summer essentials for the kiddos!

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it hit 80 degrees here in the city yesterday! which means summer is around the corner and i think our entire family is anxious for days full of playground and splash pad hopping all over the city. we took off to meet friends for a picnic a few days ago and i came so unprepared. i didn’t even think about bringing a picnic blanket and then samson cut his hand on a tree branch (just a tiny scratch! but you know, a very very dramatic scratch that feels like the biggest scratch ever when you’re 2!) and i didn’t even have a band aid with me, either. :/ gotta get back into that outdoor play mode where my stroller is packed and ready for anything! above is all our favorite summertime play essentials to help you gear up for the season as well! here are the details…

1. SIDE WALK CHALK (more HERE, too!) 2. TEVAS (josh actually bought the kiddos these before our florida trip last month and it suddenly felt like we were back in the 1990’s! but truly, such a great supportive sandal for play and also water time.) 3. SUNSCREEN + INSECT REPELLANT 4.  SUNHAT + RASH GUARD SURF SUITS (we bought these rash guards last year and they still fit this year. the quality is so good and it’s nice to have extra coverage when we’re spending hours upon hours outside.) 5. KID SUNGLASSES 6. WATER BLASTERS (my kids love these! at every splash pad and pool it’s the most popular toy for them.) 7. WATER BOTTLE just the  right size for the little ones! 8. FIRST AID BANDAIDS BY OH JOY! (they officially come out this june!) 9. LET’S PLAYGROUND PICNIC MAT  10. SHOVEL AND PAIL (it ain’t officially summer without a shovel and pail!)

here’s to new summer freckles and tan lines on baby bottoms and days filled with sand between your toes (but hopefully not tracked back inside your apartment!)

  1. I love so many of these picks but the tevas are amazing! So funny. And yes, there is nothing worse than being on the beach without a bucket and pail when you’re young!

    Warm Regards,

  2. Goodness thats a lot of stuff to bring with you.. I know I’ve said it many a times before on here but I am so thankful for you Naomi, you share these wonderful things for us people without big sisters to look up to ;) I’m making so many mental notes for when I get kids one day. So again, thank you for sharing!


    • TAZA

      i suppose it does seem like a lot! but not too bad when it’s tucked away in a bit tote under my stroller. :)thanks for the kind words! they made my day. i don’t have big sisters either (I WISH!) and none of my little sisters have kiddos yet! thanks for following along! xoxo

  3. Valerie

    I love all of these!
    We’ve already broken out the sidewalk chalk! We have big buckets, but I love all of those colors in the box!
    Also, I need to get sandals. I think I might take you up on the Teva idea! I have heard so much about them recently.
    Great round up! Thanks!

  4. Rach

    Gosh that ” Lets Playground” looks FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! I just watched their video and I want to order one ASAP! They are so smart, those gals who created those play-mats. BRILL!

  5. N. Heuß


    Do you know the keen shoes?
    I love them!
    They are much better and robuster than the tevas – on my three kids ;-)

    Best regards

  6. Ola

    Great items, all usefull both for the kiddos and for the parents, lol

    LOVE the surf suits and the bottles (nothing gets inside, great)

  7. Olivia

    I love that you call it a shovel and pail! Is that an American thing or just what your family calls it? In England it’s just a bucket and spade. I suppose both are applicable but shovel and pail sounds so much more fun than bucket and spade !

    • TAZA

      haha! no way! love that. i think we call it shovel and pail in our family because of blue’s clues! lol.

  8. Ashley

    It’s so funny you posted this because I was looking up sun-hats today because I have to get all my summer toddler goods out since the warmth is finally here! My son is Samson’s age, and his school asked us to bring sun hats and I am trying to find a good one. He doesn’t always like having it on, so finding a cute one that stays on is key. Does Samson wear one? Is the one you posted more for baby or for toddler too? Thanks so much for putting this together – perfect timing!!

    • TAZA

      the one i posted here if for babies! i bought it in a few colors for conrad recently! samson won’t keep a sunhat on very well but lately he’s loving wearing a little fedora or even a baseball cap, so maybe your little ones school would allow one of those? it’s a tricky age to keep particular clothing items on toddlers if they don’t want them! good luck!