happy mother’s day! and a wonderful charity, embrace.


with mother’s day approaching this sunday, i wanted to bring awareness to such an incredible charity, embrace, which josh and i were recently introduced to by a friend a few months ago.

embrace has helped more than 150,000 babies across 10 countries around the world so far! hearing things like that give me chills.  you can watch the powerful video below to see how it all works, but the embrace nest is an easy and portable infant warmer used in NICUs and wards around the world where they need help taking care of newborns and keeping them warm. it does not need a continuous power supply and can be used when skin-to-skin care isn’t possible.

josh actually met with one of embrace’s founders, jane chen, to learn more. we’re incredibly impressed and inspired by the work they are doing.  we would love to help spread the word about a new company that is helping the charity’s efforts to bring more embrace warmers to babies in developing countries.  the company is called embrace innovations and they are making baby swaddles and blankets called little lotus for the cause. for every little lotus purchased, $25 goes to embrace’s nonprofit arm to help out a baby in the embrace warmer. you can check out the kickstarter campaign which launched last month, if you’d like.

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as a mother, i want nothing more than to give the very best to my little ones, and i know this thought rings true for mothers everywhere.  as we celebrate the incredible women who touch our lives in such beautiful and powerful ways this weekend, i thought this was a great opportunity to talk about embrace and their vision for helping mothers and their newborns around the world.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I hadn’t ever heard of it but it such a great cause!!


  2. Such a beautiful cause and touching video – this is so so important. It breaks my heart that moms in so many circumstances cannot provide everything they wish for their children – so grateful you are helping advocate for them!

    Warm Regards,

  3. This is such a beautiful cause. I absolutely want to get involved in some way. Thank you so much for sharing this. So grateful for this blogging community and all of the magic it spreads :)

  4. Elisha

    Thank You Taza for blogging about this cause. I would have never known about this amazing group of people that are so dedicated to helping babies. As a new mom myself, this really hit me…tears and all!
    So, I thank for you this……I pledged! :)
    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  5. Love!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Osayi

    Wow! thank you for letting us know about this charity… I can’t imagine feeling so helpless as a mother.

  7. Mallory

    Oh, tears came to my eyes when I saw the babies by the space heaters. I forget how privileged my family is. What a wonderful innovation they have come up with, and I just love the idea that my own purchase can contribute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. that was such a good cause. thank you for sharing naomi.