a few new favorite apps for kids, round III

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over the past several months, i’ve had a lot of fun sharing which children’s books and apps for kids we’ve been loving and using in our home.  we’ve added a few new apps to our list, and while we try to limit iPad time for eleanor and samson, i think there are so many helpful and educational apps out there that maybe they can be of interest to you as well! whenever we gear up for a big trip, we usually try to find a few new ones. the list below are a couple new apps our family has liked the most this last month or two:

toca nature
as you might be able to tell from our past round ups, we are kind of loving everything toca! josh actually found this one around earth day back in april and i really love the emphasis on taking care of our earth, by planting trees or feeding the animals.  eleanor especially loves this one.

shape builder
this sort of app is pretty much the next best thing to an actual puzzle for a toddler. and since traveling with toys or games that have several pieces like puzzles is a nightmare for me, this app makes everything easier. it’s really simple and basic, but the kids love it!

crazy heliumbooth
ok, so maybe our entire family loves this one! it takes video of you and can distort your face, change your voice and also speed up or slow down the video to make it funnier. we love the helium voice the best, and my phone is filled with the kids doing impressions of anything on this app!

touch and learn
i like how this app encourages the kids to learn new emotions and expressions. there is so much more out there than just happy or sad, and since i am a visual learner myself, i think it’s nice that this app shows pictures of expressed emotions, like angry, hurt, proud, frustrated… the list goes on and on.

PS. our first list of children’s apps HERE and round II HERE.   any new apps for the little ones you are loving these days?

  1. Laura

    I don’t have any recommendations, but do have a request. Would you mind doing an updated post on traveling/packing with 3 kids? We are about to have 3 little ones about as many years apart as yours, and was just wondering how you handle traveling with and packing for kids at different stages (in diapers & potty-trained, do you bring a stroller, car seat, etc.?) We have done a lot of travel, both domestic and abroad, with 2, but with 3 I feel I’ll need to step up my game! We also an upcoming trip to L.A. and Maui planned so I look forward to visiting some of your recommendations. Thanks in advance!

    • TAZA

      i’d love to! still learning the ins and outs with three! definitely harder to do just the carry-on method! good luck to you with your upcoming tripS!

  2. Mary

    This is SO helpful. We’re taking a trip next month, and I feel better already knowing that I’ll have these apps as a last resort on the plane! Thanks for doing the legwork for me.


  3. Paige

    Thanks for writing this! We’re going to be traveling the next few weeks with our kids so this is going to be super helpful!


  4. Carly

    Me and my hubby were just saying we need to find some apps for our toddler for our next long plane ride. Perfect timing! Thanks
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  5. Rachael

    Will you be announcing the winner of your NYC trip giveaway?

  6. Rachel

    I can’t wait to use some of these apps for my little girl! Thanks for sharing :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  7. Rachael

    My comment was not approved?! Will you announce the winner of the NYC trip giveaway soon?

    • TAZA

      hi! i’m just now getting around to approving comments! the nyc giveaway winner was selected at random and contacted directly by shabby apple! thanks for entering!

  8. Jessica

    I am actually an children’s app designer in the Bay Area so I hear about all the great ones for kids. Our favorite for my almost-3-year-old are Sago Mini – especially the newest Toolbox app! These ones are so interactive and clever and the graphics are just lovely!

  9. hanna

    Love your little app reviews. –Hanna Lei

  10. Awesome apps. My son will love them. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Valerie

    I love these lists. They are so helpful. My kids ALWAYS want to play on my phone. I don’t always let them, but when I do I need new, fun, and educational. Toca Nature sounds right up my alley too. :)


  12. Shelby

    These are so cute! I want them for MYSELF, haha! But I guess I will pass it off for the nieces and nephews. ;)

  13. You guys should do a Love Taza kids app! Something travel related where the kids can travel and learn the states & continents!

  14. anelieze

    We’ve liked Ocean and Weather by Marco Polo a lot.