riding the ferris wheel!

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we heard news that the big flag ship toys r us in times square is closing down (although an employee there said not until after the holidays), so we thought it appropriate to get head over and ride the big old ferris wheel together last week before it closes down. brought back memories of riding it as newly weds a bajillion years ago before the babies arrived. lol. we were so young in that post! ;)


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(lol. best part was this little dude from toy story who was totally freaking josh out the entire ride. ;)


  1. Melissa

    It must be awesome looking back on that old post of you and Josh, and then experiencing it today with your kids! They’re all looking so grown up too! So cute <3


  2. This is so sweet, as well as the old post of you guys as newly weds! It must be so great to have documented cute little things like that.

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Pam

    These pics are adorable, I love you and your family :) xx


  4. Rachel

    I loved looking at this post and your older post! What a fun thing to do with your kids :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  5. Bea

    I love your past posts!!!
    It’s wonderful watching you growing as a family!!!

  6. such sweet, fun pictures! that toys r us is such a gem! will be sad to see it go!

  7. No, I could cry!! That Toys R Us is so special! So many memories riding on that ferris wheel! Love these pictures and the flashback to newlywed pics :) So fun!

  8. I love your family Taza, you inspire me so much!

  9. I went there last year and loved the place. Good that you have chosen to visit the store one last time before it closes. Great pictures and memories as always.


  10. Alexa

    Question does Conrad have red hair or is it just my computer screen???

    • TAZA

      ha! sometimes i ask that same question holding him! in some light it looks a bit red. we’ll see!

  11. Kelly

    I had not heard yet that it was closing, how sad! I loved this ferris wheel!

    xx Kelly
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