the best baby teethers, according to baby conrad.

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so perhaps teething was a big ordeal with both eleanor and samson a few years ago and i’ve just blocked it out (it’s likely), but i can’t recall for the life of me it being as much of an ordeal as it has been this past month with conrad.  it’s been intense!

and i get it, i hate anything “teeth” related. going to the dentist is the worst. :/  i can’t imagine feeling teeth breaking through new gums for the first time and having to rely on someone else to soothe me. before his two bottom teeth poked through the other week, we were dealing with a lot of fevers and restless nights and constant cuddles. i tried EVERYTHING! i was so desperate. i know all little ones are so different, but these four things below have been our life savers the last month or so, so i wanted to share for any of you experiencing teethings woes in your own home!


mini pop molds
a girlfriend of mine had a little birthday party for her son last month and brought these mini homemade fruit and vegetable popsicles to the park for the kiddos to eat. little 7 month old conrad sat with his 1 year old friends and devoured 2 of them! i was both shocked and impressed that he was able to figure it out and enjoy it. i think it was so soothing for his little mouth and gums, he couldn’t get enough.  so i’ve been making them out of pureed fruits or vegetables every few nights and freezing a new batch.  why i like these ones especially, is because the size of the popsicle is perfect for him. he’s able to suck and finish most of it before it’s a big melted mess all over the place! eleanor and samson have also been enjoying them.

colored rings
i was searching for new teething toy options last month and ordered a ton based off their amazon reviews.  these colored rings have proven to be his favorite of the batch.  i can loop one onto his stroller straps or his baby carrier straps so he can hold onto it and gnaw on it without it falling to the ground, which scores extra points in my opinion.

wooden rings
i remember eleanor and samson loving all things wooden to put in their mouths when they were teething, so we’ve been using some again with conrad.  they’ve been great! if you can find some non-toxic wooden toys that are easy to grasp and hold (rings tend to be the easiest for conrad), it’s worth it! also, this pacifier clip has been such a hit for conrad as well (wood and leather! haha! of course.)  he refuses his pacifier so i don’t even know why we still have pacifier clips laying around, and maybe the leather strap isn’t the best thing to put in his mouth, but it really comforts him and he loves it.

gummy stick baby gum massagers
these little gummy sticks have also been huge the last month for conrad.  i think he enjoys the softer, rubbery texture of the tooth brush type top and they can reach all the way to those harder to reach teeth in the back of his mouth as he chews. they’ve been another big life saver over here!

  1. Sabine

    Thank you for the ideas! The mini pop molds look fun, already ordered them an looking forward to my boy’s face trying them the first time! :)
    Have a nice day!

  2. Paige

    We’re in the middle of teething right now too! I’m going to have to try some of these out for our chompy little girl!


  3. Laura G

    have you looked into a Baltic Amber necklace? Our teething journey has been much easier since using it. We got ours through hazel

  4. Carla Lauti

    Maybe you did try it and it didn’t work but I swear by the baltic amber necklaces! I didn’t have it yet when my daughter broke through her first tooth, but I received it right after and put it on and didn’t even notice that her THREE other teeth had broken through when they did. She had a fever only once, which I blame a heat stroke for because we were outside watching rugby all day. Other than that, she has never drooled or complained or had a terrible fever (other than that once) because of her teeth. I got mine at and I swear it works wonders!

    Anyways, that’s my rant on this amazing necklace! Your family is adorable and I love reading your blog because I can relate in so many ways!

  5. Taylor

    Try Hyland’s teething tablets. They are natural and work great!

  6. Nanette

    i can’t wait to try those molds!

  7. Rachel

    I am totally keeping these in mind for when I have another baby! Teething is the worst so anything that helps to make it better is amazing in my book :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. rach

    try an amber teething necklace!!!

  9. Honestly Naomi, I’m not even going to need any parenting books by the time I get to be a mamma, your posts are so informative and honest, I love it! Also, I can not believe how fast time goes, weren’t you just pregnant with E? haha <3

  10. Shelby

    Oh my word! Teething is no fun, but it sounds like you are all over making it better for little Conrad! These are some good tips — will have to stow away for when I’m a mommy!



  11. Rachel

    I am an OT student, and chewing on things is actually a big calming mechanism for many children! Have you heard of chewlerey? It’s jewelry for kids that they can chew on :) It might help Conrad out while he is teething :)

  12. Dorothy

    I was a skeptic on the Baltic Amber necklaces but they work wonderfully! Much less drooling, baby isn’t as fussy, a mama’so dream. Local boutique owner gave me a tip – try to find the “dullest” looking Baltic Amber of whatever options you have – it contains more of the analgesic oil that wi rub onto baby’s skin.

  13. Aubrey


    Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog. I’ve been following your blog for years now and always look forward to your posts. I love how real, positive and family oriented you are. Thanks for being an inspiration! :)


  14. Karina

    So saving this post for whenever my baby gets to that point. Currently about to have my first and I’m SO not knowledgeable on anything family/baby related. Everything about the experience has been super new. Thanks for this blog and all the inspiration you have on here!

  15. Thanks for the gum massager recommendation! That’s perfect. Toddler toothbrushes scare me!

  16. Nicole

    For all you mama’s looking for some stylish teething jewelry, check out mamagems! Designed with mama and baby in mind! :)

  17. Nat

    My son does seem to be in pain, does seem to act differently, does have eruption cysts and is a night time terrorist, so I resent articles or pediatricians suggesting that teething may not even cause symptoms. HOWEVER, desperation to ease your baby’s pain and your own sleeplessness should not cause you to forgo good, common sense. The risks of putting a necklace around a baby’s neck and the risk of your baby aspirating a tiny bead are real. The woo surrounding amber necklaces is real too. But any proven benefits…I haven’t found a single real shred of scientific evidence to support the risk of putting a necklace with tiny beads on a baby. Please educate yourself before jumping on the “natural” is best bandwagon.
    I would love a homeopathic or natural way to ease my baby’s pain, but it appears it will have to be a frozen washcloth. No woo there.

    I am glad Taza stuck with simple, “natural” remedies. Beware the amber necklace!