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we recently received the cutest little customized children’s books all about pirates from chronicle books for ISeeMe.com! we love reading every day together a variety of books, but personalized books are somewhat new to us and the kids could’t get enough! we’re excited to team up with them today to share a new customizable book with you called my pirate adventure!

it’s fun because both eleanor and samson are at ages where they like spotting their names or trying to sound out different words (mostly eleanor) in their books. so having a book that is all about “captain eleanor” or “captain samson” with their own picture inside makes it all the more exciting!

a few photos from the first time we read the new books together….


they couldn’t wait to open them up when they saw their new books were about pirates!



it is extra fun to read each book, since each is customized differently for both eleanor and samson so that the pirate looks like them with the same hair color and look. their favorite color and initials are also featured throughout the book which is fun for them to spot.

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11KNEWJ45J23 112NG-KFDBi appreciated this tid bit on chores. ha! such a mom.  but we’ve been trying to have the kiddos have more structured responsibilities around the apartment (little things like making sure all the shoes are put away, or being in charge of vacuuming the rug.) so it’s fun to note that pirates have chores too. ;)

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since we’re big into pirates right now, it only made sense that eleanor’s pirate puppet that samson picked out for her last christmas make an entrance during our story time.  they couldn’t decide if he was a good pirate or a bad pirate, so he might have gone through one or two battles right then.  poor guy!

also, ISeeMe.com is giving away 10 personalized books to 10 lucky readers on their facebook! head over here to enter.

thank you to chronicle books and ISeeMe.com for sending us our own pirate books! don’t forget to use the code LOVETAZA to receive 20% off your own pirate adventure book or one of their other personalized stories through may 31st!

  1. Mary

    E’s shirt is shocking, but funny!

  2. Personalized books are so fun – and I love that your kiddos are into pirates, so cute just in time for summer! It’s sweet you have the little ones pick out Christmas gifts for each other too – so so sweet!

    Warm Regards,

  3. that book looks so cute. no doubt that the kiddos might have liked it to the core.

  4. justine

    This is very cute! Question for you – I noticed that the Pirate book will just resemble a likeness to your child (which I prefer), where the other books seem to upload an exact image of your child.
    Do know if the pirate option is available for all the books?

    • TAZA

      i think the customizable books only upload an exact image of your child on the first page, but i could be wrong. i do know the pirate book has the option to upload an exact image of your child on the first page like the others, which was super fun for E and S to see.

  5. hanna

    These photos are so cute –Hanna Lei

  6. AC

    Hey gorgeous !!! what a lovely book and such a sweet moment with your kiddos !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASe can you make a post about your pretty hairstyle (products, how to style them etc.). Your best French fan (me ;) ) will be sooooo pleased !
    Lots of hugs, God bless you and your lovely family !

    • TAZA

      you are so nice! i’m still figuring out the short hair-do. ha! but maybe it’d be fun to put a little post together about it all soon. thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Emily S

    Ohhh I love the customizable books!! I don’t have kids yet, but you bet I’ll be ordering some of those for them when I do!

  8. Kristin

    I received my very first personalized book when I was about five years old. To this day, I still have the book and remember it as if it were yesterday. I was so excited to see my name in that book! I think it’s the best thing to share with young readers, and something they will remember forever!!
    Xoxo Kristin

  9. Maddi

    Hey! I like your sonnet james dress. Can I ask what size you got? Trying to decide between a S and XS. Did you get the same size in your white reese dress? Thank you mucho!

    • TAZA

      hey! it’s an xs!

  10. katelyn

    Oh my gosh. Eleanor’s shirt. LOVE. So funny, and so much cuter that a little girl is wearing it. #eatyourveggies

  11. So cute! I remember having one of these when I was their age! So fun!

  12. Julia

    I absolutely adore Eleanor’s outfit, so cute x

  13. Jessica

    Hey Naomi! Super cute post – your children are adorable.
    Always enjoy your blog posts and I really appreciated your charitable post from the other day. It’s nice to see you giving back to the community :)

    Have a great evening.


  14. Ashley

    just gotta say that i love your new haircut! those baby bangs take some guts, but they look great on you.

  15. Claire

    Cute post, again, I love the fact that the two of them have a book about pirates and not pirates for boy and I don’t know… princess for girl! Make me love your blog even more! ;)

    Best regards,
    Another french reader

  16. Julia

    Oh my oh my, Eleanor’s shirt just made my whole entire morning. Cutest thing ever!!

    This is such a cute idea, it would make a perfect gift. Thanks for sharing! :)



  17. What a great idea for the kiddos!

  18. karissa

    We LOVE books, and they are what my daughter plays with most out of anything. I love that these are customizable! SO neat, thanks for sharing.

  19. taylor

    How do you nurse in that dress? Or the red one in the post below? Or the gray one in your IG from last week?

  20. This is too adorable! My son would love this. I was wondering if you could make a post on blogging. Like a business post. I’m so curious about it, and would love to learn more about how you made it into a business.

  21. Taylor

    How do you nurse in that dress?

  22. I’ve heard personalised books are so exciting for kids! I love the idea… might have to order a few as birthday gifts. Hopefully story time involves a pirate fight with puppets for everyone involved. Looks like a bunch of fun.

    Megan || http://www.ohheyblog.com

  23. Queenie

    Personalised books are such a great idea! Looks like they both really enjoyed them :)