weekend fun! (+ a $500 giveaway with love, hanna!) *CLOSED*

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we’ve teamed up with the new beautiful women’s clothing line, love, hanna from hanna andersson, to giveaway a $500 credit to one lucky reader! details at the bottom of this post!

here are a few fun photos josh took of us over the weekend as we were off on a mission to find some fun in central park (i.e. waffles to eat and trees to climb!)

the top photo is my favorite because we were in the middle of playing “hide and seek” which always makes the long city blocks more fun to walk because the days are long and the city blocks feel longer! we have this fun method down where josh or i will run ahead a half a block or so and hide behind a trash bin or parked car or brownstone stoop and then the rest of us try to find the hiding person before they can jump out and say “ROARRRR!!!” i don’t want to brag or anything, but i am exceptionally good at jumping out and scaring everyone before they see me, pretty much every single time. ;) anyway, that above picture josh captured as we almost past him entirely before E and S spotted him! i tell you, this age with toddlers, while it’s maybe crazier than ever, it is most definitely ridiculously fun. that is for sure!

a few photos!


just waiting in line WITH THE REST OF NEW YORK CITY! for our first waffle and dinges of the season!


i think mister conrad has begun teething, because he loves to chomp on his hands all day long, as well as anything else he can hold or get his hands on! can you believe he turned 4 months last week?!

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yYHX_2-wapidbOXxpCh_HLZH2TL3k6tiLev0tv1uFYUour family has loved sporting hanna andersson’s fun christmas jammies the past few years (see an instagram from our last christmas here and our christmas video from a couple years ago here. we know we’re crazy!), so i’m really excited about their new women’s line which i’m wearing in all of the photos above. if you check it out, you’ll have to let me know what you think!

to enter to win the $500 credit to use at love, hanna, please visit their site and then comment below sharing one piece from the collection you especially love!  the winner will be drawn at random and emailed directly. giveaway ends april 29th.

also, love, hanna is having a 20% off sale right now and are giving readers an additional 10% off with the code LOVETAZA on love, hanna items only (so 30% off officially!) now through may 9th!

good luck!!!

  1. Suzi

    I love, love, love all things Hanna! My son wears their clothes all the time. They couldn’t be cuter or wear any better. This mama’s going to duplicate the same adorable outfit you’re wearing. I love the clogs, pants and striped sweater and I’m about to order all three. Thanks for the inspiration, and the extra 10% off! :-)

  2. Karel

    Swedish Summer Drawstring Dress in floral multi caramel and paired with Love, Hanna Cardigan in case it gets chilly (fossil grey or oat). I love all my Hanna women’s clothing!

  3. Hannah Jacobs

    I especially love that EURO STRIPE SWEATER in henna :-) perfect for Pittsburgh weather with the 3/4 length sleeve.

  4. Valarie

    I’m asucker for comfu dresses in summer. especially love the wrap dresses and elsa striped tunic.

  5. D Weagel

    I love their whale night night sleepers. The cotton is quality and the color stays bright from wash to wash!

  6. lisa mcfarland

    i love the maxi skirts and pima striped tees

  7. Stephanie Hewitt

    Love the play dresses and Jammies! They wash so well and always look great even after 100 washes!

  8. Kerry

    I love all the dresses, shoes and stripes!

  9. shayla

    i love love love the ‘without even trying dress’!

  10. Noelle Richter

    I love the matching mommy and mini outfits!! I would get the embroidered popover shirt & the sun swept dress for my 2 daughters! So precious.

  11. Robyn

    Swiss dot! A favorite! I love the popover top.

  12. Nora

    I recently made my first Hanna purchase and I don’t want to wear anything else. Their cotton is soooo soft! I have even bought some pieces for my boys. Hanna cotton sleepers are the best. I would love to own the scoop neck sundress for summer!

  13. Colleen

    I love the love, hanna “without even trying” dress. Would be great for a night on the town without touch fuss of getting ready just look great! Love the organic cotton sleepers for my son so cozy!

  14. Shelley

    Super love the dreamy PJs!!! my all time favourite get something for everyone in the family shop!

  15. Emily F

    Last week my 5-year-old daughter was looking through the most recent Hanna Andersson catalog and she came to the mom section. There was a blue and white striped dress and she said, exactly like this, “Oh, MOM. You. would. LOVE. this.” And she was right. Blue and white stripes for the win! (Elsa Stripe Tunic Dress, fyi).

  16. meg

    I think I would wear the chambray jumpsuit + some clogs everyday! perfect mom uniform.

  17. Abby

    I love the checking in shirt! Cute and casual aka perfect ;)

  18. Kim

    Is it possible to pick just one! At the top of my dream list right now is the Swedish Summer Drawstring Dress.

