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a few photos from my iPhone from the last week or so… it was a good one!  there was an entire day in there called freaking mother’s day, and my kind husband likes to make it a mother’s day weekend, not just day, so i felt a little bit spoiled and loved extra the past few days.  in fact, i think my kids were catching on, because at one point during the weekend, eleanor asked, “so, when is children’s day?!” i laughed so hard because sometimes i feel like every day is “children’s day” when you are a mother. sweet girl.  ;)

ps. my red dress there is an oldie from anthropologie.


this chunky little dude is 5 months old this week. it’s just too much.  he’s trying hard to get his legs under him when he’s on his tummy as he assumes the “crawl” position! he likes to scoot in that sort-of-pretend-crawl-phase and he is crazy vocal making the silliest and loudest sounds throughout the day.  samson used to make this deep grunting fake laugh as a baby and i’m not kidding, conrad is doing the same thing! i don’t know where he picked it up. but it’s hysterical that both boys have done it.


my man made me a killer lunch of nutella ebelskivers sunday afternoon.  we’re keeping up with tradition over here, and whipping out that fancy pan every mother’s day. thanks josh!


birthday parties for little friends in central park never seem to disappoint. just look at that view! who needs streamers or garlands or any sort of party decor when you have that. am i the most annoying broken record when i keep saying how much i love this stupid city?


i know summer has not officially begun, but it was 80 degrees yesterday and the water fountains are on and we aren’t mad about it.  it’s going to be a wonderful summer of mommy and conrad time as we watch E and S play.


on our way to sheep’s meadow after a delicious brunch at the smith on saturday! ps. we crammed all 5 of us into a photobooth. you can see it here. so silly. hardly any room in there, but we’re busy introducing conrad to what our family loves, and photobooths are high on that list.  it’s almost like he knew what was up, too! it was a good time.

and also,  my highwaisted cropped jeans are found here.  most of the sizes are out of stock now, but more can be found here. i’ve been on the search for some jeans like these forever and i can’t even believe what a good fit these are.


more parties for tiny friends in central park, you see what i mean?! how cute are all those tiny firefighters putting out that pretend fire of colorful cups? and also i was walking a little ways behind josh on the sidewalk the other day as i pushed the stroller behind him. josh was carrying both boys like he is in this photo and as a few ladies passed him they started whispering to each other “that’s so hot! a dad holding babies…” as they walked by me. and i had to laugh! because it’s not just me that thinks this is IT.  reminded me of this hysterical jim gaffigan preview for his new show, which i think i’ve talked about already cause i can’t help it. it’s my kind of humor and it’s what i find attractive.


across the table from me, sweetest little boy. and eleanor representing the davis family strong in an old shirt of josh’s that used to be his brothers before him. we do hand-me-downs right in this home.  i love it.


sheep’s meadow with the family and also, my kids love when there are stacks of free newspapers around the city. they slide out of their stroller so fast to grab their own copies.  the best is when they react to pictures and start telling stories of what they are “reading” around what the image looks like.  samson occasionally will blurt out a “WHAT!” followed by an “oh man!” and we lose it.  but i don’t think anything tops eleanor with her legs crossed in the stroller as she reads.  someone recently asked me, “is it boring?” referring to having a family.  i was a little confused.  it’s many things, and not all of them are glamorous or exciting all the time, but boring it is most certainly not.


and I JUST CAN’T with this photo.  the amount of kisses those cheeks get from josh and me. makes the 2:30AM wake up calls and constant bouncing and spit up on every single article of clothing i own worth it. so so worth it.  :)

  1. Melissa

    great pics, especially the last one! loving the two buns in Eleanor’s hair, it always looks so cute on her. hope you had a happy mother’s weekend! ;)

    Melissa –

  2. Emily

    First time commenting, but I just love your sweet family! I have 3 boys, youngest is 6 months, and I can so agree on the hottness of Dads and the kissability of chubby cheeks!

  3. Such a sweet little update! I love the part about E & S reading the paper.. Man they are growing up so fast! Bless your lovely family & thank you for being an inspiration :)


  4. Jess

    that story and picture of E and S with the papers is the cutest!

  5. Aww such cute photos and stories! When I was little, I used to ask my Mum when children’s day was, and she would reply with “every day is children’s day” haha :)

  6. Emily S

    Yum! I’ve never had ebelskivers but I may have to try to make some! Glad you had a nice mothers day weekend! I love the story about the kids reading the paper haha

  7. hanna

    Your family is so perfect –Hanna Lei

  8. bridget

    such a sweet post of the nothings and the everythings!

    also, you’re pulling off those high waisted jeans like a boss.

