bike rides to costco!

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one of the nice things about city living is the fact that having a small space forces us to really take a good look at everything that comes in our door.  we’re only going to buy things in bulk that we absolutely must.  we used to buy a lot more in bulk, everything from food to house hold items to cleaning supplies. but now with 5 of us in our 2 bedroom nyc apartment, there’s not a lot of room to stock up. but there are a few things we still get in bulk, diapers being one of them. we’ve learned from unfortunate experience that running out of diapers with babies is basically the worst thing ever. since we’ve often had 2 of our 3 little ones in diapers at the same time, it’s kind of necessary to be prepared and buy in them in larger quantities. it’s different for each family and living situation, but having extra diapers at our home is what works for us and has been a good way to save!

we’ve partnered with Huggies today, which is our favorite brand of diapers, a brand we have really liked and used consistently since eleanor’s birth four and a half years ago. they have new diapers out called Huggies little snugglers plus available only at costco. one of the reasons why we’ve been hooked on Huggies for the last several years with our three kiddos and why we like these new diapers is because they are soft and kind to our little ones’ sensitive skin. we feel like these new diapers at costco absorb really well and are super reliable, which is kind of important with a diaper, if ya know what i mean. ;)

heading over to costco is always a good idea too, because we love to make it a date (like the olden days) and get our fill of hot dogs or chicken bakes before we begin shopping.  costco also carries our favorite parmiggiano reggiano cheese which josh swears is better and cheaper than anywhere else in the united states, so between the diapers and the cheese (and sometimes ice cream sandwiches in bulk are a good idea, too!), it’s worth the membership. ha!

we took the bucket bike out for a costco run on our hot date a few weeks ago. it’s practically a mini van by city standards, and since i find mini vans incredibly attractive, i feel like a cool mom when we take it out. ;) a few photos from our adventure below….


^^^josh grabbed a slice of pizza on this trip. but i can’t be steered away from my chicken bake! bless you, costco!^^^

098hbab98a 9a8h9w8hbw9^^^while we were in LA a few weeks ago, our friend carissa cooked for us and used coconut oil. we picked some up to try her trick at home. we also got a big jar of almond butter to try in our smoothies for the first time. it was good!^^^


biking by the conservatory garden on the east side of central park was fun! we have still never been inside together! it looked so inviting and beautiful, too, so we put it on our list of places to check out before summer’s end.

thanks to Huggies for partnering with us on this post! you can also find Huggies natural care plus wipes only at costco as well, both of which provide “positively premium care” for your little ones.  also thanks to new york for the bike lanes and beautiful weather, and to costco for making one mighty delicious chicken bake sandwich. :)

  1. Kelcie Morningstar

    Hi Taza! Where is your dress from?

  2. Jenn

    I am going to Costco for lunch! Their chicken bakes are delicious. My dad and I like to walk around a try all of the samples before we check out :)

  3. Melissa

    Although I can’t comment on using diapers just yet…

    I WILL say that I love your outfit, and sunflowers are always a good choice ;)

  4. Sarah

    This is an adorable post! Your posts always make me smile. My sister is expecting in a week or so, so I’ll definitely show her the pro’s on Huggies haha. Will also have to try the almond butter! xx

  5. Paige

    Such a fun date night for the two of you! I guess having to bring everything back on your bike helps to not buy too much too! So fun!


  6. Erin

    So fun! I totally didn’t realize there was a Costco in Manhattan. Wow.

    Also almond butter in smoothies in the best. I usually add a tablespoon to this healthy shake from the cookbook I grew up on and it tastes like a dessert.


  7. Diane @ Stoney Creek

    Our Costco used to sell the chicken bakes in the freeze department that could be microwaved or baked at home! So good! But Costco stopped selling them and made me sad:( Really sad! Also frozen tortellini – Costco if you’re reading this… please bring these two items back!

    Love you and your sweet family Taza! And jealous you can ride your bike to Costco!

  8. Allison

    Naomi you look fabulous! Love the dress!

  9. Rae

    I just love that you guys bike around to get groceries! And your dress is super cute :)


  10. Paula

    Where were the kiddos?!? As cute as you and Josh are, the three of them are cuter ;)

  11. I don’t have kids but I do love costco haha, though I’ve never actually been, I’ve been trying to pursuade my boyfriend that the membership is totally worth it! I think he’s slowly warming up to the idea!
    I love that you guys make a date out of it – and that big bike bucket is amazing!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  12. Hope

    I love your dress! Beautiful as always.

    My husband and I make grocery trips into dates too :) It’s a great way to be together and run a necessary errand.

  13. rach

    I have such a hard time imagining what costco in NYC looks like! haha it just seems like theres no space big enough to have costco!

  14. Lorelei


    I love your dress! Where is it from? :)

  15. shiauting

    what bike do you have? been using citibike but thinking about buying one soon…

  16. li-sha

    Costco and Huggies! My two favorite things ;) I also love the Costco baby wipes. And Costco pizza.

  17. Jamie Clark

    Hello, what brand is your darling red bike?

  18. brenda w

    Huggies are pretty great diapers if you are going to use disposables. Thats coming from a very picky new Nana ;)
    As an Arizonan, Im intrigued by the fruit stand you have pictured. so many yummy fruits in one little place! Now you’ve got me thinking of a fruit and veggie food truck, hmm.

  19. Jess.

    You guys are darling. That pic of the bug on blue graffiti and fruit stand is so perfectly perfect, so NY summer. Costco without children is totally a hot date! xox

  20. hanna

    Its so awesome you guys get to bike everywhere! –Hanna Lei

  21. melissa

    Um… I love to see what other people buy at Costco! Thank you for this! I love sneaking a peek at other carts- b/c you really can find anything there! Their pizza is da bomb!

  22. I always buy way too much every time I go to Costco. I guess it’s good you really have to think about how much you buy.

  23. Fedina

    Trips to Costco is always a fun adventure and my boyfriend also an avid fan of the pizza there. We were wondering where you guys bought Josh’s bike from as it would be incredibly handy for future grocery trips!

  24. Kristen

    Taza! Let’s talk about that dress! If it’s one of the new fall 2015 SJ dresses I’m going to die. Because that girl is taking ALL MY MONEY. Love love love it. Your fam is awesome. Thanks for blogging! XOX

  25. Odalys

    You guys know Instacart does Costco as well, right?

  26. Millie

    Hi Naomi, I was wondering where you guys were able to park your bikes at the East River Plaza? I am thinking of making a trip to Costco and Aldi’s via Bobby Wagner Walk (a great scenic bike ride if you go again) but I’m worried that there’s no bike racks and my bike will get stolen. Thanks!