  19. Pallavi

    The embroidered popover and also, the twilight sundress are my favorites!

  20. Julie

    We love hanna pjs! Also that chevron skirt would be fabulous!f

  21. Hannah G

    One of my very favorite things is the Embroidered Popover shirt.

  22. Melissa

    Elsa Stripe Tunic Dress please!

  23. Jennifer

    We love Hanna at our house! The embroidered popover top is super cute.

  24. Anne

    Love Hanna Anderson for both of my girls! Would love to try the Summer Soft Sweater dress for me!!

  25. Dana

    Oh goodness, how to choose, so many great pieces…the wrap dress or the wrap skirt? i think the dress would be on my must have list! I always feel put together and comfy in a great wrap dress – easy chic :)

  26. Kelly

    Love the Straight Skirt in French Terry… Obsessed with the navy stripes! Cannot wait for the Nashville opening to try all of these awesome pieces.

  27. Frances

    Just made it in time!! Love the washed ticking stripe shirtdress! New go to website!

  28. Kirstie

    I’m DEFINATELY going to need those chambray pants! to-die-for!

  29. Zanna

    The pj’s!

  30. Lilly Neil

    Hello Naomi! My name is Lilly and I’m a seventh grader. I absolutely adore your blog and Instagram! My friend and I keep ourselves updated on your amazing life! My friend frances and I actually hope to make blogs in the future, hopefully as great as yours. Anyways, after looking at all of the clothes from Hannah Anderson, I fell in love! I really don’t know which peice of clothing is my favorite. I would have to say I’m most excited to wear the Love,Hannah Pima Cotton Nightshirt. It’s very cute and I would love to snuggle up in it. I can already tell all of the clothes are going to sell fast. :)

  31. Cary

    Love their girl’s Halter One Piece swimwear!

  32. Di

    I am a big fan of Hanna Andersson & am proud to say they are “shop local” for me! I appreciate their timeless look. In the new line “Love, Hanna” I am particularly interested in the cardigan- perfect for our NW “four seasons in one day” days!

  33. anelieze

    The Without Even Trying Dress looks heavenly! Thank you!!

    xo Anelieze

  34. Brittany

    Love the scoop neck jersey dress!

  35. Holly Jackson

    I LOVE Hanna! I have bought a ton of stuff for my kids. It would be great to get some for myself :) I am really drawn to soo many things. I really like the french terry- the shorts, the stripped skirt and the pants all look super cute. I think I am craving comfy lol!

  36. Catherine

    Love the tees! I’m sure the quality is excellent!

  37. joanne

    The supersoft chambray pants are super cute. I can see them getting me from park to market to baseball game and finally home in style and comfort.

  38. Sara

    I love the Embroidered Popover shirt! It looks polished but forgiving of a new mama’s body! So many beautiful clothes to choose from!

  39. Diane Weiss

    wrap dress, pj ‘s, I love anything soft and comfy.

    Super cute pics of your family here :)

  40. tanya

    Love the look of their shoes and their pants. Haven’t tried them out yet though, but from others comments it sounds like it’s worth it!

  41. Hope

    I LOVE their clothes, so effortless and stylish. I think my fave is the wrap dress. :]

  42. Betsy

    I love the Slub Jersey V-Neck tee’s. I love Hanna’s for my kids.

  43. Ivori

    For the love of summer dresses with scoop necks and stripes. I love them all!

  44. I love their caper colored lounge pants with the zip, I have them in two colors and I’m a huge fan of their clogs..which i have been stalking for a year now :) Great brand built for quality with comfort in mind!

  45. Wallace

    I have almost $500 worth of goodies in my cart at Love Hanna right now for Baby Boy coming in July – so I’d LOVE to win this!!! So many adorable things – how to choose?!?!?

  46. Bri Kjar

    I love the without even trying dress and the French terry straight skirt in navy/French vanilla. The wrap dress in black would be a great date dress! Love Hanna!

  47. Bri Kjar

    Without even trying dress!

  48. Willa O

    I love the superwashed chambray shirtdress! I’m expecting a little girl in July and think that would be perfect for looking cute, but feeling comfy, all summer!

  49. Margo

    I love the look both ways reversible dress.

  50. Marie

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures of you and your lovely family ! Good luck with the lack of sleep …My toddler of 2 year waited his 20 month to make a good night ! so I can imagine that you are tired :) hope he will get soon beter nights. Thank you for sharing your favorite’s designers.

    I love a lot of things about Love, Hanna, thank you for give us this oppotunity. Hopefully I have some family and Friends in the US, so they can ship me a lot of things ;) Here is a piece that I love on Hanna’s website :

    http://www.hannaandersson.com/pdp.aspx?from=SC&pcid=54&styleid=43060&simg=43060_AU5 and also the one you are wearing …


    Thank you ! :)