happy father’s day!

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happy father’s day to all the wonderful men out there that do so much!

i truly believe the influence of a “father” in one’s life is huge. i’m thankful for my own dad, for his optimism and sense of humor, for his love for adventure and family, and for being there for his kids… always.

i know the little ones and i feel extra lucky to have such a good man in our home who treats his role of “papa” with complete dedication, respect and love. he’s a really really good dad and he just adores his babies and i know they adore him back.

this last year has been such a big blessing for us in the sense that – as josh and i have worked hard together on our smaller businesses like this blog of mine for 5 plus years now, we were able to do something crazy last year as josh decided to resign from his corporate job to come into the home and work full time along side me on love taza and our other endeavors we have worked hard at and keep working hard at, as well as raise the kids full time together each day.

it’s a rare set up, and we count our blessings every day that we’re able to have this chance, and for the time it give us to spend together with our kiddos in this season of their life.  we feel very very lucky, and i especially feel it as i watch josh juggle the business side of love taza, our collaborations, and other projects and ideas we have tried and continue to work on…all while helping with the kids in the home every day. i know he really loves being able to work each day and spend time with the kids each day — teaching them and being there for their milestones and building relationships with them that he hopes will endure their whole lives.

we sure do love you, papa. thanks for your good attitude always, your energy and enthusiasm for everything, for your patience and for making each of your kiddos feel so special and loved, everyday.

happy father’s day!!!

  1. Allison

    Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Aube

    Happy father’s day to all the cool Papa in the world! xoxo

  3. Mckayla

    You have such a beautiful family! It’s so awesome that you both can be with your kids and work from home, it’s something I hope I can do with my future family! I love reading your blog and keeping up with you guys. Happy Father’s Day!

  4. Ola

    You’re right, it’s really importnat to have a father that you can rely on but who also shares with you his laughter and time. I am that lucky to have a papa like this. My husband is doing the same thing to our son and it melts my heart when I see them play together and just hang out together.


  5. Melanie

    Happy Fathers Day! I think it speaks tremendous volumes to your relationship and teamwork that you’re able to be/work together full time. So glad the kids are able to experience that. :)


  6. Ellen

    Happy father’s day! I feel so happy for you both and your kids that you are lucky to have the setup that you do, being able to spend so much time with your kids, both of you! And that you fully appreciate it. Enjoy :)!

  7. Carly

    You guys are definitely blessed to get to be self employed and work from home with each other and your kids everyday! That is wonderful
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  8. Sarah

    What a sweet and special post! Father’s are such a huge important and special part of a family. It’s amazing how you guys work so well side by side and grow your business together. You’re kids will look back one day and really appreciate it!!

  9. Benta

    What are some of the other projects you guys are working hard on?? Would love to hear more! You guys are just the luckiest! Happy Father’s Day!

  10. Kelly

    Happy Father’s Day Josh! Perhaps you could do another guest post?

    xx Kelly
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  11. Nice post. It just explain how much your dad influence on your growth.