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a few months ago, the talented katie rain reached out to see if we’d be interested in having some family photos taken while she was in new york, and after spending a solid chunk of time stalking her beautiful images on my phone while nursing conrad at maybe 1 or 2 in the morning, i couldn’t write back fast enough.

the day finally arrived a few weeks ago, and i can’t tell you how much these images mean to me. we like taking pictures, but it’s rare we get a shot with all five of us, let alone anything decent. we took off to the park early one morning to meet katie and snap a few pictures. she’s just the sweetest, eleanor has asked when our friend katie is coming over a few times since. :)

sheep’s meadow and new york city’s sky line made for the perfect back drop for these images, and how fitting, considering that after our family, this city is both josh’s and my second greatest love.

a few photos…

LOVETAZAdavisfamily1 LOVETAZAdavisfamily001LOVETAZAdavisfamily002LOVETAZAdavisfamily003LOVETAZAdavisfamily2

LOVETAZAdavisfamily6LOVETAZAdavisfamily14LOVETAZAdavisfamily8LOVETAZAdavisfamily15LOVETAZAdavisfamily7LOVETAZAdavisfamily9 LOVETAZAdavisfamily3thank you so much again for these beautiful images katie! we will treasure them forever.

my dress is c/o of kate spade new york. hat is from asos. shoes are old from anthropologie and my lipstick is ruby woo by mac. josh’s red tie is by j. press. eleanor’s dress is from polarn o. pyret and samson’s t-shirt is c/o piccoliny nyc.

  1. How awesome are the photos in Central Park with the skyline in the background?! Especially the one with Samson in the air, so perfect! :D Now I’m going check out Katies website, she seems to be a great photographer, that’s for sure.

  2. she did a beautiful job – what a nice capture of the whole family in the city. love the pops of red!

  3. Johanna

    These are beautiful!

  4. These are so wonderful! I think my favorite is the one with Samson so high up in the air! Really beautiful :) Thanks for sharing!


  5. Laura

    Oh my gosh, these photos are the best! What a beautiful family. xo

  6. bridget

    they’re SO GOOD. i can’t imagine how early you had to get up for that sort of light and no one else in central park. GO DAVIS’S.

  7. OK HOW CRAZY is it that there’s nobody in the background at Sheep’s Meadow? I can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like the city really was your playground for that photo shoot. This series was so fun and endearing to see! Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are great! I love how she incorporated your fun personalities, as well as your “home” into all the photos. <3

  9. Vickie

    such gorgeous photos!

  10. amanda

    such pretty photos- they are so picturesque with the most beautiful city backdrop(s)!

  11. These are absolutely beautiful! The action shots of Josh and the kids are slightly terrifying, but that’s the best part about dads ;) Love your dress, you are gorgeous!

    Warm Regards,

  12. Jessica

    These pictures are gorgeous. What wonderful memories to keep forever!

  13. megan

    These pics are amazing!! She definitely captured the family love!!

  14. Molly

    These photos are SO stunning and wonderful! Beautiful shots of a beautiful family! I’ve been following your blog since before E was born, and it’s been so amazing to grow up with you guys and feel like we’re all your friends through your writing and pictures. Thank you for letting us in on a little piece of your everyday life!

  15. Melissa

    Beautiful! Those shots with the city view in the background are breathtaking! These came out great :) Love the pop of red from your hat.

  16. Hikari

    WHOA! These pictures are gorgeous with that skyline in the back. And Sampson caught some serious air with that toss! haha. Love it. (and that hat)

  17. Susana

    I love the simplicity and authenticity of these photos. Just lovely!

  18. Emily

    oh my goodness! These pictures are so adorable! What a wonderful opportunity to capture your family at a wonderful moment such as this!

    Emily //

  19. Emily

    Beautiful family pictures! I am a first time mom of a 6 month old and I was hoping you could do a post about your baby’s sleep schedule/daily routine! I would love that! It would be so helpful! Thank you!

    • TAZA

      i’ve started jotting down a few notes about our kids sleep schedules, especially since conrad arrived! i’d love to share at some point. it’s difficult though since every baby and family is so different, but i will try to share soon!

  20. Ariel

    Great photos Naomi! And the NYC backdrop is just dreamy,…

  21. Felisha

    Is it weird that I wish I had someone who could throw me into the air as high as Josh throws Samson? That looks like SO much fun.

    These photos are as beautiful as always – and I think we can all agree here… #FamilyGoals.

