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samson walked out of the nursery into the living room early one morning where we were all gathered and said,  “wow. i was asleep for like 3 years.”

“that building is as tall as a dragon dinosaur!”

me: “hey samson!” samson: “just call me boy.”

“what my heck.”

 “i’m doing hanitizer.” referring to hand sanitizer.

after “reading” a book about trains he has memorized to my parents on facetime, my mom says “samson! who taught you to read so well?” samson replies, “my parents! just kidding. my body.”


“granddad walks like a grandfather.”

“every year, i turn a different number. it’s crazy to think about.”

“i was just putting on my defending suit so i can keep you guys safe today.”

on mother’s day, “when is children’s day?!”

eleanor is pretend hammering something. i ask her, “what are you doing?” she replies, “i’m just building up some scaffolding.” (spoken like a true new york city kid.)

eleanor has a habit of sneaking into our bed by 3 or 4 in the morning every night.  we’ve been trying hard to talk about staying in our OWN beds. “but i just can’t help that i like to cuddle.” she said. “i like cuddling with papa the most because his body is warm and he has hair…he’s like a bear.”

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  1. Sharon

    wow! Kids just say the cutest things! What Eleanor said about turning a different number made me think that’s crazy too! Just call me boy ahaha. Wonderful children you have there taza!

    Shazza x

  2. Gabriella

    That last one is hilarious!! And Samson’s “just kidding. my body” Ha! Thanks for brightening my day :)

  3. Becky

    that last one from Eleanor made me laugh out loud!! So funny! :)

  4. Grace Kim

    Naomi these are some of my favorite posts! They always having me giggling! I’m so curious…do you write all these down right when they happen? You must! Or you have the most amazing memory!

    Also…you can tell Eleanor that there IS a Children’s Day!!! It was started by a Korean children’s author. We celebrate it here in Korea on May 5th! (Korea also celebrates Parents’ Day instead of Mothers/Fathers Days :)) xo

    • TAZA

      i write them down the minute they happen in the notes section of my phone! if i don’t, i completely forget what they said! i’ll think, i’ll remember that for sure, but then i don’t! also if i write it down right away, i’m able to write it down exactly how they said it. complete gems!

  5. Mama Puck


    When IS children’s day??

  6. So cute!! My Olive is 3 and cracks me up daily with her funny sayings. This stage is the best!

  7. Melissa

    TOO funny!! Every time I think I have a favorite “ism”, there’s another that tops it. Always look forward to these posts to get a good laugh in at the start of the day :)

    Wishing a happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all!


  8. Anne

    Your children ARE. THE. CUTEST!!! Your family IS. THE. CUTEST!! I get so much pleasure/happiness/laughs/warm feelings/happy tears reading your posts. I have not been blessed with children of my own and won’t at my age (s0on to be 45-eeeek!!) but I SOOOOO LOOOOOOVE children that to read about your family makes my day each time I read a new post. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us and please know how appreciated it is!! Happy Memorial day weekend to you, Taza!!

  9. Hahahahaha. Oh man – I am so glad you do these and years from now you’ll be so happy too :) I love the bit about snuggling on E’s part – could they get any cuter?

    Warm Regards,

  10. Gia

    “I just can’t help that I like to cuddle.” I die…
    Your kids are stinky cute! Reading their conversation is so much fun!
    Keep this coming. Keep it coming!

  11. Hahah, he’s like a bear! I don’t blame her, I like sleeping next to my own bear (aka husband) too. They are too funny, thanks for sharing these with us.

    x. Morgan / http://www.morningappleblog.com

  12. Felisha

    These are always my favorite posts! Your kids really say the most hilarious things. Also, I LOVE it when children make up works like “hanitizer” – that makes total sense! Samson needs to put a copywrite in place :)


  13. Dora

    Hanitizer is pure genius!

  14. I love love love these posts!! They always make me giggle!

    I am an expat living in Japan and i thought you could tell Eleanor that Japan actually celebrates Children’s Day, every May 5th. My favorite part about this holiday is the colorful Koi fish carps!! Here’s a cool picture! >>> http://tinyurl.com/n654mwz <<<

    – Laura ^_^

    • TAZA

      good to know! honestly as a mama i feel like everyday is children’s day, lol. but didn’t know there is a dedicated day on may 5th!

  15. Carla

    I think Samson’s onto something with the “hanitizer”!

  16. Ene

    Hi Taza!! I love these! Please let E know that there is children’s day in Nigeria where I grew up on May 27th. :D

  17. Eva Mendoza

    There IS a children’s day! It’s April 30th in the Mexican culture!

  18. Chelsea

    Always love these post- they are quite hilarious, and always encourage me to do a better job writing down things my wilds say too. Otherwise it’s gone:( have a great weekend!


