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i love sundays.  they start out incredibly hectic and chaotic over here, as we try to get everyone dressed and fed and out the door for early morning church. despite our best efforts each week, getting there on time is such a novelty. (face palm.)

and then church. i think church is always a good idea. although with a new baby, i will admit i struggle getting anything out of it. i spent pretty much the entire three hours of church yesterday nursing conrad in the mother’s lounge while he slept. he’s been teething hard lately so his sleeping pattern is off and he’s up most nights fussier than usual because he’s uncomfortable.  while i don’t mind the extra snuggles and cuddles, it’s rough to watch him so unsettled and even harder when he only wants me 24/7 and doesn’t want to be put down or held by someone else.  i know it’s a short phase and we’re almost through it, but it’s an awful one for sure. and when he’s having a three hour epic nap at a place like church, i’m like “why aren’t we home so i can be napping too!?” (oh man i just read that paragraph back….do i sound super lazy and whiny right now?)

now that eleanor is old enough for sunday school (she is in the sunbeam class at church), i love hearing all about what she learned on our way home.  today, she learned about courage, and hearing her share her interpretations of the songs and lessons she is learning, it always brings everything back to square one.  THIS is why i’m going to church with a teething baby and spending the entire three hour block of time in either the hallway or mother’s lounge while getting absolutely nothing spiritual or uplifting out of it myself…. i go to set an example for my little ones, and because they are getting everything out of it that they should be. and it just helps soften the blow of “hallway church” when i hear all about having courage from my four year old on the way home.

anyway, once we get home, our sunday afternoons tend to be really easy going and laid back over here.  that’s not to say our kids are more easy going and laid back on sunday afternoons (lol. it’s like the opposite sometimes i swear), but we try to eat a good meal together at home, facetime with our families and focus on each other. josh and i snapped a couple of photos yesterday afternoon of a few moments together…
sunday8435^^^reading to the bigger kids while conrad turned the pages for us. more like tried to destroy the pages, but you know. sounds better. ;)^^^


^^^putting the chalk board wall to good use this weekend where eleanor and samson can earn a star for helping do a chore or by being extra kind. five stars equals a scoop of ice cream because yep, i’m not above bribing my children.  don’t judge me until you’re a parent. and if you are a parent and haven’t ever bribed your child, HOW?! but also, WOW! i prefer to just call it a reward, not a bribe. because i reward myself with treats like scoops of ice cream when i do something big or hard or challenging. anyway. the chalk board wall and this star system. it works for us like you wouldn’t believe!^^^


^^^and ever since our day on balboa island, we’ve been obsessed with frozen bananas. we make our own plain ones by sticking popsicle sticks into peeled bananas and then freezing them for a few hours. they are tasty!^^^


^^^we went on our first bike ride with conrad on saturday which was so much fun! it’s always a big deal when one of our little ones is officially old enough to join our biking family. we took a few pictures on the bikes so i’ll share them soon! (by the way, nutcase is making baby sized helmets now that come in xxs size. we found one on amazon and it fits great!)^^^

sunday95675 sunday85656^^^and his solids game is going strong! yesterday he ate little bits of chicken, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pita, a ton of broccoli and a bit of steak right off our plates! those new teeth are coming in handy!^^^

have a wonderful monday, friends!

  1. Lisa

    your new baby is just adorable. I needed to see and read this on this rainy German Monday morning :-)

    Thank you for sharing and a lot of love to you,


  2. hanna

    Looks like a wonderful Sunday –Hanna Lei

  3. Paige

    Your Sunday’s sound a lot like ours! The older babies definitely make it so fun and worth it though! We’ll have our first sunbeam next year and I’m already crying about where has the time gone?!


  4. I love the chalkboard idea!! It would definitely make me want to do chores!
    I also totally understand never being ready for church. With my nephew in the house, I can’t remember the last morning we were on time!

  5. Brynn

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Sundays! It’s always nice to hear positive comments about church, and I think your efforts will really pay off with your children. I really admire your mothering style!

  6. Kristen

    Great ideas! How do you handle it when one of your children earns an ice cream scoop before the other?

  7. Emmy

    It is so wonderful to see that you are so open about your faith!
    It is also great that you share your struggles and ultimately a reward is coming out of your current stage in motherhood!

    Thanks for always encouraging your readers through the little pieces of your life you share!

    Have a good week :)

  8. would you mind saying which kind of chalk paint you use? my little one has been asking for a chalkboard wall recently and when I started researching chalk paint it seems there are so many choices and they range in price…also do you have to prime the wall at all before applying?

