balboa island!

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we just got back to new york from our california trip about an hour ago! it’s 2-something in the morning and all three kiddos are sound asleep in their own little beds (well, conrad is asleep in our bed, but ya know.)  josh is sitting close by doing some work at the table as i’m writing this from the sofa. our apartment is semi- clean (i tend to stay up the entire night before we travel scrubbing my apartment so i can come home to a clean place and be like, “ahhhh” when i walk in the door) and there is this butterfly-y feeling in my stomach right now that i can’t shake.

i think i’m just happy to be home and also, going through these photos from our afternoon on balboa peninsula and balboa island made my heart so happy. our little family always tends to have a lot of fun together, but this particular afternoon was just gold.  all three kids were having the best time, we ate our fill of frozen bananas from dad’s and taking our rental car across the water on a ferry was such an adventure for eleanor and samson, that it felt like the biggest adventure i’ve ever encountered, too!

a few more photos from this day in california…






^^^so we also did this jumping thing in santa monica the week before. eleanor and samson talked about it nonstop afterwards so when we saw they had one on balboa peninsula, they were over the moon. infact, samson kept declaring as he jumped, “i almost touch the moon!” how they have not inherited my fear of heights is beyond me.^^^



^^^the views from the top of this ferris wheel were something else. and also, the seats rocked back and forth like crazy with any sudden movements and i tried so hard to mask my fear so my kids wouldn’t feed off it, but i was truly panicking inside.^^^



^^^broke his first tooth the other day and killing it with that grin! we cannot get enough of this tiny little dude.^^^




^^^riding the bucking shark at the fun zone and looking sharp while doing so. this papa is the funnest.^^^


^^^the sunburst is hiding it, but i was trying to show off the fact that i got my hair into a freaking TOP KNOT the other day! i might have had to use twenty million bobby pins to do so, but a top knot nonetheless!^^^




^^^embarking on a trip across the water with our car! the kids didn’t understand what was going on until we were half way across the water. it’s a super short ride, but we pulled them out of their carseats and out of the car so they could get a better idea of what was happening. once it clicked, the “wow’s!” and “oh my’s!” were very sweet.^^^




^^^the frozen banana’s from dad’s were really great. so was the balboa bar! i had to try both. ;) ^^^



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^^^i’m not sure if this day will be one the kids and josh will remember forever, but it most definitely will be for me. i have a lot of fun with these guys.^^^

ps. i took these pictures with my canon 6D and used my portrait lens the entire time (it’s still my fave.) my shirt is from anthropologie and sunglasses by karen walker.  josh’s striped shirt is from jcrew. eleanor’s shirt and shorts from zara and her headband from shop (she’s so obsessed with wearing those headbands it’s pretty cute.) both of their shoes are teva’s. samson’s dinosaur tank is an oldie from bit’z kids and conrad’s sun protective shirt and pants are from patagonia. :)

  1. That picture of Conrad smiling is killing me! He’s so cute!
    I’m glad you have such a wonderful day and those frozen bananas look yummy!

  2. oh it seems like you guys had such an amazing time!! So happy to see that and gosh Conrad looks just like baby Samson! I love how adventurous your children are too :) I’m looking forward to more of your West Coast posts because I’m in the midst of planning a trip! x

  3. AGATA

    hi Davis Family!

    it’s good to see that you’re having fun together! a photo of E sits on the shoulders of Josh is my favorite, just too cute!

    take care, xoxo

  4. Mallory

    I love that blown out, sun-behind-you look to the pictures! It seems that both you and Josh are talented photographers. Looks like it was a lot of fun in California, thanks for sharing about your family trip. I know the feeling of not being able to wait to upload pictures…it’s like Christmas morning!

  5. Claire

    Beautiful photos as always! That smile on Conrad! Just melts your heart.

  6. india

    Hi Naomi,
    Sorry to be a pain but was wondering if you could tell me where your colourful top with the cute neck ruffles is from that you were wearing on the boat ride with Condrad? I saw it on Josh’s instagram and looove it!! I’m sure you’ll put the details up on a blogpost soon but just thought I’d ask incase no one else had yet!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures of your cute little family!

  7. Jessica

    Your kids ALWAYS look so happy!!! You always capture the perfect shot of them.

  8. nanette

    sounds fun! we are heading over to california next week, so i’m excited to see what you guys got up to whilst there!

  9. josie

    so adorable! your kids are beautiful and so are you! I absolutely love this post. the photos make me so happy! thank you for sharing them!

  10. George Bluth

    Tell Josh: “There’s always money in the banana stand!’

