an afternoon at south street seaport!

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the day before the 4th of july, we went down to south street seaport to get a good look at general lafayette’s 18th century ship which just sailed over all the way from france called the hermione. it is apparently an exact replica of general lafayette’s 18th century ship used to fight in the american revolutionary war. they say it’s the largest and most authentically built tall ship in the last 150 years.

we made the mistake of telling the kids about it and got them super pumped to go aboard and explore, only to get there and find that the line to get on the ship was about a 3 hour wait. :( and waiting in the direct sunlight and heat with all three kids, and trying to keep to a better schedule, that just didn’t seem possible.  i felt bad because samson really wanted to wait in the line! “but mama, the ship is right there! we go on?!” :( but we looked and talked about the beautiful ship from the dock before we caught the parade and made up for it by grabbing popsicles after eating lunch together at their smorgasburg down there. i’m kind of still a little bit bummed we didn’t get to climb aboard the ship and explore, but i don’t think the kids have given it much thought since…. fortunately!

a few photos!


sometimes we pause to smother conrad in kisses. lol. poor kid always has someone in his face! and it might be hard to see, but the photo on the right of eleanor taking a rest sitting on the ride board during the parade just made me melt all over the place. she’s such a little lady these days and when i see her freckles peaking through i get so excited that she’ll be a freckle girl throughout life! go genes!


getting a little look in from the dock! how cool does that ship look?! we were impressed.


don’t look too closely cause i’m always in need of a pedicure, but these sandals are sparkly and make me feel fancy! (they are sold out now, from zara last spring, but similar here.)


all of my family wanted pizza but i can never pass up a lobster roll. that’s the best thing about smorgasburg, all the booths with all the options so close together! also, this is a side note that has nothing to do with lobster rolls but has anyone ever had haagan daz pistachio ice cream? because i just had it for the first time last night and i’m still thinking about it.


these faces he’s constantly making! such a fun kiddo.

happy monday everybody!

ps. my dress is sonnet james and hat is from madewell. eleanor’s dress is from here and samson’s shirt from here.  both their shoes can be found on zappos (here and here.) we still love our donkey but have been using the bugaboo bee 3 with a ride board on the back since eleanor and samson are walking more and stroller-ing less so we aren’t needing a double stroller as often. and we used our 50mm portrait lens with our canon 6d for these photos. :)

  1. Micah

    Sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing Naomi!

  2. Megan

    oh my gosh, seems like such a fun little day! I am just like you, I can never pass up a good lobster roll and ohhh i cannot wait to try haagan daze pistachio ice cream (yum!!). Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Bethany Fox

    That stinks that you were unable to go on the ship. My children have a hard time understanding things like waiting for ages, as well. If you feel like making the trek with the kiddos to Mystic Seaport (Mystic, CT) my friend’s brother is working on the restoration of the Mayflower II. There is also another ship there that you can fully explore. It’s great fun! You can hop off of MetroNorth and onto Amtrak in New Haven to Mystic.

  4. Sara

    hi taza, lovely pictures and super gorgeous dress!
    i’m ready to order my first sonnet james dress cause i found out they even ship to switzerland (yay!). i’m just not so sure about the size though. i’m usually around a size 2 and according to their website that would be a XS dress… but i’m not so sure about ordering an XS (again, all the way to switzerland!), so i was wondering if the S would be comfy on a size 2 frame without looking to baggy…? any sonnet james expert advice?

  5. Danielle D.

    That’s cool that the ship was there. It was at Yorktown, VA first near the battlefield. I wanted to go but I was working at Colonial Williamsburg-a few co-workers from there and said it was awesome, but there was a similar wait. Even if it was the outside, at least you got to see it and make a day of it.

  6. Melissa

    Great pictures! Love the one of Samson in front of those awesome doors. He looks like such a cool little dude in those sunglasses.

    And love your outfit :)

  7. fanny

    You saw the Hermione! Yeah!! it has been built in my hometown in France. I m so proud that you saw and like it . My little girl said it was a pirat s ship!
    Love from France

  8. bri

    i love that pistachio ice cream. my mom and i always have some when i’m visiting her. and i have that sonnet james dress on repeat like every other day. love love love!

  9. Bev

    That lobster roll looks divine! One of the things about living in Utah, I have yet to try an amazing lobster roll like they are back east. Beautiful pictures :)


  10. E’s dress is so cute! Wish they had it in adult sizes!

  11. Lara

    Love the Seaport! We went down there for the first time in easily 10 years on our most recent trip to NYC and it was so much fun, and way different than I remembered! We even got to ride on one of the sailboats :-) (I forget the name, but it was one that was built in the late 1800’s). I’m not sure what it would be like with three little kids, but I would highly recommend it! The crew even let us help raise and lower the sails and explained every step of the process. (Tickets are sold at the Seaport Museum.)

  12. Rachel

    My littlest brother was always smothered in kisses by us too! We just loved him so much :) He turned out pretty great too, so I guess it was a good thing ;) Beautiful pictures!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  13. I just love South Street Seaport. Every time I visit NYC I make sure to stop by. Love all your photos–what a great day!

  14. hanna

    This looks like so much fun. Love your family. –Hanna Lei

  15. Amanda

    Cute post! This is unrelated to the post but I can’t leave it under the NYC guides. Would you be able to suggest areas that are safe for a family to stay within the city? We are looking at airbnb places and I’m trying to narrow down the neighborhoods. It’s hard to know the neighborhoods so where do you recommend or areas just to be cautious of? Thanks!

  16. How fun! That ship is gorgeous! We have a similar one here in the San Diego bay — amazing. Also, I am with you on the Pistachio icecream — one of my weekly guilty pleasures. :D

  17. Jenn

    Haagan daz pistachio ice cream is my all time favorite! When I was pregnant my husband went on tooo many searches to find that flavor

  18. I love your pictures, what camera do you use?

  19. carly

    We have made the same mistake with our little one too…..but popsicles, ice cream, or anything sweet always seems to be a good “make up for it” treat for us too!
    Dresses & Denim

  20. Naomi, your family is just so adorable! I always love seeing pictures of your little ones. Looks like you guys had a blast


  21. Denisse

    Did you say Haagen Dazs pistachio ice cream? Yum!!

    Lovely family time :)

  22. Lovely photos of your family! I tried pistachio ice cream for the first time earlier this week when friends came to visit. It was fantastic and I am still thinking about it. And I’ve been asking people if they’ve tried it!

  23. Chelsea

    I love the Seaport! I used to live right down the street from there. If you haven’t already, you should try the waffles at Waffles and Dinges. The Liege waffles are to die for!

  24. Solène

    Hello Naomi! I am French and I have already visited several times the hermione, where the boat was rebuilt in the town of Rochefort. All persons who worked for Reconstruction were volunteers. And part of the crew that made the Atlantic crossing as well. I almost commit myself, but I get seasick! ^^ It’s a shame you did not get on. but it’s still great to have seen the boat with masts and sails! :)

  25. Jenny Austin

    i am a new follower of your cute blog and had a blast looking at your pics of a wonderful weekend in New York…. I used to visit New York along time ago but now live in North Carolina…. By the way, can’t wait to try the pistachio ice cream…. Sounds delish…..

  26. Johanna

    Hi Naomi! Im sad to hear that you and you’r family didn’t get the chance to go onboard Hermione. I was one of the sailors during this time (just came back to Sweden after spending 7 weeks onboard the ship sailing up the east coast). Would have loved to give you a tour of the ship. Maybe next time :)
    Had a great time in NY, thanks to your NYC guides! – Johanna