a few days in DC!


i spent the last few days in DC with conrad! i went down to host a dinner (which i’ll share more about later!) and brought conrad along since he’s still breastfeeding and little and thought it’d be fun to do something with just the two of us. we took the train down and had the best time wandering around my favorite old blocks and neighborhoods and of course eating all my favorite food while we were at it.  a few photos from my iphone…


my big boy on the train heading down! he’s a great little travel buddy, i’m so proud of him. and since my hotel had a TV, i watched the men tell all episode of the bachelorette live, which is a show i’m kind of obsessed with this season, so it was fun to get to watch it in real time (i usually catch up on it online during the week here and there while i’m working on other things.) i’m almost embarrassed at how invested i feel in this season. like, i think and worry about the show way more than i should.  what is happening to me!?


the night my train got in, conrad and i dropped our bags off at the hotel and marched ourselves straight over to capitol hill.  because, probably my favorite neighborhood ever, and i miss living there more than you know! it was ridiculously hot outside and we were pouring with sweat, but i couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


also, speaking of what is happening to me!… i bought a selfie stick. WHAT! seriously, what is happening to me.  i am loving it! but i have to say, people that use these things have skills you guys because there is a seriously learning curve i am still trying to figure out. i ended up attaching it to my stroller (which was easier than holding the stick and conrad) to get this picture. haha! it’s a process.


most of my selfie stick pictures looked something like this. still figuring this whole thing out. but just wait, cause i have no shame. i’ll get this. the best moment of the trip had to be when i was awkwardly holding it out in georgetown trying to snap a photo and these two girls walked by and were all, “um. do you want us to take a picture for you?” ha!




even with the scaffolding, the capitol is so pretty. and so is that good lookin’ burger and shake from good stuff. IT FELT LIKE THE OLDEN DAYS.



and now, onto the important stuff. 2amy’s…. what i really came to DC for. (just kidding. but after the hosting dinner thing that brought me down to DC in the first place, this was definitely second on my list of important matters.)




the morning after my dinner, we stopped by the sculpture garden to explore and see friends!


deb27bfbf just a little baked and wired love!

and a little carousel on the national mall love, too.  can you believe after all those years living there and visiting since we’ve moved, it was my first time on that carousel? wish there would have been more time to see and do everything, but hope to be back soon! thanks for being so good to us, DC. i love you!

  1. Alex

    Suvh a lovely post! Your trip looks amazing; i would LOVE to visit DC it sounds like an amazing place…
    Your photography is stuning as well:)x


  2. You have no idea what I would do to see you holding a selfie stick with conrad! I love the photos of you two! Glad you were able to show Conrad around the old stomping ground and SO excited to read about your experience with Google! x

  3. Emma

    Aw, such beautiful photos! Little Conrad is looking bigger in every picture! Yikes, they do grow so quick. xx

  4. What a fun trip! You and your fam are such a travel inspiration!

  5. Jenna

    Love DC! What a fun time to hang with just one baby. I’m wondering where you got his awesome shoes? Do you size up? Wondering what to get for my almost six month old…

  6. Andrea

    Ohhhh baked and wired. A DC MUST! Seriously, those cupcakes can do no wrong.

  7. Crystal

    Washington is by far one of my favorite places I’ve visited too! Your pictures make me want to go back soon to experience it with my children! Glad your trip was so great!

  8. Melissa

    These pictures are beautiful! Love how sometimes the best pictures can just be causally shot on an iphone. We won a selfie stick in a raffle recently and will probably be just as confused when we go to use it on our vaca!!

    We LOVE visiting DC, the houses are gorgeous. The pic of the brick house with the flowers in front is just the best. It’s so fun seeing you go back to all of the old places you used to blog about… it must be surreal going back years later with Conrad!


  9. Amy

    I’d love to visit Washington. Do you have any hotels you recommend in the area – or a certain part of the city that a tourist should stay?

  10. Erin

    You always mention 2Amys… I haven’t been to DC since I was younger but if I ever go, I feel like that might be my first stop.

    Also The Bachelorette!!… my roommate and I can’t get over it either! SO GOOD! We definitely have thirty minute conversations about it on the regular. Not sure what you think, but I’m not a fan of either of the guys left. I was definitely Team Ben H.


  11. carly

    I love DC! It’ my favorite city and you guys look like you had a great time. That train looks amazing. I had no idea they were so comfortable for travel
    Dresses & Denim

  12. Danielle D.

    Oh how I miss DC! I spent the 1st 10 years of my life there and it was awesome. I’ll have to check out some of those dining places. DC has definitely grown since I’ve lived there (I live 2.5 hours away now, but with work it’s hard to make it up).

  13. steph

    I went to grad school in DC and loved living near Adams Morgan for all the ethnic cuisine. My sister, the world’s pickiest eater, came to visit and we went to 2 Amy’s. She STILL talks about it and I won’t disclose how many years ago that was ;)

    Glad you had a great time. I kinda miss it there…

  14. Jenn

    It is so fun to follow along on Snapchat! Little Conrad is a hoot!