  11. Lex

    Seems like y’all had a magical time in CA. I still haven’t been to the west coast, (Florida girl born and raised, now living in Louisiana.) but it is on my lists of must do’s for my husband and I.

    Especially love this post! The love between your family radiates from your pictures. God bless!


  12. bridget

    such great pictures, such fun family m memories. loving the sun flares.

  13. Joy

    We were just there with the fam on Monday, reliving our childhood memories. Must have just missed you guys! ;) Samson is so brave. My little nephew Winslow (same age) was not interested in that bouncer at all!

  14. hanna

    Looks like a bunch of fun! –Hanna Lei

  15. Clémence

    Oh my god. Your pictures are so amazing ! They feel so much like West Coast :) Love it ! Hi from Europe ! :)

  16. bri

    oh gosh, these photos make me smile. and also super duper ready for the 3rd baby we keep talking about. you all look like you had so much fun in my neck of the woods and you’ve inspired me to get out and play today! thanks for sharing!

  17. marie

    AAhhh I can’t wait for my next holiday with my hubby and kids after seeing your photos! My son also loved the trampoline jump when we had our holiday at Bali, kids are so much more adventurous than us adults sometimes. ;)

  18. Ola

    I love the photos. You guys are heros, 3 littles and you still can do all the things other people tend to limit when they have only one child. Perfect, would love to follow your path as now we’re expecting our second baby and I wonder how to organize our life all over again after it’s birth. I’m super excited

  19. Denisse

    Beautiful pictures! I hope the kids won’t forget this trip! :) enjoyed this post.

    And Naomi, what products do you use to get a good healthy tan?


  20. Kristin

    What beautiful pictures from a very fun looking vacation!!! I hope you all catch up on some sleep very soon!!!! Glad you got home to NY safely!!!xoxo

  21. Sarie

    Awww–baby feet!

    That is all.

    Ok– baby toes!

  22. Amazing photos! I love, love, love Josh’s shirt! At first I was like blazer? hoodie? jacket?! I’ve been on the lookout for a birthday gift for my boyfriend and now I’ve found it!! Ha! Thanks so much! And welcome back home!

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  24. Alexia

    There is always money in the banana stand.

  25. Emily S

    Isn’t the peninsula just so charming!? I love all of the homes with their pretty little balconies. But I’m literally 10 miles away and I’ve never been to the Balboa Fun Zone! Maybe sometime soon!

  26. Ashley

    Conrad being so bald is by far the cutest thing ever, and makes me giggle a little every time!

  27. Nour Al-Gharabally

    Your posts are as usual, an absolute joy! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  28. Audrey

    So pretty!! It’s nice to see pictures of Balboa from a tourists perspective! It’s one of my favorite places here in Orange County!

  29. Rachel

    How fun! I love all of the sweet, smiling pictures of your kiddos :) They look like they were having a blast!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  30. Melissa

    There’s always money in the banana stand! In the pic of your hair in the sunlight, it almost looks like a pixie cut.. And i think you would look amazing with a pixie! Wish I could pull one off.

  31. Wow. Your kids are so adorable! Such a beautiful family! Makes me wanna really go Balboa Island! <3<3<3

  32. As always, gorgeous photos of your trip and your family. I love that you continue to capture and share these moments with us.

  33. Bridget

    What a fun day! I LOVE Balboa island. Always a good time there. That banana place reminds me of the one from “Arrested Development”. So fun!

  34. Karina

    through your photographs i can see the love between your family. it warms my heart it’s so ture and pure! Thanks for sharing beautiful moments like this. :)


  35. Tricia

    Josh’s outfit is ON POINT! (insert fist pump emoji)

  36. Korin

    I have the same camera lens and I LOVE it, but I’m curious, how far away do you have to stand from your family to get these gorgeous shots? My one complaint about my lens is that it’s so zoomed in, I have to be at least a couple yards away to get a good shot. How in the world do you take photos in a restaurant? Is there a trick to it that I haven’t figured out?

  37. Paige

    These pictures are all so incredible! I wish I had an eye like you for photography! You guys look like you certainly know how to have fun!


  38. Sinead

    Conrad is just the happiest looking little baby, he’s adorable!

  39. Emmy

    Love this!!!! The opportunity to visit Cali would be great!

    With love from the UK x

  40. Emma

    Cutest family ever!

  41. Elaine

    Love these photos and all the fun shining through them!
    I have that portrait lens, and can’t seem to make it work the way you do. My pics come out blurry except for one sharp focal point.