love taza x BaubleBar for Mother’s Day!

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_MG_3182-1with mother’s day approaching, i’m excited to share a collection i curated for BaubleBar with some of my favorite jewelry picks for the season! in the curated shop, i also share a few favorite things like scarves, fun tech accessories and the best smelling candle ever, all of which can make for a perfect little gift for a beautiful mama you might know or any other special women in your life!

i like to keep my jewelry on the simpler side, so the shop i curated is full of more delicate jewelry pieces that still make a statement, my favorite being the charm necklace which has 30 different charms to choose from to create your own unique necklace. there are also a few beautiful bracelets and personalized pendants because we all know how much i adore anything you can engrave and wear!

below are a few photos from BaubleBar’s mother’s day lookbook

_MG_3195-1Love-Taza-Stills7087_MG_3485-1_MG_3985_MG_3772-1_MG_3837-1Love-Taza-Stills7304Love-Taza-Stills7174_MG_3608-1the shop launches today with a 26-piece collection including a few gift sets priced between $15 and $124. you can see the entire curated collection HERE. thanks to BaubleBar for having me!

  1. Chelsea Daigle

    Naomi, you look gorgeous! You always do, but these pictures are beautiful. And, of course, the jewelry is pretty, too!

    Happy Monday!


  2. Melissa

    Love these pieces what a fun project. And you look so AMAZING in these pictures, you’re glowing!

    Melissa @

  3. Stefanie

    Love Love your blog! I was hoping you could tell me where you got your pink peplum top??

  4. molly

    you looks so stunning in all these pictures Naomi! the pieces are beautiful as well!

  5. Lucy

    Thank you for sharing!

    It looks wonderful and I’m going through the lookbook now!

    You look beautiful Naomi like normal, and your hair is gorgeous!

    I don’t know if you could tell me where that pink peplum-type jumper/sweater/top is from? It’s beautiful!

    X x

  6. Natali

    Everything looks so beautiful! Well done!


  7. Melissa

    May I ask what colour is your nail polish?! It’s beautiful!

  8. Katie

    I absolutely love BaubleBar! I have several necklaces from there and wear one of them literally everyday. Very excited to browse your collection! Also, well done on adding the Volcano candle! They make THE best gifts.

  9. Alexandra

    Who is the lovely dandelion dress by?

  10. You look absolutely beautiful Naomi!! And the narrated shop is so cute, I love you style :) <3


  11. Nanette

    love the pink sweater! where is it from? wonderful photos. xo.

  12. Holly Ott

    Oh my word. You are so beautiful! Really. You are mostly looking, lovingly at your babies, or behind the camera and we never get to see your smiling face. So gorgeous and you have great taste! The pieces are perfect! Cheers to your family and continued success!

  13. Caitlin

    Where is that dandelion top from in the last picture? Thanks!

  14. Looks awesome! Definitely checking this collection out.

    Love your overalls, by the way! Where did you get ’em??

  15. Rose J.

    Thats awesome. My sister is into the gold jewelry (I’m a silver gal) and she would love the bracelets!! Excited for you, and you are just as pretty as your sister Rachel. Miss her being in our ward! Take care!


  16. Anna

    Lovely lookbook. So demure and classic. Do they ship internationally tho?

  17. carly

    Bauble bar has such pretty jewelry! I am definitely going to be casually bookmarking some of their pieces on my hubby’s computer
    Dresses & Denim

  18. Fiona

    Naomi, you look so beautiful! I love your hairstyle and the cuffs are so cute! Love everything!
    x Fiona

  19. Sundus

    Cute nail polish! What’s the name of the color?

  20. I just love love love simple, yet big statement jewelry! I especially love necklaces! I’m so excited for this! BTW you look amazing :)


  21. Those are one of my favorite candles ever! I’ve discovered them during my last trip to London <3

    Here my latest post, about the power of Choupette (Lagerfeld's kitten), Asia (Lady Gaga's dog) and other pets as brand ambassadors for Luxury brands

    I hope you enjoy it! Bests :)

  22. Sundus

    The scarves you included are lovely! Also, I love the color of your nail polish. What’s the name/brand?

  23. You are such a fashion inspiration!

  24. Kelly

    What a fun collaboration, I can not wait to check it out, thanks Naomi!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes