family bike rides in the city!


one of our favorite things to do together is ride our bikes, and we love how new york has so many bike lanes and bike paths to make the experiences more fun and safe. we’ve biked with eleanor and samson from the minute we got the go ahead from their pediatricians, so now that conrad can join us, we took the bikes out on saturday for a short little ride to grab lunch together.  josh carried eleanor and samson in the bucket bike, while conrad and i did our own little thing. we had a great time. a few photos below….

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*and i just wanted to put a small disclaimer up about biking with little ones. i know the age varies a lot online about when little ones can or should begin to bike with you, so it’s always just best to consult with your pediatricians as they know your child best and if he or she is strong enough, able enough to ride along with you. i’m not an expert on anything around this topic. these are just a few photos from our little adventure on saturday!

**updated disclaimer– we weren’t aware that the law in new york doesn’t allow children under the age of 1 to be transported by a bicycle and that there may be health concerns for those babies who aren’t strong enough. thank you to those who brought this to our attention!

  1. Katie

    E’s freckles !!

  2. Melissa

    Is it wrong to always get jealous of little ones who get to ride in one of those buckets, or pulled in wagons? It seriously looks like so fun and so relaxing. I mean, E looks like she’s just chillin in the back there enjoying the view ;)

  3. Jenn

    For my birthday my dad gave me a Schwinn Tandem Bike with a baby seat on the back! I guess you can call it a bicycle built for two and a half! I can’t wait until my baby is old enough to ride on it! Now I just need the bucket for my other two and we would look like a parade!

  4. Paige

    These pictures are so fun! While I love my suburban life, your blog always makes me want to pick my family up and move us from the suburbs to downtown Atlanta! I love these biking pictures! That bucket is so cute!


  5. Emma

    Cute photos! One of the things I’d love to do with my still hypothetical, future children is to go on bike rides. Eleanor and Samson look like they are having so much fun in that bucket!

  6. Yvonne

    I love your photos and your family outings. And I also feel bad that you constantly have to explain yourself. You take your baby on a bike. End of story. That there are always people who mean well and feel the need to tell you that you should and shouldn’t be doing this is the down side of blogging I guess.

    Keep it up! You got a great thing going.

  7. Krista

    I’m always so inspired how you get around the city with three little ones!! Riding bikes with my family is one of my fondest memories as a child and I’m sure your kids will love having these memories. That bucket bike is AMAZING!

  8. Laney

    What brand is your red bike? Super cute

  9. Brandy

    You guys are so cute! where did you get your bike seat from? Thanks!

  10. Rae

    My parents used to take me bike riding when I was little, it’s such a fun memory :) Great photos!


  11. Giselle

    eleanor has the cutest romper! such a beautiful and happy family you have!

  12. This makes me so happy! I love seeing your kids happy faces. I really like that bucket they’re in and all of the helmet varieties. ;)

    My bike is currently going through a tuneup. I can’t wait to ride it again!


  13. Rosemary

    When my daughter was very small, around your baby’s age, my husband used to take her for bike rides. She had this huge, round helmet (like Conrad’s) that made her look like a little astronaut and made us laugh every time we’d put her in it. After about 15 minutes on the bike, my husband would feel “bonk, bonk bonk” on his back – she would inevitably fall asleep! When he’d finally get home, we’d sloooowly take her out of her bike seat and she’d finish her nap in her crib, and wouldn’t even wake up when we wrestled her huge helmet off her head. It was just the sweetest thing, and she always got excited when the helmet came out and it was time for another bike ride with her dad!

  14. Ashley

    Hi Naomi, looks like you had a fabulous time with your family this weekend! I know that you’ve talked to your doctor about Conrad being on the bike, but in NY State, it’s actually against the law for anyone under 1 to be on a bike. Don’t want you guys to get into any trouble!

  15. Monica

    The law in NYC is that kids under one cannot ride bikes. This information doesn’t vary online. Maybe your pediatrician doesn’t know that?

  16. Korin

    That bucket bike seriously looks like the best thing ever! I need to store this away in brain for when I have littles of my own. How adorable and fun!

  17. Kelly

    Hi there!

    Love your blog- I’ve been an avid reader for years! And most recently I’ve enjoyed following along with your adventures on snapchat- your great personality really comes through! Anyway, your family is just the cutest and your fashion is always spot on… wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where your shirt is from?

    Thanks for being such a bright light on the internet!

  18. Amy

    You and your little family are so inspiring! I get more and more hopeful about being a capable mom when I see your family posts!

  19. How fun that you all go out as a family to ride bikes! :) My husband and I have been thinking of buying some to ride around together. I bet New York has some beautiful sites for you to enjoy while you’re riding! xo

  20. Kelsey

    I think it’s great that you are exposing your children to cycling at such an early age. Some of my favourite memories growing up were biking with my parents! There is no doubt that those experiences shaped me for the better.

  21. This family tradition that you guys have is just so sweet. It is so fun to have something that you always do as a family. I love following along.
    Eleanor’s braids are SO cute!!
    Leah Faye
    Lavender & Clover

  22. Lexie

    Gah!!! Eleanor’s little braids and freckles! I can’t take it.

