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eleanor and i went on a mommy-daughter date a little while back to alice’s tea cup where we met little girlfriends and friends for some proper breakfast and tea.  i have had an obsession with that place since freshman year of college and it’s crazy taking my little girl there now! eleanor brought along her little watermelon purse so we could be “matching” which i almost died over.  cause the matchy-matchy stage is completely over with her.  she’s not into the stuff i’m into.  i let her pick out her own clothes now because if i buy her something on my own it’s likely she’ll never wear it and it’s not worth the battle.  can’t believe this begins at age four!


four of the cutest little girls you ever did see.  add some fairy wings and ample amounts of fairy dust (glitter) sprinkled on their heads and they are set for life! (never mind the fact that there was fairy dust STILL on our scalp 2 shampoos later!)


i shared this photo on my instagram, and after scrolling through and reading your comments, i realized you are so right. the kiddos do look like little minis of each of us.  it’s kind of fun to see that happen on occasion!


one of the prettiest views in midtown and a family selfie with shake shack! conrad enjoyed his first bites of our favorite stuff the other evening and he loved it which made me proud because you know how we do.


taylor swift with friends last week in new jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many exclamation points is too many?! i am STILL freaking out about it. i bought a shirt with her face on it, keep replaying all the videos on my phone from the show, and have looked up the rest of her tour dates trying to find a way to plan a trip somewhere to see it again because it was incredible. my friend said it’s t-swifts world and we’re all just living in it. ain’t that the truth. one of my favorite parts of her concert were her little pep talks between songs. she’s a good one and i have no shame. i love you, tay.


in our shirts! also, lizzie, i’ll forever love you for getting those tickets!!!!!!!!


conrad celebrated one of his tiny friend’s birthdays in central park with a pool party. ;) he enjoyed his first homemade popsicle and taste of watermelon, too. with all the teething that’s going on at this house right now, i think he loved both.  ps. i hate teething.


tire swing fun with friends one morning at the playground!


and some playground fun on a different day when papa joined us! by the way, eleanor has been requesting braids a lot lately and i’m just super proud of that little braid right there. braiding hair on someone else is so much harder to figure out for me since i’m used to braiding my own hair and not other peoples. i’m glad she’s into letting me practice though cause it’s so much fun.  THIS is why i have a daughter. ;)


so after a bit of googling and yelping, i found a snow cone place in new york! down in the east village! we made the trek with some friends a few days ago to handsome dan’s and while i’m kinda bummed they don’t have any condensed milk to add to the top, they do add pop rock candy which is kind of crazy! it was the first time my kids had ever had it! samson’s face was epic when he started hearing the candy pop in his mouth! it was such a sweet moment of discovery, with his little hand propped up to his ear as he listened intently. made the long trip down and back so worth it.


and i love this photo of conrad getting all the love from his older brother and sisters friends the other day! as the oldest in my own family, i’m always so curious what it’s like to have older siblings.  birth order is fascinating to me.


ok, so i don’t normally go to concerts and i know it’s weird to see two pop up in this post. i’m not normally this cool you guys! in fact i am so out of the current music scene and even pop culture, it’s a little bit sad.  but, somehow, another concert! a few girlfriends and i saw shania twain perform which was kind of epic! there was this phase during the teen years where i was a big country music fan (mostly to annoy my dad when i really think about it) but some of my very first cd’s were shania. those songs are engrained in me forever and it felt so fun to relive that chapter a little bit.


these incredible faces all fresh and clean from the bath! i’m such an obnoxious parent, but after they go to sleep at night sometimes i look through my phone at any pictures or videos from our day and it’s like i just wanna go play with them right away again! it’s not always pure joy all day long, and especially this past week as conrad has been teething and wanting nothing but me to hold and nurse him, but even then, this whole gig is the greatest thing ever and i could seriously pinch myself. i just love being their mother.


getting to spend a morning with our dear old friend chanel! hello gorgeous is right, lady! also, impromptu exercise class with little friends during a picnic in sheep meadow! i don’t make this stuff up you guys, they just go for it all on their own!  :)


having a moment on the slide (probably one of my favorite captures of her) and posin’ with my littlest while eleanor and samson played.


