favorite overalls for the season!

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last month, while we were in florida, i was at the check out counter at target when the employee asked me, “so, are you in a play?” i was really confused, so i replied, “um, no. why do you ask that?” he responded, “oh it’s just, well, i mean, you’re wearing overalls. it looks like you came from a stage rehearsal.” i didn’t know how to respond so i kind of laughed, “nope. just wearing overalls on a normal day doing normal stuff.”

i will admit while walking out of target i felt self conscious for a minute trying to wrap my head around why wearing overalls on an average day wouldn’t make sense to someone. but i don’t know, maybe it really is totally weird to wear overalls when you aren’t coming from a stage rehearsal, and maybe the joke is on me, but i don’t care. and i’ve even rounded up a few of the ones i own and some others i’d love to own right here for you…

1. washed denim overalls in wake blue (i have these in burgundy which are no longer available but they are my favorite!)

2. slouchy dungarees

3. washed denim overalls in polaris (these are the same as the first link, but in a washed denim that gives them their own look so i’m sharing it again.)

4. whitepepper denim overalls with zip front

5. moto ecru dungarees

6. denim jumpsuit by selected femme

7. tall 90’s style overalls (i have these as well and love the fit. how many pairs of overalls is too many pairs of overalls?)

8. splattered denim overall skirt (this overall skirt thingy is amazing.)

happy overall season! see you at rehearsal!

  1. Jenn @ The Pepper Express

    Overalls are the Best!

  2. Frédérique

    The skirt is beautiful! I can’t seem to open your link. Could you gave me the name of the web site?

    • TAZA

      just tried it and it looks to be working! they are from anthropologie if you’re still having trouble.

  3. Mary Katherine

    That is kind of hilarious – I have no idea what overalls have to do with play rehearsal?! But don’t worry, you look adorable in everything :)

    love your blog, it’s my fav!


  4. Lauren

    YES! I’m still wearing my overalls from high school, which was several years ago! Ha! :)

  5. Frances

    I have really gotten into your giveaways! How do you announce the winners?

    • TAZA

      the winners are emailed directly once the giveaway closes. when you leave your comment to enter, you’re required to leave your email address, and that’s how we find the winner afterwards. :)

  6. Omg! Were you in the city? I’d almost expect that from someone in the burbs but.. overalls are totally cute and totally in! The topshop ones are my fave.

    Warm Regards,
    www. Little Wild Heart .com

  7. when reading this i thought you wrote “so are you ready to pay” and then i was distracted by my phone beeping and thought you were going to say something like you caught a glimpse of the amazing overall selection at tarjay!!
    oh my goodness, what a comment?!
    i love all of your picks!! good luck at your rehearsal! ;)

    • TAZA


  8. Lauren

    that guy at target just doesn’t get it! ;) you definitely rock the overalls because now i want a pair!

  9. Emily S

    Trends take quite a while to trickle down to places that aren’t NYC or LA. I know that things I see people wearing here in CA daily won’t be commonplace in my hometown in VA for another couple of years or so; I think it has something to do with not wanting to be the only or first person wearing something, especially really different trendy items. She probably hadn’t seen anyone rocking overalls since she was 8 and wearing them herself! (And I could be totally wrong and upset a hundred other readers who will see this comment and tell me how wrong I am. I’m just referring to what I’ve seen based on growing up in my town in VA; no hate!)

  10. erin k

    I love overalls! About a week before Halloween last year I was wearing mine with a mustard colored shirt. I was at a party store & got complimented on my minion costume. Ha ha, nope, just my regular clothes.


    • TAZA


  11. jennie

    dear taza
    i recently found you as i was doing my daily stalking of joy cho. ;)
    can i tell you – i am in love with your site. i love that you love your husband to death. i love that you try to find everyday joy in life. and i absolutely LOVE your style. (just bought the whole family matching birkenstocks!) i’ve still got a lot of catching up to do… i’m currently reading July 2009 and anticipating a pregnancy announcement very soon :)
    thanks for sharing your life with us…keep the good stuff coming! <3<3<3

    • TAZA

      this is the sweetest comment, jennie! thank you! you made my day. xo

  12. Mollie

    You are so good at rocking overalls and I always wonder where to grab some! I must investigate now!!

    xoxo Mollie


  13. Lara

    THANK YOU for this! I’ve been eyeing overalls on ASOS for at least 3 seasons now, but every time I try them on I chicken out and memories of middle school and the 90s come flooding back. I just ordered a few pairs of short overalls from ASOS to try because I have dreams of wearing them all summer long and I’m desperately hoping they work! Would you consider doing a post with ideas for how to wear/style overalls (long, short, cropped, all lengths) for those of us who just aren’t sure how to wear them or what kinds of shoes and tops to pair them with to avoid looking like a farmer or kindergartener?

    • TAZA

      i think what’s great about them is you can pretty much wear them with whatever! a simple t-shirt underneath or dress it up more with a lacy top. i once saw a girl with overalls and heels on in soho and she looked so good! but i hear you on 90’s memories coming back! josh just bought the kiddos teva sandals last month before our florida trip and that was wild! 90’s are here!

  14. lydia

    It is so bizarre to see the things I wore in elementary school now coming back in style, kinda love it! The topshop ones are my fave! PS LOL! that comment at the end: ‘see you at rehearsal!’

  15. maggie

    Ooooh that first pair. I have been talking about how I need a good pair of overalls in my life.