  15. vicky

    haha I’m cracking up at you saying you’re so invested in that show. that’s how most of us on here feel about YOU and your fam ;) i’m through the phase of having to explain to my friends anything anymore, they just assume I “got it from Taza”… slightly embarrassing but I, too, have no shame!

    this trip looks so fun and peaceful. you don’t hear of moms (well, maybe in the South you don’t because we all seem to travel in packs, ha!) going out alone with just the baby for trips. i sincerely hope i am brave enough to do this because it looks SO fun. a special trip for you and Conrad.

    i have to say though, that pizza is looking awfully small! and that means ms. Eleanor and mr. Samson are missing! ;)

    love your photos, as always.

  16. Karen

    Hi Taza, let me start by saying your family is adorable, i love to follow y’all on IG, i read your blog religiously and i love your style =]. Ok now that that’s out of the way, i have noticed your love for hats and i found an etsy shop that makes the cutest, affordable and from i can tell, well made hats so i thought to share with you =]

  17. Glenny

    what a special time for you & Conrad. love the photos! thanks to you I just put DC on my list of places to visit. :)

  18. Emily

    Conrad just looks like the happiest baby ever in every picture you share!

  19. Rae

    What a fun little trip! You two look like you had a great time :)


  20. Samantha Rose

    Oh my goodness! I totally cracked up when you were talking about the Bachelorette because I’m the same way with this season! I’ve never been a big fan of this show, but this year I’m totally hooked!

  21. bri

    oh, looks like you had a blast! what a nice little adventure with just one little ;)

  22. Paige

    I just love DC! We went all the time when we lived in north Carolina and it’s one of my favorite cities to venture around in! I laughed so hard about your selfie stick problems! I haven’t gotten one yet, but I can only imagine I wouldn’t be too graceful with it!


  23. Madeleine

    Beautiful pics as always! I love DC too! Do you ever get to see Kingsley when you go back? :)

  24. candice

    Looks like a lovely time! Do you have any tips for hotel stays with little ones? How are you casually lounging about, watching the Bachelorette, while a baby is in the room? Please, give me your wisdom! Also- I’m sad she sent Ben H. home because I thought he was the best catch! :)

  25. yandary

    I love that all of YOUR favorite DC places and all of MY favorite DC places are the same! :)

  26. aman


  27. Rachel

    I so need to get a selfie stick! This looks like such a fun trip :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  28. rach

    i love your bravery!!! I am inspired. you really are a rockstar Naomi!! Taking a 6 month old out for the weekend by yourself in another town! on the train and such! HOW FUN! And MAN Conrad is just getting so much cuter by the MINUTE! (ALL The heart eyed emojis going on here)

  29. Jenna

    i used to live in DC and miss it so much (although Acqua al Due beats 2Amys in my book). i also live on the UWS now (small world), and have a really important question for you- WHERE do you get your hair highlighted? i’ve been searching for somebody to go to.

  30. Kaelin

    Hey Naomi! How did you manage to find someone to watch Baby Conrad while you were going to the dinner? It’s something I struggle with when I attend conferences!

  31. Helena

    I was really hoping I’d run into you and Conrad! I’ve been following you for a few years now, though it was after you moved to NY. Hope you enjoyed your short visit in DC.

  32. kellie

    I love the sculpture garden!! I can’t believe the scaffolding is still up- I was there in November and it looked the same.
    I adore your style. You always look so great.

  33. Katie

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I am so happy that I did! :)

    Also I am way too invested into this season. I say I am never watching this show again but then I always LOVE the new contestant so…

    Happy Thursday and thanks for making your space so lovely!

  34. Adrianna

    Aw, such beautiful photos! Little Conrad is a hoot!

  35. Maja

    Cool trip! Conrad is smiling all the time – he looks like a very happy baby :) Well, all of your kiddos are having a great childhood, great job! :)
    x M.

  36. Rachel

    Loved this post, and the selfies with Conrad are totally adorable, and really quite well done actually!

    Rach // illustrated-teacup.blogspot.co.uk

  37. Megan

    How adorable are this pictures?! Little getaways with littles are the best

  38. Lou

    I’m moving back to my hometown of D.C. after a year in Seattle and was a little apprehensive/on the fence about leaving the PNW. After seeing the pictures of your and Conrad’s trip I couldn’t be more excited to get back! <3

  39. Amber

    I love your love for food! How do you stay so thin? =) You have such a great blog. I recommend it to all my friends!

  40. Kelly

    I went to Georgetown so those pictures give me such nostalgia and this is an adorable trip for just the two of you!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  41. Estela

    Ok Naomi, now show us your cape… You are Superwoman!!! Hahaha. Really, you have such a disposition!!! You should have 5 kids!! Love your family!

  42. You have the most adorable travel buddy that I have seen! :) It is so lovely that you are making that kind of trips with him! I am jealous! :) My kids can’t really behave when we are in public and I gave it up to travel with them alone. Their daddy should be with me. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed the post! You are so wonderful! All the best!