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i really can’t tell you how much i have loved seeing images pop up on instagram over the last couple of months of you beautiful mamas and your babes using our bringing home baby bundles! last year, when josh and i talked about the concept for a bundle like this, i felt like it was a long shot to actually see it through, so it’s been a dream to not only wear the products we designed myself and bring baby conrad home all wrapped in his matching swaddle and moccs, but to also see so many others enjoying it as well!

the biggest thank you to susan and her team at freshly picked for collaborating with us on this and helping see it through! and the biggest thank you to all of you who continue to not only follow this blog, but support it through these fun collaborations and little dreams of mine!

above are a few photos freshly picked sent over of some beautiful mamas and babes with the bundle!

(images via @allyshupe@creeschon@ericapatten,
@lauraangert@lauratobey@loveismephotography, and @sarahmariecowan)

ps. if any of you are considering to gift the baby bundle to an expecting mama for mother’s day, the last day to order for mother’s day arrival is in 4 days on tuesday, may 5th.  you can see everything included in the bundle here. xoxo

  1. It is such a cute bundle and if I had a baby (on the way) I would have totally got myself one! Great work Taza, keep spreading those lovely positive and inspiring posts :) <3


  2. Ellie

    Just ordered for a co-worker! SO cute!

  3. Kelsey

    Please make it in more colors!!!

  4. Hailey

    So.. I guess being a mom I love cute mom blogs. Yours just in this last year has become my very favorite.. I feel like it’s inspiring and helps me want to be a good mom too. But another one that I like is actually pictured in your post and I just am so impressed with how clearly you inspire a lot of mothers/women.
    I feel like motherhood is the HARDEST job I have ever had and the one of least recognition and so in the world today it really is a blessing to have someone that others look up to talk about how important this calling in life is. Thank you.. and your little bundle is darling.

  5. I would like if this came in more colors! SO cute.

    Christine |

  6. Danica

    Awww. Such sweet babies! If I didn’t already have an outfit and blanket set for my new arrival next month…i would totally buy this package. Too cute!


  7. Ava

    I can only pray that this bundle is still available when my turn comes around. Such a beautiful bundle of essentials. I have told my clients about these, great job Taza!!

  8. I have so many baby showers coming up soon and now I know exactly where to shop for gifts :) Thanks Taza!

  9. Jenn @ The Pepper Express

    This is a wonderful idea for a new bundle of joy!

  10. SUSANA

    Love every sweet little piece of this set!
    I’m due in July and adding this to my list of must haves before baby arrives.

  11. sarah

    dream bigger! the sky is the limit for you!!

  12. Kim Edwards

    I was just at the doctor’s for my 35 week check up and I saw this bundle in a pregnancy magazine! It’s amazing how fast things travel nowadays…Wish I could afford it for myself because it looks like you did an amazing job! And Susan is always spot on…she has been from the beginning :)