the happiest 3rd birthday for our darling mister samson boy!

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birthdsay2it’s just insane to think that samson turned 3 years old yesterday! how is this even happening?! birthdays are starting to get under my skin just a little bit, because i’m just not sure i’m ready to let my kids get any older. but i’m beaming more than you know with mom pride, because they are turning into the sweetest people. this love continually grows more and more each day for my kids, and i hold the privilege of being their mother the highest honor i’ve received.  i’m so thankful for this chance.

at just a few hours into age three, samson’s favorite color is green. but sometimes yellow, too. depending on how he’s feeling.  if he’s eating something he thinks is delicious, he wants nothing more than to share it with you, and won’t take no for an answer, as he tries to shove a bite into your mouth. sharing, it’s something he really enjoys, which i find so interesting for his age. his favorite book is “we’re going on a bear hunt” which he has memorized. singing, dancing, anything with trains, soccer, firetruck and police sirens, trying to make conrad laugh…. just a few of his favorite things.  he is the first to wake up at our house and every morning walks into our bedroom announcing, “i’m HUNGRY!”  while he and eleanor know how to get on each other’s nerves better than anyone, they are the best of friends, and support and protect one another every day.  he loves his friends.  he says, “that’s my favorite thing in the whole world!” after almost everything. he’ll come up and hug and kiss me and his papa spontaneously throughout the day and we can’t get enough of it.  he’s just the best. i can’t imagine life without him and our entire family is in love.

a few photos from his big day…


awake bright and early, so we opened presents that grandma and grandpa and nana and granddad sent. they were still sleeping so we left them voice messages thanking them and facetimed with them later in the day. we also had a birthday candle in our scrambled eggs, because why not!


we stopped by the toy store so samson could pick out his own birthday present from us! after many walks up and down all the aisles carefully considering practically every toy in sight, it was decided. water balloons and a water pump! “that will make me so happy!” and so that is exactly what we got.


we went straight to the playground to try out our new toy. the water balloons were a hit, although mama and papa need to figure out how to freaking tie those things. that is hard work, i tell you. and my fingers still hurt.



eventually, i think E and S got tired of how long it took us to tie the balloons and decided to just start spraying each other with the water pump. even more exciting!




sweet conrad woke up just in time for lunch. (my kids have a great sixth sense for waking up the moment food arrives to the table, no matter how long or little they have been sleeping.)


birhday2 birthday17

my kids won’t eat sushi but they LOVE edamame so they always ask for sushi because that’s usually when we eat edamame. :)


we took birthday cake and ice cream to central park to eat with a few friends! samson went back and forth for a few weeks between wanting chocolate cake and then sometimes wanting strawberry cake for his birthday.  we compromised by having chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream!



birhtday9 birthday02 birthday04birthday5

to my sweet samson, i love your energetic personality and beautiful smile. i love how you tan like a boss while the rest us freckle and burn. i love how you eat everything (where do you put it?!), sing loudly, talk gently to your baby brother and follow your big sister’s every move! i love how you give hugs randomly throughout the day.  i love listening to you talk, especially when you are telling stories.  i love your deep laugh, the way you can spot every single ice cream truck around this city and how you perk up excitedly each time you hear a siren. thank you for being patient and loving and kind with me. i absolutely love being your mama. i love you eternally.

happy 3rd birthday, my love!

ps. samson’s first big birthday party HERE (we like to throw a big bash for 1st birthdays) and the day he was born, HERE, and a video of birthday cupcake smashing HERE, because baby birthday cake smashing is everything.

  1. Lexie

    I started following your lovely blog before you became parents, and since then, I have become a mama to two littles of my own: my four year old daughter, Sloane, my two year old son, Roman, and now another little boy joining us in November. Your kiddos so remind me of my own! It sounds like Samson’s birthday was everything a three year old boy could hope for. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

  2. Mindy

    what a beautiful post! happy birthday to your sweet boy! I have a size year old & let me tell you know…they will only eat & more as they older!

    I cannot remember the name of the brand, but there is this thing out there that fills up 100 water balloons at once. it ties/seals it too!

  3. Annie B

    Love your succulent table centerpiece! Where are the cube terrarium containers from??

  4. Gia

    Happy Birthday Sweet Boy Samson!

  5. tilly

    wishing you a very happy third birthday samson! you are such a lovely little boy and from what it seems, quit a happy fella too :) you and your siblings really are something special, and the reason i keep coming back to look for new posts on your lovely mamas blog! you deserved such a fun filled day! i hope you had a blast with your family and a few friends… and of course the water balloons! oh how fun! (they really do hurt to tie, I’m with you on that one naomi! ahah!) once again, HAPPY 3RD SAMSON REX! you beautiful, kind soul…. your family should all be so proud of you, as I’m sure they are xo

  6. So sweet! I cannot believe he is already three. I have been following your blog since before the babes when you were all documenting christmas tree decorating as the big event of the year :) So happy to have been along for the ride and for all of the sweet things that have happened for your family!

  7. Goodness what a great boy! I love reading this so much, and how you guys let them make their own decisions, its beautiful to see :) Congrats dearest Davis family with your sweet Samson.


  8. Ariel

    Sweetest Samson, it has been a joy getting to see you grow up! It’s probably going to be weird to you that so many of us felt like we knew you here on this blog but so many of us have come to love you and your beautiful family and the little bits of all your lives shared here. I am with your mom when I say, I can’t believe you are three! I love all your goofy smiles in the photos shared here and the fact that you always seem to be enjoying your food, but most of all the little bits your mom shares about you being such a love bug melt my heart because I imagine you would be just like that, you remind me so of my little brother. Happiest birthday kiddo!