  9. May

    oh dear, should Conrad reall be eating food from your plates? isn’t it too spicy??

  10. Kristin

    Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me…..we love to relax after church too!!!! PS…I was able to get your adorable backpack before it sold out online. I cannot wait to use it!!!!Happy Monday!!!xo

  11. sounds perfect! (minus Conrad being in pain.)

  12. Rebeca


    You’re AMAZING and never apologize for your parenting. You clearly know what you’re doing. Thanks for setting the best example! I love your blog.

  13. Kristy

    I just got over the hump of a teething baby…When you are in it you feel like it will never end, but then just when you a ready to throw in the towel the teeth pops through and your clingy baby is all smiles again and life couldn’t be better! Being sleep deprived does make everything harder though! Hang in there :)


  14. Sarah

    I think the bribe system is the best way! I’m not a mother, but I was a nanny to a wicked smart little girl. Come nap time she would never take one, but spending time with her was bribe enough thus she would pretend to be asleep while I got her brother to go to sleep and then we’d have quiet girl time in her room which meant Id have to read almost a whole chapter book out loud. Boy did my throat hate me lol. Also, if they were good during the morning rush throughout the week, I’d treat them to whatever treat they chose.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I’m not LDS, but I love the foundation that the different children classes gives kids. I swear, if there were Sunday classes out there that didn’t mention too much of the religious talk but gave the same life lessons I would stick my (hopefully one day soon) child in them. They are truly wonderful. (I’m Catholic, but Sunday school for us is nothing like it is at an LDS ward)

  15. Sara

    Refreshing post! I have one child, but “hallway church” is pretty much what happens at church every Sunday. But to hear my almost three-year-old talk about Jesus and talked about baptism (this week). It makes it all worth the exhaustion. Thank you!

  16. Evelyn

    The link to the helmet says it’s for one year and older. I think it’s awesome you get out with your kids and are teaching them through experience but, please, please brush up on your bike safety. You guys have such a huge voice with parents and we all make mistakes, but the whole bike safety/helmet thing has been off since Eleanor was a baby.

  17. Erin

    Sounds like a nice Sunday and the perfect end (or start?) to a week.
    Hoping you all managed to stay cool in yesterday’s weather!!

  18. Carly

    Such cute family moments! I hope Conrad’s teething gets easier soon and I am glad to know that I am not the only one who feels that way about church
    Dresses & Denim

  19. Whitney Redfern

    I love everything about this post! Sundays are the same for us. My husband and I jokingly tell each other after particularly hard Sundays, that we might switch religions. ;) But you’ve got the right idea. We at least gotta do it for the kids, and then someday, it will get better.

    I also love your comments on bribery! haha that had me laughing. That’s right. Don’t judge! This job is hard and we’re all about bribing over here too.

  20. Rachel

    I only have one little girl and have a hard time getting to church on time! You go mama!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  21. tracy

    loved reading this! the stars/rewards system is such a motivator, no judgement here! do what you gotta do… :)

  22. Maria Jose Urbina

    Hi Taza! I first wanted to say I love your blog and I alwayssss read it. I was wondering if you would ever do a Q & A video with Josh? :)

  23. Christen

    My oldest (Evie) is Samson’s age and my youngest (Oliver) is Conrad’s age so I can totally relate. (To three hour church as well). ;-) I just discovered the magic of bribery and I’m telling you, don’t apologize. Move forward with confidence that getting your kids to behave/use the potty like a big girl/ be patient is a no rules kind of a deal. You have to do whatever works!! Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day!

  24. Erin

    Every single thing you post gets me so excited to be a mama. Thank you for sharing all that you do!

  25. So nice to see a family that makes church a priority! Your children will thank you one day ;)

  26. Nanette

    that frozen banana idea is genius! my little one just cut her first two teeth and was so uncomfortable. we were nursing pretty much all day! it was tough. but she is much better now that those teeth are here. i love sundays too! church and then some naps at home are the best!

  27. Ashley

    Ah! I can’t believe how old they are now!

  28. abigail

    Our son is 12 months and i’ve just started putting him in the nursery at church! My husband is our worship leader, which means I juggle our boy solo (and he shouts “Dada!!!” during all the quiet parts of the service, of course), so having him in nursery is a great break to actually listen, but I have to admit those days of all the moms nursing together and chatting together were pretty fun too . . .

