an early outing to grant’s tomb.

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we spent the earlier part of yesterday morning together at the general grant national memorial (better known at grant’s tomb) in honor of memorial day.  i was kind of surprised that no one was there but us for a long while. grant’s tomb, is the final resting place for president grant,  and his wife julia.  it’s also the largest mausoleum in the US.

we talked about what a “memorial” is with eleanor and samson and about remembering the people who have died protecting our freedoms.  these kiddos are both still so little but kids are also so smart and aware and observant. i know they cannot grasp everything that coincides with something as significant as this (let’s be honest, i don’t even think i can), but they took it all in and i’m grateful for the chance we had to share this together.

a few photos from our time at the memorial below…


after a little exploring around the tomb, we discovered sticks. i mean, we discovered a telescope, a violin, a flute, and a walking cane!


grants5 grants8grants1

and this awesome photo of josh and me is all thanks to miss eleanor!


and not to be left out of the picture taking fun, this last photo was taken by samson! his composition is spot on, no? ;)

and it’s only appropriate to end this with a big thank you to all those who have served, are currently serving, or who have family that have served. we are forever thankful.

  1. Julia

    Looks like Eleanor is shaping up to be quite the photographer! The kiddos are adorable as always, loved these photos so much :)


  2. Kristin

    Just beautiful…..enjoy your day!!!xoxoxo

  3. Aw! You guys are the sweetest parents – I love all that you put into making your children aware of the world around them. Love that you let them use your camera too – so fun!

    Warm Regards,

  4. magali

    That samson’s picture is so funny! :o)

  5. Nanette

    eleanor is quite the photographer! and samson too! :) lovely photos.

  6. Oh my God! Impressive, as you are fully fit. I admire you!

    Kisses from Portugal!

  7. Emily S

    Interesting composition your son chose for that shot haha. How cute!

  8. Katia

    What is your secret? You look absolutely ah-mazing! Love your little family! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Audrie Baker

    Such amazing photos. I am sure you have said this before. But what kind of camera do you use?

    • TAZA

      thank you! i’m using my canon 6D and a portrait lens mostly. :)

  10. Love this, what a great afternoon! I feel like it’s never too early to start teaching little ones what really matters in life, even if they can’t quite wrap their minds around it yet. =)

  11. Sarah

    Sticks= hours of fun! You should look up the book Stanley’s Stick- I think Samsom would enjoy it!

  12. Angie

    such a wonderful family!

  13. Angie

    you have inspired me to start my own blog

  14. ewa

    I want to know your secret too! You look so good! <3

  15. Liz

    Beautiful photos as always, especially the one Samson took ;)!

  16. cc

    Love your pink top! Is that a Lulu swiftly? What color please?

  17. Mama

    Lovely photos! And I’m sure you also said this before, but are you editing them, using PS actions or something before blogging? Thank you

  18. Sinead

    Eleanor is becoming such a good little photographer! And of course, Samson’s picture is adorable too :-)

  19. Rose J.

    Nice to hear that you’re teaching your kiddies about the reason behind Memorial Day at a young age. I have lamented over and over to my kids that this day is not all about BBq’s , and going to the shore. Although that’s fun, and all it’s important for them to know the meaning behind Memorial Day.

    I heard that the city somewhat shuts down on Memorial day, and maybe that’s why there wasn’t anyone around when you went to Grant’s tomb. I actually did go to into the city that evening, and was surprised that traffic wasn’t so bad. I guess it’s true now that I’ve experienced going into the city on Memorial day. Everyone obviously goes to the shore!

    Glad you had a nice weekend with family!


  20. bianca


    Which baby carrier are you using? Can you do a post about the different ones you have and why you love them? I’m trying to decide between a couple and would love to hear your opinions.


  21. What a great post! I read about your blog in the book “Blog Inc.” I just started my own blog and am trying to learn more about it! There is quite a learning curve for the technical stuff. Love your blog – very easy-going yet thoughtful, too! Thanks for taking the time to share the simple things in life!