josh got me tickets to see an american in paris for my birthday and we went a few weeks ago! there is so much dancing (christopher wheeldon you are so good) and i feel like i said “wow!” so many times out loud i embarrassed myself. but that’s nothing new. we had incredible seats on the third row and i feel like it was a whole different experience for me to sit so close and really see every detail and emotion play out so vividly.  i usually prefer sitting further back when there is a lot of dancing because i like seeing the movement through the spacing, but i don’t know, now i think i prefer it up close. anyway… a little tangent there but yeah, i’m ready to see it again.

and here are my people, on our way home from church last sunday.  that blazer you see samson in is something i ordered for him way back when we found out we were expecting a boy and i just pulled it out of my little collection of things i’ve been holding onto. i had completely forgotten about it and i don’t even have room for this silly stuff i buy in bigger sizes than my kids are and can you even imagine if he’d outgrown it before i remembered? i don’t know if i recommend buying stuff for future years because i think it mostly just gives me a headache when it doesn’t fit in the right season or i forget about it during the months where it’d be getting the best use. anyway, much to josh’s delight, i think i’m going to stop doing that now.

that’s all for now! unless you wanna talk about snapchat because i am obsessed even though i’m not 17. ;)

  1. Melissa

    I was wondering how you like snapchat and then found the answer at the bottom of the post… I looked at your story for the first time the other day and recognize a lot of these outings, so cute! I’m so on the fence about snapchat for myself.., it just seems like hard work to keep up with all of the social media and I will always be an instagram lover first and foremost! But it was so fun watching your story and seeing all of the little videos so I will continue checking in :)

    Also, DYING over Samsom’s blazer and bowtie. What a spiffy little man!!

  2. I say keep buying stuff ahead of time for your kiddos if you love it- I do it cause I find things I know I’ll never find again or it’s SUCH a good deal I’m technically just saving money for the future. :)

    Good luck with the teething- at least you know that phase definitely has an end!

  3. AT

    Cute photo evidence of a lovely life! Tell me more about this Snapchat. :)

  4. megan

    oh my gosh these pictures are too cute, especially Samson in his little blazer! lots of heart eyes over here!

  5. What a beautiful family! Loved the fairy wings on the little ones, too cute! :)

  6. Tanis

    I love you writing. You are hilarious. That is all. :)

  7. Tanis


  8. carly

    It looks like you guys are having so much fun!
    The tea party pics are so adorable. They look like such ladies with their tea cups!
    Dresses & Denim

  9. haha! I’ve been addicted to snapchat lately also and def not 17 either! I think it has more to do with being a mom and loving to share pictures.

  10. Erin

    Summer in the city is the best! Love all the shots.
    Will probably try to venture down to the Lower East Side for snow cones soon.


  11. Sierra

    Such cute pictures! You have a beautiful family.

  12. I got so happy seeing your love for Taylor! I was at her famous “rain show” a few years back when it started pouring and she thought we would all leave but the crowd LOVED it and we all danced in the rain together. She just stood there in awe with tears in her eyes. One of those moments you never forget :)

  13. AGATA

    hi Davis Family!

    I love your posts! The way you tell about your life is so ” light”, fresh, joyful. it’s very nice to be reading this, what is more – wanting more! also I love your snapchat, you’re awesome!

    take care, xoxo

  14. Rachel

    The mommy-daughter date looks like so much fun! I can’t wait until my daughter is a little bit older, and we can do fun stuff like that :) And I am so jealous that you got to see Taylor Swift! HOW FUN!!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  15. hanna

    The mother daughter date is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  16. Katelyn Humphrey

    Would love to know your skincare routine!!

  17. Mary Katherine

    You are on SnapChat! What is your name (if you are allowing followers to “Snap” you :) ? I’ve been loving being able to see my fav bloggers on Snap because it’s like a little behind the scenes/no editing part of life.

    Your pics are adorable as always!


  18. Nanette

    samson in that blazer is adorable! and we’ve started braiding hair over here too! it’s the best.

  19. Love these posts! So fun to see what you’ve been up to!

    I’ve been wanting to see Taylor Swift in concert myself, but her concerts always sell out really fast in Vancouver :(


  20. Zel

    Love your Snapchats! Where is Samson’s black/navy romper from, please? It’s so cute!

  21. Elizabeth N.

    That is one benefit of living in Hawaii. We wear the same clothes all year round so I can easily stock up on my kids next sizes. Clothing will get ten times more complicated when we move.

  22. Alyssa

    Just wondering, where are your overalls from? I love them and having been looking for a good pair!

  23. Emily

    You guys are the cutest little family ever. For real.

  24. Snapchat will ruin your life lol! Its soooo addicting but so great! It’s like little vlogs on the go! I just hat that they disappear! It’s always such good stuff!

  25. Jaylee

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your snapchat stories! I think you are such an amazing example of a wonderful mother, and I love watching you interact with your children. Thanks for sharing!

  26. OMG that’s so funny I just shared on FB yesterday about how obsessed with snap chat I am, and I feel so foolish because I am so late to the party and I feel so old! I’ll follow you! I always enjoy your pictures and videos – I’m harlowesmama on snap chat and IG :-)

  27. Brooke

    Wondering where you got the dress you wore to the Taylor Swift concert. Thanks!

  28. Elaine

    So… I bought a dress for E way before she was big enough to fit but she is probably ready… that is if she likes it! and you still have it! Do you remember a forest green, kind of organic dress I think with a halter top. It came from a mountain store?????

  29. Lisbeth

    I just want to say that I loooove that youre on snapchat now! I mostly have it to see the different cities that are featured but I think its really cool to see your little family in a different medium your kid’s personalities really shine that way :) hope you enjoy it and keep posting!

  30. Melissa

    Shake Shack, I love it! The buns they use always take me back to the BYU creamery. I know that’s probably silly, but it’s true. : )

  31. Megan

    Most people that try snapchat end up loving it! It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and let them experience little adventures with you that they normally wouldn’t!:) also, I know you’ve mentioned a few great plays, what’s your all time favorite one that you would say is a must see?

  32. Ray

    um…. i love your snaps (Snaps?)! My mom’s 58 and still snap chats me ;) , Got my first pair of Saltwater Sandals today. Could not be more ecstatic.

  33. So glad you got a snapchat, they brighten my day!

  34. Madeline

    You’re littles are seriously the cutest things ever!

    Just wondering where you got your overalls from, and that green top. Too cute!

  35. Kristin

    Just adore these! Thanks for always making me smile!!xo

  36. Jackie

    I just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog! Your family makes me so excited to have my own one day :)

  37. Sarah

    such beautiful photos and memories in the making! this is such a good reminder for me to start seeing live music again, food for the soul! thank you for sharing!!

  38. Oh my goodness! i just bought Shania Twain tickets to see her next week! I’ve enjoyed her since I was 9 (I’m the same age as you and same day birthday!), so this is a long time coming for me! I also don’t usually go to live shows, but managed to get tickets to another show in August by NEEDTOBREATHE (yes, all caps and no spaces. lol). Looking forward to it! Looks like you had a blast!

  39. Courtney

    AAHHH I’m going to see Shania and T-Sweezy in a few weeks! Love those ladies! And also obviously your family is adorable :)

  40. COME TO CHICAGO FOR TAYLORS CONCERT!!! I’ve never seen her live & am going so I’m glad to hear it was fun in NY!

    P.S. Snapchat is my favorite thing ever! I love your stories!

  41. Denisse

    I love the ‘life lately’ according to your iPhone posts :)

    Btw, you guys should try and take a trip to Queens, they sell snow ones everywhere with condensed milk!! :)


  42. Kelly

    Those tea photos are so cute and I am so jealous you were able to see TSwift!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  43. McCall L

    I’ve gotta know Samson’s outfit deets. TOO CUTE!

  44. Claire

    I just went to Taylor’s chicago concert and I loved it!!

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