  22. You guys are so photogenic, such a beautiful family!! What keepsakes. :)

  23. Rachel

    These are so so lovely.

  24. Linda

    Beautiful photos! :)

  25. jenn

    These photos are just spectacular! It is so hard to get photos of central park when no body is around!

  26. Laura

    When seeing photos like these, I wish I could see them bigger for some details. You take such beautiful photos and in general the quality of the photos you use on your blog are just perfect – these from the photographer looks spot on, but it would be perfect if they didn’t come out that small on the screen. Maybe I just need glasses ;) Haha.

    Laura //

  27. Alyssa

    These are gorgeous! I love the city in all the pictures! I, too, love NYC. I used to go a few times a year with my dad. So many great memories. I’ve never lived there but I would in a heartbeat. :)

  28. Loving your dress with the red hat!


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  29. yandary

    Beautiful photos, beautiful family! I really love that you wore a hat for these! :)

  30. vicky

    beautiful fam!

  31. Julia

    Oh my these photos are just amazing, what a beautiful family you have and what a talented girl Katie is! I just love the one of Samson so high up in the air, I think I’d get a fear of heights that far up :D


  32. Roxana Baker

    These photos are beautiful!! You and your cute little family are he cutest!! Me and my husband are actually going to New York on Monday next week and we will be there until Friday! It was my Mother’s Day present for me! What are the top/must see for the 3 days that we are there? I want to make the best out of this trip!!! Also we will have our 4 month old baby with us


    • TAZA

      what a great mother’s day present! you can check out my nyc guides on the tab up on the top of my blog! endless options and hard to narrow it down for if i don’t know you personally and what you like or are drawn to! hope those guides help a bit! have so much fun!

  33. Carrie

    Simply joyous!

  34. Bridget

    Gorgeous photos! What a great time in your lives to have captured forever. (PS I’m definitely stalking Katie’s Instagram!)

  35. hanna

    These photos are so cute –Hanna Lei

  36. Kristy

    Great pictures! I love the one of Elenore and Samson looking at the skyline! Beautiful!

  37. emi

    unreal darling!!!


  38. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, this photos are absolutely stunning and you must have been there SOOO early to have no people in the Meadow!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  39. Nicole

    That hat is absolutely fantastic. It’s not something that I would usually think would work, but I find it absolutely charming for those family photos. So darling!

  40. Goodness! That wide shot of Samson in the air is INCREDIBLE! I hope you blow it up and frame it :)

  41. Oh Hey! blog

    That backdrop… and that lipstick…. What absolutely brilliant family photos. I love that you aren’t all wearing white shirts and posing on a beach. These are natural, true to you, and gorgeous!

    Megan ||

  42. olivia

    Wow Josh is athletic! Beautiful family, those pics are to keep forever…

  43. Jenna

    I’m so glad to read your above comment that you will post about sleep and daily schedule at some point! Every family is definitely so different which is why I love getting a variety of ways people do it with their kids. Especially living in a big city! I only have one son right now but it’s hard to figure out life in the city with a baby. Can’t wait for that! Gorgeous pictures also!

  44. Brandi

    Would you believe I sat down today at the computer to plan a trip to NYC, and in my searches this blog and post came up. I was wondering where the best place would be for photos…I can see now! What gorgeous shots! My gosh is your family lovely, but really you stole the show! How lovely you are!

  45. Kristin

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I loved them all, and the background was simply amazing!xoxoxo

  46. Frances

    I saw a beautiful picture of your kitchen table! I was wondering if that red bike on the wall ever comes down! Such a cool idea. Love the wall color btw!

    • TAZA

      thanks! we store it up on the wall since my last two bikes were stolen when locked up on the street. we take it down when i take it out to ride, but keep it in our place. :)

  47. Jill

    I LOVE ruby woo by mac. One of my all time favorites. Have you tried some of the other retro mattes? I have a feeling you’d dig them! (Relentlessly Red and All Fired Up are two of my go-to’s right now. Love your blog!

  48. Lindsay

    I’ve been following Love Taza (well, The Rockstar Diaries) since before E was born! Thank you for being so consistent and true to yourself and your followers. I’ve never commented before but felt so compelled to-seeing how far you and Josh have come! Thank you for being such a positive, honest, humble presence on the Internet!

  49. My heart has skipped a beat looking at these beautiful photos! I love them!

  50. Queenie

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!