eleanor + samson’s lemonade stand!


last saturday, eleanor and samson experienced that rite of passage in childhood by seeing a lemonade stand through from start to finish! they made their own signs, hand picked each lemon at the grocery store, helped peel and put the lemons into the blender as well as oversee papa making the syrup before even beginning the process of selling it on the street!

by the time we made it out into the afternoon heat, they were more than excited! i found a little toy cash register earlier in the week as we’ve been practicing our counting, adding and subtracting over the last few months. it was fun to watch them put those new found skills to the test when giving back change to their customers.  they would hold up their signs shouting “lemonade! lemonade! who wants some lemonade!!!!” and then took turns pouring each cup and handling the register like pros!

the folks in our neighborhood on the upper west side are nothing short of the kindest crowd. they were beyond supportive, and with their help, we went through the entire batch of lemonade in less than an hour! the whole experience was fun for all of us, and brought back such fun memories from my own childhood when we’d sell everything from lemonade to garden vegetables on the street with our friends during the summer months.

a few more photos below….


^^^we weren’t sure how many lemons our recipe called for (because it was based off cups of lemon juice) so we definitely brought home twice as many as we needed. ha!^^^


^^^josh oversaw the whole homemade lemonade part, and did such a good job! since he’s not drinking sugary stuff, i handled the more important job of “taster,” a role i took quite seriously. and i think it was delicious.^^^


^^^ we hauled everything over in our bucket bike and used our let’s playground mat as the table cloth (genius for all those fun little spills!) also, cracks me up looking through these photos how many there are of mister samson stealing little sips! he drank like 4 cups you guys! but promise he didn’t drink out of the customers’ cups! ;) ^^^


^^^”lemonade! lemonade! who wants some lemonade!!!!”^^^

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^^^just look at the sweet little line forming! once again, these people in our neighborhood are the best. they made the entire afternoon the best experience for eleanor and samson. i just love new yorkers.^^^

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such a fun afternoon!  thanks once again to everyone who stopped by and helped make this afternoon so special for our kids! it means a lot as a mother to see such sweet interactions going on between my kids and people on the street. this afternoon felt like the epitome of summer in the city and also that joy of being a kid and learning how to do a big person thing! super proud of these kiddos!

  1. hanna

    This is the cutest thing! –Hanna Lei

  2. Jenn

    I loved following along on snapchat this weekend!
    The lemonade stand is one of my favorite childhood memories!
    It looks like you guys were a success!

  3. Heidi

    Where is Eleanor’s jumper from?

  4. Sinead

    This is too cute! Eleanor looks so proud and happy in that last pic :-)

  5. Rachel

    I love how this teaches them so many things at once but they are still having so much fun. And you seem to have such a lovely and friendly neighbourhood. We used to clean cars in the neighbourhood to get pocket money. This looks way more fun abd yummier!

    Rach // illustrated-teacup.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Erin

    The sweetest! Brings back such fond memories from my childhood too. Wish I was over on the UWS last weekend to grab a cup.

  7. I feel like New Yorkers might be nicer than Utahn’s sometimes! Maybe it’s just easier to stop and grab something when you are walking instead of driving. I try to always stop when I see those stands just because I loved doing them when I was younger too. What a cute stand they put together!

  8. yasemin

    Such sweet little ones. Especially little Samson stealing sips of the lemonade. Wish I was there to partake as a customer!

  9. Sophie

    Awww, as usual, your family is the cutest!
    it’s so funny seeing Samson drinking on nearly every picture! i wished i lived in NY, it would make my day to meet you and your family by inadvertance!
    have an amazing evening,

  10. Rachel

    This is ridiculously adorable.

  11. Karis

    Naomi, I love that you are having these experience even with your city living. It is great that you make the time to have these adventures with your kids. I look forward to reading your insights and seeing your next adventure.

    “to live would be an awfully great adventure.” peter pan

    xo karis

  12. Ashley

    my gosh, if this isnt the most adorable thing ever then i dont know what is!
    wish i had been in the city when they were selling- we wouldve been repeat customers im sure!



  13. kasia


  14. CJ

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, no really.
    By the way, you are slaying on snapchat! You’re a natural.

