a stained glass house in brooklyn…


for months we have been trying to make it out to see tom fruin’s stained glass house installation in brooklyn,  and we finally made it happen last week! it’s lit up at night, which i’m sure is even more beautiful than a daytime visit, but it was pretty amazing even midday.  if you’re in the area and haven’t had a chance yet to check it out, it’s worth it! more of the glass house below, but here are a few photos from our time out there.  because you can’t visit dumbo without visiting julianna’s, or the carousel, or the brooklyn ice cream factory. i mean, i guess you could, but it’s not how i’d do it. ;)



what i love is how this newborn-mister-conrad-magic has not worn off on eleanor or samson yet.  sure, there are moments where the sibling love isn’t as intense in sappiness, but for the most part, they can’t get enough of this baby and i can’t get enough of all three of them.


and LOL at conrad here.  baby faces crack me up all day long.




see?! it’s beautiful. a few of the windows are broken now so eleanor and samson kept leaning their heads inside to yell, “ECHO!”


me and my sweet little girl.  we run the world. GIRLS. ;)

brooklyn13 brooklyn15

ps. this gryphon sweater is an oldie i from a few years ago i snagged on sale and i can’t seem to find it online for you anywhere. my high-rise jeans are from jcrew.


we stopped into julianna’s just as they opened, but as luck would have it, a school called in 14 pizzas for delivery right before we sat down.  ha! doesn’t matter though, we don’t mind waiting patiently for good food. even eleanor and samson understand and appreciate what good pizza is these days. it makes me feel like i’m raising them right. ;)






and same with jane’s carousel! always fun to visit! it was conrad’s first time on the carousel which was exciting!


by the way, this darling wool baby suit conrad is wearing once belonged to his papa. good job nana on saving this adorable stuff!


brooklyn ice cream factory makes the best butter pecan ice cream, in my opinion. and these big ice cream cones the kiddos have here are apparently their “small single scoop!” ha! best day ever to be e and s.  also, proud of josh for holding strong on his no sugar, no ice cream and no soda for a year challenge.  don’t worry guys, i’m holding strong on making sure his portions in those areas aren’t going to waste.  ;) we’re good here!


happy memorial day, everyone!

ps. our NYC GUIDE and video to under the brooklyn bridge from last summer, if you’d like to check it out.

  1. oh eleanor… <3

  2. Melanie

    I’m so glad to hear that the newborn magic hasn’t warn off yet. My little one is almost 9 weeks and I keep hoping that my son stays in love with her. Also, that house is beautiful!


  3. Maryse

    Already commented on Instagram, but wanted to thank you again for your guides. They were amazing and we had the best time in NY. It was our third visit from the Netherlands, but it never gets boring. Your guides are the perfect basis to explore, and, never fall hungry.. :-). Thanks again!!

  4. Love seeing your photos of awesome fun adventures!

  5. Melissa

    Happy Memorial Day to you guys!! Yay for ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles, gotta go get mine now! :)


  6. Shannon

    Aww, I just love those sweet pictures of Eleanor kissing Conrad. It reminds me of my younger self when my brother was a baby. I remember thinking he was kind of the cutest person ever. It’s highly likely he made similar baby faces at me ;)

    Also, Samson’s intense pizza eating face cracks me up!

  7. Kristin

    Yes we DO run the world!!! ;) I loved that stained glass house, so amazing! I have never seen anything like that! Beautiful pictures, including pizza and icecream. I don’t know how your hubby does it!!! Happy Memorial Day!!!xoxo

  8. What a blessing it must be that those kids are so great together! That pictures with E and C is just the sweetest, I really do hope my future kids get along like that.. Also that cardigan S is wearing makes him look so grown up and handsome haha :) <3

  9. Julia

    Wow, kudos to Josh for managing to pull that through, I don’t know how he’s doing it! By now it must be starting to become a habit though. That ice cream looks divine, and it looks like you all had so much fun! :)



  10. Becky C

    Aww, I just love those pictures of Eleanor with Conrad – her hand on his face and kissing him. How sweet is that?! Children are such a blessing. Moments to cherish <3

  11. Your family is beautiful – I adore those sibling pics! I’ll definitely need to check out that installation – I used your city guide last time I was in NYC :)

    Warm Regards,

  12. Daisy

    Cute pictures but kind of sad that there’s no mention of thank you to the soldiers who gave their life so that you could have ice cream and take nice pictures.

    So disappointed that, that’s all it is to everyone.

    • josh

      hey daisy, memorial day means a lot to me. we actually took the kids to grant’s tomb earlier this morning. it was a special morning for us where we talked to the kids about what a memorial is, how much we love this great country and how much those who have given their lives for our freedoms mean to me. i plan to share some photos and talk about that more tomorrow.


  13. glenny

    love the photos! your children are adorable!