  19. Angela

    Best ones yet!

  20. marie

    I’m from Singapore and we celebrate Children’s Day! It’s actually more widely celebrated than mother’s day, haha. It’s held on the 1st Sunday of every Oct :)


  21. Emilie

    Wow, can the world stop turning? Can E stay that age forever? She is so cute! “He’s just like a bear!” She makes me giggles so much! And S…such a charming little boy! I cannot wait for S to start talking, he’s gonna learn so much from his siblings!

    sorry for the bad english, it is not my first language. x

  22. “every year, i turn a different number. it’s crazy to think about.” I’m 32 and I still think that.

  23. Yelle

    oh my goodness, children’s day – so cute! such sweeties.

  24. Sinead

    I love this series, kids just say the cutest funniest things! :-)

  25. LiSha

    children’s day is EVERY day! :-) Love your kid-isms!

  26. Cheryl

    OMG I’m laughing out loud right now! So cute.

  27. Emily S

    “He’s like a bear.” Ha! I love that.

  28. Abby

    That bear one made me laugh out loud :D I use my phone to write down the things my kids say too; I already love looking back through them :) Thanks for the laugh!

  29. Bethany

    My kids call it hanitizer too! They’re 6, 7 and 8 and I just can’t correct them. It’s adorable! Other worda I love are “beechother” instead of “beside each other” and “willnt” instead of “won’t” (personally I think that one makes way more sense than the correct way. ;)

  30. Kelly

    I love these blog posts, they are one of my favorites that you write! Your kids are so funny, sweet, and entertaining! :)

  31. Sarah D

    Oh gosh they are so CUTE! Love the Hanitizer :)

  32. Annie

    HAHA! “Just kidding, my body” and “He’s like a bear” are my favorites! They are too cute!! I’m so glad you are writing these down… they’ll appreciate it one day!

    The MAMA Gazette

  33. Veronica

    On “eleonorism” comment, “when is children’s day!?”, here’s the answer : some other countries on earth actually celebrate Children’s day, e.g. Costa Rican official children’s day is September 9th, and is it a big celebration just like mother and Father’s Day … Maybe Eleonor oughta go there for around those dates on her next far away land adventure…! Good luck ;)

  34. Jackie D

    I remember asking my mom when was kid’s day and she said, “every day.” I didn’t understand that for a long time…. :)

  35. Burcu

    Two lil geniuses:))
    Children’s day is on april 23rd in TURKEY. The founder of Turkish Republic M.K Ataturk dedicated that day of first gathering of Turkish Parliament to children. Because he actually dedicated T.Republic to children.

  36. Nina

    In Germany we celebrate Children’s Day on Sep 20th :)
    I love reading these little quotes!
    Happy weekend and hello from Berlin.


  37. Ariel

    My favorites were Samson saying he slept for “like 3 years” and E comparing Josh to a bear! Haha Very cute.

  38. Melanie

    Oh my word, these are great! I love the idea of putting them in the notes section of my phone- thanks! I keep putting off writing down my sons sayings (like that he had eggs in his belly when he was telling me he had a belly ache) so I’ll definitely be using my notes section now!


  39. Kids say the funniest things! Where did you get Samson’s football shirt?

  40. Becky C

    Bahahaha!! “his body is warm and he has hair…” and “what my heck” – I died laughing. Your children are too cute. Thanks for posting this sweetness to share with the rest of us – you brightened my day for sure :)

  41. Hahahaha These posts always crack me up so much! I love reading their thought process its a beautiful thing! Thank you so much for sharing :) <3

  42. Kristin

    They are so precious…out of the much of babes…my favorite!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!xo

  43. kelsey

    awe! My friend’s kids used to call it hanitizer too. So cute!

  44. Love it!! Wish I had written down all the funny things my babies had said. The answer to “when is it children’s day” (boy I got asked that a LOT – x 4 kids) is…. “everyday is children’s day” lol

  45. Emily F

    My daughter says hanitizer too! She also calls gatorade “alligator”, which you referenced a while ago. So funny! Our daughters should be friends. :)

  46. Shilpa

    Haha! Love your posts Naomi :-)

    You can probably tell Elanor that India celebrates Children’s day on 14th November every year :-) on the Birthday of India’s first prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who loved children dearly and was called Chacha (uncle) Nehru by children :-D

  47. Babooshka

    But of course there IS a Children’s Day!!

    In fact if you are Polish it’s coming up in the calendar very soon…it’s celebrated on the 1st June and marks the International Children’s Day for Polish children everywhere. Parents buy small/token gifts for their kiddies and grandparents usually bestow a little (or a lot!) pocket money.

  48. hanna

    Love these posts, so cute! –Hanna Lei