win a trip for 2 to nyc and $1000 for shabby apple! (CLOSED)

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to celebrate shabby apple’s new beautiful sausalito collection, we’ve teamed up to giveaway a trip for 2 to my favorite city in all the world… NEW YORK CITY!!!

the winner will receive airfare to nyc for 2 people, a 2 night, 3 day hotel stay and a $1000 gift card to shabby apple to shop for a few fun outfits in preparation for your upcoming trip! you’ll also get to row boats in central park and enjoy a meal together at the iconic loeb boathouse, all thanks to shabby apple!

see details of how you can enter to win at the bottom of this post!

in anticipation for this fun giveaway, josh and i had lunch at the boathouse a little while ago and rowed a boat together in the park.  it was a fun afternoon date, just the two of us. one of our favorite things to do in the city, as it’s something we’ve done a few times over the years and still doesn’t get old. i felt fancy in my big sun hat and beautiful dress. i’m not kidding when i say four different people complimented me on it in the park.   a funny side note, but on one of our very first dates in new york city some 9 years ago (!!!!), we ended up in central park and climbed up on these large rocks near the lake and talked until it was dark. i had no idea in the slightest on this outing together that we’d be married a year later and have three kids 8 years later, but what do ya know! it’s all working out great. we actually walked back over to those rocks at the end of our afternoon together last week and i reminded josh about something i said there, and something he said back, and we laughed.  gosh, keep journals you guys! they are GOLD sometimes when you start to forget things as the years pass.  journals don’t lie.

anyway, a few photos!




^^^the loeb boathouse in central park! it’s such a fun spot for a fancy meal because you are in the smack middle of central park, and get to sit right along side the water taking in such a great view of the city.^^^

shabby5 shabby10^^^so we ordered the sliders burgers to split and we were rather impressed! if you go, order them! delicious!^^^

shabby8shabby11 shabby1

^^^by the way, i felt like a pretty big deal when josh kept telling me how good my form was when i rowed. ;) compliments from a man who has spent many years of his life on a crew team made me feel extra special. also, let’s talk about this pretty exposed zipper because it’s one of my favorite things about this dress.^^^


and last but not least, GIVEAWAY DETAILS! there are a couple different ways to enter!

to enter to win, visit shabby apple and then comment below telling us which dresses you’d choose for your upcoming trip!

you may also enter to win over on instagram by following @shabbyapple’s instagram account and commenting on this instagram and tagging a friend you’d love to come along with you! you may enter as many times as you’d like on instagram, but only tag one friend per entry (you can also just write out someone’s name, i realize sometimes a significant other or good friend you’d like to bring along might not have an instagram handle!)

the giveaway will close next tuesday, june 23rd at 12pm eastern. the winner will be chosen at random from both the blog and instagram entries and contacted directly.

like i mentioned above, the winner will receive airfare for 2, and a 2 night, 3 day stay in the city! the winner will also win a $1000 gift card to shop for their upcoming trip, plus a meal for 2 at the loeb boathouse and a complimentary boat rowing experience in central park.

ps. i’m wearing this shabby apple dress from the sausalito collection.

good luck!!!

  1. Lauren Poklar

    I would love to head to New York with my sister :)

  2. natalie edmondson

    nixie dress green looks cute!!!!

  3. Stephanie


    You all are wonderfully generous for offering such an incredible experience for two lucky people. I’ve commented on your instagram(s), but I wanted to leave a more in depth message on your blog–something not really suitable for the plethora of instagram tags. I can’t begin to express how utterly amazing this trip would be for my boyfriend and myself. We were actually planning to visit this summer, but due to some unplanned events, this will no longer be possible. We were planning to visit some universities and explore the city, as we’re hoping to relocate to NYC in another couple of years or so. This trip would mean absolutely the world to us, and allow us to plan for our lives together that much more. I could go on and on spouting off about the trip, but I’d probably end up leaving you a novella, so I’ll just end it with a simple ‘thank you ‘ Thank you for your consideration and for your time.

    Stephanie and Jacob

  4. Myriam Vasquez

    I absolutely love the entire Sausalito Collection!! My absolute favorite item from the collection is the Catalina Skirt!!! I don’t have anything like it in my closet. It’s ideal for a casual outing and it looks like such a fun piece to wear. Definitely very feminine and I love it!!!! It would be so cute to wear for a picnic date!! ;-)

  5. Sage Hall

    I would probably get the Cora dress! Love it!

  6. Stephanie

    I was trying not to take up too much room and seem to have forgotten which dress I’d choose! I absolutely love the ‘Pippa’ dress. Not only is it timeless, but it’s so lightweight seeming and would be flattering on multiple body types. All of the dresses are beauts, but that one–hands down–is my favorite! This is an amendment to my initial message, oopsies! Again, thank you so very much.

    Stephanie and Jacob.

  7. Myriam Vasquez

    I forgot to mention that if I am the lucky winner, I would love to take my best friend Rebecca Reitzammer to share this great experience you and Shabby Apple have put together. Thank you!!

  8. Rachel

    Oh I love your blog. Have been following for years. You’re basically the one who made me want to have kids so soon because you convinced me that I could still have a life after children ! Nyc has always been a dream vacation for me!! You make it look so amazing <3

  9. Rachel

    Totally forgot to put which dress because I was so indecisive.. love the Saylor, Isla and hali dresses…. hm probably the hali dress because I’ve never seen anything like it before !!

  10. Harmony

    The Cora Dress! This would be amazing!

  11. Elizabeth Chauca

    I would get the Catalina skirt or anytime wrap shirt in seafoam.

  12. Hooray for another day of entering the contest!
    While I love the Catalina skirt I think the Nixie Dress in green, is fabulous. I’d love to pair it with my naturally red-hair and plus it has pockets! Pockets in dresses make the world go round! Couldn’t be happier about that, unless I was wearing it in the big apple!
    Cheers to making Paul’s and my dream come true!

  13. Kyndra

    The “Mia dress” screams NY to me!

  14. Jenni

    The Talis jumpsuit! Love jumpsuits right now.

  15. Lee

    Day at the Park Blue, with the Lavender Prince Dress coming in at a close second!

  16. Ayana

    Oh nooo, last time I commented, I think I got wrong with the collection!I hope I can leave more than one comment!I LOVE summer strip dress!!!but if I win, I will also get the Arielle dress, is gorgeous!

  17. Larissa

    Hi Taza!

    My favourite is the Greenwich Dress in silver. Would look amazing paired with a bright pop of NARS lipstick! Or a fun statement necklace. Have a lovely day!


  18. Kim

    The Catalina skirt is so gorgeous! Crossing my fingers we win a little babymoon!

  19. Mariz

    The Pippa! So beautiful! I would love to prance around NYC with it and my boo!

  20. Burgess

    The Cora or the Pippa would be spectacular! Trying hard not to be a frumpy mom these days…..this would help a lot :)

  21. Virginie

    The Mia dress and the French Quarter look gorgeous, I would probably choose them!

  22. Chloe

    I love the Raine Dress!

  23. Chloe

    I live in Oregon and have always wanted to go to New York but have never had the chance. Also the nixie dress green is one of my favorites!

  24. Luca

    The Green Central Park dress is my favourite!

  25. Marta

    Dana Grey :)

  26. Nicolette Zah

    I think my mother would look lovely in the “Cordelia Dress.”It is a perfect dress for my mother who just celebrated her big 40th birthday. I am sure it will make her feel as beautiful as she is on the inside.

  27. Tiffany Minjauw

    Hi Taza!
    Hard to choose from so many beautiful dresses! I would be so excited to wear the bonheur dress in white, or the magenta moments dress. They’re stunning! xx Tiffany

  28. Christina

    What an amazing giveaway! You, Josh and the littles make NYC look fantastic. I’d choose the Pippa or Carlsbad dress, but they’re all so lovely. Thanks for the chance!

  29. Zuzana

    Hali Shirt with trousers are beautiful! but also Wooster Skirt Mint is one of my favourite to the city:)

  30. Brit

    Oh I love the real Beaut! dress… When I find something I like, I tend to buy it in every single color available! :-)

  31. Annalise

    I would def choose the Saylor dress!

  32. Patricia

    I’d choose the Prince dress and Central Park (yellow!) <3

  33. Beth

    Nixie Dress green for sure!

  34. Rae-Anne Leonards

    Thanks for an awesome give away!! I love the PB Sands dresses. My favorites are the Malibu Blue and Summerland Navy. :-)

  35. Deb Roberts

    I would love to wear the Saylor dress from the Sausalito collection while rowing in Central Park. One of my favorite things to do in my hometown Seattle is kayak around Lake Union near Gasworks Park. My husband and I have been trying to get to New York for years!

  36. Elisha

    Thank you Taza and shabby apple for this awesome giveaway! New York is a place like no other, and I would love to visit again with my marina dress!

  37. Jessica

    I like the Rio, Saylor, Roxy, and the one I can’t remember! Arg :) back to browse the site again

  38. Andrea Morter

    I would love to wear the Marina Dress and also the Nixie dress if I won the trip to NYC!

  39. Nice Hali dress, Taza! I’m loving the Catalina Skirt from the Sausalito Collection from Shabby Apple!

  40. Ashley Daniel

    I would choose the saylor or Hali dress. So pretty.


  41. Erin Diaz

    I’m loving that Hali dress you’re wearing Taza! So chic and different!

  42. Madison Mikhail Bush

    This give away is such a dream! My husband (of a month today) and I are dreaming to go to New York! Riding in a row boat in New York? Can’t get better! Of the dresses, I’m drooling over the Marina dress. Hoping for the best!

  43. Kaley

    NYC is my favorite city in the world! Been a challenging couple of months, having been chosen by a birth mom to adopt her child and having her change her mind in the last couple of weeks. My husband and I could use some time together in my favorite place!

  44. J

    I wouldn’t wear the dress.. but my girlfriend would look wonderful in the Cora Dress! It would be the perfect trip..

  45. Sarah Bellomy

    Honestly I absolutely LOVE that Hali dress you are wearing or the nolita dress-rasberry! 1000 to shabby and a trip to NYC, talk about a dream! It would be so amazing to go shopping and visit the met and MOMA and art all over the city!

  46. Mackenzie Herring

    I went to NYC for the first time over spring break this year and fell in love. I <3 NYC

  47. Conny

    The Magenta Moment Dress would be gorgeous!