  14. marie

    Eleanor is getting tall! She’s like half your height now ;) Crazy how fast kids grow up.. Anw I also love to see the way my sons interact with each other, it’s so lovely and adorable to witness it.


  15. Shannon

    I love everything about this! Especially the wildly adorable pics of the kiddos! I’m planning a trip to NY in a few days, I’ll have to make a detour into Brooklyn for the installation!!


  16. Ola

    Such great pictures. Love the way you spend the day. It’s amazing how your babies bond. I’m a mom and a mom to be :) and hopefully it will look the same in my family…


  17. Alyssa

    Sounds like such a fun day!! What a cool glass house!! Just wished I lived closer to take my kids and see it for ourselves! What a fun post. :)

  18. felisha

    How sad is it that I live in Brooklyn and I’ve never had Julianna’s? I really need to get on my pizza game!

    Also, thank you so much for recommending Jane’s Carousel in your NYC guide! My boyfriend I went there together a few months ago and it genuinely was one of the most magical days we’ve ever had together. It was FREEZING out, so we had the entire carousel to ourselves (and we rode it a few times in a row – admittedly! hehe)

    It’s great for kids, but also pretty awesome for lil dates as well :)


  19. Lauren

    I’m so glad you’re raising your kids to be pizza appreciators. I feel like all pizza lovers are kindred spirits!
    That last photo of the ice cream and the peace sign is perfect :)

  20. So neat that your kids can grow up in such an amazing city! Love your blog!

  21. Elvie

    Such cute family and nice picture. But”Happy Memorial Day”? Seriously? Feel happy as you remember those killed in wars?

  22. Giedre

    ahhh, that’s so sad that there are already broken windows! I’ve been seeing photos of that installation and it looks so cool!

  23. Lucy Aiken

    Hi Naomi/Taza,
    I have been an avid follower of your blog for almost two years now. It just makes me happy whenever I read it! I want to live in New York one day, so I love reading your NYC guides and seeing the adventures your family has around the city and traveling.

    So this is question you probably don’t get a lot, and it’s a longshot that you’ll even reply to this, but here goes: I’m 21 now and studying musical theatre. (Not married like you were. Haha not even really dating…) If you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

    Lucy your atheist reader
    (Isn’t that funny? HA! Maybe that’s why I like your blog. It’s so far from my reality that it’s like an escape. But I always walk away with a smile on my face so I guess that makes it all worth it!)

  24. Shana

    The pictures make me more excited for our upcoming trip to Brooklyn for a wedding at the Wythe at the end of June. Do you think the little stained glass house will still be there? I would love to see it in person! I’m excited to re-read all of your city tours and tips of things to see in the city while we are there :)

  25. Chelsea

    Looooove Eleanor’s ring! May I ask where it’s from?

  26. Lauren Marie

    This is so great! We actually went to the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday! My sisters were in town. It’s always a MUST to go to Juliana’s, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (and I ALWAYS get the Butter Pecan), we loved the glass house. Such a perfect weekend for Brooklyn. :)


  27. hanna

    Your family is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  28. Oh Hey! Blog

    I love the excitement and charm that a new baby brings into a family (immediate and extended) everything just seems better with a new human to share it with!

    Megan || http://www.ohheyblog.com

  29. Erin

    Hi Taza! I found your lovely blog through Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere several weeks ago and am now obsessed! :-P My husband and I went to NYC for our wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and your blog gets me so excited to bring our son [18 months] up to the city so we can see it again through his eyes… we’re also definitely going to take advantage of your NYC guide, for sho, haha.

    I have also been dying to ask you where you got your adorable shoes from?! I’m not sure whether to call them clogs or mules and I have a feeling they are also an oldie, but a goodie of yours, but I couldn’t not ask :-D

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!! <3

  30. Mariangela

    Your blog is really amazing!
    I saw that you like to eat well and healthy!
    If you must come and see us on http://schiscettaallaromana.blogspot.it/
    Kisses from Rome!

  31. Cindy

    Your family is so so cute. Eleanor and Conrad are so cute together! Samson is a sweet litle boy! Amazing family, really. Have a good day. Kiss from France

  32. emily


    Your blog has touched my heart in soul in ways that I cannot describe. I stumbled upon your little corner of the internet while you were pregnant with Eleanor, and ever since that day I have checked your blog at least 3 times a week (sometimes even 3 times a day!) I know every family has their ups and downs but seeing you and Josh grow from just the two of you to a family of 5 (!!!) has absolutely made my heart grow, too. Whenever I am plagued by sadness I visit your blog and hope to one day be as wonderful of a mother as you are. Knowing how wonderful motherhood has made you feel has given me hope for my own future. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life and family with all of us on the web. Seeing your blog and how much joy your little family brings to your heart has given me something to live for. Much love from Indiana :)

  33. Anna Jane

    Hey- Anyone know where Josh’s jacket comes from?? I am a huge fan!

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    posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!