lincoln center with the family.

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the weather has been nothing but wonderful the last several days (except for the fact that it is POURING rain outside right now this morning. but that’s okay, because it’s spring rain, not winter rain. and spring rain we can handle.) this time of year always throws us for a loop though, because when the good weather comes, we tend to stay out far longer than we should. and then the 7pm bedtimes are ignored and we’re rolling in an hour or so later, because it’s still light outside and the city is alive again in every possible way and who wants to be inside when it’s glorious out?

a few photos from a family walk where we found ourselves at lincoln center the other day where we ate some hummus place take out and ran around the fountain a billion times.


favorite photo ever cause eleanor just PHOTOBOMBED conrad and me. she knelt down and scooted her little body over and then popped up in the frame just like that!



they love their vegetable soup! even on a warmer day, they wanted their vegetable soup!



you know what’s weird, hanging out right infront of my old school, juilliard, with my three kids around me. even weirder running into an old classmate who only saw me holding conrad and after we talked for a minute, was like, “oh my gosh! and you have a baby!!!” before i’m like, “yes! …..those two over there are my babies as well.” haha. it makes me feel old. but it mostly just makes me feel all sorts of proud.  love this family of mine.

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performers, all over the city, is the best.  sometimes you just get so used to hearing beautiful music or singing on every few corners that you don’t stop, but our kiddos always remind us to.

enjoying the music….

i’m wearing sunglasses so you can’t see how exhausted my eyes really are. because trust me, i’ve never been more tired.  i think the lack of sleep in my life the past several months has probably taken ten years off my life, but it’s okay because sunglasses hide everything and also, we’ve got matching birks. ;)

love these people of mine. happy monday, friends!

ps. on me, sonnet james dress, karen walker sunglasses, ergo baby carrier c/o and birkenstock sandals. on the little ones, e’s dress from target, fedora zara hat on s, and little birkenstocks on both.

  1. Emily S

    What a cute photobomber! ha!

    I love your matching Birks as well :) What a cute family. In a few months you’ll have forgotten what it was to be so tired, again!

  2. vicky

    when did E & S get so big?! they’re the cutest kids, i swear! i am loving Eleanor’s premeditated photobomb. hahah :) also i can’t get over how much Conrad looks like Josh & Samson. he’s getting so big and i love his cute smile.

    you look so great in your SJ dress. well, great in general. keep on, mama! you’re doing awesome. whole family looks so happy.

  3. Lisa

    Wow did Elanor grow up over night? Great photos!

  4. annalee

    I love your sonnet james dresses, however, are you able to nurse in them?

  5. Bev

    Such beautiful photo’s, that photobombing one is the best! You should be so proud of your family, they’re just beautiful :)

    ~ Bev

  6. Katie

    Always have to smile when I see people wearing Birkenstock. it’s a German brand and their shoes are actually supposed to be kind of orthopedic. Around here – Germany – they are sold at around 40€ and until recently no one would have worn them outside the house (except for that weird chemistry teachter who wore them with grey woolen socks). Still feels funny ;)

  7. marie

    that’s a great mummy tip: to wear our sunglasses out more often! Sometimes I’m so exhausted from looking after my babies and having to work the next day.. If only I could wear my sunglasses to work/office, that would be great. haha!

  8. bridget

    i love eleanor’s legs crossed in the stroller, such a little lady.

  9. Jessica

    Your sunglasses are my favorite

  10. I definitely cover the “new mom in grad school bags under my eyes” with my sunglasses these days too. :) I think we should start something. Ha ha.

  11. The little fedora!! I’m dying over the cuteness – love all of the outfits – and that photobomb! Such an amazing moment. You are not old! You’re a young, cool mom ;)

    Warm Regards,

  12. These babies are just so darling. How do you manage to dress them and yourself so well? So fun. xo

  13. Paula

    im terrified. My daughter is 3, my son is 17 months and I’m 7weeks with #3. I don’t know how I’ll do it. But seeing that others have, can and are doing it, really helps! Can I borrow your sunglasses in 7months time, please? ;)

  14. It’s amazing how spring changes the lifestyle of everybody… You look great, even though you have 3 little ones ^^

    Here my latest post about how Coachella is boosting relations between Fashion brands and social influencers.
    More at the link!


  15. You’ve got such a gorgeous little family! Your posts are always amazing i always get excited whenever i see a new one waiting haha:)x

  16. Jenn @ The Pepper Express

    Love the Birks

  17. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!

    What can I say… you guys are so awesome. Little Conrad is growing so fast! E & S, too. Love your new hairstyle Naomi, you look beautiful ;)

    Take care

    Agata, xoxo

  18. Goodness E is growing up so fast! Such a beautiful lady she’s becoming! Love these pictures and I love that your kids love hummus, I sure hope I can share my love for hummus with my future kids too :)

    Thank you so much for inspiring me and sharing your lovely posts with us!


  19. allie

    you’ve got such an adorable little family. :) and how amazing that you went to julliard. once upon a time when i still wanted to be an actress, that was my dream school.

  20. Steph

    Your photos never cease to amaze me. You capture such wonderful moments with your children; so full of colour and life and personality. Your family is going to have the most amazing time reflecting back on it all in years to come x

  21. hanna

    Looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  22. Heide

    Glad you are enjoying your weather there. It just got super hot in Asia and I hope it’s not going to get worse. Not such a fan of summer. And the only seasons we have here is rainy season and summer. So it’s either summer or rainy. I don’t like rainy either. Ha! I like my weathers cold and cloudy.

    You have a beautiful family and your daughter is just the prettiest.

