styling short hair!

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here comes a post all about short hair! i’ve really been enjoying mine these past few months, especially during this post-partum stage where i’ve lost a lot of hair after conrad’s arrival (always so fun how that happens! just kidding.)

i’ve got my short hair styling routine down to just a few minutes! i wash my hair at night, so i don’t have to blow dry my hair, but let it air dry while i sleep (probably the biggest time saver). then, i toss in a bit of product to help give it some volume and texture and use a curling wand to twist several pieces different directions to give it a wavier look.

since i’ve been asked a bit about how i’m styling my hair (although truth be told sometimes i feel like i’m winging this every morning as it grows to new lengths or has moments where it’s super stubborn cause it’s enjoying having a bad hair day) here’s the rundown of what i’m using and how.

garnier fructis dry shampoo
no matter if my hair is super clean or on day 3 of no washing, with my shorter hair, i’ve been using a bit of this every day. my hair is naturally fine and straight and flat, and this really helps give volume and allows the curl to stick.

lulu organics hair powder
i’ve mentioned how much i love this product before. i’m still using and loving it. i use it primarily around the roots of my hair around my face to absorb any oils and dirt throughout the week on day 2 and 3 of not washing my hair. (i can’t go more than 3 days but this stuff saves me until then.)

duck bill clips
with my hair shorter, i section off the top part from around the middle of my ears up and hold each section of hair up with a few clips while i work on the bottom part. i give the bottom part a lot of product (the texture spray below and dry shampoo) to help add volume so it gives the top portion of my hair more to sit or lay on.

remington curling wand
i don’t curl my entire head, just section off 2 inch chunks of pieces and curl away from my face with the curling wand. i don’t wrap the entire chunk of hair around the wand, but leave the last inch of my hair extended past the curling wand so it stays straight and doesn’t make a complete ringlet. i also only hold the piece of hair around the wand for a few seconds, so the curl is barely there. i brush through each curl with my fingers and spray a little more texture spray around my head.

big sexy hair volumizing and texturizing powder
with bangs, there are days i love them and days i wish i didn’t have them.  on the days i don’t want to wear my bangs down, i part my hair on the side and throw the bangs back across my forehead.  i swear this volumizing and texturizing powder is the only product that holds my bangs back out of my face when i don’t want them there. it works so well and it’s genius.

kevin murphy hair resort spray
and this is the crazy amazing texture spray i have used with long and short hair. i love it.  can’t get enough of it. works like a charm and smells like heaven.

there you have it! i think we can all agree that short hair (bobs, lobs, pixies and all) is having a big moment right now. the only bummer i can really think of about about having short hair, is having to always style it.  you think it’ll be easier to manage and keep up with being short (and it can be, to a degree), but gone are the days of being able to throw it up into a top knot and calling it good.

but it’s just hair, and i believe hair is made for changing! what should i do next with mine? ;)

  1. Lauren

    i’ve done the whole short hair thing for just over a year and i have to say i am totally done with it! ha! long hair is so much easier to handle, i managed to get all my hair to stay in a top knot the other day and there was so much joy in that. ;) the beach spray sounds interesting though, i’ve been looking into buying something like that. might give that one a try!

    • TAZA

      haha! i hear you! i’m excited for the day it fits back up in a top knot! rock one for me in the meantime! ;)

  2. I am a total short hair convert! I do a similar routine, wash at night and just blow dry for a few quick minutes. Sleeping on it gives it some night waves too ;) I’m using a wand also and some similar products, but I LOVE new suggestions so thank you!

  3. Wendi

    I think the style you have now is SUPER cute! My hair is similar – both in texture and style – and I cut it myself a few months after I had my daughter. I always loved your long hair, too, so maybe you could grow it out again and try for long layers or something? Either way, you’re adorable! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Christian

    Hi!! So, the texture powder with your bangs… Do you rub the powder onto your bangs and push them to the side? Or do you blow dry them to the side and THEN use the powder? Does it make it look greasy? Thanks and love your blog so much!

    • TAZA

      i just brush my bangs over to the side and then put a little powder on my fingers and comb it into my hair. the powder is white but blends into your hair color as you comb it in and it makes your hair feel dirty, but definitely not sticky or greasy. it holds my bangs complete in place really well!

  5. Emily

    BANGS RIGHT. I’m going to have to try that volumizing and texturing powder when my bangs are being a pain. I haven’t found what works for them yet, so maybe there is hope!

    • TAZA

      i have tried a few and this one is my favorite because it works!

  6. Mollie

    I think that Garnier dry shampoo may be the next one I grab after I finish my current one! Also, that curling wand is the BEST.

    xoxo Mollie

  7. Kaitlin

    What size curling wand do you use? The .5-1inch or 1-1.5 inch? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      the 1 – 1/2 inch!

  8. Danielle D.

    I have natural curly hair that has to be flat ironed for it to be straight. I think the shortest I have gone is the current length of your hair now, but I couldn’t leave it curly.

    I like shoulder length (straight) or a medium length right past the collar bone works because I can still put it up like in a pony tail, some kind of braid hair style or a bun/knot (maybe not one too high, but you get it.) I can also leave it curly without it being too bushy.

    Also, a medium cut does a good job of framing the face while not being too overwhelming like too long hair can be (my ex-boyfriend pointed this out last summer when my hair finally grew back and he was totally right, lol).

    As you stated earlier, it’s just hair, so if it’s too long or short, just give it a few weeks and you can change it. It’s kinda fun. :)

  9. Chelsey

    love these tips! Your short hair is so cute, it makes me miss having mine shorter:) it dries so much faster too and for moms that’s a big bonus! Thanks for sharing!

  10. elizabeth

    this couldnt have come at a more perfect time. chopping my off in 2 hours :)

  11. justine

    People tend to think shorter hair is easier – it’s not! Love the product recommendations -seems they would work well for all lengths! Definitely want to give that powder a try.

  12. Jamie

    Great tips! It’s pretty inevitable that as soon as I chop mine off, I want it all back!

    • TAZA

      lol. SAME.

  13. jess

    oh, I am definitely going to have to try that powder for my bangs as well!
    i am growing out my short hair right now in hopes to have long hair by the winter! :)

  14. Michelle Blanco

    I love your daring hair moves! I am also easily hair-bored and currently have a short bob as well. I could totally see you rocking a Louise Brooks type bob with the super-short bangs. Also, you could totally do a wild color artfully done in teal or pink!

    • TAZA

      the teal and pink hair! i wish! it’s super pretty for sure.

  15. Jenn

    I love how you style your short hair… But i just can’t cut my hair. I have spent too many years growing out my mane and I just can’t jump on the ‘BOB’ train. But I do love to use this wand! That wand has saved me from many many bad hair days!

  16. Bridget

    Love your picks! My hair is about the same length and I always love seeing what other women use. I am obsessed with the Batiste dry shampoo — it’s so good! The cool and crisp scent is my favorite.

  17. Kayla

    Hi there, which size curling wand to you have– the Large (1 to 1 1/2) or the Small (1/2 to 1)? I’ve always wanted a curling wand for my short hair but never know which size to get.

    • TAZA

      i’m using the 1 to 1/2 inch!

  18. Lexie

    Thanks for the tips! It’s funny how the grass is always greener on the other side, huh? I love your new shorter style!

  19. thank you for the tips! i just ordered almost everything on your list… haha :)

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  22. Melanie

    I use the same dry shampoo and love it! I’ve also been looking for a beach spray, I just might have to check this one out!