a view at the very top!

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hi! we arrived in colorado a few days ago and it’s GORGEOUS here! and can you even believe it, we needed coats this yesterday morning when the kids woke up and went outside for a bit before breakfast! what?!

anyway, i’ll share more later but wanted to share a bit from last monday when we visited the observatory deck at the world trade center in the city. we visited the memorial last year and had a really special experience, so we’ve been excited to go back to see the tower with the kids and the incredible views of the city now that it’s finished.

those views of all of new york at the very top are something else! the elevator ride up though might have been our favorite part. it’s maybe a 45 second ride, literally blasting you up to the top!

here’s a few photos from our monday there…


oh man, the bottom of my shoe in this photo. welcome to new york. :/


ps, my shirt is from here. and i had to buy it in both colors cause it’s making all my nursing dreams come true.

mon4385mon83875mon94764here is a shot of eleanor in the elevator on the way up. they show a pretty incredible time-lapse video that shows what the view from the elevator would have looked like over the last 500 years.
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these views are just breathtaking! after all these years living in this crazy beautiful city, i’m still in awe of it every day. i feel like samson every time the subway train is approaching the station, haha! he freaks out and his jaw drops and he even starts to clap! i’m the same way every time i’m in a tall building that has any sort of view of new york.

mon7984365mon74832mon05876eleanor’s sweet shirt is a new version of the hot dog pretzel NY top! i mean, lo mein pizza NY? yes please!

mon864also, we are suckers for food shops and had to stop by their little dining spot at the top. this guy and his pretzels!mon9576mon9458756can’t believe these three beautiful children right here are mine and also, that they are growing up in this incredible city as their home base. all of my loves in one picture (well, josh is off to the side, and there aren’t any chocolate chip bagels in this photo either, so never mind…. a few of my loves in one picture.)

  1. Paige

    The views from the new tower look amazing! It’s definitely at the top of my list of things to do the next time I’m back home in NY!


  2. Rae

    This is so cool! I went to NYC last summer and my boyfriend and visited the 9/11 Memorial, but I wish we would’ve went up into the One World building! Those views!


  3. Melissa

    These pictures came out great! We went to the Baltimore observation deck last Spring and it was great, we definitely have to get out to the NYC one. Have a good weekend :)


  4. Amy

    The family pjoto on the right is a gem. :) Happy weekend!

  5. Conny

    Best view i have seen in a long while!! I hope to go to NY someday soon! :-)


  6. I remember going to the top of the Empire State Building, so I’m pretty sure this view would blow my mind! Such beautiful photos and a wonderful composition with your two littles looking down at the city.


  7. hanna

    Those cat ears are too cute –Hanna Lei

  8. Seeing this view is definitely on the top of my bucket list (despite my fear of heights lol). I love being a part of your family adventures. You guys are beautiful!

  9. Allison

    Oh I would just love to go and visit NY. We are hoping to make a trip to the east coast to DC and then hopefully to NY-it’s been my dream to visit and spend some time there.

    Thanks for sharing the fun pictures.

  10. Tamara

    İM surprised to see the selfie stick didnt make an appearance! Of all the places! Greetings from Turkey?

  11. Felisha

    I haven’t been to the world trade center yet! I’ve only heard good things about the experience AND that elevator though. I need to check it out soon.


  12. Imogen

    Hi Naomi, these photos turned out beautiful! Just wondering where you got your jeans from?

    Have fun in Colorado

    Imogen x

  13. Kristin

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city and family!!! Love all your pictures always, and a chocolate chip bagel??? Sounds amazing!!!!!xoxo

  14. I’m enjoying follow you on snapchat, your kids are so so cute <3 and it's so inspiring to see ass you allow how your children to be free, like that day in which Conrad was crawling on the floor, because some mothers are quite boring because of germs.
    I hope to be a good mother as good as you are for your kids <3<3

    Sending love from Brazil xx

  15. Rachel

    What a fun experience for your little family! I’d love to take my family and visit someday :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  16. Queenie

    Oh my god, I need E’s t-shirt! SO CUTE! xxx

  17. Melanie

    Stunning. I love the pics of the kids lying down looking at everything under them.

    Also, thanks for sharing the link for the shirt? Is it true to size, or did you have to order it a size up to have it be drapey enough to feed in?


  18. Acacia

    I could almost feel the sensation of being high up just looking at these photos! What a lovely little venture/outing to embark on with your little ones. :) xx

    blog | acacia rachel

  19. You have such a beautiful family!! The photos look amazing too – one of my new favorite bloggers for sure:)x


  20. alex

    Eleanor is getting so big!

  21. carly

    Looks incredible and the kids seem to be loving it
    Dresses & Denim

  22. haha naomi… i’m a bit far from starting a family, but your posts are so uplifting and children adorable. What I really come for are the semi-true statements (i.e. your last few lines in this post… you’re so funny)! ha xx


  23. Looks like you guys had a great time and your kids look extremely happy!

  24. kim

    great photos! looks like a fun family day. :)

    midnight snark

  25. Ashley

    That very first picture is the cutest picture of your kids that I’ve ever seen. Just adorable.

  26. Margaret

    I am a NY to SF transplant and was in NY last week and visited the tower. Beautiful. Who makes Conrad’s cute little camo shoes?

  27. Sierra

    Such a beautiful family!


  28. Amanda

    So fun! Where are Conrad’s shoes from?

  29. Your family is so cute! I love the last three family pictures. Also, I’m super impressed that Samson & Eleanor were so chill with the whole glass floor thing!