    Stay Wonderful Always,

  23. Sally

    Hey Naomi! I think you and the fam would really enjoy this book !

    It’s based on a true story about a professional violinist who was playing in a subway station and the only people who stopped to listen were kids. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and it’s a nice message about taking the time to look around and listen :)

    Love the blog, have a great day!

  24. I love how you make simple activities look so fun! Your blog always makes me appreciate life’s small pleasures!
    And I’m so sorry that you are so tired… But look how beautiful your kids are! I’m sure it’s worth it! (But really really exhausting ;)

  25. Julia

    Those little kids of yours are just the cutest. Eleanor looks exactly like you, like, spot on! Keep doing what you’re doing, I think it’s absolutely wonderful :)

  26. Robyn

    Hey Naomi your kids are beautiful! Just wondering what double stroller do you guys use??? Thank you!!!

  27. AHHH! Just reading this post makes me super excited for summer to get here! Sadly in Chicago the weather has been on the colder side (still wearing winter coats and scarfs), but summer should be here soon! Your family is the most adorable ever and I love the matching birks! They look so comfy I might need to get me some! Thanks for sharing Taza!


  28. Rose J.

    Love that picture that E photobombed! She looks like your sister Rachel! Or maybe I’m just biased because I know her! ha! ha! She looks like you too! Cant’ believe how big they’ve gotten since I started following you two years ago! Take care!


  29. Aww, what cute family photos!! xoxo

  30. Emily

    What a cute set of photos! You make such a cute family! :)

  31. Minami

    Eleanor is So beautiful !!!!

  32. sumera

    Hey if you get a chance, check out a kids book called Maisy Goes to the City By Lucy Cousins. I think your kids will really like it. Every time I read it I think of your blog. Also Goodnight New York City would be a hit.

  33. that last picture , the one with you and your three babes, says it all…
    you will treasure that picture…I have a 13 year old and 18 year old , no more babes ( even though in my eyes they will always be), enjoy the “small time”, being that tired is hard, you will catch up with sleep soon…

  34. Lex G.

    The cutest family! I was in the city two weekends ago and just posted all about it including link’s to everywhere we went. So many amazing food options, y’all sure are lucky!

    ALSO, I linked to your blog when referencing my Melissa rain boots in this post. One of your earlier posts introduced them to me and I LOVE them!

  35. Kaleigh

    You guys inspire me to be an awesome mom. Granted, I’m not a mom yet, but you’ve really made me realize that being a parent doesn’t have to be boring and stressful. Thanks for being awesome parents and people!

  36. I have two under the age of two and I hear you on the no sleep thing! Hang in there! Some how our bodies get the energy we need to care for these little ones…it’s amazing…

  37. I’m just now catching up on some of your past posts and I’m totally digging your hair cut!! And how do you make birkenstocks look so cute and chic?? love your overall style every time mama.

  38. Is it me, or is Eleanor looking older suddenly? She’s such a doll, as all of your kiddos are! Also, I think it’s funny the performer is playing right in the middle of trash. He has a trash can to his right that says “Keep New York City Clean” (at least that’s what I’m assuming it says) and to his left is a pile of trash bags! Ha!

  39. Anne

    I have a question. How do you breast feed when you are out and about in knit dresses like you have on? I love them for summer but just can’t seem to figure that one out. Do the Sonnet James dresses have a bunch of stretch? Just curious! Thanks.

  40. hannah

    that candid of eleanor is gorgeous! and i know i already mentioned this on instagram but i looooove your matching birks! i got that white dress for my youngest hattie for easter. i totally wanted to get it for my oldest, emma, but i haven’t decided how i feel about matching sibs yet… haha!

  41. oh my goodness, Eleanor is SO cute She is growing to be such beautiful young lady :)! I hope to have a daughter like her someday.
    All of you are so cute as well!

    Wish you the best!

  42. Kelly

    Your little family is just the cutest and I really keep hoping I will run into you when I am on the Upper West Side, I am sure E and S are even more adorable in person!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  43. Nikki

    I have a question about that Sonnet James dress–I LOVE those dresses, but I’m pregnant and it seems like they aren’t exactly nursing-friendly. Usually when I pull down the neck to nurse, the neckline ends up all stretched out and gross looking pretty quickly. How do you deal with nursing when wearing these {gorgeous} one-piece dresses that don’t have easy access?? Are they a good choice for nursing moms, or better to wait and buy when baby is older?

  44. Molly

    You are always so put together and beautiful! Your haircut looks so nice on you!

  45. Rachel Hagen

    Cute little kids and family. It’s amazing what good, spring weather and THE SUN can do to my spirits. On the first sunny, spring days there’s always a bounce in my step!!

  46. Jenna

    The photo of Eleanor looking off into the distance is BEAUTIFUL! I think she’ll love that when she’s older.

    Also, it’s encouraging hearing you say how tired you are! Haha. My son (Clive) is a month or so behind Conrad and he’s my first so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’m SO tired. Sleeping hasn’t been some magical thing for him but I feel like everyone I talk to says “my baby was sleeping through the night at week 6!” Well good for them, but not for me. Haha.

  47. maria

    Did you get a new stroller? Does E still like riding in it? I have a double..and my 3.5 year old refuses now….but I don’t want to let it go just yet!!

  48. Kate

    You’re lovely.

    I love your blog. I’ve just recently become a fan. I wish that you’d promote slow-buying and sustainability instead of all the latest new cheap fashions (zara, H&M, etc..)

    I worry about all the consumerism and the legacy we’re leaving to our littles.