on the sidewalk. Have you tried the chocolate chip cookies from McDonald’s? They are my obsession (as long as they are fresh).

    • TAZA

      i haven’t, but there’s a mcdonald’s close by so uh oh!!! i’ll have to give them a try. ;) thanks for the tip! haha!!!

  33. Emily

    Just voted! Could you please do a post for all your new momma readers! I just had my first late November last year and am so curious on how you do schedules, naps, food, nursing etc with little Conrad and what you have learned from E & S! Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      i’m in the midst of writing something all about sleep with littles! will share in the next week or two!

  34. Rachel

    That is so awesome that your blog was nominated! I’ll head over and vote for you :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  35. Amber


  36. Ariel

    Love getting to read some of your “not so great” moments in a post as well as the good. I know bloggers have real lives like the rest of us but sometimes when all we see is the positive, it can be really hard not to compare my life and think geez what am I doing wrong? Ha! Anyways thanks for this post, Naomi! Would love to see more like it. Have a great week! (Ps Samsons hair really looks cute that way! Can’t believe how big him & E are already!)

  37. Kris

    Thanx 4 connecting real! Makes us all feel so normal. And short nights can make juggling kids and to do lists more stressfull.
    Your blog is so uplifting to me. <3 the happy family photos. Thank you.

  38. Kristin

    Loved all the pictures, especially knowing we all have bad days, but we have lots of good ones too!! Loved reading and seeing all the pictures, so precious!!!xoxo I voted for you!!!!

  39. Ola

    Here is my vote for you from Scotland xx

  40. Ola

    I guess it would be weird if didn’t have bad moments. All of us do. Ups and downs are a part of our lives. Love you for your honesty. BTW, congrats! !!


  41. hanna

    Love your honesty. Your children are so sweet. –Hanna Lei

  42. Robyn

    voted. Love y’all never stop blogging.

  43. Voted (and also for you to be blog of the year too)! :)

  44. Pilar

    voted from Ibiza too!

  45. Ashley R

    You guys are the cutest family! We’re wxpecting our third and I’m excited and terrified! If you ever feel like sharing, I’d love to know about how your family transitioned from 2 to 3 kids.

  46. Sarah

    Just voted! Good luck!!!
    My youngest of three just turned four and things are still nutty but in the best way possible but holy moly!!!!

  47. Jordan

    I can vouch for my parents and say that doing it with 7 kids is possible! Even when 4 out of the 7 are under the age of 4 haha. Looking back my parents agree that they don’t know how they didn’t go crazy but they wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even now, they lament that they didn’t have more kids! :)

    Love this space on the internet and happily voted for you :)

    • TAZA

      your parents sound amazing!!!

  48. Mascha K.

    Thank you so, so much for sharing not only the good, but also the not so good experiences of your weekend!
    I love your blog and all the positivism, but sometimes it´s good to see that other people also struggle in their daily lives. The important thing is to keep focusing on the good stuff and that´s why I looooove your blog!

    A lots of all the best from Germany!

  49. Livia

    Just voted for you! I love your blog and photos.
    Thanks for reminding that there is always good, even if there is bad as well.

  50. Dora

    Voted for you. One of my favourite daily reads.

  51. Vicky

    i totally would’ve voted. clicked on both links and it said it was no longer accepting submissions :( you’re by far my favorite blog and i tell everyone i come in contact with, hope that counts!

    ps: i always want to ask you what kind of slips/under garments are the best for dresses (or your picks) but never remember after i’m done reading. any suggestions?

  52. melissa

    I just vote for you. Seriously I hope someday I will have something like your family :)

  53. Marga

    Hi! What are those rings tour kids are wearing? Great post!

    • TAZA

      eleanor loves to wear a CTR ring, which josh got her for her birthday. she rarely takes it off. it’s an adjustable sized ring in the back, so it can fit on little hands. CTR in our faith means “choose the right”.

  54. Merinda Kennedy

    THANK YOU so much for sharing this link!! I found so many more amazing blogs through the voting!! Love to find new interesting blogs so thanks for sharing (I voted in your category of course!)


  55. Maria


  56. Wow! You’ve had a very long week but you got through it and congratulations about getting nominated for the best family blog in 2015!!!


  57. Mandy

    I have one child, and I don’t know how people do it with more than one. She’s even super well behaved, so there’s that too. How does anyone have the energy for multiple kids?

    • TAZA

      my hardest transition was going from one to two kids, but i agree. i look on with awe at families with more kids than what i have! they are pretty amazing and i need whatever they are drinking.

  58. Magali

    Voted! an I also voted for lovetaza as the blogger of the year! Of course you are the best blogger of the year! I really hope you will win ;-)

    Thx for bringing sunshine, laughter and joy in my life with your blog full of happiness

    • TAZA

      oh gosh that’s super nice of you, thanks magali!!! xoxo

  59. Andrea Sacks

    A pleasure voting for you Naomi!

    • TAZA

      you are so sweet, thanks andrea!

  60. Kellie

    It stinks that happened but I’m glad you chose to write about it! Life with kiddos never goes as planned but thats what makes it fun!

  61. Barbara V

    Visiting home (NYC) this month and had to plant my bottom on the floor while waiting outside Shake Shack across from the museum to nurse. note to self: do not sit your back against the dog hook and don’t sit so close to the plant box because the baby will pull the flowers and wires and all the pollen will fall all over his face ?

  62. Bridget

    Loved this post! AND just voted for you guys.

  63. Michelle

    Thanks for your honesty! It’s refreshing to hear that other people have happiness but also less than happy moments. P.S. that photo is like, the best gravity defying super-mom photo ever! Should be a Meme! Love it!!!

  64. Ashley

    Great post – sometimes it’s the combination of a bunch of silly little things that can seem like such a downer. Also, any technology issues make me crazy!

    Also, Samson looks SO much like your little brother in the picture where he and E are sharing that smoothie!

    • TAZA

      their resemblance is almost scary! i can’t believe it!

  65. Sarah

    Another vote for the overalls source, please! xoxo

  66. Emily

    I voted for you even before I saw this post haha. But, we’re moving to New York soon and you guys give me hope that we will be able to stay there when we start having kids :) I think it’s hard for people in Utah to fully comprehend why someone would not want to live here, or why someone would want to raise kids in the city, but I want to! So I love reading a blog where someone is actually doing that and loving it as well :) You guys are awesome!

  67. Olya

    I love the mess created by kids, but I know it can be really hard.

    we have twins, they are 1,9, and we plan one more baby in two-three years, so I kind of preparing myself by reading you ;)


  68. I think you captured the highs and lows of a family weekend beautifully. This parenting thing is darn hard! And rewarding too, of course. I’ve got two – as one mother told me “two hands, two kids.” That’s about all I can handle, ha ha.


  69. Natalee

    Voted! I love your blog! I saw your family at church in Vale a couple weeks ago. I was pretty star struck! I missed you after church but I wanted to find you and thank you the things you post. They are so uplifting. I love how you show how special and wonderful being a mother is.

    • TAZA

      thank you so much for this sweet comment, natalee! it really means a lot that you took the time so say this, and i really appreciate it! xoxo