  23. Krys

    Their helmets! And facial expressions. And the photo of Samson kissing Conrad. Oh, so so sweet. I’m so impressed with your ability to take 3 littles out and about in the city. We have a 4 month old, and it seems like an impossible task to get out of the house some days – ha! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Jordan

    I truly, truly don’t mean this to be snarky or rude, but I’m a pediatrician in NYC and, actually, it is not up to us whether babies can ride in/on bikes. Just like there are laws governing car seats and vaccinations, there are specific regulations (at least here in NYC) regarding bikes, and children under 1, irrespective of strength or size, are not legally allowed to be on bikes. The 12 month distinction may seem arbitrary, as you know as well as I that all babies develop differently, but the law is the law.

  25. I just love this post! I discovered your blog yesterday and am just in rapture. I love the layout, the content and the pictures. Your family looks so sweet :)

    I especially liked your post on how living in NY with a 2 bedroom and 3 kids works for your family.

  26. Amy

    My sister used to go on the baby seat and THEN she used the alligator! That was when two of us were big enough to be on our own bikes and she was still little.

    Look up Alligator Kid’s Bike – it is pretty stinking cool.

  27. Esther

    I think its sad how you feel the need to explain yourself sometimes. This is your personal blog! Just do what you want and have fun! :)

  28. Luce

    I love all of your family time. Its a precious time together.

    I was wondering what kind of bike seat are you using?

  29. how sweet! such beautiful photos!

  30. Sarah

    So darling! I get panicky enough riding in the street on my own, so I can’t imagine doing it with kids! But I think it’s great :)

  31. Emily

    What brand of infant seat do you use for Conrad? We had our first baby at the end of November- would love to take him on a bike ride!Thanks so much!

  32. Carly

    This looks like such a fun family event! The bike buggy is so cool. I love how effortlessly you guys make raising kids in a huge city look!
    Dresses & Denim

  33. Berit

    So fun day for the family!
    Have you considered to use a seat for Conrad that goes in front of you(instead the one that goes behind you)?
    Safe rides for all of you!

  34. jean

    i think your family and your pediatrician knows best than some of the people that criticize you. you’ve been doing this for awhile with your family and you’ve always been safe. i think it’s a wonderful thing that you all bike as a family; not most families do that even with adolescents! even in my little suburbia, i get afraid to ride my bike (i’m outside of minneapolis, mn). and that bike bucket is genius! keep on ridn’!!!

  35. Darling top – where is it from?

  36. Elece

    I’m struggling to find a helmet for my 10 month old and would love to know where you got Conrad’s. My 2 1/2 year old wears a Bern that we love, but I can’t find a helmet small enough for my little guy. He’s even got a decent size melon! Thanks!

  37. Adorable pictures.

  38. jen

    Please tell us where your shirt is from. Adorable pictures!

  39. Kristin

    What wonderful pictures from a great family outing, so fun!!!!!xo

  40. Monique

    I feel so bad that you have to explain yourself constantly! Her in the Netherlands (i live in Amsterdam) the kiddos are much younger when they first go on a bike ride. Many parents overhere do have a bucket bike (in the front) and the baby’s are in there in a “maxi-cosi” (don’t no if you call them the same..?) Or in a special “holder” at the back of the bike :-)
    And when they’re the same age as Conrad they seat in a front-seat.
    And nobody is explaining themselves!

    So enjoy your bike ride in NYC!! :-))

  41. One of my fondest childhood memory is riding around DC with my dad and brother!

  42. alexis

    OMG! Adorable! Can you please inbox me where you got Samson’s adorable tank from?

  43. Sarah

    I love seeing your family on bikes. I have a 2 year old and 10 month old and we did our first family ride this past weekend. I loved it. There is so much confusing/conflicting info about the right age. and look at Amsterdam, people are on bikes at a really early age. I think it is what you feel is right and of course what the doctor say’s! Props to you for getting your family out!

  44. Daisy

    Glad someone told you about the law :) Don’t worry, we all make mistakes, the important thing is keeping your kids safe. Glad that you will be safe from now on.

  45. Jill

    Hooray for family bike rides! That’s one of our family favorites with our two-year-old.
    You’ve already been alerted to the dangers for Conrad riding on a bicycle, but please familiarize yourselves with proper helmet fit for the other two kiddos. Maybe it’s just the angles of the photographs that makes them look loose, but those helmets won’t do their job if not properly fitted.

  46. Christina

    Beautiful pictures!

    PS- no one knows better than you what is safest for your children. My kids have been riding on ATVs with their dad starting at 4 months. Keep living life to the fullest! <3

  47. Megan

    You do you, girl. I had a baby in March, and we plan to ride with him when he’s 6 months old. What kind of seat do you have for Conrad?

  48. Alicia Marshall

    Very cute pics but I wouldn’t ride around NYC with a baby. I was just there and the traffic was insane-many cabbies acted like they just learned how to drive.When you know better you do better:-)

  49. Sarah

    Love following your blog! We live in LA and we take our little one all over the place with an iBert bike seat! We started taking him with us at about 9 months! Thanks for sharing!

  50. I just rode for the first time with my little one in the bike seat, he is almost 9 months old. I mean who cares ha, he loved it! Although I have to be careful because my 2 year old think that is HER seat and so he is in definitely in danger of getting trampled by her after he gets out… so I guess I do need to excercise some caution :) Happy Riding!