where the day will take you.


when you head out together for the day without definite plans.  the weather says occasional showers but you ignore it and go (without the umbrella.) it only rains once in there for maybe 5 minutes anyway so you’re already winning.  it’s fun to see where the day will take you… a few different playgrounds, meeting up with old friends and running into others, wandering around neighborhoods while stroller naps happen and sampling a few different dishes as you go. this city comes alive for me in these warmer months and i feel more alive, too.

a few photos….


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busted out my old saltwater sandals that are seriously going on their tenth year of life for me and holding out strong.  also, didn’t even notice until i uploaded these images off my camera and saw this one larger that my foot and shoe is completely covered in something gross.  just hope it isn’t poop! but also, this is new york city. most certainly probably definitely poop.  awesome.

summer in the city! means cleavage! cleavage! cleavage! (ps i miss you regina. where have you been?!) it also means the prettiest contrasting colors in every direction you look.


might agree with this sign.




we are good at finding any excuse to go to popbar just because it’s a treat papa can enjoy with us and also, it’s just really yummy. first time trying the watermelon popsicle (i usually dip mine in as much chocolate and nuts as possible) and there’s something to be said about fruit all by itself, with nothing added. it’s kind of amazing.

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this four year old! she gave the opening prayer in primary at our church on sunday all by herself and both her papa and i had to sneak into the back to witness it. it was the sweetest thing. she’s truly growing up and i’m so proud of the little girl she is becoming.


best buddies. (most of the time.)


she’s usually on the ride board these days since samson and conrad are in the stroller seats. but it is new york, and we do tend to stay out all day sometimes walking miles and miles.  so sometimes when i wear conrad, she sits in the seat and i just love how lady like she’ll be crossing those cute legs and sitting so proper.  also, baby birks. they are also the cutest thing.



up from a solid 2 hour nap and not quite sure if he’s ready to play yet.  i’ll just hang out here for a minute. okay samson! you do your thing.


kati roll for lunch.

qw8349g qw87483wf

playground hopping! ps. my linen pants are from anthropologie and i’ll probably never take them off this summer. because they are airy and forgiving and fun and i just like em. a lot.


we split a grilled cheese sandwich on the way home and it’s funny how your taste buds change over the years. for years, i hated grilled cheese. and i still just prefer the most basic and traditional kind if i do eat it, but yeah, it’s grown on me.

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balloons at the playground! and balloons filled with water, too! a bajillion thank you’s to the parents clever and fun enough to bring those along and also bring enough for all the kids. it was cute to see a group of about 7 or 8 littles all huddled around the drinking fountain trying to fill up their water balloons, and then race to wherever their nearest parent was to have them tie the balloon knot. good times were definitely had.

also, we definitely tested our good luck on this day by staying out til the kiddos bedtimes and the train ride back home was epic.  lesson learned. be home before 7!

ps. my lipstick is heatwave by nars. my hat is from madewell, t-shirt is an oldie from zara. pants from here and sandals here.  conrad’s hooded onesie from bit-z kids and eleanor’s dress and samson’s burger t-shirt c/o of kira kids. their baby birkenstocks from zappos.

  1. Hanneke

    Looks like a fun day!
    Lovely photos too!

  2. Melissa

    Glad you all had a good weekend! That grilled cheese looks to die for – I’m also a fan of the plain, classic grilled cheese.

    That first mother-daughter shot is awesome – Eleanor always looks so happy alongside her mama :)


  3. I love so many parts of this – those sandals I’m eyeing in pink for my July trip to Portugal, I loved Regina Spektor so hard back in 2007 (she’s so great and adorable – I’ve seen her perform twice – you must!) and someday I hope to have little kiddos in New York City and will be looking back on these posts to see how you do it with so much fun and grace xoxo

    Warm Regards,

  4. Oh these pictures are so precious! Especially the first one <3

  5. Chelsea

    We had a go with the flow weekend too! It turned out to be the best one we have had while we’re traveling Australia :) We’re planning a move to NYC soon (fingers crossed!) with a toddler and I love seeing all of the little things we have to look forward to on your blog!

  6. Jenn

    I miss Regina too!

  7. Emily S

    Where do you go for those awesome fries? I’m so sad that Pommes Frites on 2nd Ave burned down (not that the deaths in that explosion weren’t far more tragic) but that was my go-to place for delicious fries in the city. I hope they get a new location up and running by the time I’m back in August.

  8. Nanette

    wonderful photos! bright lips look incredible on you!

  9. marie

    I love travelling and just hanging out with my hubby and kids with no definite plans too. Actually that’s what we do on most weekends, haha. Anw cute photos as usual! :)


  10. Sara

    We are perpetual wanders with no real destination on most outings either. My 4 year old’s favourite colour is yellow and she loves bananas so that dress may have to be purchased. Thanks for including the link to it.

