summer at the splashpad!

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the other day as we were crossing the street, eleanor said to me, “mama, i really like living in new york city.” i asked her to tell me more, what she specifically liked about our city, and she listed out a few things like how “it gets cold here and hot” and also, “all of the people.”  it made me happy. because those are some of the reasons i like it too. and by golly if we’re going to put up with true seasons and live through awful east coast winters (which i guess eleanor liked?), we are most certainly going to park it here for as much of the summer as we can and milk every sunny day for all it’s worth!  because summer in the city, people! it doesn’t get better than this.

one of the best things about school still being in session in nyc until mid june, is that a lot of our favorite summer hangout spots are open and ready for summer play, but not crowded in the slightest. which makes me feel like we’ve almost got this big head start on summer! we took a picnic lunch over to one of our favorite splashpads in the city last week and it was completely empty! for a little while there, it felt like it was open just for us. ;)

since we’ve teamed up with babyganics for the summer, a brand we have used and loved in our home for a few years now, we thought it fitting to share with you all how much we’ve been liking their sunscreen. we started using it a few months ago during our trip to hawaii and again while we were in florida. it’s made here in the USA and is pure mineral based, with no chemicals, parabens, fragrances, or other added stuff, which makes me feel good about using it.


chunky baby thighs and also i’m terribly obsessed with snap peas right now. i go through phases with my food, i know this and i’m the first to admit, but right now, snap peas! it’s like i just rediscovered them.  so good.



i bought this swim suit when eleanor was just a baby and have been waiting for the summer where it finally fits! looks like that summer is this summer! and both she and i are pretty excited about it!





brave kiddos getting into those fountains because that water is COLD.  best part is when they put their buckets on top of the spouts and then eventually realize they need to move away and don’t know how without getting soaked.  it doesn’t get old watching their faces as the water hits and splashes them as they try to move away.






conrad stealing samson’s sunglasses for a photo op. baby in sunglasses. it’s up there on a favorite baby things list along with chunky baby thighs and dimpled baby knuckles.

splash02 splash4





let’s do it again next week, yeah? and all the weeks of summer after that. because sure, it’s humid and a little bit sweaty and a lot a bit smelly here in the city come summertime, but it’s also so colorful. and playful. and friendly. and everyone looks good with a couple of new freckles.

thank you to babyganics for sponsoring this post.  and thank you for reading and following along with our summer adventures!

  1. This is super sweet! I love Conrad in glasses and E’s suit! I definitely am in awe you were able to buy it so long ago and stash it – then remembered where you put it! Haha.

    Warm Regards,

  2. You bought that swim suit when she was just a baby! You’re giving me bad ideas ;) Just kidding, my husband would probably think I was nuts. But wow how cute. I think just by Conrads facial expressions already he is going to be one funny kid.

    x. Morgan /

  3. Kelly

    E is getting so big and that suit is adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. What a cute little swimsuit Eleanor has! I always love your summer posts with the kids playing with water, so sweet!

    xx, Kristjaana

  5. Trish O

    Thanks for the lotion recommendation. My 13 year old boy is very allergic to chemical sunsrean, so we have tried many brands that work as just a block. Now that he is older, his one complaint is that so many give you a strange white glow. Did this one seem to obsorbe well? We will try and keep our fingers crossed for no hives.

    Very cute pics of your kids. Really charish these days. When they get older summer gets so busy. Fun, but so busy.

  6. bridget

    such great pictures. i love splash pads. boston needs more of them!

    i got my anders the same rash guard conrad’s got on – happy to see it’s just as adorable on as i imagined.

  7. Liz

    Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  8. Jean

    I love your dress! Where is it from?

  9. jenn

    Where is your hat from? I love it!

  10. Anca

    OH how I miss NYC in the summertime. I loved walking to school in Union Square from the East Village. I even loved the smell of hot day-old garbage, because it meant it was summer. I loved the evenings, when it’s dark, but still hot and people are everywhere. Ahhh how I envy you guys! Enjoy!!

  11. Sarah

    Where is this fabulous splash pad?

  12. Jamie

    Doesn’t it feel like summer took forever but simultaneously got here super quick too?! Loving this warm weather on the East Coast!

  13. vicky

    cold water! don’t know if i could do it ;) but so excited for them to be playing and having so much fun in the water. have fun at the splash pad this Summer!

  14. Elizabeth

    Loved this post! Thank you for making my day a little brighter down in Louisiana! You’re the best Naomi!

  15. Elise

    Your posts at these splash pads with your kids are to die for! Its what’s made me want to holiday in New York with our kids. And your under the Brooklyn bridge adventures, AND of course all the fun you can have at Central park! Oh and I can’t forget bike riding around the city.. I’ll never be able to fit everything in one holiday ;) we’ll be using your guides for sure if/when we ever make it.
    Thanks for sharing. You know- reading your storis with a hot cup of tea is my favourite ‘me time’ thing to do! You’re an inspiring mumma Naomi- you and josh have created such a beautiful life for your littles ❤️

    (I’m off to google if we have any splash pads here in Melbourne Australia ;) )

  16. Julia

    Love this post. I spent my last few summers in New York and you make me want to do it all again x

  17. Kristin

    Absolutely loved the pictures!!!I just adore NYC in the summer!!!!xoxo

  18. So awesome! Love the suit!


    I have a penchant for simple, modern design and I love creating these sweet, organic onesies for trend-forward mamas and their sweet little ones. //

    Instagram @shop.sydneyscloset :)

  19. Nish

    Where is that adorable swimsuit from? I want to ebay and see if I can pick up one for my daughter too!

  20. Shruti

    Lovely Post and amazing pictures! I love yours and Eleanor’s sunglasses! Where are they from?

  21. mirabelle

    What a dreamy summer ! :) We were there last summer, we are going to miss that ! Love Eleanor swim…I bougth some great outfit for my little but for next summer.Can’t wait either… I am curious I am looking for a great “blancket’ for pic-nic, I love yours, where did you buy it? Happy summer from Belgium

  22. Jessica

    Eleanor’s bathing suit is absolutely adorable!! I wish I could insert an obnoxious amount heart eyes emojis! I am always so impressed at how many fruits and vegetables your children eat. I have a little boy 2 weeks younger than Samson, getting him to eat fruit or vegetables has become a Houdini magic trick. Bravo mama, bravo!

  23. rosalita ali

    love the blog post, where is this splash pad int he city?
    i would love to take my son

  24. Jenny

    So very cute!

    And I’m going to be that person…where’s your water bottle from? I have a glass bkr bottle, which I love. But I’ve been looking for a lighter weight plastic bottle to carry with me on hikes, etc. Would love to know what brand yours is!

  25. Ashley

    This post makes me so happy! I just wanna be a kid again running through the sprinkler on summer break sometimes! Those days were so wild and free.

  26. Michelle

    You all look like you had so much fun! Also, your pale pink water bottle is absolutely adorable – I’m wondering what brand it is/where it’s from?

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  28. hanna

    I love their sunscreen! –Hanna Lei

  29. sol

    Loving your blog and picx.

    Nice striped black´n white dress – where is it from? :))

  30. Heather

    Posts like this really make me miss summer in New York City! Your family is so cute and looks like they’re having so much fun!

  31. Anna-Lena

    Naomi, the pictures are so amazing. :) i love the joy they show. Where did you get your wonderful dress?