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you all know how much i do not contribute when it comes to cooking in the kitchen (baking is another story! someone’s gotta keep the cookies coming when the chef in our house doesn’t eat treats with added sugar!) but even with lacking a desire or skills when it comes to kitchen-anything, i do love me a good blue apron meal. maybe because i’m usually cooking something i’ve never cooked before, and how can you fail with step by step instructions and all the farm fresh ingredients delivered, in their exact proportions, right to your kitchen?

we’ve loved partnering with them this year to share some of our favorite blue apron recipes with you! a few weeks ago, we made chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella and spinach-zucchini pasta. it was a hit! (my favorite food right now is chicken parm sandwiches, so naturally, it was right up my alley.)  you can find the complete recipe right here.

also, if you haven’t given blue apron a try yet and would like to, the first 100 readers will receive their first two meals free while signing up! just click here. and good news for those of you in texas! blue apron just launched their meal service in your state, and now ships to most of the country.





^^^ps. special thank you to my sous chef, mister samson rex, for always wanting to help in the kitchen! we’re becoming expert measurers and pourers and hopefully we’re building a love for exploring and creating new dishes in the kitchen that will last though adulthood!^^^









this really was a good one.  we also tried this unreal beef dukobbi with quick kimchi and sugar snap peas maybe a month or so ago and it was so good! definitely something we would have never made on our own and something we are wanting to make again! you can find the recipe here if you’re interested, as well as all recipes here!

thank you to blue apron for partnering with us on this post! and also for kinda sorta making me enjoy my time in the kitchen every now and then. ;)

  1. Bambi

    That looks yummy! Also, I find it great that you let your kids participate in the cooking process …especially true for the boys- it’ll make them better men!

    Love from Germany,


  2. Emmy

    Such a good concept!! So lovely you allow your kids to engage in cooking even the more complicated dishes!


  3. Agata

    hi Davis Family!

    ohh holy moly, it looks so delicious! yumm, now I’m hungry ;)
    that’s so sweet when you and your littles are cooking together. really love it ;)

    take care, xoxo

  4. This looks so good! And so much fun that Samson loves to help in the kitchen! He’s going to be a great man :) <3

  5. You look absolutely amazing!!

  6. I am SO EXCITED I’m actually getting my first delivery this weekend! I have been on the waiting list for months…(Texas lol) so I cannot wait. I’m actually trying to surprise my husband and make it something fun we can look forward to doing together after work ;)

    x. Morgan /

  7. Melissa

    I just signed us up to receive the 2-person meals!

    I have been hearing so much about Blue Apron, but was always concerned about whether or not it was worth the cost. But lately, my husband and I have really been wanting to start cooking with healthier, fresher ingredients. I’m very good at following a recipe, BUT my trouble with cooking is thinking of things to make – I never feel like researching new recipes, and since I’m a picky eater, nothing every looks/sounds good to me on paper. But I think trying out Blue Apron will be worth the cost to know we’re eating healthy, and the added convenience of having all of my meals/portions picked out and ingredients delivered right to me. And I think this will finally start forcing me to try new things I have never thought I would like…

    Thanks for writing about this again, I finally bit the bullet and signed up!

  8. Megg

    Love this idea! Looks easy and delicious!

  9. This is so perfect! You look amazing and I love seeing little hands in the kitchen :) Love blue apron!

    Warm Regards,

  10. Mary

    I’m all signed up and SO excited that Blue Apron finally has made it to Texas! Thank you for securing us this great deal. I love love love following your sweet family. If you have any interest in following a Texas family, please visit my fledgling blog:

  11. Natalie


  12. Chelsea

    It’s been far to long since I’ve got to get good and caught up here on your blog. When nursing or blogging myself, I’m a daily reader- but since becoming pregnant again, seems to be only at dr apts that I get time to sit and read everything! Just wanted to tell you, how inspired I continually am by you and your sweet family. I don’t know how you manage to keep up with it all, but it really is such a beautiful thing to get to see and read about. Anyway, thank you- for always encouraging me to document more, to put on lipstick sometime, and to enjoy this incredible time of motherhood:)

  13. Dulce

    Looks very yummy!!

  14. Emily

    You are so photogenic! Also yes to the exact measurements. The worst part about cooking is having to measuring everything, or start cooking and then realize you’re missing an ingredient lol.

  15. dby

    Thank you taza for sharing with us. Iz Looks quick and easy – Perfect for a family meal!

    love from switzerlan der

  16. vicky

    looks great! so excited it has made its way to Texas!

    irrelevant question: do you have blush on? (if you don’t, i’m jealous ;) ) if you do – where from? pretty!

  17. Kristin

    Yummy….looks so good!!! I love your little helper too!!! :) xo

  18. dby

    thank you taza for sharing! looks quick and easy – perfect for a family meal :).


  19. Felisha

    I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend that Blue Apron is the real deal for so long! I’m definitely going to show him these photos for proof of how yummy these recipes turn out to be! Fingers crossed he goes halfsies on this with me :)

  20. Abbey

    This food looks delicious. But, girl, YOUR TEETH! They are perfect. Hashtag smile envy.

  21. Tiersha

    I do not like cooking or having to plan meals for my family. This just might be what I’m looking for. I can’t wait to receive my first meals next week!! Thank you!

  22. Maura

    Naomi I know it isn’t pictured here, but can you say where you got that little multicolored rug in your kitchen? I’ve been looking for one just like it – I think maybe west elm? But can’t find on the site. Thanks in advance –

    • TAZA

      it’s from urban outfitters several years ago!

  23. Katie

    HI! Wondering what brand/ color your lipstick is? It’s gorgeous.

    • TAZA

      it’s pink me up by maybelline!

  24. hanna

    Always love your blue apron posts! –Hanna Lei

  25. Lindsay

    I think you mean dukbokki – even after living in Korea for almost six years, I still can’t get past the texture. Too chewy for this gal :/

  26. Kara

    hi naomi! just admiring your pretty nail polish! would you mind sharing the color/brand?

  27. Paige

    This looks super yummy! We’ve tried blue apron a few times and it’s always been a great expirience!


  28. Anne Morehead

    That picture of you looking down while cooking is a spitting image of your daughter. Clearly she is going to look exactly like you, lucky her :)

  29. Bre

    I would love to have the Carlsbad dress. It is so cute and could be dressed up or down. I love this giveaway!

  30. Maggie Faldmo

    I really want that gift card and trip!

  31. Maggie Faldmo

    It’s been on my bucket list and in my dreams to go to New York City! I also absolutely love Shabby Apple! It’s so cute and NYC is so exciting!

  32. Maggie Faldmo

    I just want to go to NYC so badly!

  33. Maggie Faldmo

    Please let me go to NYC!

  34. Jyl

    This looks so yummy and healthy ! I can’t wait to make it !! Thanks so much for sharing