my dinner in DC!

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while conrad and i were in DC earlier this week, i had the best time hosting a fun dinner for google and the google express team in at the jefferson hotel!  one of my favorite things is meeting like-minded mothers who are passionate about raising their little ones as well as pursuing other incredible outlets and gifts and i always leave their presence feeling inspired and encouraged.  i was able to meet 30 remarkable women at this dinner and i’m still talking about them! josh is probably so tired of me weaving in yet another story about one of the ladies into our conversations. haha!

it was also so great getting the chance to share my love for google express with these ladies over dinner, because it’s been a game changer for us in terms of making city life easier this past year. if you aren’t familiar with their services, you can order things from specific stores in your area (like costco, your local grocery store, target in a few zip codes including new york!, walgreens, etc,) and even when you’re ordering 1 item from this store, and 4 items from another store, it’ll all be under one order, and delivered same day to your door! i have the app on my phone, so i can do all my shopping through the app while i’m nursing conrad and nothing makes me feel more productive than multitasking. ;) also, cheers to anything that helps you have one less errand and a few less things on your big old to-do list!

anyway, there’s a promo code at the bottom of this post for anyone who might like to try google express out for the first time! and you can click here to see if it’s in your area, since they are expanding and planning to serve more zip codes throughout the year.

a few photos from dinner!….


the jefferson hotel lobby is so beautiful!


oh hey, that’s me. standing in front of a backdrop the google express team made out of real flowers! it was so pretty.

i had never tried red beet gnocchi before, but i need to find more! have you ever tried it? delicious.

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group photo!


also, how great is this crate of little gifts google express put together for our guests! a few of my favorite things in there including a SELFIE STICK because you all know i haven’t shut up about mine the last few days since i got one. ;)

so my friend (and josh’s cousin!) came in from virginia to watch baby conrad in my hotel room during the event. towards the very end of the dinner while we were having dessert, he woke up for her and was screaming and wouldn’t take the bottle from her as she tried to soothe him.  when i got her text i ran up to try to help for a few minutes because i just can’t deal when my little ones aren’t okay. after nursing him, he was fast asleep in my arms so i brought him downstairs with me for the last 15 or 20 minutes of the event while my friend took a break (lol! screaming babies! it’s a lot to handle, especially when they aren’t yours!). meredith, you are THE BEST! it was so fun having her come in too, because once the event was over we were able to just hang out and talk until after midnight in my hotel room (since conrad was back down for the night!) and i really needed that.

thanks again to google and the google express team for having me and to all the ladies who came! if you want to give google express a try, use the promo code EXPRESSDC for $25 off your first order for new costumers through august 5th! photos from the dinner via the google express team. 

  1. beka

    hi! i wanted to try google express out for the first time but the code says it is invalid. will it only work for DC residents?

  2. Michelle

    Can you please share where your dress is from?

  3. Jenn

    I was wondering how you juggled this beautiful dinner and baby Conrad. You did a wonderful job! And it’s great to see real life mom bloggers like you out there that show us the real stuff that moms go through!

  4. Paige

    This is so fun! I can’t wait for Google Express to make it’s way down to Atlanta someday! It sounds amazing!


  5. hanna

    This looks like a wonderful event –Hanna Lei

  6. rach

    that dessert!!!!!

  7. Felisha

    I love the Jefferson Hotel, and the decor they put up for the event made it even more beautiful. Congrats on such a cool event, Taza!

  8. Carly

    Google Express sounds amazing! I need to see if they service New Mexico.
    Dresses & Denim

  9. Yelle

    I totally forgot about this service! My current city doesn’t offer it, but I will be moving to Chicago soon and they do! This will be great for those cold winters when I don’t want to go out!

  10. Kristin

    Love all your pictures!!! Looks like a beautiful affair, and how sweet to have Conrad join you! My brother lives in Alexandria, and when we go to visit, we love going to Georgetown….lovely place!!!!Your take home baskets were amazing!!xoxo

  11. Kelly

    This sounds like just the best dinner and I love that hotel!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. I love stuff like this! We use Plated & Instacart but don’t have Google Express yet. Come host a dinner in Portland so I can attend!

  13. Marin

    Google is alright, but Instacart is so much better! Fresh! Groceries! Naomi! Costco? Yep. Whole Foods? Yep. Fairway Market? Yes! And so many more! Instacart is awesome!

  14. ELLA

    hello! i just become a member of google express and wanted to try it out for the first time but the code says it is invalid. could you help me with this? thanks!