homemade acai bowls!

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i know i’m super late to the party on this one, but i feel like my life changed after i had my first acai bowl in hawaii a few weeks ago. i could not get enough of them, and came back to new york craving them every morning. after i blogged about how much i liked them, a few of you shared that they are easy to make at home.  i was skeptical, but then i watched a youtube video a commenter linked of someone making one and she did it in like 2 minutes, and my mind was blown!

we made our own acai bowls at home last week. they truly are so refreshing to eat and fun to make, plus i feel extra fancy since it’s labeled a “super food.” it rounds out the pint of ben and jerry’s ice cream i ate at midnight the night before, cause i’m starting my day with a super food, right? RIGHT.

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we searched a few local grocery stores to find acai. most carry the fruit in some form in the frozen section, but were out the day we looked.  we ended up finding these frozen packets with an online grocer.


it’s a family affair, anything made in the kitchen. ;)


we let the kids each make their own bowl. eleanor likes her acai bowls plain, with no fruit, and samson likes his with everything, plus honey, like me.

frozen acai bowls:

blend about 8 ounces frozen acai with 1 frozen banana and 1/4 cup almond milk (we double this recipe for the four of us.) it’s also really good blended with frozen blueberries, too!
top with a variety of sliced fruit, granola, shredded coconut and/or honey. enjoy!!!

  1. Amanda

    I wish acai was easily accessible on my side of the world. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places! I’ve been wanting to try an acai bowl for far too long!


  2. Branca

    We call them “Açaí na tijela” in Brazil, Google it! We have an Açaí stand in practically every corner here, so, yeah, it’s an everyday snack for us, even though it’s really high on calories. It’s also really good with “tapioca”. Enjoy! =)

  3. tilly

    looks yum! thanks for sharing, I’m going to have to try this one! also on a side note, are those acai packs quiet pricey? iv never really seen them before.

  4. McKayla

    Here’s another recipe to try:
    6oz Acai Juice
    1/4 cup frozen mangoes
    1/4 cup frozen blueberries
    1/4 cup frozen bananas

    ^^^it’s how I love to make mine! Thanks for your recipe too!!

  5. Natali

    This looks really delicious and perfect meal to kick start your day!
    Acai IS such a super food and I’m glad that so many people are acknowledging it nowadays.


  6. vicky

    looks delicious!

  7. I just discovered acai bowls this year and am SO in love. I buy them at a little cafe near the beach. It makes the perfect lunch or breakfast. Thank you for this how-to! I really want to try making my own at home.

    Circus & Bloom

  8. Jenn

    This looks delicious! And the kids look like they love it too!
    The Pepper Express

  9. Nanette

    I have always wanted to try an acai bowl! Yours looks great!

  10. Thats easier than I thought! I’m definitely going to have to give this a try soon! Thank you for sharing! <3

  11. Trisha

    YUM! Which YouTube video did you watch to make this?

  12. Charlie

    I have never tried this fruit and I think it may be hard to find around where I live because I never saw any in stores. I’ll keep an eye out for it in the future though, that looks delicious for sure !

    xo, Charlie

  13. Lauren

    acai bowls definitely seem like my kinda thing and now i know how to make them! thanks!

    ps. i’d totally have everything on mine too. ;) ha!


  14. MDH

    My hubs and I are hooked on these too, particularly in the summer. I recommend the following recipe if you’re looking to switch it up.

    1 Unsweetened Acai Package
    1/2 cup frozen fruit (we like a mixed berry/mango combo)
    1/2 fresh banana
    Coconut Water to desired consistency (at least one good pour to make it easy to blend)

    With the frozen fruit, we found we don’t have to sweetened them! I like them with Kind’s Maple Quinoa Granola and fresh blueberries on top!

  15. Sarah

    I’ve never tried Acai before but it looks yummy. I’d definitely have mine how you and Samson have yours, with a bit of everything!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  16. I love acai bowls. Never made at home before though. Great idea! :) Perfect for summer time! <3

  17. Kalani

    Awesome post. Which online grocer did you purchase the acai packets from?

  18. kiely

    that looks amazing! i will definitely have to try this with my fiancé! we are doing whole 30 and it’s so hard to find snacks that fit with the program!

    xo, k

  19. Oh goodness does that look incredible!!! I’ve been vegan for about 10 months now and I have YET to try an acai bowl…but I can’t wait to give it a go! That seriously looks so yummy :) I just need to find the acai!
    ~ Samantha

  20. Nicole

    Next mission find Acai bowl stuff!!! Looks so good :) I’ve been trying to check out your old posts on books and it kicks me out. Broken links? Not sure. But, thanks for the recipe! Nicole xx

  21. eva

    Oh common, your pictures are always just toooo precious! Makes me want a family right now!! :D so so cute, you guys really seem like you know how to have a good time :)


  22. Annadee

    If you are ever near San Diego, the Sambazon cafe in Cardiff is awesome. Sambazon has so many great products. They sell an acai sorbet that is amazing. Such a yummy summer treat! :)

  23. YESSSSS!!!! I knew you could do it!! I bet I could order those packets online, they look shippable! Yo dah besssssst

  24. Gracie

    What else do you use your Vitamix for? I was just given one and would love more ideas. Thanks.

  25. Carolina

    very cool, açaí is a fruit of Brazil and specifically the state where I live, which is the Pará. I hope one day you and your famila have the opportunity to know our country !!!

  26. Carolina


  27. Açaí is the gratest thing to eat in summer. I live in Brazil, witch açaí is very popular and there’s lot of places that sells it with some deserts, like passion fruit mousse if i could i would eat everyday, but is also caloric.



  28. Miki

    Dear Taza,

    This may sound weird but a favorite of mine to add is avocados! It has such a smooth, mellow flavor that goes nicely with all the fruit!

  29. emily

    i’ve been having an acai bowl every morning for breakfast haha! soooo good.

  30. Alisa

    Only if the US would allow for fresh açai. I’ve also tried them with apple juice and usually like Agave nectar and shredded coconut? So many different ways to enjoy them! Also, have you also tried letting it sit in the freezer? It’s like ice cream!

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  32. Sofia

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