  11. Mollie

    I’ve never tried La Frite!! I have tried Pom Frites but I heard that they closed. So glad there is another option!

    xoxo Mollie

  12. Jess

    sounds like such a great day!
    i love how you document and make the most ordinary of days so adventurous and special for your littles! :)

  13. Sarie

    Ah…springtime in the city. Countdown to summer!

  14. where is that kati roll from?!?

    • TAZA

      from kati roll! in the village!

  15. Melisa

    Love this post.. A casual day out. Makes me want a little family of my own haha.. Seriously though 8))

  16. Lydia

    Haha, whenever I walk through the streets in the summer here in New York, I ALWAYS sing ‘Summer in the city… means cleavage cleavage cleavage’ in my head! Good to know I’m not alone :)

    Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing!

  17. leslie

    hi! where is your daughters darling pink headband from?

  18. Kristin

    Just love NY in the Fall and Summer!!! Your pictures are amazing, and your family is beautiful as always!!! Thank you for sharing!!! PS…love the pants and sandals…poop and all!! ;)

  19. Julia

    Oh my, those baby Birks might just be the cutest thing of all time. And, I think your kids are more hip than I am!

    Love this post so much, and drooling over that grilled cheese. And it’s crazy how fast they are growing up!!



  20. Sonya

    I wish I had your camera skills. great pictures and a great day!

  21. Lisa

    Sounds like a wonderful day out. I find between weekend sporting commitments and Church sometimes it takes an extra effort to squeeze in a whole day of unplanned fun.
    Do you find living in an apartment the kids need to get out more or they will climb the walls? Interested to know how you handle two kids and a baby sleeping in one room, my hat is off to you lady. I had a toddler sharing with a baby and it was okaaaaayyy but I quit it as soon as I could. If you need a tip at all, I’d get Samson napping in bed most of the time rather than the pram so you get some quiet time with baby/other child and can rest and recharge yourself :) Of course, I don’t live in NY so I’d probably never stay at home either!

  22. Jessica

    I would move to NYC in a hot quick second. We spent a whirlwind 2 days there about five years ago and that was all the time it took for me to fall head over heels in love. I had always considered myself a country girl, but holy wow! now THAT is a city and I absolutely cannot wait until the day we can visit again. Thank you for sharing these beautiful captures!! Is it okay if I drool all over myself while living vicariously through you?? :)

  23. Ashley

    such a happy family! i wish i could pull off that lip color…stunning!

  24. Pam

    Your kids are ADORABLE, it’s so nice to see such a lovely family :)


  25. Megan

    Looks like a lovely day in the city! Love these warmer days and having one unplanned sounds like a delicious treat!

  26. Taza,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful bits of pieces of life in NYC with your family. I love the good vibe they send out into the world. Motherhood is to be celebrated and embraced, that’s for sure!


  27. vicky

    those pants! so fun!

    love everything else, too. looks like a great day ;)

  28. Hi Taza!
    Can I ask you how is your day?
    thanks :)

  29. Mallory

    Out all day with 3 littles!? Unbelievable! Those kids are primed for some serious adventure. Oh, and you and Josh must have some serious walking legs on you! I love coming here to find inspiration that married life with kids can be the best kind of adventure.

  30. Shruti

    you are beautiful and i love your little family! :)

  31. Sinead

    Looks like a really fun day! Beautiful pictures, as always :-)

  32. sarah

    so beautiful! i love days like this!

    i love my salties and are so awesome now that the sprinklers are back on!

    have you guys ever been to say cheese on west 83rd street? someone recently told me they changed their name to amused nyc, but they have such good drilled cheeses and lemonade!

    • TAZA

      i haven’t! we’ll need to try it!!

  33. hanna

    Those family photos are so sweet. –Hanna Lei

  34. Magda

    Hello Taza! I just love your family pictures. I have followed your family ever since the beginning of the blog. Your kids are adorable and you all inspire me to have a family like yours.
    From where is that pink headband of Eleanor?
    From Portugal,

    • TAZA

      it’s from shop ban.do!

  35. Dina

    Just wondering- where is that delicious looking grilled cheese from?

  36. Lauren

    what I would five to live in new hork with your wardrobe and your figure

  37. Mary Kate

    Hi! I am ABSOLUTELY in loveeeee with your salt water sandals! You have inspired me to buy a pair, even though some of my friends think they look like toddler shoes (which they are but you can totally rock them)! I wanted to ask a quick question about them! I usually wear a 7 1/2, but the sandals only come in full sizes, I was wondering if I should size up or down! Thank you! ps I am in love with your family! I’m 18 and going to Duke University, and I have followed you on instagram for the longest time! I hope that when I am your age, I can be living a half as amazing life as you are! I know that everything looks better on instagram, but really, your family is adorable and the definition of “goals”. I hope one day we can meet! You inspire me! Much love and blessings! Love, Mary Kate