  9. Anna

    Happy birthday sweet little Samson!

  10. Kristin

    Oh my goodness, so very precious!!! Happy Birthday sweet Samson, what a treat to see all the pictures!!! He is one lucky boy for sure, and I loved your little party in Central Park….looked like the perfect day for a party. Glad everyone had fun!!!xoxoxo

  11. Happy Birthday Samson! Josh and you have lovely children.

    I’ve been reading you for years and you have always given me strength to achieve my dreams. I am 23, and I’m about to finish my college career. I remember when you were looking strength to finish at Julliard. Your words encourage me now. I can! Thanks for everything. For the future. For love,

    Estefania (from Barcelona, Spain)

  12. Sinead

    Aww happy birthday to Samson! I started reading your blog just around the time he was born – I can’t believe it’s been three years :-)

  13. Tammy

    Happy Birthday, Samson!! :D

    I am so happy to see you had a great day…and beautiful weather too!

  14. Remy

    Happy birthday Mister Samson! May babies are the best!!

    Taza, I’m on the hunt for matching pjs similar to the ones you and your gang wore for Christmas – can you point me in the right direction? Im not having much luck!

    Thaaaaanks a bunch!

    • TAZA

      yes, our matching ones are from hanna andersson!

  15. Melissa

    Hope Samson had a great birthay, it sure was beautiful outside! Congrats to you guys on the amazing little ones you are raising, they really always look so happy and full of life. You guys are doing a great job <3

  16. Lauren S.

    Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been a reader here for over 3 years…since before Samson came along. Happy Birthday, big boy!

  17. Happy Birthday Samson! I remember when he was born :) Time passes so quickly! Looks like you had a lovely day, all the best for you and your family!!

  18. what a beautiful post! happy birthday sweet samson!!

  19. hanna

    Happy Birthday to Samson. –Hanna Lei

  20. Anne

    Hi Naomi! I have a good tip that has saved my life at the NYC playgrounds with water balloons– just don’t tie them at all! Fill ’em up big, and have the kids pinch the top while they run around with them. The kids LOVE it, they can spray each other with the top or throw the balloons to the ground, you don’t have to fill 8 million little balloons and its way less litter to pick up! Not sure if that would work for your family but it certainly keeps me more sane :)

    • TAZA

      i like this idea a lot! thanks for sharing anne!

  21. bridget

    oh man. birthdays are hard for me as a mom. i celebrate and mourn each passing year a bit – blah blah blah. hope it was much more sweet than bitter for you, naomi! happy birthday to the adorable samson.

  22. Happy Birthday!!
    It looks like you had a wonderful day. I don’t know how you do it but you actually make family life with three young children easy and fun.
    You all look so happy!

  23. jenn

    Wow I have been following your blog since before Samson! Putting his age in to prospective means everything has grown with your blog and your babies!

  24. Happy birth day mama! It looks like your wee one had a fabulous celebration. My three year old son also wakes me up by exclaiming “I”M HUNGRY!” It must take a lot of energy for a three year old boy to sleep.

  25. Happy birthday Samson! I’m gald you had such a wonderful day and I’m super jelous about that chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream! Great combination if I may say so!

  26. Karina

    Happy happy Birthday Samson!
    I can tell these festivities are bittersweet for you, Naomi but i gotta say this makes me want to have babes.

    Samson seems to be happy & caring, i must say it’s all because of his amazing upbringing!


  27. Emilie

    Happy Birthday Samson! He is so unbelievably cute and sounds like a wonderful and awesome little boy. Thank you for sharing with us! <3

  28. Felisha

    Happy birthday Samson!

    You should totally make an “Interview with a 3 Year Old” video with him! I love watching those on Youtube – they never fail to be hysterical.

  29. cindy

    Taza, you and your family fill my heart with so much joy. It’s amazing how the Lord works. I was feeling down with how much time I spend away from my little girl, bouncing back and forth the idea of leaving my current job to spend more time with her, and when I read your posts, my heart keeps nudging me towards that decision. I want so badly to soak up every moment with her. Thank you for being so family oriented and sharing your beautiful moments with your readers. It truly inspires me. God Bless.

  30. Vicky

    Happy birthday, Samson! Love from Texas to NYC!

  31. Nicole

    Time really does fly, I remember when you posted about his birth! Happy birthday to your Samson! It looks like you all had a wonderful day!

  32. Happy birthday little man! I’m a fan of anyone who has a knack for spotting ice cream trucks. Your day looks fantastic :)

    Megan ||

  33. Iva

    too cute for words! Happy birthday Samson!

  34. Victoria

    Hi Naomi !

    My name is Victoria, and im french. I read your blog since a very long time now. Today i’m pregnant, a bit scared aha but so so so happy. I’m coming to New York City in september with my man. It’s a real dream which coming true.
    So I just wanted to say to you a few things… First of all I began to read some of your “pregnant post” and it’s incredible to read it with my “pré-mama’s” eyes ! And see all of your videos about NYC emphasize so much my excitation to visit this famous Big Apple…
    Before stop boring you i would ask a question about your camera. I read you use a 50mm lens and wanted to know if for this kind of picture you used a other one. I’m sure you are tired to answer always the same questions…

    Sorry for my bad english aha, I have to make so progress for NYC !

    Je t’embrasse,

    À bientôt,


  35. Rose

    Cute post! It’s crazy how much Conrad looks like Josh! You said once that you don’t think Eleanor and Samson look like you but I think they resemble you most!

  36. I remember when he was just a newborn!

    time flies.
    Samson astounds me. He really seems like such a little gentleman, such a beautiful soul to have around the house kissing and hugging you all the time! what a lucky mamma! (and family!)

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog