comfortable walking shoes!

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SHOES SHOWN: brown booties (onetwothree), sneakers (metallic slip on superga sneakersvintage nike sneakers, new balance sneakers, ballet flats (metallicleathersuede), saltwater sandals and avarcas (pons with ankle strapturks & caicos slingbacksclassic pons), birkenstocks (arizonafloridamilano)

here’s a quick round up  of the shoes! not just any shoes, but the shoes i find to be the most comfortable (for me) as summer shows up and it’s finally time to spend the majority of our days back outside in this beautiful city walking miles upon miles upon miles (truly, one of the best things about new york.)

this city kicks my butt on a daily basis and one thing i’ve definitely learned is that i like the city a lot more when my feet don’t hurt.  i’m willing to give any shoe a good try, but if i know i’m going to be out all day and walking everywhere, i usually resort to one of these shoes of mine.  having great arch support isn’t crucial for me, but i’ve noticed having something securing the back of my ankle truly helps (for example, the first pair of the birkenstock sandals shown, those are the ones i own and love!)

comfortable walking shoes!

brown booties (onetwothree)
i’m the biggest lover of an ankle boot. i wear them year round because i find them so comfortable and i love the look.  i think investing in a great pair is worth it, and they last forever if you maintain the heel at your local cobbler.

sneakers (metallic slip on superga sneakersvintage nike sneakers, new balance sneakers)
i just bought those vintage nike sneakers and i’m embarrassed at how much i love them. mostly because of how much i used to hate them (sneakers)  a few years ago. (ps, it’s a unisex size so size down!)

ballet flats (metallicleathersuede)
i find that these flats aren’t like other flats. they have just the slightest cushiony lift in the heel, and it seriously feels like heaven.

saltwater sandals
no arch support in these whatsoever, but for years they have never given me issues. i’ve pretty much lived in the same red pair for ten years now and while i look like every other four year old in manhattan (probably the most popular kid shoe around here), i don’t care.

avarcas (pons with ankle strapturks & caicos slingbacksclassic pons)
i tried a pair of classic pons for the first time last summer and am debating another pair this year. the bright colors are what get me. but also, COMFORT!

birkenstocks (arizonafloridamilano)
i feel like my mom more and more these days, especially since i’ve jumped on the birk wagon, but i don’t think a sandal comes better than these. so much so, i got them for my kids to wear this summer too.

there you have it! start walkin’!

  1. ALittaM

    Yay for Superga and Birkenstock!
    Usually I wear Arizona at hom and Milano for walking (the ankle strap keeps them in place when running or jumping). I love that they are becoming more and more in style :)

  2. Goodness this is so helpful! I love the ankle booties most I think! <3 Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. Dora

    This is So helpful. I’m honeymooning in NYC in November and have been thinking about comfortable shoes to wear. Not a clue what the weather is like at this time of year in NYC, I’m guessing the ankle boots are the best option?
    LOVE salter waters! So very comfy, wish I could wear them every. single. day!

    • TAZA

      probably your best bet. and you’ll probably want socks so an ankle boot with room! have so much fun!

  4. vicky

    i love this! i’ve been on the hunt for some great Summer shoes. i have a tendency to still buy the ankle boots year round, too. i don’t know what it is about that style but i always feel a little more put together with a pair on.

  5. Danica

    Love this post! Being 8 months pregnant I need to wear shoes that are comforting for these swelling feet but nkt compensating for style! Love all of these shoe ideas!

    My personal favorite in pregnancy right now is low cut boots and sandals!


  6. Claire

    That’s funny, i’m right now into looking for Saltwater sandals since I saw it on your blog. Sadly it’s hard to find it in France (or it’s way to expensive compare to the US price) but I’m on my way to find a solution with a friend in Canada.
    Such a story for shoes, hope it’s worth it ! ;)

  7. Binbin He

    I really like your website!

  8. Kimber

    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I am going to serve a mission in NYC this June and I have been totally lost when it comes to shoes. Not used to walking so much!! I am definitely going to be checking all of these out. Thanks again!

    • TAZA

      oh yay! this has to be the greatest place to serve, you get a little taste of everywhere here! good luck!

  9. I adore this post – it’s just what I needed. I’m getting ready for a trip to Portugal this summer and have been worried about footwear – those Birks look like I might be able to rock them (with the ankle strap!)

    Warm Regards,

  10. Becca

    Ridiculously perfect timing, thanks for posting! Had found the Avarcas and Birks on my own, glad they get your “NYC Walking” stamp of approval.

  11. Emily S

    I really need to find a pair of tennies that don’t automatically make me look like a tourist! I have a really hard time finding shoes that are good to walk in for long distances (I need surgery on my left foot, actually, but I’m trying to avoid that) and something flat and well-supported is so important!

  12. ines

    seriously my favorite post! I’ve been looking for cute, comfortable shoes for a summer in the city. Thanks!

  13. sarah

    i love your choices! shoe selection in this crazy little city is so crucial!

  14. Heather M

    Unfortunately I need some arch support. Do the avarcas have any? Even a little? I can’t really tell from their info pages. They’re so cute, but I’ve had to be pickier about my shoes since I have issues with tendons, etc. But I still insist on cute shoes!

    • TAZA

      i don’t think my avarcas have much arch support, if any. my birks have great arch support though if you haven’t tried those.

  15. Almond Mama

    Thank you for making this post. I feel like so many of us are always on the hunt for comfortable shoes that aren’t hideous. These are all great!!! THANKS!

  16. Sonya

    Those booties are adorable! I want!

  17. Felisha

    I feel the exact same way about sneakers! I used to hate wearing them, and probably haven’t owned a pair in 5-ish years. I guess I felt like I wasn’t feminine enough while having them on? I don’t know, but I’ve recently turned a new leaf and I absolutely ADORE the vintage Nike’s you listed! Love!

    • TAZA

      right? i am the same way. the vintage nike’s aren’t too terrible to look at. ;)

  18. Jenna

    I love these “style” posts your doing! Keep em coming :)

  19. Katie

    I might be the only one but Saltwaters gave me terrible blisters on the tops of my feet. I think they were getting pinched between the straps. They’re super cute though so definitely worth trying on if you can find them!

    • TAZA

      oh man, i’m so sorry to hear that! i haven’t heard of blisters on the tops of your feet from them before.

  20. So helpful for walking in urban settings! Thank you!

  21. Lou

    You have no idea how relevant this post is to me right now!
    After a weekend in London, with what I thought was my most comfortable pair of shoes on my feet, I am crippled. My feet are covered in plasters and I don’t want to walk across the room, let alone do a decent amount of walking.
    I massively need to invest in ‘those’ shoes that are good for walking in but still look good!
    Thanks for the suggestions.


  22. Maria

    you should get a pair of Toms!
    I wore them almost my whole pregnancy. Super comfy and great designs and is a one for one purchase.


  23. Lauren Marie

    Saltwater Sandals?!?! OH MY GOSH! i had a pair of these in elementary school and loved them. I didn’t even know they were still around. I’m totally buying a pair. Living in NYC in the summer, a nice pair of sandals with a strap on the back is exactly what I need, especially with a baby coming in a few short weeks.

  24. Lindsay

    I bought a pair of bright yellow Saltwaters two summers ago after I saw you mention them and they are still going strong! After this post, I’m seriously considering a pair of Pons. I work with two- and three-year-olds so comfy shoes are an absolute must!!

  25. Elisa

    Thank you for this! I too wear ankle boots year-round but I prefer light-colors ones in summer, and this year I am having the hardest time finding a nice, cute, affordable pair of ankle boots that I can comfortably walk in all day, for my days out and trips this summer – off to check out the super-cute ones you included here!

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