  16. Melissa

    When I was in 8th grade I was wearing overalls to school and we had a substitue teacher who called me “farmer girl.” I was mortified. But in retrospect I really think the teacher should have been fired! I guess overalls evoke weird reactions from people!? But I, too, love them! And they’re great when you’re pregnant: no waistband but they won’t fall down!

  17. I, for one, LOVE overalls! In fact, one of the last pairs I purchased was at Target! I think they’re great on all body types and I love them for that postpartum phase…no muffin tops from skirts and pants + easy clipping and unclipping for breastfeeding.

    You rock those overalls, rockstar!

    • TAZA

      they really are quite forgiving during the post partum phase for sure! i feel the same way!

  18. Lauren

    ooh awesome post! i’ve been toying with the idea of overalls for a wee while now but my problem is the length! my torso is too long for half of the pairs i try… #tallgirlproblems i see asos do tall ones so i might give them a try.


  19. Iclal

    You are so awesome for being able to pull it off! I wish I could and when the day comes that I know I would be able to pull it off, I’ll be rocking those super cute overalls!! I love 3, 5 and 8!! Thanks for sharing your cute story!


  20. Stephanie

    Haha, maybe the trend hasn’t hit down there in Florida yet? I completely agree with a lot of these other comments, you look cute in overalls! I’m also not sure why it’s associated with doing plays. In short of rehearsing for a showing of Tom Sawyer, I don’t know who would be wearing these for rehearsals! I certainly haven’t in all my years of doing plays. lol

  21. That’s funny considering Target has sold overalls recently! I love wearing mine but I do notice I get a little extra attention. I don’t mind considering they are so comfortable — everyone should wear them!

  22. Katie

    Don’t let the Target man getcha down! Target SELLS OVERALLS in the women’s clothing section! What a ridiculous comment. I love that you rock your overalls and I’ve been curious where you find such cute ones! So thanks for this post!! Keep on wearing them!

  23. Charly

    Your last sentence, “See you at rehearsal!” just made me laugh!

  24. amy

    ha ha! funny post. i wear overalls too but i live in TN so i guess everyone just assumes i’m a farmer.

  25. Teresa

    I apologize for my fellow Floridian… unless you’re from miami fashion is lost in this state! I love that you wear overalls. Question: where do you store all your clothes? You seem to have so much clothes and I’m pretty sure your apartment is not huge. I’ll take some storage tips if you have them :0) thanks!

  26. Diana Boss

    You forgot to mention the always stylin’ Wacky D’s overalls: http://www.mobypicture.com/user/Mel5Man/view/5923118

    You are cute in whatever you wear. I love that you keep it so stylish while holding down, like, four full time jobs.

  27. have always wanted to try overalls!

  28. Mallory

    Last time I wore overalls was for my gr.2 class picture. They were denim. I was wearing a white collared shirt, in which the collar was also denim. Oh, and I was rocking a mullet, because my mom cut my hair and thought that kind of hairstyle looked good? I went through some awkward years…
    Amazingly enough, she still has that picture proudly on display at our family home. Needless to say that it’s a great conversation piece.

    You, however, look awesome! I might leave the overall-wearing to professionals like yourself :)


  29. Danielle D.

    Where have they been? Overall’s came back in about 2-3 years ago (or at least that is when I would see them on various racks). You can’t even find them in thrift stores much anymore (I used to see them at lot before they came back in style).

    I used to wear them a lot in the 90’s when I was in elementary school. I’d love to where them again, but I’m a plus-sized petite adult person (short/short shoulders, but curvy) and I’m not sure who would sell something plus sized and how it would fit.

    If any readers have any any suggestions for people sized 12 and above please share :)

  30. Rachel

    These are so cute! I have a pair of overalls that I got from Wet Seal for 15 bucks on clearance and they are my absolute favorite!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  31. nikki

    “see you at rehearsal!” hahaha so funny! i have been trying to work up the courage to buy a wear– i think i will take the plunge!

    xx nikki

  32. Margo

    Thank you for this post!!! I’ve been searching for a pair of overalls for forever!!!

  33. Dora

    This post is so funny. Why a stage rehearsal? haha.

    Well, I think you ROCK the socks off of overalls (or dungarees as we call then in England) and I wish that my pear shaped body would look as good in them as you do!


  34. amber

    haha. NO WAY will I embrace the overall trend. First I grew up with “Friends” in the 90’s that crap aint coming back LOL> I wore overalls all through my first pregnancy and happy to burn them. Second Im now too old. 37. Trends come and go and I realize that I dress for how I look best. High Waisted jeans…nope, Overalls nope. Love how all the stuff in the 80’s and 90’s are coming back with a twist but it gives me the shivers!!!

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  36. Col

    This is one trend that I’m happy to skip… I had a pair of Guess bibs in 8th grade, and that was enough for me.

  37. Sarah

    I am a little surprised at how much everyone is loving overalls right now. Ha ha maybe I am behind the style times but I just don’t get them at all. Maybe it’s because to me they are little kid clothes- I only ever wore them as a kid and I had some awesome ones that I loved. But as an adult there is just something strange about them to me. Taza, you look stunning in them as you do everything you wear but I think I am going to give overalls a pass as they make the rounds in popular style this time.

  38. Ha! That is a great story – you own those overalls, gurl ;)

    I’m so into this trend right now. Thanks for putting together the list!

  39. Alexandra

    I love wearing overalls. I heard that you should not wear them when you are in your 30s, but I will be 32 this year and I will continue to wear them!:-)