  9. Kristin

    Such beautiful, wonderful pictures! I always love looking at them, and now I need to make myself some of those nutella filled pancakes. They look absolutely amazing, I hope it’s not too difficult. I’m so glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, you are surely blessed!
    Love, Kristin

  10. marie

    beautiful family photo! my hubby and kids were extra nice to me during mother’s day weekend and it was wonderful. ;)

  11. brooke

    boring, ha! that made me laugh out loud. it’s true, family life is anything but boring, setting aside some things like changing diapers, whining etc, family life is amazing. you do a great job of portraying that on your blog too.

  12. Naomi these are my favorite kind of posts! It looks like you had the perfect Mothers Day weekend! Those Nutella balls looks amazing. I hope you got them all to yourself ;) And to the person who asked if your life was boring…I think all the time how boring our life is because we don’t have children yet. I know when that day comes my life will finally come alive. You’re living the dream girl!

    x. Morgan

  13. This is beautiful! I love your repetition of “it’s worth it” and I love that Josh did a Mother’s Day weekend – so deserving you are! Love the dress.

    Warm Regards,

  14. Chelsey

    Hi! Lovely little post. I adore the jeans and striped t, I was wondering if you could share where your clogs are from (if they are in fact clogs?) I tried looking through the archives but didn’t find any mention of them.

    Are they comfortable?

    Thanks xx

  15. These photos are all too cute! I love seeing your adventures around the city! And yes! Dad’s carrying babies are hot ;)

  16. ceire

    Such gorgeous photos! Reading and following your blog really brightens my day,it makes me look forward to having my own family one day! :-) x

    Ceire x

  17. So cute your pictures ^^

  18. Such precious pics! Your positive portrayal of family life is so needed and appreciated!

  19. Kelly

    Your kids are adorable, Conrad’s cheeks look so so kissable, and I keep hoping I will run into you and your adorable family in the park!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. vicky

    i love coming home from what feels like the longest day EVER in the history of long days and reading this blog. more specifically, i really love this post. such a beautiful life and i love seeing you be so thankful for it. it’s so sweet to me. looks like fun, Davis fam ;)

  21. Gabriella

    Hi Naomi,

    Loving these additional lines to the photos you post on Instagram. They’re making me smile from ear to ear :)

    Also, on another note. I came across this piece in Refinery29 and thought you might like it. It’s quite old, so maybe you haven’t read it. (It’s about a ballerina’s off-stage style and reminded me of you!)


  22. Brenda

    Hi Naoimi, I’m a long time reader never commenter(sorry). I’m heading to D.C. This weekend with my 3 boys 15, 12 & 5. I’m trying to find the link to a mini guide you wrote for 21st & ivy ? The blog seems to have moved or doesn’t exist anymore. I always loved your snaps of all the great places to go/eat in D.C. And hoped you or other commenters could recommend some fun hidden gems that only the locals know of ? We are a young fun loving music crazy up for anything bunch.

    • TAZA

      hi! i’m not sure what happened to 21st and ivy, sorry that went missing! it’s been so long since we’ve lived there i’m not sure we are up to date with all the best eats and places to visit besides the ones we used to love. you are welcome to search my archives for some of our favorite spots, but i definitely think it’s worth trying to find someone currently in the area that might be sharing online their faves. sorry about that!

  23. Molly

    love the photobooth pictures! is there a photobooth you know of in DC? spending my anniversary there and would love to do this with my hubby, thanks!!

    • TAZA

      hi molly! i don’t think we ever found a photobooth in dc. such a shame! you’ll have to head to nyc next time. ;) have a great anniversary!

  24. KJDL

    I think the same thing when I see my husband playing with or loving on my babies. Nothing could make a man more attractive and desirable than watching him be an amazing dad. Aren’t families the bomb diggity?

    You are an inspiration to me to love myself and my life as it is rather than dwelling on the things I might not have. Thank you for the important reminders!

  25. LOVE that you have s many photos of you with your children. Usually the Mama is the one taking all the pics and doesn’t have many with her children, but you do a great job with that. I need help in that area lol!


  26. I love that! “Children’s Day!” Bless her sweet little heart. I’m glad they spoiled you!

  27. hannah

    Happy belated mother’s day! It’s so funny reading this because my emma asked when “kids day” was so she could get some “adventure shoes” (i got tevas as a gift) and i just thought it was hilarious! also yes on the jim gaffigan everything. he is my favorite. glad i’m not alone when i find my husband super hot playing and devoting his undivided attention to our kids!

  28. aww, sweet little E! in mexico we do celebrate children’s dad (día de los niños) and it’s on april 30th. they make parties in schools and give kids little gifts. it’s nice that they have their own little day just like mommies and daddies do :)
    And girl, don’t worry, if I lived in nyc i would totally say how much i loved it every chance i got as well, haha. those little central park parties look soo cute, too!

    have a really nice day and sleep well :)

    ps. – you totally rock those high waisted jeans ;)

  29. Jenny

    Your family is beautiful! I was wondering what carrier you are using with baby Conrad?