  15. aww, that’s so cute! and i guess it’s a typical american thing? :D


  16. Gillian

    Probably the cutest lemonade stand ever.

  17. Emily F

    I swear lemonade stands bring out the best in people. We did one last summer and everyone was SO kind to my kids. I love that you have a container with a spout so the kids could pour the drinks. We did not have that and more than a few people scolded me when I poured their lemonade, saying it was the kids job, not mine. One guy said “I’m buying lemonade from your kids, not you.” I was just trying to help and reduce spills, I swear! :) Next time I’ll get a container like yours.

  18. Rosemary

    This is the sweetest thing…the kids look so earnest and serious. And the neighbors lining up to buy their lemonade – it just warmed my heart! Thank you for sharing this wonderful slice of life!

  19. Sherley

    Love the last picture with Eleanor smiling so big and Samson taking a sip ahahaha

  20. Sara

    Eleanor’s jumpsuit is so cute! Where on earth do you find such cute clothes?

  21. Emily S

    Aww, the kids are so cute! I loved seeing them with their lemonade stand on SnapChat! Good for them for being such great little entrepreneurs =)

  22. Hannah

    sweetest thing ever!

  23. Kelly

    Aww, how adorable! I am so glad people stopped and E+S really got a kick out of it!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. Linna

    Hahaha, Samson had been drinking in almost all the photos!!! and eleanor looked like a smart and confident shop owner!

  25. Ola

    I love this little American tradition. Kids are so proud of themselves and have a lot of fun. Would love to try it with my kiddos one day in our neighbourhood. We live in Poland and I wonder how it would go.
    Your lemonade looks yummie


  26. Laura

    I couldn’t stop giggling at all the pictures of Samson taking sips of lemonade! ^_^ He took hydrating pretty seriously and he’s just so darn cute!

    That looks like the funnest summer afternoon !! :)

  27. Loved reading this post! Brightened my morning! I remember taking a horrible bowl of ‘smoothie’ round to my neighbours when I was younger. Safe to say they didn’t completely want to try it haha!
    The lemonade looks lovely!


  28. Erin J.

    This is seriously so sweet!!

  29. This is so sweet! How adorable!

  30. Melissa

    Awesome job Davis family! What a fun day, and that mat looks like the most perfect lemonade-themed mat out there ;)

  31. Lyndsay

    Aw, it’s so wonderful that they were able to have this classic childhood experience!

  32. megan

    stop it this is so cute and I am loving all of your snaps!!!

  33. Alexa

    I’m a fellow Upper West Sider and it makes me so happy to see how cheery our neighborhood is!

  34. This is the most precious and sweet capture of an afternoon. I adore the fact that, even in city living, you constantly encourage your kids to be outside/explore/and create their own adventures. Such an important element if kid-dom!

    xx, leslie

  35. Lauren

    aww this breaks my heart, its too cute! i wish i had the chance to do things like this when i was little!

  36. So sweet to see their hard work pay off!

  37. Julia

    They’re just só cute!!!! But why Josh is not drinking sugary stuff?

  38. It’s so funny. Your kids are so luckily. They have special memory which they always remember wen they grow up

  39. Bridget

    Seriously the sweetest! I remember doing this as a kid with my older brother. The perfect summer fun. :D


  40. Jennie

    I love your life ;)
    Where is conrad’s tiger shirt from ?
    Thanks beautiful taza! ❤️

  41. Laura

    So cute! We’re big fans of lemonade stands ourself :-) where can I find that awesome drink dispenser?!

  42. Angela

    Such a fun thing to do with your kiddos! They look like they loved it!

    Where oh where did you get your top? I remember it from another post and I just love it!

  43. Lorra

    The last picture with Samson catching a sip of lemonade is too cute! That let’s playground mat is really truly all-purpose!

  44. Sarah

    such sweet little shop owners! and such an awesome set up!
    i love how kind new yorkers are to children, it’s the best!

  45. Deborah

    That’s the cutest thing of my day!

    They are so adorable! I loved the posters! :)

    The last picture with Samson working AND drinking his own lemonade is hilarious!


  46. Chloe

    now that is so insanely cute!

  47. sarah

    How in fun in NYC! I am curious about your recipe. I have never made lemonade using a blender. Looks like you pureed the whole lemon? Sounds good!