4th of july favorites!

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one of my favorite things about summer is celebrating our country’s birthday, which is this coming saturday!  i always get emotional singing the national anthem and seeing everyone out waving their american flags or crowding together to watch fireworks or light their own sparklers in the evening because it makes me feel nostalgic for the traditions my family had each year around the 4th growing up. i’m grateful  for these kinds of traditions that differ for everyone around this time of year, but still bring us all together in some way as we all feel gratitude for being in a country where we have the privilege to be free.

so every year on the 4th, dressing my family all match-matchy in red, white and blue appropriately just seems like a fun and necessary part of all the celebrations! (see here, here and here.) you know, it’s the important stuff like what we’ll wear that keeps me up far past my bedtime at night. (kidding! i’m totally kidding.) ;)

a few festive favorites for this year below:

1. striped tote2heat wave lipstick3. round tortoiseshell sunglasses4. striped shift dress5. salt water sandals6. sorella dress7. superga canvas sneakers8. skipstich sun hat9. arizona platform slide10. river island sunglasses and 11. v-neck kaftan dress

  1. Lisa

    Love the picture! Samson looks so very excited! Happy 4th of July to you Americans :-)

    Love from Germany and a peak at our brand new site:


    XO, Lisa

  2. Paige

    I love the fourth of July too! It’s my very favorite holiday! I’m loving those white shoes and sunnies you picked out!


  3. Rae

    I’m loving that red floppy hat!


  4. hanna

    Love your shoe picks. –Hanna Lei

  5. FGL

    Love this post. We love the 4th of July over at Fit Green Life, too!

  6. I also love the 4th of July! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate our nation with family & friends. Watching the fireworks with other families by our local river at night never gets old. I think the striped tuxedo shift dress, the saltwater sandals, and the river island sunnies make the perfect ensemble.

    Happy Monday

  7. Felisha

    So cute! Where’s your favorite spot to celebrate the 4th of July in NYC?

    It’s my first year here (I’m alone, eek!) and I want to make sure I keep myself busy.


  8. Bridget

    Love the 4th of July (mostly for the food :P)! Love the saltwater sandals — so good for being so affordable!


  9. Tine


    We’re travelling to New York from Copenhagen tomorrow and we look so much forward to celebrate 4th of july in your beautiful. But we would love to get some sugestions on where to go and celebrate it. We have two kids (1 and 4 years), and we hope you can tell us whats not to miss on saturday.

    Thank You and an early happy 4th of july :)

  10. Tine

    *beautiful CITY ;)

  11. Oh Hey! Blog

    Oh my heart, her little jumpsuit!!!!!!!! I love how much Americans celebrate 4th of July, I want to be involved! (Australian’s can participate too right??)

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  12. Ali

    This is getting me excited for our family traditions! And yes, we do matchy matchy red white and blue too!

  13. Danielle

    Your children are adorable!

    Great selection! I especially like the red hat and the dress.