  29. That photo of Samson laughing with his banana is too cute!

  30. Krys

    I LOVE the tone of this (and all of your posts). As a new mom, I so appreciate how you highlight the “behind the curtain” on your blog, as well as all of the beautiful photos and great stuff. Also, frozen bananas! Genius <3

  31. Rebecca

    i kept thinking about that helmet and Well, I know it because I bought the exact same one 2 weeks ago for my baby boy! (Here in Belgium )

  32. Gabriella

    I just had to take a moment to tell you how much I loved this post. We’ve seen snippets of your Sundays, but reading about the struggles and rewards of it all is so honest, refreshing, and relatable!

    I’ve been wondering whether you’re still not using any social media on Sundays or if you’ve given up on that? Thanks!

  33. Mari

    I just adore your family! You are a great mum and my inspiration. Truly. Keep up the good work, haha! ;-) Ciao from Italy!

  34. Ann

    I am a stay at home mom for my 1.5 year old and surprise (earlier then expected) baby two on the way. My husband who’s in fiancé travels often, and though I had always wanted to be a stay at home mom, boy can it be exhausting. I love your blog (it’s the only one I’ve ever read! Ha) and love when you throw in your bits of reality like w your clingy baby. I know you’d probably be judged too, if you whined more, but you have a great balance of showing the fun and exciting times of motherhood, and the not so easy times. I remember a post forever ago when you gave your kids a few baths in a day to pass the time, and I seriously laughed out loud, bc I’ve totally been there! Anyways, you’re awesome (and of course your style is on point too!) and I felt like a stalker always reading not commenting:)

  35. Nitesh

    Cute and Cheerful…..

  36. Palo

    You are a lovely mama!!

  37. Lindsey

    Hi Naomi! I love that you used this post to talk a little bit about your faith! With so many readers, you have such a great opportunity to get the name of the Church out there and show people how wonderful it is! (I know that the purpose of your blog is to share the joys of family, parenthood, travel, etc. but it’s so cool when you can show people that the foundation for all of it lies in your religious beliefs!) As a relatively new LDS convert, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how loving and happy your family is together and how much you enjoy being a mother. I can’t wait to have kids of my own and experience that same joy for myself. Thank you for being such a wonderful example! I hope you have a great day! :)

  38. Carla Lauti

    I love this just knowing it’s not scary to have more than one child! Well I’m sure it is at first but that’s what I’m struggling with getting pregnant with the next one (womp womp) But I know that it just rewards itself all in the end with Him.

    Love your blog, by the way!

  39. Kara

    You have the sweetest family! Thanks for sharing this :) you are such an incredible example. And we’ve used the ice cream bribes (rewards) over here too, sometimes you just gotta do it.

    Hope that little Conrad gets feeling better soon!!

  40. Lisa D.

    that picture with all the helmets is just to perfect

  41. I also love Sundays. I enjoy worshipping and learning how to live for Christ with fellow believers. I love breakfast and naps after Church. I love the calm of Sunday afternoons. Then, eating Sunday dinner with my immediate family is always fun.

    Happy Tuesday

  42. I totally admire the way you are handling your kids and this motherhood thing. I wonder how do you find time for yourself or your fitness or sleep amid all these. I must say, you are wonderful.

  43. Emily

    We are moving to New York and I am so scared of being in your ward hahahaha. Like what do you even do? “Hi, I’ve read your blog for years and think you guys are the cutest ever. Bye.” Isn’t that like, super creepy?Hahahahahah oh the delimma of being a Mormon somewhere where there aren’t too many Mormons. :)

  44. Julie

    I love your blog Naomi. As a mother of three little ones as well I can relate to so many things you share with us readers. The positive reinforcement technique we frequently use in our home as well to encourage good behaviour, and it totally works.
    Thank you for sharing your motherhood stories with us.

  45. Sherrie

    Wow, Conrad seems like he’s changed/grown loads just since your last post!

  46. ABBY

    You’re doing well! It isn’t bribery when you give them something AFTER they do it. Bribing is when you give them a payment/reward BEFORE they do their end/part. So call it what it is: AN INCENTIVE! And pat yourself on the back.


  47. Melaie

    I can relate so much. Going to church with our 4 month old seems tedious at times, and then our 2 1/2 year old comes out of class and tells us what he learned about. And way to go with the solids Conrad!


  48. Kelly

    That is so amazing that E is getting so much out of Church and your family is just the cutest!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  49. Emma

    I’m in love of all your blogging, where did you buy your pants?
    Thanks Naomi !